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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  August 13, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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thousands of police cars recalled this morning, the problem they have and what officers need to do. details in the deadly hit and run, this one happened in arundel county. why police didn't have to look too hard to find the suspected driver and a shooting nearly took her life, gabby giffords waking up in a new home in her old hometown. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. it felt great to have a break from the humidity. is the heat gone? >> for today we are lacking pretty good. the humidity will be gone for today. that's good news. mailed's most powerful radar, we can see what going on. we have all five sweeps op. we are not going to deal with
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any type of wet weather. the humidity will move in here as we head in to tomorrow. now in temperatures, 63, glennwood. myersville. make sure you enjoy. let's get a cheg of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. if you are heading in to baltimore city, we are still dealing with repairs to a major water main break between lumbart and baltimore. use hopkins place to get around the congestion. construction on 895, one northbound lane closed approaching the bridge. no delays through the harbor tunnel. that will change later this morning and 95 will be your best alternate route. eastern avenue, everything is up to speed. fort mc henry tunnel looking good. live look at 695, parkville, not too many cars yet.
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a nice easy ride up towards towson. over to you. the driver in a deadly hit and run crash turned himself in to arundel county police. investigators determined he was the man driving a 2003 volkswagen that hit a man not far from southern high school on sunday morning. no charges have been filed yet. the man shot at a block party during the weekend remains in critical condition. the 20 year old was part of a group attending the party a few blocks south of pimlico elementary school. no word on what sparked the argument. unusual move, baltimore city police released a photograph of a victim from the friday morning shooting in mount vernon, larry peterson,
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owner of a boarding house. peterson remains in the hospital. city police rarely release photos of nonphoto shooting victims. a man was found dead inside a home on east chase treat. police believe the robbery is a possible motive. more than 38,000 impala police cars have been recalled. the lower control arm in the front suspngs can fracture causing changes in handleing that could make the driver lose control. the 2008 through 2012 model years are recalled. gm will repair the problem at no charge across the country. if you own one, don't worry, because impala sold different ones to the public. the other half of the maryland legislator will begin debating the expanded gambling of maryland. linda so joins us with the
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latest what is on the docket for today? >> at 10:00 this morning , the house will gather to debate the bill. later lawmakers on the ways and means committee will work on the bill. on friday the senate passed a measure to approve a 6th casino, and to add table games lake poker and blackjack to the sites. supporters say it will bring more jobs and money to the state but opponents argue adding a 6th casino is unfair to current casino owner whose stand to lose business. voters will have the final say in november. the issue will be on the ballot. let's check out the weather. we are lacking at the satellite and radar , the big picture with showers and storms across the middle of the nation. we are nice and dry this morning. this trend will continue throughout the day. we have a few clouds out there. we will see plenty of sunshine in the forecast for us.
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we look at the temperatures this morning, coming in nice, feels good, westminster, 64 degrees. 65 mount airy. 62 elkton. 68 middletown. if you are a parent you nee how expensive back to school shopping can b. this is the week to go out and start spending because it is tax free shopping week in maryland. it's a great chance to get your kids ready to head back to school. the hole they applies to clothes, -- holiday applies to clothes, shoes and items under $100. it runs through saturday. our supplies drive is in full swing at abc 2 working for you to make sure kids from our community are armed with the tools they 8v need. >> helping the presston mitchm junior foundation. we hear from the man behind the mission. >> i want to go to towson
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university. i'm thinking about what i want to be. i want to go to college. >> miranda is one of the kids learn how to dream big thanks to the foundation. the foundation is helping family. her family participated in the programs for the past five years. >> sometimes i find it hard to make ends meet. now that i'm not working i can't provide those things for them anymore. >> reporter: this grandmother is determined to make sure her girls succeed. >> the foundation is great. i've kept the girls in it since they was in el mary school. >> reporter: the awareness project is an after school program devoted to providing baltimore's youth access to array of potential career opportunities, and pathways that may not be within their daily experience. >> they show me there is more than one opportunity. if you can't go through that, if you can't make it from that
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one you can go and have a second option. >> reporter: the foundation's annual back to school drive is in the 9th year providing kids a-17 with school supplies and clothing. the foundation has collected over 100,000 school supplies and served over 11,000 students since inception helping families at a critical time of the year. >> that really helps save me a lot of money. i can't find the words to express the gratitude i have for the program. >> reporter: now in high school, miranda and may are organizing their own initiatives. the community is a little cleaner including plans for a community garden. thanks to the foundation they have the power to make a different. >> it teaches the kids what it means not only do they get help but help the community in the process.
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>> abc2 news is partnering, getting the kids ready to fill the classrooms. we are collecting supplies, it's the basics like backpacks and pens and paper. drop them off to any of the 20 locations. all the oh details at ow website, supplies. billy graham is resting in the hospital. >> what happened with the 93 year old that led him to the hospital and the latest op his condition.
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one week after a deadly shooting took the lives of six people at a sikh temple, it has re-opened. sunday marked the fist service since the shooting and it was a special one. they celebrated with a sikh cleansing and rebirth ceremony something that only takes place one a year. one of the world's most famous engelist is waking up in the hospital. billy graham was treated for a pulmonary infection, most likely bronchitis. his family says he is alert and in good spits. gram's family says she looking forward to returning home soon. back home this morning at a new home, gabrielle giffords and he
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huand moved in to they new home over the weekend. giffords spent much of the past 19 months recovering from a shooting that nearly took her life. among 13 people injured at a meet and greet in january of 2011, 6 other people died from the shooting. last week 23-year-old laughner pled guilty to 19 charges related to the shooting. a wild fire continues in california. a wild fire burned 3000 acres. the other fire known as the walker fire is smaller and burning in a remote area. both are spreading quickly. after spending sunday together in wisconsin, the presidential ticket is parting ways this morning. mitt romney resume his bus tour, happening in florida. his newly selected running mate, ryan, heads to iowa. ryan, a congressman from wisconsin, is considered a
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rising gop star and the leader on fiscal and budgetary issues. at a fundraiser in chicago, president obama welcomed ryan to the race, calling him an ideological leader. >> former vp candidate sarah palin won't be on the stage. palin says she won't speak at the republican national convention. she is planning on working on grass roots efforts helping romney and rye ran win the white house. she said everything she said in 2008 holds true today. time for a check on the weather and traffic. >> what us weekend. >> way to go. >> i can't believe the olympics are over. you are finally going to be able to sleep. >> sunlight hours now. >> exactly. the weather was awesome. we will do it as we head through today. change is coming in the forecast. we can see a few clouds across the area this morning.
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mainly we will be seeing plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the day. get out and enjoy it. as we head in to tomorrow, that's when we will feel the humidity moving in to the picture. look at the temperatures this morning, emmittsburg, 64, glennwood 63. 66 manchester. these temperatures are seasonable, feels comfortable this morning, this will continue, we have the area of high pressure that's going to dominate again for today. i keep saying the change is going to come once the area of high pressure slides towards the east. the winds southwest, will warm us up and pump in moisture across the area. more moisture means more humidity as we go in to tomorrow. check out the neighborhood forecast for today at lunchtime, definitely have to get out and eat the lunch outdoors. oberly 83. 84 elk ridge. further to the south, we look at annapolis 82 by lunchtime.
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it's going to be a stellar day. this is your seven-day forecast, see, the humidity working in on tuesday with a chance for showers and thunderstorms in the picture. wednesday more of the same. we dry out as we head in to thursday, working in to the weekend, it looks like we have a chance for showers in the forecast. now a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. >> good morning. if u heading in to baltimore city, there are a few things to watch out for, repairs to a sink hole on the east side, continued to shutdown east monument between wolf street and patterson park avenue. use orleans as your alternate route. downtown, the water main break, that continues to shutdown light street between lumbart and baltimore. if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway this morning, this is what it looks like in hunt valley, shawan road. no problems to report down towards 695, it will remain clear on the jfx. here is what the beltway looks like, oberly, easy ride heading
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all the way up towards 83 or 95. five things to know on this monday morning, a trial date for the man accused of killing felecia barnes. more details coming up at ak. president obama starts a three day tour of iowa rallying supporters and council bluff. he is set to attend campaign events in marshal town and waterloo.
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london olympics ended. the official handled anything that hand off happs. >> george michael, the spice girls and the surviving members of queen. the closing was attended by 100 athletes and spectators and with the performing wrapping up at the stadium, in a sea of red and red white and blue confetti. the hoo sang them out. they paid tribute to the uk music fashion and the culture. a missile collided with a
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japanese oil tracker on the south end of the persian gulf. damage to the u.s.s. pot ser being evaluated. a large deputy dent on the side. the navy didn't say what damage was sustained. no one was injured in the collision. search for survivor ends as crews turn their attention to carrying for the 16,000 people left homeless. 250 people died when twin quakes hit in the northwest part of the country. iran sits atop seismic fault line and experiences one earthquake everyday. most are small and they go unnoticed. the situation for passengers in rome, frustrating. travelers are strappedded and waiting to find out how to run home after the airline stopped all flights.
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this is because of failed business deal. this is the peak of the tours and season in italy. the situation could effect 300,000 passengers holding tickets for flights scheduled through october. great job this weekend. you get all the credit. >> i don't want all the credit. when its bad, i get that too. >> it was a little bad saturday. >> exactly. the cold front made its way through, you saw the results sunday. it was susome. today is going to linger. enjoy it. it's coming to an end. look at york, 59 degrees, wow. it could be cool for some spots this morning. 64 degrees hagerstown. we should be at 66 degrees for this time of the year. we are feeling good. nice and seasonable in baltimore, 68 degrees. 73 dc. 68 salisbury. here is a cheek of the most
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powerful radar, we will stay dry as we head throughout the day. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> if you are in arundel county and headed to interstate 97, you are in luck. no delays from route 50 towards 695. if you are traveling interstate 70 this morning, we are dealing with a crash out in hancock, eastbound at main street. as we look here in howard county, columbia pike, no concern what solve, it will be a easy ride down towards 695. as we check in and look at the southwest corner of the beltway, you are looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, towards 95. the beltway remains in great shape traveling the outer loop from 9, up towards 83. that takes you 11 minutes, no concerns out on the jfx. working on home
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improvements we get caught up on the inside of the homes and neglect the outside. >> reporter: your backyard can be your place town wind, escape or host a great party. >> when it comes to making outdoor living spaces, they can become elaborate. >> pools, patios and decks are standard, but for some that's not enough. they want to bring the indoored outside. >> we are asked to do a outdoor living room with a kitchen area and dining room. >> reporter: you can go well beyond fire pits and grills. you can build in sinks, mini refrigerators and pizza ovens. the more elaborate, the bigger the price tag. >> get your project broken out in to phasees and do parts of it in any given year. whether you


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