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tv   News  ABC  August 23, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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historic ellicott city still dealing with the aftermath of that deadly train derailment this week. when the district could reopen and how long before we could know what caused this. and discrimiting agains men. why a maryland man is suing a gun range for incentives it's offering women. and it's voting accident -- a boating accident in anne arundel county leaves nine injured. among them five children and a maryland state delegate. the update for you this morning on how things are going on this thursday, august 23rd, "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle; before you send the kids back to school. you want to enjoy the outdoors with them as much as possible. >> weather has been great for that a couple more days before we head back to class. great to have the kids outside lynette. >> i'm going to have the bus stop forecast for you guys coming up but mainly we have been nice outside and this morning, we're actually going to be on the cool side once again. we can see that in woodbine coming in at 59 degrees and we have visibility issues once again. the patchy fog is out there and we can see the dew points, the
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temperature are the same and be prepared for that as you step out the door this morning. also when you step out in aberdeen the temperature coming in at 64-degrees and more of the same for the dew point. and we do have the winds on the calm to light side. our last stop takes us to hickory this morning where the temperature dew point is same 63-degrees as you head out and about this morning i do suggest a sweater or a jacket. it's going to be on the cool side again. maryland's most powerful radar is dry now and it will stay that way through the afternoon. here's the hour by hour forecast for you as we will be nice and sunny by lunchtime today. temperature 83 degrees, over to you. you head out for the water for fun and relaxation but anything but that last night when two boats collided injuring nine. among them five children. >> abc2 news' sherrie johnson joins thus morning with the latest on what happened and we have learned that a state lawmaker was on board at the time? >> reporter: that's right. delegate donald dwyer was one of the people on board the boat as well as four children who were seriously injured in the
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collision of two motor boats. now i spoke to the nurse this morning and she told me at last check he was in serious condition and six others also at different hospitals. it happened last night on the magothy river and nine people including fourumbs and five children were on board when they collided about 7:00 p.m. the commission caused one of the boats to sink. witnesses say one of the boats was pulling kids with an inflatable tube. three nearby boats responded to pull those injured from the water taking most of them to the gibson island area where they met emergency responders. now one adult and one child refused treatment at the scene. so far, there was no evidence that alcohol or excessive speed were involved in the collision. but the investigation is ongoing. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. well, the clean-up is going to take a while but now looking into making the tracks safer. that's also the big concern. >> yeah, as crews clean up the coal in ellicott city from the deadly train derailment. is anything being done to make
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the tracks safer? it turns out howard county executive he says that csx has contacted him asking what has happened. can they do anything to make these tracks safer? so they're looking into that right now. all right, we know right now is we have crews on the scene and we've been on the scene since the story broke overnight on tuesday. they're going totem us now cranes have been on the scene for the past two and a half days and all 21 cars have been removed and the mess is essentially cleaned up. you got the piles of coal out there as you would expect. main street is closed and ntsb is now looking into a very extensive investigation as to what caused this. the two 19-year-olds died when that train derailed. rose mayr and elizabeth nass. they were buried in coal. nass's family will have the painful task of saying good-bye to her with her funeral being today. she was supposed to head back to the university next week for her junior year of college.
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this brings the total right now this year alone to 41. the most recent victim the youngest one that we've seenenings he was a man from baltimore county under the age of 45. officials say th he ed earlier this summer as more details become available we'll keep you posted. a maryland gun range being sued for offering women free admission on mondays. >> yeah a man who is suing says this isment fair to men. so tom has the story. >> reporter: maryland's small arms range in upper mile an hour bro is popular with lots of folks, we even found the lieutenant governor brown there with his son. monday, has long been ladies' day here but now the range is being sued over it. basically is it wrong if he had to pay more to be here today? than he did. >> just because i'm a man doesn't mean that you know i should have to pay more. >> reporter: derrick hunter filed a lawsuit for $200,000 with his attorney jimmy bell. he's a special police officer and last october, came to the
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range on ladies' day to practice shooting is. was fine. ld me you had to pay he paid the money. >> two ladies came up behind me, toe held me they were free. i asked him why did i have to pay to use the range and they didn't? >> because they're women. >> he's opened up a bag of worms. >> reporter: gun range president carl roy says if it's illegal then so are discounts for seniors, children and the military. >> i don't see anything discriminatory about it whatsoever. it's a promotion that we run and we are entitled to run it just like any other business is entitled. >> reporter: first time range user nautica brown says it's more likely to make her come back. some guys are fine with that. >> that's fine with us. >> if they make him pay more money because he was black,
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could you still have that way of looking at it? >> questions, that was tom rouse lee reporting, we want to know what you think about the lawsuit. does he have a case? head to the facebook fan page and weigh and we always want to know what you think. >>taing abt smoked salmon at bj's recently you may want toconsider throwing it out. now recalling its product basedden the product of -- based on the possibility of bacteria contamination. it was sold in 16-ounce packages at bj's wholesale clubs including right here in maryland. a former call this morning of cantaloupe shipped from an indiana farm. chamberlain farms is at least one source of the outbreak. the cdc reports that 178 people have been infected across 21 states and two people have died and 62 have been hospitalized. the farms earlier had the agree to withdraw its cantaloupe from distribution but the formal recall will now take effect. 5:36 fright now. somebody in california could be
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facing some serious charges of animal abuse after they duct taped turtles to a bump of balloons and then released them into the sky. why? a neighbor noticed the turtle dangling there a balloon stuck high up in the tree. it's bereaved the idea was to release the turtles into the sky and it came from the an mated movie "up." they are investigating right now whoever is responsible for releasing the turtles. all right, some what you're doing and come to the tv screen no matter how busy you are this morning. you need to see a few seconds of this video to brighten your day. >> this is scouted. who says dogs and cats can't get along? the video from the kitten rescue of los angeles. they are just snuggling up taking a snap. this is -- nap. this is definitely a great way to start the way. i like the -- day. i like the video because sometimes dog owners and cat owners go head-to-head but this is something for everybody. >> pretty good chance you'll
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see it before we're done here on this thursday. >> let's try to get that on facebook. the headline daily. grocery store prices continue going occupy. >> now one market says it's not affecting them at all. why, and bayer doing the keep the -- what they're doing to keep the cost of your groceries down. >> this is a live look at 70 one mile west of 695. things moving slowly and you see the cars coming in toll our area. the commute is on, fog could be an issue. sew show continues in -- "good morning maryland" continues in just a moment. [ radio ] it's a scorcher out there...stay refreshed!
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welcome back, we have done a number of stories about how the summer weather is ruining crops and pushing grocery store prices up. now a local store says they don't have that problem. >> they've actually taken steps to cut their energy cost so they don't have raise your prices and karin caifa takes us to bel air road. take a look. >> reporter: hot temperatures, drought conditions, summer has been tough on american households. but food and energy costs are even greater for a 27,000 square foot supermarket. >> one of the ways that we're looking to improve our bottom line is by decreasing some of
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our expenses. >> reporter: baltimore's bell garden buy right has been locally owned and operated for almost 50 years. raising prices isn't owner sandy berry's favorite option. so with energy consultant bj elliot she looked at these vents pumping cold air and costing cold cash. >> we identified a couple of key areas, are opportunities to improve in the store. one of them was the overall general energy consumption. >> reporter: they traded a 20- ton air-conditioning unit for a new system that uses saltwater to cool air and suck out humidity. berry can keep the overall temperature of the store higher and leave it cool where it counts like frozen food cases and with less humidity, some foods stay fresher longer. >> our perishable items and that has really helped us in keeping our margins where they need to be in order to stay in business. >> reporter: she estimates she'll save up to $35,000 in energy costs this year.
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keeping store prices lower and a little more green in shoppers' wallets. i'm karin caifa, abc2 news. >> you know we certainly champion the wonderful weather we've had recently but we need the rain. >> we need the rain and you know it because i don't have seen it with the grass -- you've seen it with the grass. lynette you said this is actually going to affect winter. >> exactly. but, i don't want to give it away. i want you to go to my blog and see what's going on because some of the people that like winter, might be making a comeback. we'll see how that goes. but for today we're still dry and that's unfor the because we do need the rain. if you like the sunshine you will love today. we can see the area of high pressure across the middle of the nation coming to the east that will incline our weather through the weekend. right now we zoom in and we have a few clouds out there and also visibility issues. we have fog that's a big cloud at the ground. that's going to be with us for a while and then it will move out of here. as we check out the bus stop forecast, look at what we have this morning. the temperature coming in at 70-
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degrees and we will have sunshine in here and by this afternoon still more of the same and we will warm up nicely throughout the day. over to you. all right, let's take a live look at traffic in just a bit because you're probably wondering what's going on. how the roads are looking but first getting your kids back to school is a tough routine. no doubt about it. not only the sleep schedules and diets. >> what you needs to know about getting your kids in the swing of doing homework. that's a need to know. >> a tough night for police in queen anne's county after an officer shot and killed a suspect. hear what authorities have to say about it coming up. >> here's the live look at traffic. things are starting to pick up. you're looking at a live picture right now. 95 and 43. foggy out there and this is an area that usually gets pretty congested so keep that in mind. we do want to preminds you main -- remind you main street in ellicott city still closed because of the train derailment. however, pratt street still open. you can always find the latest information on we'll be right back.
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thanks for staying with us, more this morning on the shooting out on the eastern shore. an intention night for police in -- intense night for police in queen anne's county. >> police say that he fired at
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sheriff's deputies. >> abc2 news' sherrie johnson jon is here with more and what are the police saying this morning? >> reporter: police tell us they were ambushed by a suspect who came out of a bean field and started shooting. this started yesterday when the man escaped from a prerelease center in somerset county. officers saithe broke into a home -- say he broke into a home and stole a gun and them started shooting at the officers chasing him. the suspected ran into a bean field on 301 at shell cross farm lane north of centreville and queen anne's county. police were looking for him when he surprised them coming out of the bean field. he ran into a nearby farmhouse and if homeowner grabbed his gun and held the suspect until police arrived. >> states he is not going to back prison. you're going to have the kill me. he backs away from the officer and continually walks away. and continuing to -- ignore commands. he then reaches behind his back in a threatening manner as if he's reaching for something. the officer is then in fear for his life and fires his service
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weapon striking the suspect. ems personnel respond. he is pronounced deceased at the scene. >> reporter: none of the officers were hurt at the scene and an investigation into this incident is now underway. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:49 right now. a hearing will be held today in the case of james holmes the colorado movie theater shooter. the court will consider whether conversations between holmes and his psychiatrist will be allowed as evidence as well as the possibility of reviewing the no cameras in court policy. tomorrow verdict is expected in the case of anders breivik. he admit today killing 77 and wounding others in a bombing in oslo, norway and then opening fire on the youth camp nearby island. tomorrow the man suspected of opening fire at the family research council in d.c. will be in court. a dep tension hearing will be held for floyd corkins. he's accused of wounding a security guard in the shooting. that guard tackled him to the grounds and held him until police arrive.
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first lady michelle obama is set to meet with families of the victims of the sikh temple shooting in wisconsin. six members died in an attack this month. casey anthony will legally be free tomorrow for the first time in four years. she spent three years in prison awaiting trial before being acquitted last july of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. she's now wrapping up a year of probation. that was for an unrelated check fraud case. all right, still lots of new routines to get used to with a new school year when it begins and one of them should be a good homework ritual. i know you're thinking this is so hard but there are some good tips. for example the key to any homework schedule is structure. for example, you have to build structure, you have to dedicate time to make et a priority. your child should block out at least an hour a day to get it done. like a study hour. and designated room with very little distraction, no phone or tv so they can get the homework
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done. you can also allow a five minute break and this will give your child a chance no take a break and refresh. don't send them outside though if the weather is like it's been right lynette? send them outside. >> it's going to be gorgeous out there once again for today. this morning we have some patchy fog and visibility issues, we have high pressure that will begin to come in here from the west to the east throughout the day. this could kick back a few clouds through the weekend. so i am going to keep that in there keep that in mind. maybe a chance for an isolated shower along the eastern shore. look at tropical storm tracker here because we have two systems that we're watching now. let's start with this one. this one is tropical depression ten. the track there are if one up to bermuda away from the u.s.. that's good but web they are watching tropical storm -- then we are watching tropical storm isaac as of now. this is the one that could be making it bad for florida as we
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go through time. the winds sustained now at about 40 miles an hour and it is moving to the west at about 10 miles an hour. it could become a category 1 hurricane before it makes landfall. future trend not picking up on a lot for today. that will continue as we go through the weekend but for today, that temperature i'm going with is 87 degrees. sun and clouds and it will be a bit warmer. over to you. all right, we're counting down the days katie's new show is set to premiere on abc2, just 18 days and we know you want to see the show in person and we can make it happen. you can win a trip to see the premiere of the show live in new york city on september 10th. here's what you have to do. now like the katie show on the facebook page. at then just tell them why you are her biggest fan. and then you can get there by heading to our special section on our website. a victim of bullying gets one very big surprise before heading back to college. >> we're going to tell you how a local business actually
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stepped in to make sure the young man was headed back to class in style. @ñi
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got a free car makeover from a local repair shop. >> the people at the quality auto paint and body shop in roanoke spent more than 100 hours working on jordan addison oscar for free. this all began two weeks ago when the manager richard hagueer jr. he heard what had happened. addison's car was vandalized tour full-times and this is teen -- four times and this is between march and may of this year alone. most of the crimes happened at the university. >> the auto shop wanted to make it clear they don't stand for bullies. could the father's age actually determine the health of a baby? >> yeah coming up a new study says the dad's age could be a determining factor as to whether or not the child develops autism or possibly schizophrenia later in life. >> never before in recording of martin luther king jr. has been found. the new insight that it gives on the hopes and the dreams of the civil rights icon. >> and heavy rains causing
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major headache for drivers in one city. where the sudden summer storms have left a number of drivers stranded when "good morning maryland" at 6:00 continues.
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five children are recovering this morning after boats collide on e


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