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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 15, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. we have a lot to talk about. especially the weather because there's no doubt about it last night you heard thunder and sought lightning and thought please, power stay on. >> yeah a lot of us out there. therel this weather or is there another round coming. lynette charles is standing by with an answer. >> you know we have the possibility for more showers and thunderstorms severe in nature to rumble through the area going into the afternoon because the storm prediction center has us in a slight ris fork severe weather -- risk for severe weather. if you want a break, that's what we are getting. maryland's most powerful radar is dry going into the afternoon changes could be available. so we look at the hour by hour forecast and step you through the day. air quaffs patchy fog and -- areas of patchy fog and lester
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says there's thick area of fog and temperatures at 74 heading into 8. and lunchtime now we are coming in warm and 80. there's a chance for showers and that chance will linger heading into 4 p.m. and an isolated shower to scattered showers possible with the temperature coming in right around 85 degrees. if you can't get back home, take the rain gear with you right now. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a serious crash in baltimore city. it has shut down frederick avenue right between hilton and franklin town road. if you are using 95 to get into the city, this is exactly what it looks like at 395. now traffic is starting to pick up. but no significant delays in the fort mchenry tunnel will be nice and clear. just 8 minutes to travel northbound from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. if we can pull up the shot so you can see what i am talking about. no concerns whatsoever. and here's a live look at harrisburg expressway at york road. no problems towards the beltway and if you are traveling on the jfx, it will remain nice and
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clear. 11 minutes southbound from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. checking in and looking at other drive times, no delays out on the beltway. just 11 minutes on ter loop from 95 up to 83. traffic picking up on the west side on that outer loop from 795 down toward route 40. so something to keep in mind. megan and charley over to you. storms hit last night made a mess road. >> the rain came down so hard several people were rescued from the cars. linda so is live in rogers forge to show us how things are looking right now. linda. >> reporter: right now, things are not bad. but you want to keep in mind as you head out the door this morning, that you may come upon some intersections that are dark because bge right now is dealing with power outages. at last check, they are dealing with about 4,000 power outages with the bulk in baltimore county and baltimore city. at the height of the storm, the rain came down fast and hard and flooded streets. there were reports of several swift water rescues in the area. and in the 1800 block of ruxton
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road, the water came up very quickly. there was a man who lived nearby who says he never seen it come up that high. water was up over car windows. he actually came out during the storm to make sure a friend got home safely. so again as you head out this morning, just be aware that there may be some road with standing water still and some flooding and also some power outages people are dealing with. so the light may be out at some intersections. be aware and be careful. live in rogers forge, linda so abc2 news. we are off to a brick and will be back in a bit. >> -- break and we will be back in a bit. >> more when we come back. wççñçñ
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why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? thanks for joining us this morning. well a family has smoky house to clean in pikesville after lightning hit it. abc2 news was on the scene last night at the 1500 block of oakley. authorities say the fire didn't do a lot of damage but did spread a lot of spoke around the home everyone inside was okay. and remember, abc2 news is work for you to keep you up-to- date on any storm recovery. you can always check out our raw video of the swift water rescue linda so was talking about earlier in the show in baltimore county. and if you don't have power, you can watch the full newscast online at so hopefully you have access to a computer with battery life and that's another idea if you are at work. you can watch us online or get the abc2 news app.
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we are getting new video of a water main break in west baltimore. frederick avenue is closed at millington avenue and brunswick. this is new video from overnight. we spoke with dispatchers who say a 10-inch water main broke last night causing a bike sink -- a big sink hole. emotions will run high and let some of you let bge know how they handled the power outage and restoration in june. last night people were in baltimore and talked about their experience from the major storm that moved through in late june. it was not a huge crowd but they made the point about losing power. for more information on tonight's hearing and for tomorrow's set for towson go to playing blackjack is closer to reality in our state. it means there will likely be a 6th casino in pg county. this morning the maryland general assembly gave phenyl approval to the governor omal-- final approval to governor
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o'malley and sherrie johnson has the last-minute decision and what it could mean for you. >> reporter: we have all new reaction as lawmakers worked into the early morning hours to wrap up the special session. the house of delegates passed the more your to allow a new -- a a measure to allow a new casino and to allow veterans halls in every county except montgomery to have slots. the house approved the measure and sent it to the senate before midnight where they passed it as well. >> tremendous amount of respect for the people that serve our country and made the ultimate sacrifice and we want them to have their service clubs viable and this helped them throughout the country and the state. so i am happy for them. >> grateful for the governor's
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support and we hope everybody is going to benefit. but mostly the taxpayers will benefit because we won't have to raise taxes. school children will benefit because the money goes to schools and we will create jobs and revenue. so, it's a win-win for the counties involved and the state. >> governor -- >> reporter: governor o'malley plans to sign the measure this morning at 10. it will go before the voters for approval or defeat on the november 6th bat. sherrie johnson -- can ballot. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. pit bulls will still be considered inaround thely dangerous -- inherently dangerous. the court of appeals decision remains in effect. the house passed a version of the pit bull legislation and it was a very different from what the senate passed. so the house version would have only held dog owners liable if the dog was running free and bit someone. senate would not go for the changes so that bill dies. today you can you can
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receive free gas and who doesn't like to hear that. the first 200 people on smith avenue at the shell station. they can get free gas. >> community bankers are giving away 4 grand in gas as part of a take back the banking campaign. the bank employees are going to pump the gas for you. this is from 9 to 11 this morning. pretty good chance it's going quick. the goal to raise awareness about mistreatment from mega banks and also show consumers there is an alternative out there. safety inspection you want to know what caused a chevron refinery fire in california? that is driven up gas prices in california. so that fire started hundreds of area residents to hospitals for medical attention. workers noticed the leak and they were in the process of repairs when the leak without warning intensified. >> i know accidents will happen even a well run facility i am aware of that but i have a zero tolerance policy if there's
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cutting corners and any slip shot work. >> authorities say that an unrelated inspection in november led chevron to replace an old pipe connected to the one that failed last monday. and you can get all you need to know on gas prices where the least expensive is in the baltimore area by going to prices. look at what they value and look at their budget and what they are proposing. romney wants to let -- he said in the first 100 days he will let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street. he is going to put you all back in chains. >> vice president joe biden possibly stirring up a hornet's nest following the comments made tuesday to a southern virginia audience freedom nonetly of democratic -- predominantly of democratic supporters but hundreds in the crowd were african american supporters and the vice president was talking about his
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perception that mitt romney and the presidency with republicans would unleash wall street to simply do as they please. of those comments mr. romney said "the white house sinks to a lower level and however obama spokeswoman told msnbc the campaign doesn't go by mr. biden's comments saying he was speak metaphoricly. listen, a popular children's vitamin one your kids could be taking that vitamin night be what it claimed. >> -- might not be what it claimed. >> you if you bought it you might be part of the 2 million dollar refund. details ahead. >> massive wild fires go through the western united states and we have learned three new ones in san diego. the fight that is far from over. >> and getting the kids refocused for the school year. simple tips to get they can been a on track. >> and severe weather rolled through the area yesterday and overnight. i will tell you when the next chance for severe weather rolls back into the picture. lauren. >> reporter: well, traffic is
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starting to slow down here on 695 at frederick avenue. and last night's storm causing big problems on the light rail this morning. all the details coming up next. >> and as we head to break, you are looking live at new york city's times square. let's go up there for today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's techbites in the obama campaign is far ahead on the digital front. pew researchers say in june the president's team posted 4 times as much content and covered many more platforms including about 29 tweets a day to one from romney. so pinterrest unveiled android and ipad apps that let's users pin apps to share. stock and groupon plunged 27% to a low as analyst cut forecast and rating on the cite. the billings fen and active users grew 3%.
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and a sap fran -- and fran area startup wants to be a the go to site of ordering in advance and picking it up at the store. it has the goal of letting users pick up anything anywhere. those are your tech bites. i am john muller.
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you're watching the station that works for you. now,. >> i think for joining us this morning. parents you know you don't have to talk your child too hard into take the vitamins them the love them. they are supposed to be tasty colorful and fun and full of nutrients but a maker of a disney and marvel themed vitamin is refunding more than 2 million dollars. charley is tracking more on what the story means and what
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parents need to know. >> yeah. as you mentioned, the pills were shaped like super hereos from marvel comics be a dis-- comics and disney and the claim was it was 100% of the dha the vitamin found in fish oil but they admitted it only contained the fraction of the nutritional value. company made a false claim and you can get the money as a result. the packaging peetures characters like -- features characters like disney wenty the pooh and if you think you may have bought a box of the vitamins, between may of 2008 and september of 2010 you canfile the claims with the ftc at their website until october 12th and you can be part of a multimillion dollar refund. we have the information posted behind me here go to the health tab and there's the top story refund issued for kids vitamins because of the levels were not
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what the manufacturer claimed. it's 19 minutes after 6. charley is following the big story at our live desk. another story is the weather. no doubt about it. you saw the lightning and maybe heard the thunder and started to worry about your house. lynette charles is here to let us know what we are in store for today. unfortunately we could see another round of severe weather. the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk but as i watch the satellite and radar here, i like what i am seeing because we are starting to see clouds pushing into the area. if we get the clouds that will keep theaway and you can't have the atmosphere warming up. once it warms up you get the clouds billowing and start the thunderstorm process. let's keep the clouds going throughout the day. and that will keep the severe weather threat down going through the afternoon. urbana, we see the clouds and a few speaks of sunshine. i think that's the scenario heading throughout the day. we are seeing more of the same
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in ijamsville. rise and clouds hovering across the area. i can't stress enough, the clouds are going to be be a good thing for today. 69 degrees as we look at baltimore. 72 in easton. salisbury at 74. and we have a low to mid-60s north and west. york coming in around 66 degrees there in winchester at 63. this is a look at the future trend as we are wait for the cold front to move through. it will do so as we head throughout the day. and then it will pull in the drier air and we will see plenty of sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow. and then we have a secondary front that's going to roll in here just in time for the weekend and with that it's going to cool the temperatures down. future trend brings a chance for the showers in here for today. lots of sunshine and this is the temperature around 87 degrees at the -- with a chance of storms and by tonight, we are going to the game aren't we? 81 the slight chance and we are playing the red sox. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. flooding from last night's storm disrupted light rail
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service this morning. you want to leave yourself extra time but there are shuttle busesoperating from north avenue up to hunt valley. if you are driving by car this morning, we do have a serious crash to let you know about on the west side of the baltimore city and it shut down frederick avenue between south hilton and franklin town road. as far as the main lines traffic is picking up on 895. construction is in full swing as you approach the harbor tunnel. so try to stick with 95 at fort mchenry tunnel will be nice and clear at the moment. now, as far as the beltway is concerned here's what the west side looks like at liberty road a13-minute ride from 795 towards 95. the inner loop nice and clear up towards pikesville and here's what the beltway looks like no delays on the inner loop towards 95. but that outer loop will be slow up towards providence road. now over to you. so your children didn't use the heads for much more than video games or watching tv this summer. >> that's the case for a lot of parents. you are nodding your heads. but it's not too late to clear the brain fog and what kid do
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right now can increase the focus and their productivity in the first days of school. a guidance counselor offers five tips for dusting off the cobwebs and starting with organizing a quiet place for kids that they can call their own for studying. >> they take ownership of their area where they will do their homework and study. and i can decorate if they have walls in front of them, they can put pictures up and put pictures on the desk. if they have the computer there, they know everything and the key to that is they know everything is ready. >> you may want to consider discussions about how important class participation is and organization and time management. you may want to talk about any bad experiences from the previous school year and number 3, get back on an early schedule soon. to stir up knowledge by discussing reading books with your child and play online academic review games.
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we provided a list at all right. good stuff to know because a lot of kids are going back. >> sports for you this morning after a needed break on monday, the orioles looking to keep pace with the yankees and hold on to the he ever so slight lead in the al wild card race. red sox came calling and baltimore never trailed. tied at one in the 6th, the bats came alive thanks to that guy. reynolds two bombs of the night. accounting for 4rbis in the 7-1 game one win i am game 2ton weather permitting. first pitch 7:05. keeping cool it cooled down as the storms rolled through. >> but it's baking in other parts of the country. how mechanics are ditching the pants in favor of kilts. >> you are watching good morning maryland. we are to have a break. west palm beach florida another place bacon this -- baking on this wednesday morning. take a dip we are back in a
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bit. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller.
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movement for working at cars. there's a shamrock in the company logo. lots of irish here in tulsa you see it there. so about four years ago, david o'brien decided he is worked his last days of summer heat in pants and gets a pretty good idea and shares giggles and strange looks by working in the kilt. >> this is much cooler physically cooler than shorts. get up in the morning and go to quick trip and take my daughter to school. >> for o'brien and, of course, his partners there, it's kilts all day every day from basically may until october. >> i was hoping i go authentic. >> wear something under that. >> lauren time for caption this. >> reporter: today's caption this was sent in by pam miller of her dog who is stretched out on the coach. well halfway as being see. we posted the picture on the facebook page and many of you sound off. julie says don't judge. it helps improve my circulation
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and donna says my front half decide it was time to getp but back -- up but the back half had other ideals. on your feet and lose your seat and my yoga pose downward dog now you try it. keep comments coming we are enjoying them and if you've caption this photo idea e-mail it to so basically, some children in our community needs school supplies and we want to help. we j you -- ask you join abct meton mitchum junior foundation and celebree learning senter. >> if you need more information supplies to learn about the students andteachers benefiting from the program. same sex marriage has been a debate for a while in maryland. >> how the national black church initiative will protest again the same sex marriage
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initiative. >> i been here since i was 8 and this is my life i can't imaginehaving to start over in another country. >> what more than a million people in the u.s. must try to avoid. deportation and they need a work permit. >> reporter: the strong storms rolled through and people lost power but the sun is coming out now. i am linda so. some of the problems you might encounter on the roads coming up. >> as we head to break this morning, there's the sight you don't see very often. a very quiet picture of bourbon street in new orleans. people are just getting started. >> it's 5:30. that's switch. >> that's a switch over. we will be right back.


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