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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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greatest concern right here in perry man. this is abc 2news at 11. we are joining you basically live in progress, none -- we have a current tornado warning for the viewing area. our number one priority keep you safe, keep you informed. if you loose power we will be with you online and on mobile at abc this is the storm that's prompted our second tornado warning of the evening for eastern baltimore and southern hartford. earlier tonight it was actually just for baltimore and baltimore city, shouldn't say just but a different area, different part of town. the northwest side area of the beltway. extreme severe weather. now a different cell. headed toward apg and a secondary cell a severe thunderstorm warning -- now we have just gotten the update from the weather service. good news. our tornado warning has been dropped. the rotation has minimized but we still have intense
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thunderstorms and flash flood warnings. the number one weather killer. we have swift water rescues, several times already tonight across the baltimore area. now we have flash flood warnings for hartford, howard, baltimore and baltimore city. we are going to have much more on these coming up in just a couple minutes but i think for the most we can head back to the news desk. >> that's good. now we are hearing most of west townsend is out without power. they -- what did you say? >> 14,000. >> why don't you use your mobile device text wmar at 46988. if you do we will keep you posted throughout the night about the weather and what is going on. we are worried about the swift water rescues that have been going on. the waters over flowing the banks, coming out and picking us up anding us. baltimore county fire out there rescuing people as we speakw. have cheryl in the field and stay off northern parkway and mcclane because of high water.
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>> we will take a break and be right back.
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. weather pounding maryland including flash flooding dangerous lightning. we have the latest on the storms. >> why can't they come and cut the tree? >> as the new storm passes people told bge how they felt r&$;9á6storm that went over. >> two major subjects, special session here if annapolis, pit bulls and gambling. one could end unexpectedly. live at the state house coming up. >> all right. tornado warnings across the area tonight this are all expired now but the storms are still passing through. >> and townsend, downtown baltimore. we caught several lightning strikes on camera as powerful storms moved over.
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>> wyatt has been following every cell of the storm. what are we looking at? >> the good news is -- the severe, immediate severe threat from tornadoes and severe thunderstorms has passed. a lot of runoff and a lot of lightning to deal with. we have flash flood concerns, for more swift water rescues, creeks and riversides and low lying areas. the bottom of hills, be careful as we have had significant heavy downpours. you can see this cell here, a tornado warning, now moving toward apg. our secondary cell moving through right now, again a lot of lighten, heavy downpours and we may not be done yet. as we look at regional view there are more scattered, large storms be back down through virginia and west virginia. we will see what happens. we will keep showers and storms in the forecast overnight and some could be severe and by the way, that threat will continue
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into the next 12 to 16 hours. i think we could see pop up showers and storms through the overnight and into tomorrow afternoon. more coming up. >> we have cheryl looking for damage because of the who storms that have just come through. we have lots of lightning, water taking over the roads, a water main break. that's all shut down. as of right now we have close to around 12,000 people in the dark. they just -- they just updated it now. more than 14,000, 14,000, most in baltimore county and a good piece in baltimore city. a few just from the other counties. so we are working to keep you safe throughout the night. in our area with our -- weather app. just get on the cell phone and text wmar to 46988. >> while we have watched waited on this severe weather
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tonight. tornado warnings, people in baltimore city were able to come out, voice frustrations over the last major storm that moved in through june. it was a huge crowd but they made their point about losing power. bge said if they had advanced warning your power would have been restored quicker but tonight the majority of the people were upset that bg is not planning for the worst. >> a tree top this big came down and was hanging on the line. that's -- why don't they just cut the tree? >> unlike the mayor of baltimore city and the governor some of us were not caught flat footed. they claim they were caught flat footed because they didn't expect the severeness of the storm. should never not expect it. >> bge said it's listening to complaints and said it'll improve its performance, storm after storm. they want to improve it's
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mobile platform so that you can use your cell phone and your i- pad to keep better informed. >> let's go today four. the special session and things running late. the debate over gambling has dominated much of the night. abc2 is live at the state house tonight. where do we stand? >> reporter: the big surprise at this hour was about the other subject of this special session, pit bulls, just moments ago i spoke to brian, he is the majoty lder over in the state senate. he believes it'll be no deal on a pit bull deal that. would keep the decision in place that pit bulls are still considered dangerous and landlords would be held liable so, w did that happen? ters do. earlier the house passed its version of that bill. it's significantly different than the one the senate passed last week. it would have removed landlord from the liability and would have allowed pit bulls to be
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off leash running free in order for owners to be charged in a case like this. the senator said he doesn't believe there is enough time tonight make up the differences. so that bill is likely to be dead and the -- administration that is still in place and the court ruling will remain in effect. onto gambling. dozens of amendments pass throughout the day and theyre still at it as see at this hour. attempts to remove the location from the bill. those were all not successful. one major change a measure add that would let veterans organizations to add those slot machines. they could each have five of them if they would like them this is like the electronic bingo machines. they say it'll help them make money. others say the veterans are just being used to find enough votes to build that casino. >> the tendency for abuse, fraud, embezzling is huge.
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we are going to take these organizations that serve a useful and important purpose and corrupt them. >> it's not -- for you to vote red or green. it's a very simple issue. so, if you want to support your veterans, all you have to do is put a green vote on. >> so it is 11:10 and the house is still debating the gambling expansion bill. the senate, the senators are here. they are waiting to see the house's version of that bill with all the changes and they say they will just try to debate those perhaps well into the early morning hour itself they have to. they don't want to come back. they want to finish tonight but that bill has a lot of amendments, could be a long night. live in annapolis. >> come on. be honest what's your gut say? what time do we vote? >> reporter: i was told by several members that they would stay here all night if they had to. we could see a vote as late as
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three, four, five in the morning. they would prefer that them to go home and come back. many of them have prior commitments and they want this done tonight. >> get it done. all right. thank you. >> tonight a few hundred people stood up for the safety of one baltimore community. two men were shot in mount vernon, one of them is dead. we have learned the violence continues. cheryl connor. >> reporter: a crowd of people joined the family of alex in prayer, in mourning and in a call for the killers to come forward. his mom speak was a for giving heart and walk was one mission. >> it's our place to figure out how to make the area a better place. >> reporter: she had the courage to stand in front of a few hundred before her son is even laid to rest. the 40-year-old was shot to
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death early friday morning. >> very kind and caring and funny person. >> reporter: mary was with him . >> he is responsible for a lot of us living here. lair. >> reporter: police put out pictures of the men hoping the standing will help the case. uniforms around the crowd. >> take a look. we hope somebody saw something that didn't look right and then -- we hope they are going to pass it on. >> reporter: canned manies were lit in honor of the victim. s. police have no motive but believe a man and woman were involved in the shooting. >> it's not easy. god gives us challenges. he gives us difficulties.
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>> compassion. praise for that tonight and police say they will step up patrols around mount vernon. they don't believe last night was related to shootings. if you have a tip, are you asked to call homicide detectives. the water -- take it. >> the water is running again tonight after another main break earlier today. construction crews struck a ten inch main while out there peeling back the road. only two businesses were affected because of this and they will get -- it was a quick fix. that happened right near light and lombard. >> soon you could have access to any dirty little secret restaurants may be trying to hide. that's if one councilman gets his wait a minute right now inspection reports that detail
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problems aren't available to the public. when you pick a place to eat you are dining blind at least for now. baltimore councilman brandon scott has pitched a bill to change that. >> this bill would just change the city's health code to force the health department to post letter grades on site and online for the restaurants and r food services. >> now some information is made public on city health department's website but only if there is a closure. the restaurant association is still reviewing the proposal and wants to meet with the councilman. scott's bill still has to make it through the hearing and a council vote before he could see any of the changes. we are working for you tonight as we give cake pops a pop quiz of sorts. >> can it do what the commercial says in we asked does it work? >> and active night of severe
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weather. two new severe thunderstorm warnings. we will talk about them when we come back. >> sounds like the song from back in the day i do i do i do. five times is a charm for one family. take a vow of i will come back for the news in 60 seconds.
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. what theya great light show. the sky lit up. take a look at the weatherbug camera rolling as the storm clouds move in just after sunset. capture the lightning, wyatt will have the full forecast coming up. >> you may have seen the cute little cup cakes, called cake pops. they sell them in starbucks. >> you can make them at home. at least according to one of those seen on tv products. we are going in for the segment does it work?
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>> this is actually like a muffin tray. >> reporter: its time for baking maybe a little test for this family. on the menu, cake pops. >> now everybody can make them fast and easy. >> they make it look easy. >> right. tell me. >> just everybody looked happy, putting it together and they have little boy and girl. we just want to see if its that it easy. >> reporter: you start out like a cake, eggs and milk. this is what you are supposed to get. lovely, tasty cake treats on a stick. >> hopefully we can make cake pop that look like the ones at starbuthat's our goal for the d >> reporter: they filled the spot with the batter. some got to much but oh well. when the tray was full think put on the top. >> bake at 350 for 25 to 30 minutes. >> reporter: while they baked we watched and waited.
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>> instructions -- little bit fuzzy but it's still not that bad. >> reporter: when they were ready so were we. >> 'tdiexpe the top to have as much over flow, the cake over flowing out of the hole but other than that hopefully it's going to turn out okay. >> reporter: before they could make the pops pretty they had to scrape off the scraps, then it was time for the fun stuff. the frosting, sprinkles and all the trimmings. >> not to sweet and it's not crunchy, it tastes good. >> reporter: they didn't look half bad. the only challenge, keeping the pops on the top. >> did stay on the stick better. >> reporter: the cooler the more likely they are to stay on the stick. she was pleased the pops. >> it did what it said. it was easy to do and it -- tasted pretty good. >> reporter: the only short fall, like many of the other products, the instructions. they got a c. the taste and appearance got a b. the time
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spent in the kitchen baking with her girls, that was priceless. she gave that an a plus. >> i thought it was a good project. >> reporter: we have a lot more products we want to test. if you going out to a picnic you may want to try own of those clip ons that claim to keep away the mosquito. message us on facebook if you want to be a volunteer tester. it's a lot of fun. >> all right. good deal. >> portion control. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> all right. another report. wires down. wires down. belaire and chapel road. bell area and chapel road. they are starting to nail. >> and still power outages, 14,000 people still out power. >> this is -- openly a -- you know relative to some of the bigger storms we have had it's not as big as that but obviously has a huge impact, especially the 14,000 people that are look at us on their mobile devices. let's get a look ata the
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current set up. we have two severe thunderstorm warnings, baltimore and hartford. these two warnings will run through 11:15 -- they will continue through midnight unless they are canceled earlier. extension on those and flash flood warnings continuing for baltimore city and howard county and baltimore county and hartford county. anywhere with a severe thunderstorm is pretty much having a flash flood warning. swift water rescues in northern baltimore -- central baltimore and townsend. this is a severe weather night. here we go. two big storms. this one moving over the chesapeake, but this storm is of the greatest concern. this is with the active warning as it continues to push through the heart of central baltimore county here just north of hunt valley. up through -- crossing through into the area of hartford.
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that will be the storm we continue to watch. here is the track. it could make a right turner. it'll go through hunt valley. even the southern end of the storm could reach further south in to the townsend area. again that's -- part of the storm. current continues, 77 at the airport where the rain has been north of the airport but still a generally active weather night. temperatures running in the 70's. it's the warm humid conditions. fueling the storms. bringing up the wind map. that southeasterly wind and that has created a rotation of wind, height of different directional winds in the upper level its of the atmosphere. sort of contrasting those service winds, that's where you start to get the rotation. several rotating super cell thunderstorms tonight. here is the humidity, the dry line pushing in. a clash of the air masses, the
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dry air -- you see it tonight. fireworks, the showers and storms. are we done after tonight? maybe not. s li the boundary is so slow movi. likely to see more p ups across the chesapeake. tomorrow afternoon. now after tomorrow evening i think we are done. we will clear out. the humidity will drop. a beautiful thursday. not really cooler but dryer and the overall set up will eventually bring in cooler air. check it out. this boundary just sparking storm bringing in the dryer air but behind this a new boundary for friday night and the weekend and that will bring in cooler air out of northwest canada, make you feel more fall like. overnight 68 with more showers and storms. we keep the storms in tomorrow. maybe sunny peak. also the possibility of pop up showers and storms, the seven day forecast, we will clear out after wednesday with a dry, sunny thursday. that is good. the chance for storms friday into saturday that next cool
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front and that will drop the temperatures for most of the day saturday and sunday, in the 70s. back to you. >> thank you. you know tonight we want you to join in and help us collect school supplies for children who need them. we have a box filling up full of backpacks. >> i got them. this is the hottest thing in town right now this is great. i had about 15 people trying to --. >> it's a -- try --. this is going to a good cause. >> you know we are looking for stuff like this pencils, little things to put your pencils in, pens, all kins of things to help kids get ready for school. log onto the website to help. >> that's good. look at this. i-phone in this one. >> i want that backpack. >> it's got a super mario. we will be right back. stay with us.
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. here you glo. new words to look up. f bomb. you can look it up. i just said it. you know -- you know what sexting is but just in case you don't you can go to the dictionary and find the definition. websters has these words, also mash up, aa ha moment, ear worm, ear worm is the song you just can't get out of your head. >> that's a word for that? >> and bucket --. that's evolution of language? really? >> almost seven brides for
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seven brothers. five siblings married in the same day. they all gathered for a joint reception. the night feature many traditions and there was the farther of the bride dance three times. the idea started as a joke when all five gotten gauged with in two months of each other and it became a practicallal things. i wonder if they saved money, cut it in sevens. >> just thinking of honeymoon night. wow. wow. >> hopefully they had separate ceremonies. >> that's another word in the dictionary. >> aha moment. >> yeah. take quick check. hate to break up the party. severe thunderstorm warnings. baltimore and hartford. this is going to run through midnight. we will watch it in the storm center. check it out online even after the news. there are the storms and expect more hit and miss storms through the day tomorrow. we will be right back.
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. good night. stay safe out there.
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