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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. the railroad built this town and the railroad shut it down here tonight. more on the deadly day on the tracks of ellicott city. . >> you meet her, and you felt like you knew her, you know. that's how she was. . >> tonight's friends talk about the lives. and this afternoon but will it last through the week, maryland's most accurate forecast is straight ahead. >> don't want to talk to hem. . political phone calls as we get closer to election day. we're working for you with ways to get them to stop. abc 2 news at 111:00 starts right now. . first off tonight breaking news. an amber alert to tell you about out of prince georges county. steven cesar martinez was taken. 5 foot 4, weighs 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. police say he was last seen
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driving a chevy equinox green with a maryland tag of 78g-6950. anyone with this information is asked to call 911. . and now to a breaking news update. it was 24 hours ago, 21 train cars derailed into the heart of ellicott city on main street. two college girls were killed, buried under coal the train was carrying. >> it was two minutes after midnight. the two grads, rose mayr and elizabeth nass, both 19 were sitting on the ledge of the bridge. they were facing east. their backs were to the side of the train as it passed just a few feet behind them. . there were three crew members on the train as it headed from west virginia to baltimore carrying a load of cold. atfv investigators say the train was traveling the speed limit, 25 miles per hour. it was more than 4 thousand feet long, 98 hundred tons. something went terribly wrong, and it tripped the automatic
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emergency brea >> three crew members on board. e reviewed their statements. all their statements indicated they felt nothing and saw nothing before an emergency brake occurred in our train. >> investigators say there was a video recording of what led up to the derailment. it's being taken back to dc where it's being download and had evaluated. >> our team coverage begins tonight. he is live at the scene of the derailment. jamie the lead investigators said it best tontd, it was something that happened in a matter of seconds but finding out what was wrong and led to those two lives being lost is something that's going to likely take a lengthy investigation. >> right. the people that were running this train said they didn't feel anything, and they saw nothing, but everybody who lives around here heard this train breezing through ellicott city at just two minutes after. you can see that some of the train cars is still being pulled off the tracks, unloaded with the coal, and then pulled away. we have done this meticulously
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since the accident happened, and it's been just an unbelievable sight to see. this entire town has been closed down because of this. 23 hours ago, two families were getting ready to send their two kids back to school, and now, it's two minutes into this new day and everything changes. i want to bring in cherl con nor right now. cheryl talked with a very cloesz friend. we should say there's a huge crowd gathering over in the parking lot of the high school just to mourn the loss of these two. >> yeah. tonight i got to talk to the friend of rose mayr. she's from ellicott city but she was building a life at the university of delaware and tonight her friend tells me that she was a great student and even better friend. >> it's not often that you feel the life of a friend, but rachel green was that close to rose mayr for about a year. >> i had to, like, feel her pulses and i had to, like, listen to her heartbeat and keep -- that's just like the
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most powerful thing to me, like, just her heartbeat, like, the life i listened to in a stethoscope. >> green was in the nursing program with mayr at the university of delaware. they were lab partners, both set to start their junior year and quite frankly talking about studying at a summer party. >> i was like i'm so sorry. i'm just a nerd, like, sorry for talking to you about class, and she was like, rachel, i'm such a nerd, too. i love talking about that stuff. it's totally cool. i love talking about that. >> friends a remembering rose mare's personality, her laugh, her smile, her dancing and her ability to make anyone feel included. >> you meet her and you felt like you knew her, you know. that's how she was. >> from her parents' home, green is trying to understand how quickly a friend was taken away. aside from the details from her twitter account of her drinking and being close to the tracks, green says mayr was not irresponsible. one night of living on the edge
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just happened to be her last. >> they were just living life a little bit on the edge, you know, and some people can do that five billion times, and they live to be 80 and can tell all the times they lived on the edge. some people do it once in their life, and they don't -- they -- they can't live to tell the tale. >> her city of delaware is pretty small, only about 150 students so rachel green tells me when students get back to campus next week, they will likely plan a memorial service for rose mayr, certainly something that's going to affect student of the university of delaware as they start this semester. >> again, they're over in mount heb ron and mount heb ron is when one suffers everybody gathering around and they lift each other up, right. >> absolutely. we've heard that out here tonight people stopping by wanting to see the cleanup, wanting to see people in this community, give them a hug and just be here for support.
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>> all right. cheryl, thank you. we want to go down to main street right now. it has been shut down. again, right by old columbia pike all the way down to the bridge it has all been closed up here tonight. we went down to see and talk with some of the people that are trying to run businesss and some of the people that came out to see what this was all about. >> two bouquets, two pink ribbons to remember rose and liz. >> i'm so sad because we love ellicott city. >> main street was shut off. you parked high, you walked down low to see what's going on tv all night long. >> i've never seen a train accident this bad. >> shops closed up early on tuesday but you feel they are shut even tighter tonight. michelle runs gallery. >> i been through a lot of mother nature happening like flood and, you know, fire, and, you know, today this accident i never seen it before, and i feel very sad that two young ladies, you know, are dead.
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hopefully, you know, we all get back soon so we can open the business. >> yes. we've been through floods and fires, and tomorrow was on that bridge when the earthquake hit last summer. >> on the bridge when the earthquake hit last year, and it was up on main street when the flash flood was on the second floor and you saw the river rise within two hours. >> it is so sad, and the accident was so massive you have to come here and see it for yourself. >> you know, ling here for between seven years and this stuff doesn't happen every day so it's history. this is why we came down. >> again, tonight this is what it's all going to be about. we've got the heavy machinery out here lifting the train cars off the track dumping the coal out and then putting the trains and hauling them away. this train is 3,000 feet long. it was coming in from graph ton, west virginia all the way down the tracks of baltimore maryland covering all those pole and right now it's a big big
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cleanup. again, ellicott city, come shop in ellicott city at old main street because these merchants really need your business now. all right. let's wrap it up here tonight in ellicott city jamie costello cheryl con nor live on abc 2 us. . >> all right. we'll check back in in a little bit. those grads were classmates in high school. show we'll hear from the in the president and check back in in just a few minutes. we were there last night after the train derailed in ellicott city. catherine sent in some personal video and pictures of e sne. head to our web site at to see them. . as we said main street closed from old columbia park to avenue 40 definitely an alternate way to get around the mess. check out good morning maryland tomorrow to find out the latest closings and delays in the area. god morning maryland starts at 4: 30. weather watch tonight a few
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showers out in western maryland. so far remained dry around the immediate baltimore area. also watching tropical storm isaac becoming more and more well organized out here east of the caribbean sea so this could be a potential big-time storm for florida by early next week. we'll see. tomorrow through the day here we're talking about a cool start in the mid 60s up to 82 by midday. how thing will shape up in the rest of your outlook is coming up. new tonight police in baltimore county are looking for a missing 16-year-old girl. she was last seen friday at her grandmother's home in din dauk. since then nobody has heard from her and all her social media accounts have been silent. police say it's possible she left to meet someone online. if you have any information, you are asked to call police right away. the man accused of threatening to shoot up his workplace is back at home tonight. prince georges county drug released him from a psychiatric facility and sent him home with
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his parents. he can only leave his home for legal matters. last month police found about two dozen weapons in pres cot's apartment. he is charged with telephone misuse. well, tonight another family is mourning the death of a son who served our country. 24-year-old sergeant david williams died near kandahar afghanistan while supporting operation enduring freedom. the infantry man was based out of washington. the cause of death tonight is under investigation. and family also grooefg tonight. the navy seal died last week when his helicopter crashed during a fire fight in afghanistan. abc 2 news don harrison talked with patrick's father about his son's dedication. >> the peacefulness of the community just outside of annapolis offers so lis to an edge water family that just learned it had lost a son, brother, and husband. 28-year-old petty officer first
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class patrick feeks graduated from south river high school in 2002. . >> he was a multidimensional guy. >> patrick's father thomas feeks watched his son develop his skills at south rir that he would later put to use while sefshg his country. >> running cross country, being a varsity swimmer, doing try yat lons all prepared him physically for the -- the rigors of being a navy seal. >> his determination started way before high school. >> started riding two wheeler when he was about three and a half. i remember easter sunday, he would come home from church and said, you know, i think i'm ready to take those training wheels off. i took those thingsoff, and generalny came out of the house and he was, where is he? he's gone. he just went off on thattment dt stray far from his heart. . >> he carried flag in his kit. he was always would be quick to
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pull up anybody short that would question the motives and, you know, what the -- what they were doing at as seals. >> lieutenant michael deal was a friend and trained with patrick. the two of them had great memories of this area. >> i know that my friend lived his life but he wanted to live. he lived it to the fullest, and he was able to live his dream, and there's few people in this world that get to do that. >> navy seal patrick feeks will be buried in arlington national cemetery. in edge water don harrison, abc 2 news. coming up, our team coverage of the deadly train derailment in ellicott city. brian talks to loved ones who new elizabeth nass and rose mayr. show you right now what's happening. take a look at this. this is a train car. they have flipped it over. they have dumped all the coal, and now they are hauling it away. this is the way it's going to be all night long. we're live tonight in ellicott
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city. weather wise, hitting 83 today, 85 is normal. we see much hotter weather as we move toward the weekend. and those annoying political phone calls. they interrupt your dinner. they're asking for donations. how to make them stop when abc 2 news comes back in 60 seconds
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. this is live back out to ellicott city to want. this is the scene of where they are actually in the process of trying to get rid of some of the mess that was caused earlier today taf trains railed. slowly they are moving out some of the cars. now, tonight nine ntsv investigators are working throughout the night to try to piece together what caused the derailment. investigators actually have video moments before the crash, and they will be reviewing it and analyzing it in dc. so here's what we know tonight about the two girls that died. both were 19. they returned to college to start their junior year and both 2010 fwraj watts from mount heb
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ron high school. who reports there will be support in place for the students. >> 19-year-old's rose mayr and elizabeth nass were a week away from being juniors at the university of delaware, and james mad son university respectively. both about to leave home, the old high school friends tweeted this photo from above main street ellicott city on the historical train trestle. this is the second tweet of the girls having their legs over the side. that was close to midnight. it was 12: 02 authorities say when a baltimore-bound csx train carrying coal derailed killing the two teens. at least one of these twitter accounts has since gone private, but for the better part of the afternoon was public and helping to define and frame this tragic narrative. >> friendly, good attitudes, you know, just really great girls. great girls. it's just a shame. >> while the girls' families asked us to respect their
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privacy, their old friends of mount heb ron high school told us a little bit about them. they were good students, he said. well liked, active in the school's dance program, and well known. the two girls were friends back in high school, he remembers, and will be missed from this tight-knit mount hebron family. >> it's sad to start the school year off with such tragic news. the great thing i know is that the mount hebron community will rally around to support these familys and to support the students and the siblings. >> brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >> principals and counselors were at mount hebron high school to help the staff and other student who is stopped by. later in the news cast we're going to go back to the scene and dhek in on the progress crews are make. abc 2 we're working for you tonight helping you get rid of those anowing phone calls from politicians. the 2012 presidential campaign is in full swing so you may have gotten a call or two asking for
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donations. abc 2 news shows you how you make those calls stop. >> one of the worst things about a big election year is not all the negative ads. you know you can tune those out. it's the unwanted political phone calls and if you don't know what's bad, back in the 2008 presidential election, it appears they will be even worse this year. >> the republicans are guilty of doing it. >> hi, this is senator john mccain. i'm calling today personally ask for your vote. >> the democrats are guilty of doing it. >> hello, this is president bill clin toin. i'm calling to urge you to vote against --. >> in this important 2012 presidential race, both political parties are using automated robe calling to raise money. >> i have gotten some calls, and they tend to be prolonged. >> voters like katy and green hate them. >> you can't tell them you don't want to talk to them. they actually keep talking wasting my minutes. >> that's right. some of these calls come to cell
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phones which violates federal law. and don't bother with the do not call list. political calls are exempt. four years ago in the midst of the obama launched a political do not call list. >> give the american public back the right to stop people from calling them at home if, in fact, tt's wt they want them to do. >> shaun bacon now run it is web site stop political it asks politicians to voluntarily stop calling members. 400,000 people have signed up so far but unfortunately only 38 national politicians have agreed to honor it. baysou bt b totop these calls is to call your local elections office and remove your phone number if it's in their files then call the local democratic or republican party headquarters and remove your number there, too. and you can certainly sign up on the stop political web site. now, it may not stop the calls, but it will tell politicians you
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are sick of these unwanted intrusion that way you don waste your money. i'm john mat ris. >> now, maryland's mostccurate foreca. we've got a few owers out to the west right now but most of the state has been dry most of the day other than this one renegade cluster of rain pushing through the mountains right now. dry baltimore, ocean city, eastern shore. starts of the day want to show you frost burg seechlt the clouds break up a little bit then. get that shower we were just looking at on maryland's most powerful radar. a nice looking sunset here at st. john regional catholic in frederick. how about that? and one last check, i want to show you here moon set, look at that moon going down as we go past sunset tonight. the day is getting shorter. i'll tell you that much. right now in baltimore we've got current conditions at 68 for air temp so that is much cooler than this time last week even pt this hour. 84% on the humidity so it's still somewhat muggy and again
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those getting shorter sunset at 753. all right. here's a look at the temperatures statewide. low to mid 60s to the west. 55 in oakland. 72 in's ton. pretty comfortable stuff relative to where we've been over the past several weeks and the humidity levels drops as well except for southern maryland where there's still on the moderate to high skied south of baltimore. clear skies west then a little strip of showers over the ohio value leeks tending from western maryland back into the ohio valley. i think we're done with the overnight period. looks like we have some dry weather around here. tomorrow night may be some decent sunshine into the day tomorrow, as well. that will be welcome. take a look at the overall setup here. the most active weather in the east right now coastal system offshore. all that well organized or impressive right now, but it will bring rain to the cape hat ras area and then eventually offshore of ocean city. it's a coastal low but behind it high pressure, and we think
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that's going to actually take over for us here across central maryland as we go into thursday afternoon, thursday evening. that's going to be try weather in the week. also watch very carefully the tropics now, which are heeth up. multiple waefs off africa. now tropical storm isaac started off today this was tropical depression no. 9 now named storm getting more and more organized here. still winds just 40 right now, but we expect it to intensify as it moves toward port row koe and eventually early next week the end to have weekend could, say could become a category 1 hurricane over his pan owe la and perhaps push toward the southeast earn u.s.. we'll see what happens with isaac. over night 63. partly cloudy. 85 bright and warmer. take a good looking day around here. through thursday and friday really carbon copy days. wauf out for morning fog though in the low-lying valley areas.
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the rest to have 7-day forecast more of the same. upper 80s, sunshine, really pretty classic weather for late august. kelly. all right. thanks a lot. check this out. we've got some proof that dinosaurs used to roam. the footprint of the note saur was found at the green vil campus. note saurs were large armored plant eaters. note saurs tracks are sometimes found out west or up in british columbia but are seldom seen in the eastern united states. we'll be right back . kelly coming up on night line we venture deep into the arctic circle in search of the unicorn of the sea, the mysterious, one of the world's most elusive and endangered creatures. it's an e pick journey to the edge of the world. join us coming up on night line right after abc 2 news at 11:00
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. you're going to see and hear this all night long as the cleanup konts here after this deadly train derailment taking the live of two 19 dwreerld girls at two minutes after midnight here tshi morning. ellicott city is clod from old columbia pike all the way down to the bridge. they hope to have it reopened tomorrow. hopefully the businesses can reopen and, again, the investigation into why this train derailed and how quickly they found these two girls buried in the coal. we're on top of it here on abc 2 news. more news at 11:00 coming up next.
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