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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 16, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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beth troutman, happy monday to you, we've got brand-new videos, "right this minute." >> yee ha -- a joyride with cops in hot pursuitnd a camera catch
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it is all, from the point of vi of >>ot the story behind the "dukes of hazard" style getaway. rescuers try to reunite baby raccoons separated from their mother. >> they rely on mother's instincts. >> see how this masked mama swooped in and got her babies back. >> katy perry, if you're seeing this. >> we meet the man behind the viral video. >> you're in treatment right now? >> right now i'm in the hospital getting chemotherapy in my veins. plus the mother of all waterspouts is a beach buzz-kill. and doing shots of hot wax. >> i want to be clear, it's real hot wax. >> oh, it's real -- stupid. here at "right this minute" we're all about videos, so lets get to our first video, and nick has it. >> of all the videos we pore
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over every day, this is a police high-speed pursuit from the point of view of the car being chased. this is a young female passenger who has got her cell phone camera rolling as this car is speeding down highway 86, in north central wisconsin, she sticks the camera out the window. you clearly see the cop car in pursuit. lights and sirens going. unbelievable. >> what is she saying the whole time? it sounds like she thinks it's funny. >> the only thing said at the beginning of the video is this -- >> yee ha! >> we spoke to the state police in wisconsin and the price county sheriffs department where we believe this took place. both agencies say we don't know anything about this yet. this video has less than 100 hits, it was just posted online. if you look at the video closely and you freeze it, you can catch
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a glimpse of the driver's face. no identification as to who that is. the uploader of the video titled this -- "f the police." >> no word if they got away, if they crashed. the video ends abruptly about three minutes in. >> and it's pretty brazen of her to hold the phone out of the window and film the police as if this is some kind of weird prank and they're proud of themselves for it. this is disturbing on so many levels. >> you can bet we'll keep looking at this and update the story as soon as we get more information. mother nature had a little fun off the coast of latvia. check out this waterspout. one of the most well-defined waterspouts i've ever seen. >> how deep does that go into the water? is there fish under the water going -- help! do they get sucked up? i want to know.
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>> i don't think it's flicking fish. this is what's known as a fair-weather waterspout. meaning it starts toward the base of the water and moves up. toward the clouds. it's not surrounded by high winds and thunderstorms and lightning. this video was shot by oldest crustens. >> what was that name again? >> oldest crustens. it says -- >> what? [ inaudible ] >> he says, the author's name, oldest crustens. >> whatever. >> also, aldus pinkus was involved. here's another shot of the same waterspout. this is more from the shore. and you see the cloud formation this is a perfectly formed waterspout. this is an area where the baltic sea and the gulf of riga come together. doesn't it make you want to take
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a boat out there and jump through it back and forth like a sprinkler? >> no. >> i'm curious to know what it would feel like. >> i want to hold a net out there and catch some fish. you do not want to mess with this bus driver. >> you all going to get off. i get paid to drive. what can i say! >> this bus driver is in san francisco. >> are you done? sure you're done. >> the bus driver standing up in the black hat, he's telling the guy in the black hat that's seated, you better correct your attitude. >> do it again, i swear to god, everybody getting off. i won't be [ bleep ]. >> i love that he doesn't care. he is going to keep the control of his bus. >> you understand? >> we good. >> you think i'm playing? >> no, we good. >> you think i'm playing? that means he's serious. the guy finally decides, you know what, maybe i should get
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off the bus. >> hey -- i'm getting off. >> the guy almost looks scared to get off the bus. but then the bus driver has something to say. >> welcome to muni. people, i apologize, welcome to muni. >> he was very close to crossing the line, i think, by his actions and his behavior. he was getting pretty heated. i'm glad he didn't take it any further. i wouldn't want to see a guy lose his job. >> are you done? sure you're done? >> this guy is taking care of the rest of his passengers. maybe he wasn't great with this one guy. because he lost his cool on this one guy. >> do it again, i swear to god, everybody getting off. >> he didn't cross the line, but he stepped up to it. >> people, i apologize, welcome to muni. it's a wonder what would cause a plan to want to do this. you see a train attendant run over to him before the attendant
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actually started running to him. you do see that the guy was throwing pebbles back onto the platform. the guy jumps back onto the platform. but then they start fighting with each other. at one point, the man that was on the track starts taking his shirt off. and continues to physically confront this attendant. finally, the attendant walks away and the man then just kneels on the ground and he starts collecting his stuff, fuzzing around with the bag. it looks like the attendant is trying to go get help. because obviously by himself, he can't contain this guy. then the guy just lays down on the platform on the other side of the yellow line. you're not supposed to be on. but this is probably my favorite part of the video. because you see an older man just walk up to this guy and just very sternly motioning to the guy with his hand, who of that way. i almost picture this to be this old-school, no-nonsense kind of old man. like come on, dude, you're acting like a kid, get out of the way.
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at one point he reaches down for ey's beltto breaks freey keeps pointing to him to move away. the guy grabs him by the arm and pulls him away. unfortunately the video ends right there and we can't tell what happens. but it looks like the guy was taking control of the situation. >> this man had probably been a father and this guy is acting like a 2-year-old. i think his fatherly instincts just kicked in. i don't care if he's 40 years old, i'm going to treat him the way he's acting and i'm going to get him out of the way. this girl wants to get you all drunk. a drinking party with a huge drinking game. it's also a concert. >> i think she's talented when you hear her music. see what this thing is all about, next. and how about a little russian dance cam. >> some guy tries to play frogger in busy traffic. >>
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4:12 pm and click on best of rtm. a mom will do anything for her little ones and that is beautifully demonstrated in this video shot by the humane society. we see a mother raccoon and her little babies. she has four of them and they're in an attic. they accessed the attic by an unsecured vent. they were living in the insulation. >> nice and cozy. >> so the humane society came to rescue them. to get them out of this attic. >> that is really cute. it was time to reunite the baby raccoons with their mother because they were separated when they rescued them from the attic. they relied on the mother's instincts to create this -- moment. they brought the baby raccoons out and watch what happens. they've got the baby raccoons in the back yard, crawling around on the grass. and watch mom. >> she looks like a cat. >> there she is on the roof, her instincts allow her to know exactly where her babies are.
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and she's headed in to make sure that she has her babies with her. >> so they took the babies out of the attic and waited for mom to show up. >> she comes down to the yard, picks her baby up in her mouth, takes her away zwlxt she did this because this was her natural instinct, to know where her babies were at all times. there's a girl out there that wants to get you all drunk. >> i have this party and you are invited. come on! i want to get you drunk. all you have to do is share the feel and we can make it happen. >> she wants to invite you to a big party. a drinking party with a huge drinking game. >> one, two, three, let's go. ♪ ♪ >> the concert is a bit more about drinking than the music on a combination of both? >> i actually think she's kind of talented when you hear her music.
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but she's doing all the marketing herself. >> this is a form of awesomeness, based on the game called power hour and i also sell my "power hour" album on the show. >> a little marketing maven. >> to tell us all about it from pittsburgh p.a. we have ali spagnuola. tell us about the concept where it came from? >> i was playing regular shows and i was having trouble getting people excited to come to a concert by an artist they never heard of. i started turning my concerts into a game and word of mouth was really easy. >> is that usb in the shot glass thing. is that your idea? is that patented, that's genius? >> thank you, i know. yes, it's patented, i took it all the way from the design to manufacturing this. you know, it's mass-produced and online. >> is anyone concerned tha y'r just tryinto get y better? >> what does it matter, if it
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works! >> are you concerned that your fans will get too drunk to finish the concert and you will start losing fans along the way? >> a part of this is that i say everybody wins, you can't lose this game, as long as you show up and have a good time. there's people that come and don't drink and they still have a blast. so it's not about winning. >> i would imagine a bar or maybe beer distributor or a beer company would fall in love with you and your concept. >> yeah, i mean i'd be open to that, too. budweiser, give me a call. >> let's have a "right this minute" season wrap party. >> christmas party or kickoff season ii party. >> or any excuse to party, party? a biking superstar at his personal track. >> i love this opening shot. that is straight down. see one great video, next, "right this minute." he's the cancer patient whose plea to katy perry went
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viral. >> you're on my bucket list, i would love to meet you. >> so has this plea worked? we've got the answer, straight from tony. have you heard from katy perry? and see the cute little thing this cute little hedge hog
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long.
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last week i brought you this video. >> i really hope she gets this, katy perry, if you're seeing this. i'm tony harrison. i'm a 20-year-old male i've been battling cancer since the age of 16. >> he's now 20 years old and says that cancer is going to created a bucket list. the one thing he really wants is to meet his idol, katy perry. we wanted to reach out to tony to see if he had heard from katy and to find out how he's doing, so "right this minute" via skype, we have tony harrison from federal way, washington. have you heard from katy perry? >> no, i have not. but i have heard that management has been contacted and that something is in the works. >> so that must make you hopeful. are you excited about just that little bit of information? >> that little bit of information made my hopes skyrocket. >> what made you decide to do this video? >> one of my friends decided to say, hey, why don't you do a bucket list. one of my things on there is to meet katy perry. she is one of my celebrity
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idols. the reason i made this video and i'm excited about how viral it went. >> dell us about your battle? >> i was diagnosed in november of 2007 with leukemia. i battled it for three years, went through treatment, chemotherapy, radiation. after they said it was gone, came back. went through a bone marrow transplant. the first few months, a few months later they said it didn't go away. there's not much they can do right now. they're just going to give me chemotherapy in the meantime. >> you're in treatment right now. >> right now i'm in the hospital getting chemotherapy in my vein. >> what do you hope others may get from your interview. >> fighting for your life, you keep fighting. i'm not going to stop fighting. they may say i have a few months, but i'm going to try it make it to years and years. >> who is sharing all your experiences with you? >> i'm sharing my experiences with my friends, my family and my fiancé. which we're getting married in august. >> is your fiancee with you?
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>> yes, she is. >> can you tell us about tony and what he means to you? >> it's really hard not having my life without him. i would always plan that we would be together forever and being hit with this, it's hard to deal with. i don't know what i'm going to do without him. >> on the positive side you're getting to do a ton of things right now. are you having a blast? >> i'm having an awesome blast. my friends and family are incredible right now. >> dell us about the support that you've got dprn the katy cat. from katy's fan club? >> the fan club, katy cats are awesome, very loving compassionate people. >> tony, we wish you all the best in the coming months and we wish you a very, very lovely wedding. >> i greatly appreciate it. hedge hog yawn. ♪ ♪
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it just wouldn't be a complete show without some russian dash cam footage. so here we go. motorcyclist goes down the left lane -- but watch out because -- oh. >> what happened? >> watch close, some guy try does play frogger in busy traffic. there's a pedestrian that comes running up -- >> no. >> runs right in front of the motorcycle. the guy grabs his brakes so hard he flips himself over. the bike lands right on top of him. >> and the guy keeps going. >> thankfully, in this case, people stop to help out the rider. >> but what a dopey move. >> why would you do that and why would you not stop? >> any chance he really didn't see what happened and just kept going? >> he had to have heard it. he made this guy wreck? come on. thank goodness all of these people are there. >> you see about three or four guys take the bike and lift it off the rider.
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you see the rider take his helmet off. he seems to be shaken up, but not seriously hurt. >> a lot of people dressed in orange. three head to toe people dressed in orange. >> the kindness of people outweighs the stupid of the guy crossing the street. there's a large group dressed in orange. >> dressed in orange. >> but a large group. >> gather round for a round of flaming whae ining wax shots. >> severely burning their lips and mouth. >> and making a great video. see it all, next. [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. [ barking ]
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wççñçñ taste like on top of some grasshoppers? >> delicious, a1 is great on everything. >> wants to do some shots? >> of what? >> hot wax. >> we're up first. >> these guys had shows on mtv, the dude-sons. it's real hot wax? >> you can clearly see these guys have lit little votive candles. >> oh! >> spit it out! >> you can't drink it! >> they don't stop at one shot. >> oh! >> are you feeling dumber by the second right now? i could tell by the look on your face, you are. >> this is so annoying to me on so many levels. there's so many people who actually are having to deal with
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things like burns or pain, not self-inflicted. and these guys are putting themselves through this. >> that's why i find it so entertaining. >> where are they that they're wearing santa suits? >> in the arctic circle. >> if they did swallow it, think about the internal organ damage they could do? >> i enjoy watching their stupidity. i don't know why i take such pleasure in really dumb things, but i do. >> because it makes you feel smarter. >> since the early days of "jack ass" i hated it. >> you guys just suck the fun right out of this. >> it sucks. that's it for us here at "right this minute," see you next time, everybody. ♪ ♪
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