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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. amc 2news at 11. >> update to breaking news we
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have are been following a state delegate's confession after a boat crash that injured several. >> showers could be moving our way. when you need the umbrella. >> and after five-years of waiting a woman accused of beating an elderly man is back in baltimore. . the family said they may finally get justice. >> your children's back to school routine could help get them in shape. we will explain how. >> tonight a state lawmaker admits he was drinking before being in a boat crash that left nine hurt. >> the delegate was operating one of the boat that crashed and he said its being reported his level was more than twice the legal limit last night. christian is in the newsroom. >> reporter: the delegate was also hurt in the crash along with two adults and four children the investigation conditions but tonight the delegate is already revealed a big piece of it.
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wheeled out of shock trauma in a neck brace and cast the delegate said he felt it was necessary to make a statement. >> it is true i was drinking while operating my boat. its been reported my content was .2. >> reporter: the limit for boaters and drivers is .08, witnesses say that the delegate turned his boat into the path of the second boat last night around 7:00 on the river in pasadena. this is that other boat the delegate was cut into two erthwere two adults and five children on this boat when they were hit. >> there was a lot of screaming. when i came around the corner, running down, help, call the police,. >> reporter: andrew took his boat out to help. he said they had injuries ranging facial lacerations to neck injuries. even a skull fracture. >> hands on, get them into score. >> reporter: randy was
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operating the boat that was hit by the delegate. >> [inaudible] the outcome here was completely incredible. no explanation for the miracle that happened. >> reporter: at his news conference the delegate said he regrets his actions. >> my heart and prayers go out to the family involved in the incident. >> reporter: he is best known for leading the fight against same sex marrge. an issue that will be on the ballot this november. he didn't take questions after the statement. >> the tracks are clear and the trains running in ellicott after that deadly train derailment. they tested out the line with an 80 car train full of brand new cars. engineers were afraid the weight coal, might make it not sound but the -- the executive said there is still a lot of
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work to be done here. the families of the teens who died in the crash are starting to bury the two young women. the viewings for rose meier will happen tomorrow. one starts at three, another at seven. she will be laid to rest saturday morning. elizabeth nash will be buried tomorrow morning and a fund has been created in her name. thmoney will go to high school graduates who go to james madison. she would have been a junior this year in college. donations can be made at the bank in ellicott. >> another beautiful night here in baltimore. for those of you not at the ravens game you are here. there you go. folks grabbing a bite, great conversation. will this fantastic weather last? wyatt right now taking a look at what's coming up for us. >> reporter: after a warning, summer like august day. temperatures have cooled off
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nicely. nearly 90 in the inner harbor. mid80s on the eastern shore. as we look at the set up you can see the temperatures already cooling off dramaticly. low 80's, upper 70's. even flirting 60s, in georgetown. delaware, two storms, on the board now. joyce and of course isaac. we will track ace be as he continues to make his way into warm waters. you can see the storm blossoming here. where isaac is headed in your forecast is minutes away. >> thank you. new tonight it took five-years but a woman accused in the beating of a 90-year-old man caught on tape is now back in baltimore to face prosecution. >> fled to africa, never appearing in court. we told you about this back in 2007. she is back now with an amazing update on the case.
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>> reporter: five-years after we showed you a shock video showing the 09-year-old john taylor being abused the suspect in that case is back in baltimore. the first fugitive baltimore police have ever extra indict from a foreign country. >> just advertise. >> reporter: jackie taylor breaks down in the arms of a friend. shedding tears as she gets her first look in five-years at the woman suspected in thbeating of her father after fleeing the country in 2007 she is back in baltimore to face charges. >> wave of emotion, wave of emotion. i just really wish my dad was here to see it. i know he is in heaven smiling right now. >> reporter: taylor has fought for years to get peace for herself and her father because what happened to the 90-year- old john taylor has been a heart back break. a camera caught the woman beating taylor as he lay helpless. >> in a situation like this
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with anyone who that a parent -- and that loves them and something happens you will fight to the bitter, bitter end to get justice. >> reporter: jack kiowasn 't alone in her fight. police tracked her to africa. it took half a decade but they never lost faith. >> i knew she was coming back. >> reporter: sending a message. >> it's a huge moment for what this is that we will stop at nothing to bring fugitives to justice in baltimore. >> reporter: this moment of pride for them means a chance to release the feelingsjackie has held in for so long taking the first step to put her family's pain in the past. >> there is justice in america. >> reporter: john taylor pass away as they waited. now the case will play out in baltimore. she is charged with assault, endangerment and abuse of an adult. the case moves onto the state
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attorney in baltimore. a police spokesman said prosecutors have seen the video and are committed to prosecuting the case. >> thank you. a 17-year-old honor student is murdered in her room. police have no idea why. amber stanley had her head phones on in her bedroom when a man kicked in the door to the home, came upstairs and shot her multiple times. family was smart, well liked and going places according to the principal. police don't know if she was the target or if the suspects were looking for someone else. >> we have a follow up on the breaking news from last night at 11. we know the name of the man shot and killed after he ambushed police. he last lived in baltimore. he was serving a sentence fora soughing -- assaulting an officer. he broke into a home and stole
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a gun. then when police arrived they told him to drop the gun and give up. he wouldn't, he went for something on his waist so they shot him. investigators found a suicide note near his body. and they were going after drug dealers in gown anne's this morning. we had 13 homes, got a police knock on the door and they were in -- they were at stevensville, chester, graysonville and police said they were going after drug dealers but that's all they are saying right now of the investigation. >> new tonight baltimore city police investigating what they say is a suspicious death. we first learned about this at 8:30 tonight. in the 3300 block of ravenwood. they aren't saying much more about the victim or the circumstances surrounding the death. we will tell you more when that information is available. and city police are investigating a body found in a house in west baltimore. a neighbor went to check on the
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65-year-old who lives in the 1700 block of north carry street. when nobody answered they called police. the man was found on the basement stairs. his name hasn't been released. no word on suspect or motive. downtown tonight it was all about back to school. the mayor and school leaders gathered at headquarters for the back to school rally. it was planned to get them excited about the upcoming school year. food, music, the mayor giving out free supplies. why it's the perfect time to get your students back in shape. >> this was fun wasn't it tonight? most points the ravens have scored in a pre-season game. 48 points. joe had a great night. that drive in the third quarter wasn't that great? joe spread it all over the field. 27 out of 36 passing, 266 yards, two scores and this one
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coming to fullback leech. special teams was great. this was one of those moments we want to show you justin tucker. nailed this, 53-yard field goal and -- we asked the fans tonight are you ready for the start of the real season? >> let's go ravens! >> i'm ready for the year. right now i think we are where we need to be. >> you know brother you say prayers, you eat vitamin, drink milk, get push ups and get ready to gon. >> he is ready. they head home monday night when it counts against cincinnati. those of you in the 500 club level, you can believe this? a bat, a bat reportedly landed on someone in the 500 section of the stadium on friday during the ravens lions game. it was brushed off and flew away before it could be tested for rabies. anyone who had contact with a
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bat during the game should contact the department right away. >> tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of matthew van dyke escaping a prison in lybia. he traveled in the middle east and had friends there. when that country's revolution start sped joined and fought with the rebels. now he plans to go to syria to make a documentary about the revolution in that country. christian sat down with him this week. you can catch that tomorrow night here on abc 2news at 11. >> wow. i go to rosedale and that's about it. >> back to school great time to get back in shape but it's also a time to work the body clock to wake up for school and layoff the junk food. . >> looking at a good start in the morning tomorrow. in to the low 60s and maybe the 80's. a quiet situation overnight
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tonight but what will things look like as we go into the weekend? >> and camp is over. the final day of the ripkin campre ernie graham gavea very important message when we come right back in 60 seconds.
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. it's crunch time now for many of you as you prepare to send your kids back to school. >> that's monday. the routine of going back to school will help get them back in shape. >> linda is working for you explaning why. >> reporter: it takes a while to get back in to the routine. mom says a summer full of good times leads to a few bad habits. >> easy to get into sleeping inlate and not getting outside because it's to hot or maybe eating junk foot. >> reporter: they can be hard habits to break. studies show that young children gain weight twice as
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fast in the summer. when school starts that starts to change. >> get kids on the schedule, when you get them on that they are more likely to eat and sleep and get physical activity on a regular basis. >> reporter: karen is the registered dietician. she said the structure that comes with school provides benefits. first in the cafeteria new guidelines require schools to offer healthier foods. . >> focus on the good foods that kids need to grow strong, tall and preform in the classroom including low fat fat free dairy. more fresh fruits, more vegetables. >> reporter: getting to bed earlier also keeps kids healthiest studies show the more you sleep the less like lue you are to over eat and then exercise. playing sports helping a lot of kids. . >> getting a couple kids excited about something and it can take off and you know excite a whole class. >> reporter: during the school year kids are more likely to
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eat breakfast than in the summer. it helps control appetite. abc 2news. >> keep up with her, be calm a fan on facebook. you can interact and pitch your story ideas. >> you still have back to school shopping to do. i know it. listen you can help us here at abc2. we are teaming up to hold a back to school drive. you have one more day to donate backpacks, pencils, pens, packs of wide ruled paper and notebooks. you can drop them off at any learning center. get a full list of th locations. abc . >> its been exciting. have the chance of a lifetime to give area kids the chance of a lifetime. response in for a couple of play games at ripkin stadium. >> fred reports on how the
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camp experience taught them more than baseball. >> reporter: these kias tendg this camp at ripn stadium, it's no different. >> >> just like having fun here. i will miss meeting new people, playing baseball. then getting -- getting to be able to come somewhere that is just to be here for five-days. >> reporter: ricky and deante, two kids from baltimore who with a sponsor ship of abc2 were able to experience their own fields of dream and get a life lesson on the pit falls of drug abuse from ernie graham who has been clean for 17 years.
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>> very talented, young individual who didn't get into the work so when my opportunity came i wasn't able to be successful. i thank god for the second opportunity which i am prepared for and i want the children to understand that using drugs will rob them of any opportunity to be successful in life. >> reporter: hopefully this lesson will stay with them when they start school next week. >> they are learning responsibility, good team work skills, and basically show respect to their counselors, they are well behaved, well mannered. do what they are told. you can tell they have been raised right. >> taught me how to work and not to like put the other kid down because -- because we lost. >> reporter: at ripkin,abc 2news. >> weather wise, a nice august
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day out there today and we are looking at a fine evening. no question about that. temperature wise, 71, nights starting to run on the cool side. not quite as cool as last night. about five degrees warmer. days getting short era round here but what a day it was. sunshine, nice sunset. robert w coleman. nice finish to the day in the state capitol where temperatures were up in the mid80s. ocean city always the place to be. we have a little summer left. we will look at a good friday at the beach. there will be changes we think at least for saturday. may be showers in the mix at the beach. talk about that in a second. temperatures now, low, mid-70s. near 80 in easton. you are the warm spot there but most of us looking good. high temperatures today again reaching women in to the midand upper 80's. a chain of upper 80's from philadelphia to baltimore. bit of a warm section through the heart of the midatlantic.
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pattern has been relatively quiet until the last two hours, seen the clouds start to creep in out of the south and east. what we are watching is a developing coastal off the carolina coast. this is a system that could play havoc with the weather locally in to the weekend. especially the key timing will be midday saturday through saturday flight and even early sunday morning. especially along the beaches, you see the coastal system spinning up. rain from the cape back through charleston. that system will continue to develop here through the overnight hours in to early morning. it'll be a dry friday around here with high pressure controlling things, as that low comes up the coast we get spiraling. could impact the beach areas and maybe the entire eastern shore, areas the chesapeake east. most likely see showers through the day on friday. high pressure just west of us, we will keep it dry from baltimore westward through most of the weekend. especially into sunday. let's talk about isaac.
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isaac looked strong this morning, weaker through the eastern central caribbean. now south of haiti. very warm water. a lower shear environment. just what we need to see. getting better organized here. we will see what kind of storm we have in the morning but the power house storm and the track of this will bring it over cuba as a result the storm will weaken and high mountains will probably be flooding rains. the trakas we look toward florida has been adjusted westward more and more so, most of the models pushing it west, further west. as a result it looks like perhaps it's a glancing blow for southwest florida and more of a central panhandle into mississippi and alabama storm if it redevelops in to a hurricane this is way out. this is five-days out. sort of in the land of voodoo for hurricane forecasting but we will see what happening. right now looks like the convention may be okay.
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tonight 64, partly cloudy, patchy late fog. sun and clouds, how much cloud cover in patches tomorrow afternoon. if we get a lot of cloud cover, maybe down in the low and mid80s. tomorrow night a late shower to the east possible toward the beaches mainly. here is the outlook again. friday mostly dry. cloudy late in the day. scattered in to saturday especially from the chesapeake eastward. we will put the chance in. not all day but scattered showers, from sunday into monday a drying trend. temperatures in the mid80's. a chance for thunderstorms at times toward the middle of next week. again not advertising a wash out here. i just want to say that saturday especially east of the chesapeake, toward the beaches, maybe some rain. >> thank you. >> how do you like our shirts? >> it's much more abc 2news after the break. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up on night line we take you inside an atheist
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summer camp. and could you really think yourself thin? one woman's battle to loose the pounds using only the power of her mind. that's coming up after abc 2news at 11.
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. forbes naming the women they is he seay are among the world's most powerful. you won't be surprised. oprah on that list. the others, among the most powerful, lady gaga recognized for her support of the lgbt
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community and for launching her bonk this way foundation, also beyonce, jlo and ellen. >> all right. powerful women. there you go. >> take a look. good weather as we start the day off. clouds increase by four. another day in the mid to upper 80e. changes we think for the weekend. we cloud up saturday. that will hold temperatures down. east breeze holds temperatures down and i think the showers will mainly be to the east. east of the chesapeake, east -- hit and miss showers, otherwise not a bad deal weather wise.
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. one more state football game and then under the roof. >> nobody will call sportstalk house tomorrow because everything perfect. >> see you tomorrow. >> nice shirt.
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