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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 22, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> city is covering this morning after deadly change around. going on while investigators are trying to determine how this happened. >> committed to country and his family and they say he was living his dream. good morning the father one soldier devastated but also very proud. school bells will be ringing in the next few days. it's hard to believe this morning we are going to show you how different one building is going to look when things return to their school in baltimore city. thanks for joininus on this wednesday morning. >> check of the forecast. mike is on the road. you are on a roll. u've got things under control. >> this is calm out there this morning. no accidents to report, just a few construction delays. we'll get into it coming up. >> that might be related to the weather, who knows. not any problems with the weather. i do what i can. i do what i can.
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let's start outside because we are starting to see first light, we see a few clouds out there, all and all we're going to be seeing plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the day. that sun live will be at 6:26 this morning. we have temperatures right not in annapolis right around66 degrees. we're at 61 northeast. but also look at what we have in nottingham right now. 64 and that dew point at 62. you remember when the dew point and temperature are close that means that air is getting saturated we do have a little bit of fog across the area this morning. 60 right now and that dew point is coming in at 59 and last step of the morning where that temperature is coming in at 60 degrees and dew point at 59. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar we're nice and dry we'll stay that way as we go through the afternoon. i'm not going out a chance of isolated storm. dry conditions will prevail as we go throughout the day. 85 degrees is what i'm going
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with and that's exactly what we should be for this time of the year. time saver traffic with mike. >> good morning everybody. again, not much to really speak of. a few construction delays out. we'll take you the maps and show you a few areas that we're watching it's down around the haor tunnel starting to see some delays. another issue this morning. we do have closures just be aware of this this morning. out towards the west, it's all about the talk this morning with train derailment of main street both directions being effected between old columbia pike. outside we go for a live shot. this is abc. things are looking pretty good but the volume starting to pick up at this hour we'll go over to 95 at 295 that is showing a pretty good commute thus far. drive times look like this. that is an 11 minute commute. talk to me about your traffic in less than 10 minutes. turn it on to you. >> clean up continues this
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morning in after deadly train derailment. two girls were killed when they were caught beneath the coal that came from the cars. linda is live this morning at that scene. linda, you were also there about this time this all began breaking around 3:00 in the morning. how different does it look this morning. >> reporter: you can see investigators this morning back on the track. they're getting a closer look to try to determine what caused this derailment. you can see that worker over there. he has a flashlight in his hand try to get a closer look at the track to see if they can get more information on what caused this deadly train derailment. now they still have a lot of cleaning up to do. you can see that pile of coal over there that have been using heavy machinery to pile it up. there is is a lot of coal that was spilled when this train derailed is all along the tracks over here. we also spoke with federal railroad administration worker earlier this morning who tells us down the track here there is
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still about 4 to 5 overturned cars that they have to remove from the tracks, also some of the train cars that fell off of the bridge down below on to a parking lot, there's still about 3 or 4 train cars that they're in the process of . removing that. now, we do know that the emergency breaking system went off at some point during this derailment. it's unclear what set it off. today as nst -- ntsb investigators will sit down on board the train that was carrying coal from west virginia to baltimore. investigators will review video mounted on front of the cam a on front of the train to learn more about what caused this derailment. now the tragedy in that two college girls were killed when those train cars overturned. they were sitting on the historic bridge when they were crushed by the heavy coal. now one investigators will try to determine is whether or not the girls being on that bridge caused derailment or in the emergency breaking -- braking system had something to do with
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it. again this morning investigators are back on the track trying to get a closer look to see if anything they find will leak information on what caused this train to derail. in the meantime many of the roads remain closed here in historic city closed off. if you have business down here, there are many shops, restaurants, bars you'll probably want to call beforehand to see if they're open. we're by the b and o railroad museum. they may be closed for the rest of the week as cleanup operations continue here in the city. we're life this morning abc2 news. >> it's almost impossible to imagine. both young women had so much to offer. they were both about to head back to college for their junior years. she wanted to be a nurse. she was studying at the university of delaware. we talked to one of her friend rachel green who said she had unforgettable laugh and made
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everyone feel included. she insists that her friends were responsible. >> the nursing student will likely plan a memorial for once students get back to school and that happens next week. the community grieving the loss, the other victim in that train derailment as she was getting ready to head back to school. she was a junior at james madison june yes, sirty. we want to remind you we were ton the scene when this happened. if you want any information about the information, video, pictures, information, traffic maps, you can head to our web site to see it. police in baltimore county are looking for a missing 16- year-old girl. was last seen friday at her grandmother's home. since then no one has heard from her and social media counts have gone silent. police sait is possible the teen was levering to meet someone she met online. if you have any information about this young girl's whereabouts you're asked to
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call police immediately. >> man accused of making an e- mail threat against the president is due in court this afternoon. antwon, he's accused of sending a threatening e-mail to general fbi inbox. agents tracked him down to apartment building south of seattle they say he pointed a shotgun at police. they were able to disarm him and arrest him. >> a man accused of threatening to shoot up his workplace is now back home. a county judge released new press scott from' ski at trick facility. he only leave his house for medical or -- they found two dozen weapons in press scott's apartment. he's charged with telephone misuse. less than a week your kids are headed back back to school. and the students, that's northeast baltimore, they're going back to new edition and is going to look a lot different. abc2 news education reporter she region son joins us. how does it look? >> you know what it's so exciting for these kids. this is a school with no air
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conditioning. it's been a long time coming, but students are in for some major upgrades when they head back to school on monday. they'll set them to new addition. it's part of phase one in two part renovation process. phas2 includes renovating wants the entire $28 million is complete. it will house about 1200 students making it one of the largest elementary middle schools in the city. the new addition offers wi-fi. they'll have air conditioning, voice over internet phones state of the art security system and lots of natural light. renovations for baltimore city schools is part of dr. andre smart plan. he wants to allow city schools to leverage more money to transform the school system over the next 10 years. >> putting in air conditioning in all of our schools and also putting new windows in all of our schools which of course we're going to do as we do the
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smart plan and renovate or build completely new schools. that's going to be a benefit. >> now, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on monday august 27th as students return to school to open that new building. she region son abc2 news. >> well, do you have trouble getting your kids to go to class. one school district may have a motivational tool. >> they're asking you to hang up. we'll tell you how much money fork over. >> the kids do head back to class when they go you certainly want to say good morning. experts on things you need to talk to your kids about before the school bell rings. also ahead this morning, oh that was close. look at this picture. that is the way to watch it. you snap that picture how do they get that. details straight ahead. it's a cool 62 degrees right now, i'll tell you how warm it's going to get. >> i'll tell you, you can start your commute, go now, things
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are looking pretty good on the roadway. just a few delays that are coming down. >> all right. new york. new york. let's take a look at time square as we take a look at your tech bytes headed this way. >> apple versus sam sung is now in the hands of jury. apple's lawsuit claims patents for mobile devices. some 2800 vehicle that is can talk to each other will soon be on the streets. researchers hope cars talking to cars can cut down on auto accidents. too many people still don't have access to broad band internet service. 19million of us are in rural areas including almost half of west virginia. your iphone can do more than you realize. katie says there are shortcuts for opening apps and making web sites easier to read and you don't have to tap the screen to take a picture. >> you can hold down the volume up button to take a picture.
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it's a physical button that access the shutter button for a camera. those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson.
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what it would be like to leave everything you have behind. that's what hundreds of people have to do because of wild fire information. the pictures this is a town located about 170 miles north of sacramento. crews there, that he say that about 50 buildings have been completely destroyed and there is no word right now on what's going to happen yet with structures where homes are. that fire was sparked by lightning they say on saturday it has consumed about 33 square miles and continues to threaten
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hundreds of homes in that community. >> and talk about a close encounter off the california coast, these photos taken by amateur photographer capturing a humpback well and paddle borders. this is -- humpback whales are seen in the area this time of year are rarely are they seen coming out with dramatic fashion and, well, this close to the naked eye. >> if that picture had any sound all i can imagine. >> exactly. it's amazing that you like the weather and long stretch that i've been giving you guys. >> not really. >> you can wet weather in the forecast. but you know what, this is what it looks like this morning i'll take fall winter around the
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corner. some people like it some people don't. i'll get my fair share. right now we're looking pretty good as we do have sun cloud mix as the sun begins to rise this morning. it is going to be a gorgeous day out there make sure you get out there and enjoy it. this is what it looks like in- house. you see a few clouds trying to stream in across the area. also some showers and thunderstorms popping up in virginia, but we will stay dry for the most part as we go throughout the day. but i'm still not going to rule out a chance for isolated shower or storm to pop up in the afternoon because we still do have that area of low pressure, that trough of low pressure that's across the area. 71 degrees in ann arbor. cambridge cool. 57 degrees right right now. -- it is pushing over the lesser an tilllies as of now bringing plenty of rain and winds across the area. the winds are about 45 miles an
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hour moving west -- eyes set on florida as we go through the end of the weekend. plenty of sunshine in the forecast as we head to the next several days. hour by hour looks pretty good with high temperature coming in, here is a check with forecast with plenty of sunshine and drive times ahead. let's get a check with type saver traffic. >> good morning everybody. again, not much speak of on the roadway. see what's going on and we'll take you out. actually. seeing both directions between west gate circle and maryland. be aware that there is some issue or actually some construction delays out there as you make your way toward harbor, 895 northbound be aware we have one lane being effected to long term construction that's near frank first avenue. we'll take you out toward the
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west. this is along frederick road as i was just about to mention. we do have some construction delays going on there. outside we do for a live shot and so far, so good this is right around 195 north, little foggy out there. roads are looking pretty good right now. we'll take you and show you this is shot from 95. so far so good. drive time looking good. outer loop from 95 to 83 that's an 11 minute ride. if you're going from 95 northbound, that looks pretty good as well. it's an 11 minute ride. >> another family mourning the loss of fallen soldier. 24-year-old sergeant david williams diodone kandahar while supporting operation enduring freedom. the cause of death remains under investigation. meantime father in edgewater tells us he is heart broken. at the same time so very proud of his son. he died in a helicopter was in a crash during a fire fight. we talked to his dad about his son's commitment to his family,
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to god and to his country. >> it's not every, you know, every young man that says, you know, i don't think i would like to be a seal and is able to do all the things that are required that meet that and do it to the, you know, level of expertise that patrick was able to pull out. >> my friend lived his life but he wanted to live yours to the fullest, he was able to live his dream and there are few people in this world that get to do that. >> patrick was burried in arlington national cemetery. >> 18 minutes after 6:00 just in matter of days students are going to be headed back to class if you're a parent you know how important it is to prepare, not just for the school supplies and everything you need to get, but also keeping your kids safe after school. that's why one teenage -- pediatrician says it's really important to get first things first taking care of. you can do it if you come one a
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word code word for example that you're going to use when you're not picking your child up. that pediatrician says one thing to avoid definitely is writing your child's full name on the outside of their backpack that. 's giving a stranger information that they can use to get them alone. if your child walks home from school, they should definitely follow the same route every single day. this way they're not. and -- keep in mind an action plan just in case the person who was expected to pick up your child doesn't make it. >> news time 6:19. it's a great idea. >> yeah, either way, there is a new ad campaign out there and you can spend a lot of time it's back to you. it's pretty effective. >> all right. get ready to be wowed. we've got costumes instead. all of it coming to first
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mariner. details of new show beginning tonight. wççñçñ
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there's new reading sources of material that is now showing up in public rest rooms. >> just read the articles. here is more on what is now making a big move to men's rooms everywhere. >> talk about a weird product roll out advertising on toilet paper. but not in that order you're supposed to look at it first. imagine you're stuck in a stall in a rest room at a bar with nothing better -- bet tore do to contemplate. toilet paper ads brain child of these two brothers jordan and brian, jordan dreamed up the idea while at the university of
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michigan. and there star toilet paper was born. the first they supply it free to bars bowling allies any public place. the second as they get advertisers to pay for the privilege of being on a role, your ad here. >> that's a great story. we're so sorry about that. we're clearly having a technical problem with the sound. we'll try to fix fit we don't we'll see if we can get it online. this is the marketing you. >> ladies, am i right. >> yep. >> there you go. >> you now how it goes. you know, i don't know i think people will try to get adds placed anywhere they go, anywhere they can. we're like anywhere they can.
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>> this one is called -- >> i know that you were going to try to see it if you can. it is amazing. >> you know it before, you've seen it. and this one is interesting, though, because it has 3,000- year-old art of chinese hack ya battic. >> i'm sorry. >> stay with us this morning, just ahead a story news actually calling your jaw is going to drop when you hear this. workers at day care center fighting. >> this coming out of delaware this morning, they're not
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fighting this other they're encouraging the kids to do this. evidence now says they have taken it. wow,
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>> how did this happen. that is the question this
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morning after massive train derailment. >> and going through with it after making controversial comments own party says he needs to get out u.s. senate race for congress todd aiken says he's not going anywhere. >> how does your child feel about going back to school, maybe a little bit like this. >> he needed to be ready to go. get the lunchbox right there beside you. >> i get it. >> he's looking at the road this morning very busy with the weather it seems gorgeous. >> i love that tie by the way. it's been gorgeous we're going to do it all over again. we go throughout the day. let's check out what we have, we do have a


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