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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 15, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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that. but this is what we looked like as we go through the event forecast. we will be playing the boston red sox and it looks good a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm as you head out and b let's check the time save -- about. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic. >> reporter: construction is in full swing on 895 at the harbor tunnel. expect heavy delays as the morning progresses and stick with the fort mchenry tunnel. as we check in and look live at 95 at eastern avenue, we notice everything will be up to speed. that is 15-minute ride from the beltway in the white marsh area into the city. and as we pull up other drive times, 695 in great shape traveling the outer loop from 95 up to 83. you are looking at an 11-minute ride and 11 minutes as well over on the west side on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you a. there's no doubt about it
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mosquitoes are annoying insects and the unfortunate drawback of the summer season. >> if you feel like you've seen more than usual you are right. the asian tiger moss keetoo -- mosquito thrives on dry weather and don't need much watter to breed successfully. >> you see the people who own this cooler turned it upside down so it wouldn't collect water. but what they didn't realize is the handles will collect water. >> to reduce the number of tiger mosquitoes, do what you can to get rid of all standing water. >> remember if you are going outside for a long period of time, covering up with long leaves and -- sleeves and long pants. before serving up can't lope or -- canteloupe or honey due make sure it's not from birch farm because of possible case of list tier yeah. they were sold in -- listeria.
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they were sold in 18 states all along the east coast. some in the midwest. if your melons don't have stickers that say birch farm orcoddle strawberry call the store to see where they came. the fda doesn't know inone get -- anyone getting sick from the products but they want you to be aware. we will talk about going back to school collecting donations for the back to school drive. we are work preston mitchum junior fon days and celebree learning senters to client supplies for students in --centers to collect supplies for students in need. we are talking about ruled paper and composition notebooks that can be dropped off at the any of the 20 celebree locations.
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well the department energy says wind energy accounted for 32% of new electric casity but a -- capacity. but a tax credit expiration could -- president obalanca wants to extend the tax credit before it expires at the end of the year. good news for retailers. sales rose for the first time in 4 the commerce department re shows retail sales climbed nearly 1%. you spent more money on furniture, building materials and sporting good if you are curious. heroic acts following the storm last night and a mother speaks out after her son is murder. >> good morning maryland at 5 starts right now. >> you are watching the station that works for youp, now, good morning maryland. governor o'malley taking a gamble on the special session and it looks like it paid off.
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table games being in maryland. >> nobody was happy when they lost power for days back in june. thanks to the fast which weather. it appears -- to that nasty weather and it appears no one was happy the way it was handled. >> we will show you what happened when drivers trappeded in -- stranded were stranded in high water -- were stranded in high water i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. the weather probably made you a little nervous and looks like we could see more. >> woke me up and sure it woke you up, too. lynette will it be around today? >> the storm prediction center has us in a slight rest being for -- slight risk for severe weather. with that, we are going to keep that in our sights and minds for today. but for right now, we are getting a break of things. that's good news. maryland's most powerful radar is dry as you step out this morning. you don't necessarily need the
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rain fear but we are dealing with early this morning, temperatures in -- rain gear, but we are dealing with early this morning, temperatures at 74. this morning rather we will be around 80 and then by lunchtime the temperature coming in at 85 degrees so. be prepared for the temperatures to go up as we go throughout the day. and with the temperatures going up, the humidity will increase he before the cold front moves through. and we have the chance for some showers and thunderstorms around lunchtime for today. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. how are the roads looking? >> reporter: we are dealing with fog across the reasoningon. expect reduced -- region. expect reduced visibility the worst at kingsville at route 1. no problems to report on the northeast corridor of 95. nice and clear in white marsh and if are using the harrisburg expressway this is hunt valley at shawan road. no problems to report whatsoever. we will be -- it will be a very calm ride towards 695. it will remain that way as you get on the jfx.
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11 minutes southbound from the beltway to fayette street. 695 is in great shape heading out to the outer loop, it's going to take 11 minutes to travel from 95 up to 83. the west side is nice and clear as well. 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. 3 minutes after 5. when the storms hit it made a mess of the roads. the rain came down so hard several people were rescued from the cars. abc2 news linda so is live in rogers forge to show us how things are looking right now. linda, what are you seeing out there. >> reporter: well, you're going to want to be careful before you leave the house. as you are hitting the road, some areas are without power. here at the intersection of stevenson and about a loana -- stephenson and balona, the lights were out. bge is reporting 7,000 customers without power. the bulk of the outages here in baltimore county at the height of the storm, the rain came
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down fast and hard and flooded streets. the reports of several swift water rescues in the area. in the 1800 block of ruxton road, the water came up very quickly. a person who lives nearby says he never seen it come up that high. water was up over car windows. he came out to make sure a friend got home safely. >> a young student living with us coming back from memorial park got about halfway into this and is from out of town and she didn't know about what happens on ruxton road when it rains heavy and got caught in it and pulled off in time. >> reporter: so just keep in mine as you are out and about this morning you might come up on some intersections where the traffic lights are out and areas where the standing water is still there. so be careful and take your time. live in rogers forge, linda so, abc2 news. abc2 news and is the plate for the latest information and severe weather.
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and if you are on the go, being check out our app on abc2 as well. if you were without power for more than a weekend, today you can tell bge what you think. the third hearing will be held tonight in ellicott city to let you venture frustrations. last night people in baltimore talked about their experience from a major store in late june. it was not a huge crowd but they made the point about losing power. bge said they had advance warning the power would be restored quicker but the majority of the people were upset b ge. was not planning for the worst. >> a tree top this big was hanging from the line. and that's like why don't they cut the tree. >> unlike the mayor of baltimore city and governor martin o'malley, some of us were not caught flatfooted them claim they were caught flatfooted because they didn't expect the severity of the storm. should never not expect it.
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>> bge is listening to complaints and says they will improve the performance for more on the hearing and more for the hearing in towson head to our website. playing blackjack is closer to a reality in our state. there will likely be a 6th casino. this morning the maryland general assembly gave the phenyl approval to governor o'malley and sherrie is here with the last-minute decisions in what this means for you. >> reporter: lawmakers worked up until the early morning hours determined to wrap up the special session and not drag it out for another day. the maryland house of delegates passed a measure to allow a new casino in prince george's county as well as table games like poker and roulette at gambling complexes. the house of delegates amended the legislation to allow veteran halls like the vfw or american legion in every county except montgomery to have slots which is a new element in the gambling debate. the prows approved a measure and sent it to the senate where
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it passed there as well. >> a tremendous amount of respect for those who serve our country and made the ultimate sacrifice and we want them to have their service clubs viable to help them across the country and throughout the state. so for the american veterans and vfw i am happy. >> grateful for the governor's support and we hope everybody is going to benefit but mostly, the taxpayers are going to benefit because we won't have to raise taxes. school children will benefit because the money goes to schools and create jobs and create revenue. so it's a win-win for the counties involved and the state. >> >> reporter: governor o'malley plans to sign the measure this morning at 10. the legislation will go before vote he is for approval or defeat on the november 6th ballot. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. there's theish you've pit bulls. advocates for the breed will have to try again in january. the house passed a version of the pit bull legislation that
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was very different from what the senate passed. so, they couldn't agree and that bill died. so what does that mean? that means the court of appeals decision stands and pit bulls are considered inherently dangerous dogs. the pit bull owners and landlords will be liable if a dog bites someone. it's likely pit bull supporters will try to change it when the regular session starts in january. a mother stood before hundreds of people telling them not to judge the people who killed her son. rose ulrich lost her son in a shooting outside the empire house on friday morning. last night at a vigil they remembered her son and prayed for larry peterson who was shot and remains in critical condition. she encouraged people to help police and make the neighborhood safer. >> it's not easy obviously. but god gives us challenges. he gives us difficulties. it's a matter of how we handle them. >> police believe they are looking for a man and woman who tried to rob ulrich and
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peterson. if you have information, call police. after a much needed night off monday, the orioles looking to keep pace with the yankees and hold onto that ever so slight let's in the -- lead in the al wild card. the red sox came calling. first of 3 never trailed. tied at one the o's bats came alive especially that guy mark reynold. the slumping first baseman had two bombs on the night accounting for 4rbi's in the 7- 1 win. chen picked up the 11th win scattering 9 hits in 6 innings of work. game 2 first pitch at 7:05. the weather permitting. >> if you are taking the family down there, you want to know about the weather especially after what we saw last night. >> there is another chance the game could get delayed or canceled. we will see how that goes because we have the showers and thunderstorms that are possible as we go into the afternoon and evening time frame. but this is what we saw yesterday. this cell right there that's
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the one that prompted a tornado warning for har forecounty and baltimore county -- harford county and baltimore county. we are nice and dry stepping out and about. this morning, but again, we could be doing it all over again as we head into the afternoon. but here's the hour by hour forecast by 7, still a little patchy fog covering across the area. lots of moisture at ground and temperatures coming in right around 74 degrees. and then by 10, 80 it will be warm and partly cloudy skies and dry and the chances for showers and thunderstorms will roll in here as we go into lunchtime today with the temperature coming in at 85 degrees. let's get a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: if you are using 95 to get into the city you are look at a 15 minute ride from white marsh to downtown. traveling through the harbor tunnel definitely expect delays due to the ongoing construction. it's starting to pick up this week. so, stick with the fort mchenry tunnel if you can. and here's what the southwest portion of the 695 looks like at wilkins avenue. no delays whether you are
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traveling toward the key bridge or up towards interstate 70. megan and charley over to you. they are colorful and fun and suppose to be good and help your kid. >> reporter: the vitamins taking every morning they may have been deceiving. now a new report out on children's vitamins that couldput money in your pocket. >> also ahead, have you noticed it's costing you more to fill up the car. guess what? today you can fill up for free. we will tell you where to go where someone else will pay for your ride to work.
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thanks for joining thus morning. it's 14 minutes after 5. your child picks the colorful cartoon shaped pills to get extra dose of vile minutes but one popular brand was exaggerating the benefits and charley is at live desk with more on what you need to know how you might be eligible for part two of the million dollar refund. >> the pills were shaped like characters super hereos from marvel comic and some from disney and the claim was those pills were 100% of the child's daily dha the vitamin commonly found for oldeadults in fish
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oil. that company admits the vitamins contained a fraction of the nutritional value claimed on the packaging. and while it is not dangerous, the company did make false claims. the packaging featured disney princess winnie the pooh and spiderman and they were sold at a number of major retailers and online for between 4 and $8. now if you think you may have bought a box between may of 08 and september of 2010 you can file a claim with the ftc's website through october 12th. you can be part of a tw million dollar refund and get a portion of that. we have it posted at look under the health tab and right here the top health story refund issued for popular kits vitamins. being check out to see if you are eligible. once again they were shaped like hereos and characters from disney also marvel comics find out if you can be part of a two million dollar refund because of the false claims made by the vitamins. hey, if you want to put gas
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in your tank and who doesn't these days for free. today is the day to do it because baltimore community bankers are giving away 4,000 dollars in gas part of a take back your banking campaign for the first 200 people at green spring sell station on smith avenue will get $20 in gas and the bank employees will pump it for you. this is from 9 until 11 this morning. the goal of take back your banking is to raise awareness about the mistreatment from the mega bank and show consumers an all tern at this. not a bad idea. people grabbed their keys and head out -- head out they may take detour of their own to smith avenue. >> reporter: if are headed to downtown baltimore, we are dealing with the effect of the big water main break from several weeks ago. light stre is shut downright between lombard and baltimore street. the water main break itself has been fixed. but the road needs to be repaved. so it will be all be finished by august 20th. so, in the meantime, use hopkins place to get around all
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that congestion. and over on the east side, we are dealing with repairs to that big sink hole so east monument will be closed between wolf and patterson park avenue. you will want to use or liens as an alternate and it is expected to open up at some point next month. no problems to tell you about on 95 moving through the white march be area and here's what the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road an easy ride toward 95 or up towards 8 3. as far as the northwest portion of 695, this is what it looks like at old court road. nothing to get in your way traveling towards interstate 70. that's a look at your traffic. now for a look at your forecast we are joined by meteorologist lynette charles. good morning. quite a storm last night. >> i know. it woke us up and we could do it all over again as we head through the afternoon. waiting for the cold front to slice through the areach warm front did the job yesterday. and we could see clouds back in west virginia. this will slide towards the east heading throughout the day. sunshine out there as well. that could destabilize the atmosphere and that's why the
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storm prediction center does have us in a slight risk for some severe weather. we look right now temperatures coming in at 68 degrees in baltimore. we should be at 66 degrees for this time of the year. we do see the low to mid-6 0s in frederick and hagerstown and york pennsylvania. 64 in winchester and culpepper at 66 degrees. so, future trend is going to pick up on the fact we have the chance for showers and storms as we go into the afternoon. but as you step out the door this morning, and even as we go into 8, 9, 10, we still should stay dry. it won't be until we hit around 3:00, 4 that we start to see some showers in the forecast but future trend picking up in southern maryland along the eastern shore around 2:00 yes, we could see some wet weather across the area. as you at the . step out and about -- step out and about grab the rain gear. plenty of sunshine on tap heading into thursday and mostly sunny skies will prevail heading into friday. but friday evening in the forecast. forecast for today temperature
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wise, 87 degrees and a chance of storms this afternoon. by tonight, 67 degrees and partly cloudy. and this is what it looks like mostly sunny for tomorrow. here's 7-day forecast for you as we look dry and beautiful as we head to thursday. mega and charley. we know smoking is bad for your health. >> yes. that's not news but they want you to know how bad it is in one country. ahead, we will tell you about the campaign what they are doing to make sure you are aware of the dangers. >> also this morning, helping premature babies get bigger. there may be a sim approximately affordable way to do -- simple affordable way to do this. how a hospital is hoping it helps. you keep hearing amazing things about verizon fios.
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the packaging is about to change on cigarettes a court ruled that corals and logos be stripped beginning in december. they will be olive and contain graphic warnings about the health dangers from smoking. the these are the toughest lawson cigarette promotion. omega 3 is found in the fish oil that we eat we have heard it is good for. you now it's used to save
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youngest and smallestpatients in texas. pierce was born 3 and a half months early at texas children's hospital and had to be fed interveneously and that was until he received the omega 3 that his health improved drastically. children's hospital is one of the few medical institutions with special permission from the fda to administer itch the hospital is keeping records -- it. the hospital is keeping records to demonstrate how well it's working. >> it saved my son and i know it saved everyone else's children as well. >> the fda wants trials put outand the hospital is worried while sitite is going on babies won't -- it is going on babies won't receive the treatment they need. >> it may be one of the hottest olympians but his talents will be in the pool. >> ryan lochte will give acting a try. >> and he was class clown on
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the 70s show will be remembered for the unforgettable laugh. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. at nature valley, nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious.
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thanks for joining on this wednesday morning. actor ron palillo played around horshack died of a heart attack. on the 70s sitcom he played one of the sweat hogs a group of remedial stewed antihigh school in brooklyn the later in life he taught acting to high school student at a school of the arts in west palm beach. he was 63 years old. and the london games in the books ryan lochte will be in front of the camera and this time though he is not swimming he is acting. the 28-year-old is going to be a guest star on the cw's 90210. megan that's your -- set your dvr. during that appearance on the today show he said he is interested also he wants his reality show. the 11 time olympic medalist will play himself set to air in late october. >> he will be in a swim suit. >> more than likely.
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all right. this is not the border smuggling you are used to hearing about. >> why american shoppers are telling their neighbors to the north by your 96 rolls of toilet paper somewhere else. >> reporter: good morning topping america's money huge settlement in the banking world. new york state went after standard charter bank of britain which agreed to pay 3340 millions -- 340 million for laundering billions for iran. net income up 12% and there's growth in areas of the country hard hit in the downturn. and raises the outlook. a new outlook for auto dealers says this could be a record year. the average number of vehicles sold at each dealership could hit more than 800 about 100 more per dealership than last year alone and sin bon is rolling out pizza bon the same
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with dough cheese and pepperoni. company has not said how many calories will be in a pizza bon but promise it's worth every calorie.


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