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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 23, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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river. how rescue crews weren't the only ones to bring the people to safety. and another day of clean-up at the sight of the deadly -- site of the deadly train derailment in ellicott city. could some safety chges be coming to those tracks? all right, another preseason game tonight. the ravens take on the jags and we're going to take a look and see if hopefully they'll have better luck than they did last week. those stories straight ahead. "good morning maryland" and thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. ravens are playing tonight at m&t bank stadium. you were there last friday. >> i was it rained a little while i was there. >> did you go incognito? >> i had the hat pulled down and i was looking around like nobody see. >> wanting to stay dry. >> exactly but tonight is going to be a good game for it. the weather is going to be stellar. that forecast for you is coming up but right now temperatures not too bad out there. and we can see first light in bel air. we still have to wait a little bit for the sunrise at about 6:237 this morning and -- 6:27 this morning and looking pretty good in bel air. temperatures are on the cooler
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side. we can see it 673 degrees right now and arnold coming in at 67. sykesville at 63 and the winds are calm. we have patchy fog in a lot of spots this morning and you definitely need to take it easy out and about and make sure you have the low beams on instead of the high beams. now maryland's most powerful radar is dry. and it's going to stay that way. even as we go through time today. so no need to even pack the umbrella. because it's going to be a nice dietary. although we do need the wet weather. well, we're waking up temperature right around 70 degrees. we will have a few clouds as we go through the morning. still ready to burn off the morning fog. and then by lunchtime today we will be seeing plenty of sunshine with that temperature coming in right around 83 degrees. a high temperature today i'm going with 87. so make sure you're prepared for that. we will be snow and ice and seasonable and a season -- nice and seasonable and a stellar day on tap. 695 at liberty road southbound lane you see a lot of traffic picking up right there. also construction there overnight as has been the case
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for a number of weeks. they wrap that up usually around sun up. and a number of things in baltimore city. slow traffic on the bw parkway between maryland 648 and annapolis road. back ups there also an accident in harford on highway 165 between 543 and 80 highway. so a lot going on out there. fog also an issue as you make your commute. two minutes after 6:00 right now. five children are recovering this morning after boats collide. this happened an the magothy river in anne arundel county. such a scene that neighbors actually jumped in their boats to help. you're looking at a map of the area we're talking about. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is here. >> reporter: delegate donald dwyer was on the boat as well as several children who were seriously injured in the collision of the two boats. i've been on the phone this morning and at last check he was in serious condition at
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shock trauma. the boating accident happened last night on the magothy river nine people including four adults and five children were on board two motor boats when they collided about 7:00 p.m. three nearby boats responded to pull those injured from the water taking most to the gibson island area where they were met by emergency responders. one adult and one child refused treatment at the scene. >> they were tubing. so they had a tube on the become with two kids on it -- with two kids on it. so they were coming out at a pretty high rate of speed and the boat was coming and and they were coming like that and the boat just rammed into the side of them towards the front. and the boat -- that was in the wrong actually split in half and has already sunk. >> reporter: now so far, there was no evidence that alcohol or excessive speed were involved in the collision but the investigation is ongoing. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a man is dead this morning
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after being shot by police. this happened on the eastern shore. authorities say that the guy broke into a home. stole a small gun yesterday, following his escape from a prerelease center in somerset county. police were out looking for him when he came at them can he start -- and he started shooting. clean up of the coal from the train derailment could take until the ends of the week to wrap up and the last of the cars is now being hauled aid way. the big question on everyone's mind is how did this happen? that's what the ntsb is trying to determine as they take a look at everying that could have possibly gone wrong. video, audio you name it. meanwhile visitation begins today for one of the victims. family and friends will say good-bye to 19-year-old elizabeth nass. she and her friend were on the tracks when the train derailed. there's a pretty good chance that you can describe exact by what you were doing -- exactly what you were doing a year ago today and that's because it was a year ago when
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we all felt the ground move underneath our feet because of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake. that quake rattled homes and it knocked pictures off the walls and it left major damage to important buildings to us luke the washington monument. today fema wants to be sure that you are ready in case this ever happens again or any other discasters. so they are having a press conference to get people prepared. this is happening in washington today. today is the national cathedral they are hoping to raise $100,000 to continue to fix the cracks caused by the quake. this campaign is being called restore the glory. it hopes to reach that $100,000 mark by midnight. right now they've raised about $38,000. news time 6:05. at the bank tonight the ravens welcome in the jacksonville jags for the third preseason game of the year. the ravens only mustered four field goals last friday's 27-17 loss at home to the detroit
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lions and as you would expect there are still some wrinkles to iron out. you will likely see the starters stay in longer than normal. kickoff tonight at the stadium set for 7:30. switching to baseball now. heading into baltimore series with the west leading texas rangers, there were two goals. don't get swept and don't lose ground on the yankees. it was ugly but both goals they were met. in arlington last night the rangers exploded in the 4th inning. nine runs highlighted by beltre's two shot same inning. he had three on the night. o's drop this one 12-3 but remain five back of the yankees, that was goal number one. they're a half game out in the wild card and they didn't get swept. the back home for a weekend series with toronto that begins friday. but for the first time since 1997. the orioles. they're preparing for the pocket of the playoff -- possibility of the playoffs, if you're a season ticket holder you can reserve the entire set
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or a three game set. a remarkable play at the rockies/mets game. we've been watching this over and over again. the fan catches the foul ball and he goes top shelf. he used his hat to grab that foul ball. >> pretty good. got a big smile on the face. it's not something most of us are worried about in the past. >> yeah but d.c. says it is now time to. just ahead we're going to have more on the west nile virus and that outbreak and what's being done to spread it -- or stop it from spreading. >> researchers have new information about autism this morning, up next we're going to tell you what they say about risk factors for a child. >> also around 50,000 people are showing up at the republican national convention. that's next week. but there could be one unwanted guest. his name is isaac and an update on what they're expecting in south florida. >> and once again we have temperatures in a lot of spots in the upper 50s. we'll talk about a warm up and all that is coming up and we're also going to get a look at isaac coming up.
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>> seven minutes after 6:00 right now. let's take a live look at traffic this morning. you're looking at i-95 at 395. everything looking good but just do remember as you head out later in the day, that beltway there's a lot of construction especially around liberty road. you may have some tie-ups right now we're going to head up to new york and look at today's techbytes. >> reporter: in today's techbytes, more signs of the imminent iphone announcement. wal-mart is cutting the price of the 4 s model often a sign of retailer wants to reduce inventory and manufacturer lg says it's now making a new and thinner phone screen. lg does supply screens for apple devices. t-mobile customers can get the iphone but starting next month they can get unlimited data plans for their phones appreciationly when users exceeded a limit the data speeds would get slower. paypal is expanding its region to brick and mortar stores, starting next creek
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they can process paypal payments if they take discover cards. and why wait to send home pictures? an israeli theme park outfitted the donkeys so they can share the experience with their friends in realtime. those are your techbytes, i'm rob nelson. sweetie, you have to scrub it first.
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so, i was right, right? i've gotta run. more households use cascade dishwashing detergent than any other brand. thanks for staying with us, you may be quote the famous speeches, now 44 years after his death a long lost interview with martin luther king jr. has surfaced. the audio recording was reportedly found in an attic in chattanooga, tennessee. hidden until now. the date? december 21st, 1960. the civil rights leader talked about topics ranging from nonviolence to also the impact of sit-ins. >> from the history books written in future years, historians will have to record
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this movement as one of the greatest epics of our heritage. i think the movement represents struggle on the highest level of dignity and discipline. no one of goodwill can disagree with the end of the sit-in movement. the end to break down all barriers between people on the basis of race, of color. >> the clarify of that interview is that not incredible. >> that recorded interview was supposed to be used for a book on racial tension but the author never finished the project. his son found those tapes while rummaging through some old boxes. 12 minutes after 6:00 right now. we know her because of her tenacity and her small stature and big voice and it turns out the country will know that voice too because maryland senator barbara mikulski will speak at the democratic national convection next month. she's the longest serving women in history for congress.
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now other women are splitted to speak and they include caroline kennedy and actress eva longoria. they may have an unexpected and unwelcome guest next week in tampa. >> a chance now isaac could be head today florida. >> yeah so abc2 news andrew spencer has the details. >> reporter: san juan residents stocked up on emergency supplies wednesday. the national hurricane center has issued a tropical storm warning for puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. [ sirens ] >> thank you. >> this is just a test right? >> reporter: in cuba sirens blared as the u.s. military base at guantanamo bay went into preparedness mode. the hearing will now take place in mid-october. the five suspects include mohammed the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. meanwhile, stores in south
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florida are getting ready for the influx of customers, in miami water ice and batteries are stacked and on standby. with some 50,000 people headed to tampa for the republican national convention that starts on monday there's heightened interest in the storm's path. the city says if isaac crashes the convention, safety will come first. >> absolutely we're prepare today call it off. i mean human safety and human life trumps politics. i think this r nc recognizes that. >> reporter: andrew spencer, abc2 news. >> lynette joins us now with a check of the forecast. i guess it's time to maybe break out the cone of uncertainty once again. >> again, about to bust it out in just a second as soon as i wrap it up with you too. it looks like tampa is in it. it just depends on which way that that track goes. so we'll see how it goes but they might want to think about retiming that whole thing. you know when it comes arnold because it's happened before. let's take a look at the tropics right now. it is active and we have
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actually another tropical depression number ten back behind isaac right now. but this is where all eyes are focused and we had isaac move over the lesser antilles yesterday. what's going to be happening it's going to regain strength and it will start to move across hispaniola and come to cuba and it has the eyes set o on florida. the track now as we have tropical storm isaac. the winds now 40 miles an hour and moving to the west at about 10 miles an hour. there it goes over the islands and over cuba and you can see that cone of uncertainty and you can see that florida is in that and of course tampa right in that and it could become a category 1 hurricane as it does so. definitely keeping our eyes peeled on that whenever we have the u.s. in its path. we definitely keep our eyes open for that. we're going to look at the satellite and radar now closer to home. some clouds across the area this morning. we have patchy fog and some dense fog in some spots this morning and take it easy on the roadways. also going to get some sunshine
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in here through the day and we can see already that sun clouds mix in laurel right now. and we're also going to see more of the same as we head over into manchester this morning. and we do have temperatures coming in on the cool side. especially further to the north and west you go. we can see ats from new york to -- 59s from york to frederick. we're going to keep our eyes peeled on the coastal low and you can see it on future trend it could kick back a few clouds through the weekend. i am going to keep that chance in there but our hour by hour forecast brings us to 87 degrees warmer into the afternoon and a check of the seven day forecast. we will believe humid as we begin next week. over to you. all right, time now 6:16. we want to show you a live picture still kind of foggy out there. 95 southbound at maryland's 32. you can see traffic moving along pretty well but a couple of things to be aware of. pratt street downtown is open and main treat in ellicott city closed and still investigations going on because of the
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derailment. the anywhere on the beltway just remember there's a lot of construction around the pikesville area and liberty road. and also the ramp restrictions that are happening on the 695 inner loop area near quarantine road. if you want more information on the traffic and a look at live pictures you can always head to and click on the traffic tab. and new study now suggests an older father is the more likely his newborn child will develop autism. that study explains the random mutations are more numerous in advancing parental age. in a published report experts say the study should not keep men from having children though later in life. and moms and dads you may soon have more options when it comes to getting your children immunized. wal-mart is now expanding its vaccination offering at 2700 u.s. stores as it continues moving into the health care services business. the world's largest retailer has offered flu shots in the past but will now offer ten immunizations offered by the
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cdc. a bizarre story and some are wondering if this is animal cruelty. someone taped a box turtle to balloons and it went up in the air and it got stuck in a tree. somebody started recording they saw this. the balloons the turtle hanging from a tree. and wright knew she had to do something to get the turtle down. so she grabbed her cell phone and while she was recording shell called the humane society and the fire department. the fire department showed up with a big ladder and they tried to get the turtle out of the tree. the winds picked up and the turtle basically blew back down to the ground. that turtle not hurt. however the humane society in oceanside, california says this was animal abuse and they want to find who did this and also find a good home for the little guy. so you're away from your screen right now, come on over to the tv set and take a look at this. who says dogs and ats can't get along? >> these two little cuties, you see the puppy right there. they're taking a nap and having
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some fun. you can see the puppy nice little yawn. there it is snuggled up. that our video of the day. >> that video is so cute. all right, we thought we'd give you something fun to look at. well, ratting out a dog for bad behavior? becoming a popular trend. >> jeanne moos checks out the pooches and their problems in this report. >> reporter: humans aren't so appealing when they get shamed for bad behavior but when a dog confesses i hid meat in the couch? there's no hiding the cute factor. >> he oks guilty. >> reporter: here at the blog dog shaming doggie scenes ranging from sex to gluttony are celebrated. i eat the trash. the grosser the cuter. i eat baby poop. owners pose their pets behind shaming signs often with evidence included in the photo. sometimes they send a tag team of transgress so fares, i piked
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234 our trait and i -- in our crate and i ate it. i puked by the elliptical machine. i ate a herman melville novel. they are even murder confessions. we killed a mockingbird. sure some say poor dogs and complain of it. some people think this is mean to the dogs but -- >> no it isn't. no, you the take it with a grain of salt for crying out loud. >> reporter: dog owners and dog walkers in central park had their share of shame worthy stories. take kona. he is a habit of jumping into dirty fountains. >> i took him to the hudson river last week and he started swimming to jersey. >> reporter: she had to practically drag kona out. bark, is a topic. -- barking is a topic. we've never had a doorbell. i have beautiful eyes and i bark at any stranger who looks into them. ruff. one of the most common mis behaviors is eating underwear. i am an underwear eating jerk
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accompanied by the chewed up boxer briefs to prove it. it's not eating but drinking that gets daphne and augustus into trouble at the toilet. >> she uses her nose and she pries the seat up and he comes behind her and they start drinking from the toilet bowl. >> reporter: as with humans sex leads many dogs astray. ill humped a blind cocker spaniel's face. i like to hump this cat. but roam yore here has a -- romeo here has a different source of frame. >> he's scared of his own [ bleep ]. he searches arnold it. >> reporter: actually romeo is a two sign dog. he doesn't just like to watch his owner in the bedroom -- >> he was licking my feet they were hanging off the bed as i was -- >> reporter: who's giving who a tongue lashing? jeanne moos, cnn. >> i see why they call you that. >> reporter: new york. >> until the end of the story i was thinking see there's a sign. somebody can really put every
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one on those. it went downhill. it was one of the most captivating moments most of us will always remember. >> a new book written by the navy s.e.a.l. who was there will be released but before you can read it the government actually wants to check it out first. >> and there's ladies night and what's wrong with this? one man says a lot. now he's suing a maryland gun range for offering deals to women. the crisp northern air of acadia,
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the falling leaves. the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. when i smell that, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection from air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. thanks for staying with us, a book about the raid that killed al-qaeda leader osama bin laden will be released september 11th. it's called "no easy day." and provides a firsthand account of that mission. the book was written by a navy sallenders an apsalmed name. no longer on -- an assumed name no longer on active duty. they want to see a copy though to make sure no classified information is released. a gun range in prince george's county now being sued for offering a lay disday promotion. >> the man who is suing says the promotion isn't fair to
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men. you see mondays have long been ladiesdays at the maryland's small arm range. but one of the male customers is questioning the equality of this policy. >> two ladies came up behind me, he said they were free. i asked him why did i have to pay to use the range and they didn't? derek hunter full-timed a lawsuit for $200,000 against the gun range. the president of the range says if it's illegal then so are discounts for people like seniors and children. does this man have a case? >> some of you are weighing if on our facebook fan page. so join the conversation and give us your thoughts. is it unfair or discrimination or a good opportunity to give women the learn firearms? ladies may love him but burglars they do not. >> ll cool j's house the wrong one to break into. we're going to tell you why he put a beatdown on an intruder.
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>> and how do you think the biebs is going to look in yellow? you will find out at -- there he is in the yellow right is there but he's going to one popular cartoon making his appearance in springfield. we'll let you know the details when "good morning maryland" continues.
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