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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a drive gone terribly wrong forces evacuations. we have the latest from port deposit. ed be good to your refrigerator and microwave because a business that backs warranties has been unplugged. our sky was plugged. look at the light show we got completely with pounding rain. this was sent in by a viewer in wheat marsh. luckily we have been drier today. let's take a live look at bel air. the sky is look calm. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart to find out where we go from here. >> not that we couldn't see a pop-up shower or storm. one moving over kent island into the narrows. most of the severe weather threat looks to be to our south, south of cambridge there in southern dorchester county. that's also where we have our severe thunderstorm watch for
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st. mary's county through the lower eastern shore. we have clear weather moving in. we're looking for a big improvement overnight. for the next few hours still a pop-up shower possible. the sunshine will be back. we're a looking for much less humid conditions. people are asking how does the summer of 2012 stack up to 2011? there are some differences. we did not have a duratio event last summer. that is a big difference. when we compare year after year, this is a more significant drought year and one of the hottest julys on record. we'll have much more coming up. how scary was last nit for you? one second or leaf driving home. the next you find yourself floating in a raging river. we have more on the storm that some people got stuck in and the crews called out to rescue them. >> reporter: loch raven
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boulevard is quiet tonight but last night? >> it started to rise. once she came out of the vehicle, she did not want to move. it happened all of a sudden. >> reporter: the water at jones fall receded. there was a car floating in the water. >> i never saw the water. the water was well up over the windows and there was no window when he got to it. >> it was a lot of rain. >> they're talking about the nearly four inches of rain that fell. >> we lost trees in our backyard. >> there were numerous calls for water rescues. two had citizens in the vehicles. >> reporter: that created unique serkses for our firefighters. >> we look for any drains, any kind of hazards that we may have
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to mitigate before we go out, secure the vehicle and send personnel in a systematic way in order to affect the rescue. >> reporter: today it's quiet at fire company number 17. the firefighters are trained and ready for the next storm, so you may want it follow their advice. >> you live in the area. you know this floods there. turn around. turn around, don't drown. >> reporter: reporting for abc2 news. if voters say yes in november, table games will come to a casino near you. lawmakers got a gaming bill together in the wee hours of the morning and the governor signed it off today. roosevelt leftwich joined us with with why some hear leaders are happy. >> reporter: if things go as and, people will get a whole lot of money. first, voters have to make a
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choice. the money is so good that everybody wants a piece of it. a change of add min strappings and a need for cash dead go a long way. voters will have the final say if pg county gets its share of the cash. now is the time to sell the idea. >> it acts as an opportunity to have $40, $60 million. i think he will look at that. then they will make the decision to go forward with that. >> reporter: one of the provisions allows for competition between venues in pg that want a casino. one is here, the national harbor development, across from virginia and the district of columbia which has no casino gambling. he said it's his first choice.
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>> i want to be honest with you. it has the greatest potential of spurring economic development outside of the destination resort itself. >> reporter: baltimore city could be a winner tment would prevent a pg site from opening for two years and adding table games the mayor says gives the future of baltimore casinos more punch. >> will mean at least an additionallal 500 jobs which are desperately needed in baltimore. i'm excited about the possibility. >> now in voters in pg county say they don't want it, then the sixth casino won't be built in p g.d critics say it would mean the state's three largest casinos, pg, maryland live!
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and anne arundel would cancel each other out. they are expected to appeal to the public through tv and radio ads in the weeks to come. for the moment at least pitbulls are still inherently dangerous in our state. while lawmakers moved forward on gambling expansion, lawmakers are des apoaptd right now. both the house and senate agreed on measures dealing with pitbulls and liability but the two sides could not iron out their differences. now, because nothing was done, the ruling by maryland's highest court declaring pit bus inherently dangerous stands, although, it's not in effect yet. the ruling, which also extends liability by landlords is in limbo until the court of appeals considers it. with gambling bill now
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headed to the ballot, you might feel like you're taking the s.a.t.'s when you go to the voting booth in know. you will vote on the dream act. it gives illegal immigrants the chance to pay instate tuition prices if their family has filed tax returns. you'll also vote on whether to allow same-sex marriage and approve a congressional redistricting plan. also, you'll be picking a president. work got out of way top transfer dangerous road from an over turned tanker in pod po.d the tanker overturned, slammed into the side of an occupied condominium along the susquehanna and it was carrying 9,000 pounds of propaint the driver found himself off course right down the river on 276. >> they took a couple of wrong
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turns, ended up going down that hill. >> within the last hour we received word that the off loading of the tanker has been finished and the towns people will be allowed to return to their homes tonight. you don't like the sound, so based on some tips they busted the ez storage company. seizing more than a dozen illegal dirt bikes. they found 15 dirt bikes and atv's. six were stolen. others had the serial numbers taken off. abc2 is working for you. parents a warning for those bumbo chairs much the government said stop using them. kelly swoope is back tonight. they have had problems for years with these claires. >> now millions are being recalled after two dozen infants
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suffered skull fractures. this isn't the first time we heard about this. in twef the company issued a vol tear recall -- voluntary recall after reports of children falling off of elevated surfaces. tins -- since then there have been more incidents. now the company is recalling another 4 million so you can install the safety belt. one father said his son fell out of one of the chairs and cracked his head in two places. >> bye got there, he had no -- no pulse. they said three minutes more and he would be dead. >> they said stop using it until you can get the row strange belt -- restraining belt in.
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would you like a warranty to go with that appliance? why a columbia business is shutting its doors and how it will affect you. who do you think would win between online versus in-store when it comes to school supplies? >> after some big storms last night 87. 87 was your two-degree guarantee. congrats. you get an abc2 storm umbrella with two-degree accuracy. we're back with the forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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a columbia-based company closed up. you paid hundreds for warranties. american fidelity posted this message on their website yesterday saying that due to economic hard ships and other factors, they've been forced to shut their doors. the company which covers appliances just had some trouble recently. back in june they got a seeps and desist office tell -- seeps and desist office to stop selling warranties. then they saw a spike in complaints when people saw their warranties were not being honored. >> they had consumers and they had business but they weren't able to uphold their end of the bargain. >> if you bought a warranty from american fidelity, file a complaint, also with the bbb. we're working with you, making sure you get most bang
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for your buck. this is a customer service rating firm, looked at everything from pens to laptops and broke it down. online comes out on top when it comes to time. on average the researchers say shopping time for a less of back-to-school basics were 10 minutes online, 30 minutes at the store. when you shop in the store you go home with good ideas. online, it may take days for delivery. the average price paid for a list at stores, including office depot, target, staples and walmart was $31 while the same online came to $53. shipping costs accounted for $10 of the difference. whether you decide to do your back-to-school online or in the store, consider pick up
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supplies for students in need. abc2 is working with the preston mitchum foundation and the celebree learning center to collect school supplies for students in need. we'll be doing this until august 24. they are the basics. and supplies can be dropped off at any of the 20 celebree learning centers. there's a fullest on our website, supply. we can tell you about the school supply drive because the need is so important. we talked at the office on falls road to pick up a bunch of backpacks gathered by the employees right here. >> well, we found you guys based on your commercial on television and i emailed last night and you're here today. >> jennifer, thank you. the employees told us they collected the backpacks and it's
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great for team morale. thank you, jennifer, again. all right. >> jamie, my friend. >> that was some night last night. >> big storms and things calmed down again. that was good. remember last week we were showing the animals? they're changing up. i got invited back to do a scuba dive. they didn't know i was a certified diver. i had footage my friend. >> where is it? >> this is going in. this is very different from last week. we're shooting in hd. this is a did pro camera. the green sea turtle is back. the black tip reef. >> look at everybody who came out to see you. >> they're really there for me. look at that. that's a zebra shark swimming by. the divers, the volunteer divers
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feed the animals. look at that. that is a cow nose stingray. how is that? >> did you touch him? >> friendly. give them a little pet. there's one of our volunteer divers. boy, an awesome experience. you can sign up to do that if you're a diver many they have a weekend dive program. you sport national aquarium, highly recommend it, just an amazing experience. thanks to my friend jack for getting me in the tank. take a look at the overall pattern. it's pretty quiet. had one storm in kent island earlier. that is drifting steadily east. there's a storm over the narrows. other than that central maryland we are storm free. more storms to the south. that's where we think the more sec action would be. weather through the delay in downtown baltimore, hey, the
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weather always gets inside the national aquarium but outside kind of cloudy today. towson where we had the huge storms and power outages, today the weather is relatively quiet as the power crews worked to get it done. at bwi we have 1 degrees. winds northwest at seven. winds have shifted. that will bring in more drier and pleasant air. you can see the breeze from baltimore west. we have a bit of a southerly flow. so it will be a slow change tonight but a change nonetheless as drier air pushes in from the west, pushes the robust humidity out. this is why we have the more significant storm threat south. that's where the really juicy air is, high humidity value. that's in southern maryland. it's moderate and dry out to the with the. drier area moving in will push
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in that shower and storm threat. we'll be left with a sunny looking day, gorgeous. friday nice to start the day. however, a storm line coming our way. that could change things as we go into the big time football game we've got coming up with the lions on friday night. so we'll keep an eye on that. dry air will blow out. beleaned this cool air. again, tropics getting more and more active with td8. tonight 65. tomorrow 89 under sunny skies. your seven-day forecast, big improvements, low 80s, almost fall like with 70s through much of the day saturday. we're watching for storms for the big game. >> all right. thank you. gas prices, you know they're going up, right? look what happened today? employees from patapsco bank invaded the shell station to pump gas and to pay for it with
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200 lucky drivers. it was designed to promote community banks and show they care more than the larger banks. some drivers headed to the gas station after hearing about the giveaway. others just needed a regular fillup. >> this works out great. >> lots of smiling faces. people are really, really excited about this. like what is this. why are you doing this. >> today's gas give away was called take back your waiving -- banking. in all, $4,000 worth of gas was pumped for free. >> sherrie johnson at the 2012 spirited women's luncheon held at the four see sons. sherrie presented recipients with their awards. a portion of the event's proceeds go to benefit the
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american red cross of central maryland. let's take a peek outside. here we are. we are on the beltway. all lanes are open.
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let's take a look at what's coming up at 11:00. we'll see how much your online
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activity impactings your chance of getting a job or even a mortgage. it's a warning about more activity online and it can help you. plus, keeping your home safe boy knowing what to look for when it comes to your lay lineses, the things you might not remember to check. all that and more coming up tonight at 11:00. safe weather tonight. >> there will be a few isolated storms. we have one over kent island, kent narrows. in this area you're watching this toward graysonville, look at taking shelter. tonight we clear this out. 60s, drier air comes in and i think it's going to be a fantastic thursday for you in ocean city. sunshine now. >> very nice. >> always pleasant in ocean city. >> all right. that's all for us at 6. we'll sew you tonight at 11:00. be safe.
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