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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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comfortable facing 100 miles per hour fast balls than talking about his personal life but speaking out on his mother's abduction to catch the man behind it. he has relived the night he learned of his mother's disappearance over and over again. today call ripkin did it in a very public way, before tv cameras at camden yards. >> they wanted to know if we knew where mom was. we couldn't find mom. the worst fear that it was her tied up in the back of the car. from that point on we tried to figure it out and help as best we could. i physically got in the car and drove around, it's like finding a need until a haystack but made me feel like i was doing something. >> police released a video of the suspect and identified the store as the wal-mart on ordinance road in glen burnie. five automated billboards around baltimore are advertising the suspect's
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image. they needed the star power of the hall of fame shortstop to expand their search. >> nationwide nature now that this publicity is taking on will generate more leads will give us places to go. >> you know anything about the case? if you know anything about the identity of the person in the photos , the sketch, i encourage you to call in and report what you know. ripken says while his mother was returned unharmed the abduction has taken its traumatic toll but the 74 year old refuses to live in fear. >> part of dealing with this and coping with this is to put it in to a place and move on. my mom is going to her granddaughter's softball game , the ironburg's games and living her life, going to the beauty parlor. >> ripken is not seeking
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justice and thankful the ab ducker returned his mother unharmed but wants closure and wants to know why she was taken. jeff hager, abc2 news. it's been ten days since she was abducted. here is a brief time line of the developments. july 24th, she was taken from her home at gunpoint 24 hours later found inside her car 100 miles from her home in aberdeen. three days ago, police released surveillance video of a suspect along with a composite sketch bringing to this morning's news conference at camden yards. as this investigation continues, when we are not on the air, you can get the latest information on abc 2 or downloading our news app at hot and humid out there, 90 degrees, it's feeling like 90s in many locations. it is a sunny shot.
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looks deceiving with the humidity and the heat indices. well in to the 90s. maryland's most powerful doppler, one little lone shower along 83, another storm backing york county, as we head towards the eastern shore we have an active warning in southeast cecil county around cecilton, this is heading towards the northeast at a whopping a miles per hour. this is a slow mover if you plan on going wards del aware, you want to know that the storms will continue to be active out towards the east of the viewing yeah. in terms of temperatures 91 in town. 94 dc. frederick 93. rain cooled 88 out towards dover with the humidity feeling like it's between frederick feeling like 104 right now. here is your trend through the rest of tonight, muggy, partly cloudy, temperatures in to the lower middle 70s. baltimore city will be around
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77. in to the 90s tomorrow with a late day gusty shower and thunderstorm. very active pattern across the eastern half of the nation. then we will talk about not only one system off of florida but tropical storm ernesto, moving through parts of the caribbean maybe hispaniola and the yucatan peninsula. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast in a little bit. 4 atms, four robberies, same area. baltimore county police have been looking for a lead on an armed robber. now, they may get one. brian kuebler is here. >> we told you about the robberies last week, detectives believe it's the same man robbing people close to one another, off of 695. tonight they want you to look
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at this picture. county detectives were able to still the video on the face. this is the suspect who has been robbing atm users at gunpoint during the evening hours from june 17th through july 22nd. >> our detectives through their hard work were able to identify the person responsible in the atm surveillance videos, we are releasing the photograph in the hopes someone will recognize them. >> you can call metro crime stoppers at 18 of 67 lockup. there is -- 1-866-7-lockup. as far as police know, this man's latest robbery attempt was on july 22nd. there was another robber of another wells fargo this week, we will tell you more about that coming up at 6:00. brian kuebler, abc2 news. harford firefighters were called to the dennys on edgewood road this morning for
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a fire. you can see the flames pouring out, this was sent in from a viewer. one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and forced them to call in extra crews. gary giordano is no longer facing charges. prosecutors decided to drop an indecent exposure charges for an inaccident in may unrelated to the investigation in aruba. annapolis found giordano and another woman naked in a car in a parking garage. after predictions of 90 to 100 now jobs created last month, the labor department says 163,000 jobs were created in july, that wasn't enough to lower the overall unemployment rate which stands at 8.3%.
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about one-third of the able body people of our civilian labor phos force that could be working are not. >> mitt romney was quick to point out the negative and says this is the longest period of time the country has had unemployment above 8% in american history. amtrak is in trouble with lawmakers because of the food and besmg cost. passengers pay $9.50 for a cheeseburger, but costs taxpayers 16 bucks. as soda sells for 2 bucks, the u.s. treasury pays $3.40. amtrak is bringing in half of sales revenue of food and beverage expenses, supposed to be operating on a break even basis. summer vacation is starting to wind down and back to school shopping. 17 states announced sales tax holidays. get a break on everything from
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computers to clothing. be careful before going on a shopping spree, each state is only for specific items. maryland's tax free shopping starts august 12th. saturday is the first chance for fans to get to see the 2012 squad in person. it's open to the public. gates open at 3:30. practice starts at 5:00. you can watch the first ravens preseason game here on abc 2. kickoff 7:30. join jamie and scott as we get ready for the ravens 2012 season with our special, taking flight. just a day after we were alerted to a close call at reagan national airport in dc, passengers are dealing with another incident today. airport officials say people were taken off of a u.s. airways flight bound for new york after a engine warning
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light came on. officials were called in after 2:30. u.s. airways spokesperson says flight 3652 had an engine heat warning indication light come on. passengers were taken back to the terminal by bus. things were back to normal by 3:15. false alarms cause police headaches and wasted time. what annapolis is doing to crack down on people with multiple false alarms. chick-fil-a protests held across the country in support of gay marriage. michael phelps had his final individual race in the olympics today. that's not michael, but that's gabby douglas. how michael faired and more about gabby coming up.
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there has been a 7 or 8 vehicle crash. it happened at north point and east baltimore street, 8 people have been taken to local hospitals. there is a lot of equipment, drivers should expect lane closures and big delays and avoid the area if you can. continuing coverage tonight of the chick-fil-a same-sex marriage controversy making headlines for weeks now. same-sex marriage supporters are putting a spin on sit ins holding kiss ins outside of chick-fil-a restaurants. they are hot happy about the public possession against same- sex marriage. >> reporter: things are heating up in the chick-fil-a gay marriage controversy. thousands of customers who have been boycotting the restaurant
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are holding a national same sex kiss day at chick-fil-as across the country. >> our love is just as good as heterosexual love. >> reporter: chick-fil-a's president said this. >> we are inviting god's judgment when we are saying we know better than you. >> reporter: protests and boycotts staged nationwide. chick-fil-a supporters fought back. fans of chick-fil-a filled restaurants earlier this week and fueled sales. some restaurants even ran out of food. >> this is my second one today. ly do one tonight on the way home from wok. >> reporter: amid all the eating and kissing, this battle is now escalating. >> this is a little bit too far, this is a crime. >> reporter: this morning,
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someone painted taste like hate on this chick-fil-a in california. with that the question now is where does the protest go from here and will it impact chick- fil-a sales. last year the restaurant made half a billion dollars. brandy hit, abc2 news los angeles. howard county, kissing protesters are expected. this is not a fist amendment issue for one, she says it's against the president's continued financial support of groups she says work to impede the rights of gay and lesbian individuals. we stand today not ready to attack him about making a backwards, backwoods bigoted statement but because when you make the statements and follow it with money, actively works to overturn our rights to live as full citizens of the united states, you better believe we are going to have something to say about it.
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>> publish reports indicate chick-fil-a cribbed to $5 million to the family research council. -- contributed $5 million to family research council. the round table discussion show hosted by richard is tackling the issue sunday at 11:00. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. pretty hot day across the area. the real story is humidity. how much humidity has been in the air is allowing for the storms to bubble up. downtown shot, showing mixture of sunshine and clouds through the course of your day, we had a few clouds blanketing the skyline earlier. ocean city, this shot is beautiful, packed right along the beach front right now and they had a few storms that rolled close towards ocean city and the storms are in delaware
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causing issues in new castle county. kent island showing us hazy shot towards the bay bridge and frederick, few of the clouds today but you are the warmest spot in town with your temperatures in to the 90s. maryland's most powerful radar, spotty storms over carol and baltimore, that's slid towards the north, out toward the eastern shore, cecilton, a huge storm developed south of chesapeake city, running in to northern delaware, an active warning extreme, this shouldn't say baltimore but extreme southern cecil county in to new castle county. there are warnings from that storm. 91 in town. 94 dc. easton checking in at 90 degrees. those dew points running between 69-72, impressive number, feeling like it's 99 in town. feeling like 99 dc and easton. the forecast, hour by hour, through the rest of the evening will be in to the 80s.
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storms out there, more on the isolated side. by 11, still near 80 degrees. 76 by 8:00 in the morning. chance of isolated gusty shower and storm. all the humidity coming up on the southerly wind kick, that's the deal in to the weekend. upper 80s from new york, 90s along the mid atlantic coast. a little bit of rain cooled pocket over parts of lexington. look at the heat cranking over oklahoma city, tulsa 111. average daytime high, last 7 days, 110 degrees, impressively hot. your forecast numbers through the rest of the overnight, under partly cloudy sky, we will be in to the 70s. back in to the middle 80s to start your morning saturday and here we go, we are cranking the humidity and heat. 91-94 degrees for your high with isolated shower and thunderstorm. notice future trend, more spotty storms on sunday. they will be widespread storms
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expected to cross the area. for that reason, everybody involved on a slight risk to moderate risk for sunday storms. keep an eye on that, watching ernesto, winds sustained at 50 miles per hour, that's moving towards the west, we will keep an eye on that as it moves through the caribbean. it could gain hurricane status as it moves in to the yucatan. 74 overnight. few clouds, humid and tomorrow for your 2-degree guarantee, 93, hot and humid. beach is the place to go as we head in to the weekend with temperatures that will be in to the 80s. here is your seven-day forecast. more of isolated storm for saturday. 93. 91 clouds in play on sunday. widespread showers and gusty thunderstorms during the course of your day, all indications are the front on top of us for sunday may clear out in time for next week. drier, less humid with temperatures near 90 degrees. saturday is going to be a good
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day and sundays not such a good day. >> good day to stay in the house. >> sure. now the latest from the london olympics spoiler alert for example you don't want to know what happened on the pool or elsewhere, turn down your volume, get a snack, we will wait. okay, here we go michael phelps is winding down his olympic career, proving there is time for amazing races from him. nick shiff ron has the latest from london. >> reporter: the greatest retire on top. when the most decorate odd limpian of all times swims in his final individual race, only one color suits. michael phelps in 7th place halfway through the 100-meter butterfly but suddenly powered past everyone, he won the race in three straight olympics, 21 medals in all, 17 of them gold. could this be his err apparent, 61 hiect frank lune one the 200-
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meter backstroke by almost 2 seconds, third gold and first world record for the 17 year old who trained in aurora colorado, two years younger than phelps was when he was training. across town at wimbledon, williams beat victoria to reach the finals. roger federer needed time to dispatch ar argentinaian. 19 games to 17. more history today when wode won judo. the first woman to represent saudi arabia, but today is phelps' day, once called the pool where he belongs, and like any good champion, he has proven he can live up to
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incredibly high expectations t gabby dog las may have won gold but now getting the ultimate star treatment, her picture will be on a special box of kelloggs corn flakes, featuring the flying squirrel as her friends call her, hitting the store shelves this fall. the time spent in gym class can make your child healthier. could it make them smarter and sweating a lot may not look pretty but find out why doctors say perspiration is important. smell is not.
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tonight health alert, a study finds evidence work in the gym can pay off in the classroom as well. a healthy heart and lungs maybe an important part of scoring good grades in math and reading. 1200 were found consistent factor with a positive effect was cardiovascular fitness, the study reinforces the importance of physical education in schools. many of us tried to avoid sweating in the summer, doctors say sweating cools you down and if you don't do it enough you could overheat causing complications like heatstroke and death. for some producing enough per perration is a problem -- perspiration is a problem. it's a good idea to keep workouts indoor, stay hydrated and avoid being out in the heat. summer is a great time for children to get lots of outdoor activity but important they exercise their brains before heading back to school. if kids take too much of a
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break, it could be a difficult transition back to school in the fall. >> we want kids outside playing and getting physical activity which they don't get to do during the school year and they have to remember to exercise their brain. if your child is a reader, get them to the library. >> if your child wants a break from books, supervise computer activities with reading or math games. keeping them close to the sleep schedule makes back to school easier. is your help for all the news you need. find the health headlines and categorys to finds the information that you need for your family. annapolis police are cracking doesn't on people who waste their time. what the city is plans for people to cause multiple false alarm calls. looking to add more flavor to your foods? the latest grilling gadgets that could help. and would you like to see a seating chart for a wedding
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before you attend? party planning, the new technology.
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