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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 5, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. p. >> stay with us for "good mornin you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. 6:-- six states including maryland are dealing with a meningitis us outbreak. officials are worried things could get worse. >> october is national bullying awareness month. the event at college park that aims to cut down the problems at schools across the state. >> and the eyes of texas are upon you. orioles start the playoff run tonight with the rangers. one game with the winner moving on. we will give you a presue on this friday, october 5th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. you wear purple or orange. >> mix it up for you. megan is going with the purple
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as it's purple friday and i am going for the orange with the o's. lynette. >> i went purposeen. can -- purple i got purple on. we are chilly this morning. we are dealing with temperatures coming in i am going to say cool this morning because the temperatures still above average. we should be at 50 for this time of the year. actually it feels pretty good. especially from all that stickiness we were dealing with yesterday and the day before that. we are at 53 now in myersville and west friendship at 54. 63 in teachesville right now and -- stevensville right now and the -- stephensville right now. and look at maryland's most powerful radar. it's all dry. we will not see any rain whatsoever so you don't need the rain gear as you step out the door this morning. you won't need it going into afternoon. this is the hour by hour forecast. when you wake up, it's mostly clear. by around 10, still mostly clear and plenty of sunshine in the forecast and we will be seeing the temperature right around 78 degrees by lunp time.
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it's going to be a warm nice day. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. i went with the orange today. >> good. >> reporter: go orioles and ravens. if you are traveling in east baltimore this morning, do watch out for a third sink hole that has opened up on east monument street that remains shut down between wolf and patterson park avenue and as we check in and take a look at video from yesterday, you will notice it has caused a complete wreck of the road. it will be closed for quite sometime. i know yesterday it's updated you and said it would reopen in two weeks. that is no longer the case. so you will want to stick with or liens street as your alternate. this morning if you are using the jfx to get into the city, there are no delays from the beltway downtown and checking in and looking live at some beltway, here's what the west side looks like at liberty road. no problems traveling on that outer loop towards 95. and if you are traveling the beltway in parkville here's
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wh it looks like at harford road down towards 95 a no problems on the outer loop up towards towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. news time 4:32. new developments this morning in the deadly meningitis outbreak. >> health officials fear hundreds nationwide could be at risk for contracting the illness. people in six states have been infected but officials say there's a potential for more in 23 states including maryland so far. there have been two confirmed cases including one death. >> all the patients who have come down with meningitis received steroid shots from back pain. you might wonder how do i find out if i am at risk. coming up at 5 this morning, we are going to have a live report explaining everything that you need to know about this deadly outbreak. the supervisor from a local scrap metal business waking up behind bars this morning after allegedly kidnapping and assaulting his coworker. police say that 29-year-old
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justin earl goreham kicked a man out of the whom they shared, drove him around at gunpoint and that's because he thought the worker overpaid for a load of scrap. apparently goreham told the worker to call his brother and get ransom money to make up for the mistake. the worker's brother called police and gorham is being held on $2 50,000 bail. fadge victory thanks to efforts nearly 700 u.s. based website accused of selling counterfeit drugs was shut down. it was part of a international operation. the drugs offered on the website were antibiotics weight loss pills and anticancer medications. the baltimore office was chosen to lead the operation because of the experience with similar cases. looking at some of the events happening in our area today, a baltimore washington medical center holding a free health fair at arundel mills mall. you can get screenings including blood pressure and blue coast check and bone
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density. this is happening and people will be on hand to discuss mental health issues and mental health aging. wound healing and breast health too. that goes from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon and you don't need an appointment to participate. exciting day for maryland state police as they unveil the first helicopter of the new fleet. governor o'malley and other state officials are scheduled to attend which is taking part at martin state apartment. this is -- airport. this is the first of 10 to replace the medivac fleet. today there will be a 17th annual safe school conference for teachers principals and counselors and other school employees focusing on strategies for student success and also offers training in the development of positive behavior, safety and emergency plans. superintendent dance and baltimore county police chief james johnson are going to be scheduled to speak at today's event. this year's conference is expected to be the largest ever. when it comes to school
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safety, one huge problem that educators and parents and students are trying to prevent is bullying. >> october is national bullying prevention month and today a statewide conference will be held at the university of maryland's college park campus. and sherrie johnson is live with more on the conference and, why is it so important? >> reporter: well, basically, parents and educatorwant to team up to keep the schools safe for students. now teams from across the state will head to college park to attend this conference. but actually it started yesterday. the majority of the folks will head to the conference today. now first lady of maryland katy o'malley will be there and the state superintendent and folks that will try to keep the schools safer. this is the third year for the event which coincide with magazinessal -- national bullying prevention month. those who attend will receive the latest research and practices in school safety and learn strategies how to empower students to stop bullying and offering ideas for bullying prevention.
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bullying is a phenomenon that received a lot of attention in the last ten years both within communities and the media but also the research community. and a lot lessons have been learned through research and so for those who are on the front lines of prevention or intervention, they need to have the latest information, what is it that experts are telling us. >> reporter: now this is the largest bullying prevention type conference in the state and again it starts at 9 a.m. this morning and runs until about 4 p.m. reporting live in federal hill sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> tomorrow howard county is hosting a viewing event. this is for the documentary called bully the film highlighting the bullying crisis in schools across the united states. you can check it out if you are interested at 11 in the morning at the amc theater at the mall in columbia. tickets by the way are $4 if you buy them in vaps or at the door it's 5 -- advance or if
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you buy them at the door it's 5 bucks. o's fans this is a night you waited 15 years to see. orioles play the rangers in the american league wild card game. losers goes home game and it's almost perexpect setup for the o's all season long they have lived by the cliche -- lived by the cliche -- liveed by the cliche mantra one game at a time of the the game is being played in texas you will see black and orange in the stands. >> the orioles have been in my heart and seeing other people getting excited and seeing people in orioles shirts is like tremendous. >> first pitch is just after 8:30 tonight and if you believe in buck you better believe the one thing on his mind is win tonight and do so for the fan base so the team can get back to baltimore to camden yard and see the team play one more time. not just from your living room couches. we are beg you the omazing
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coverage -- bringing you the omazing coverage. jamie and scott will be at and on your mobile device looking at what it takes for the orioles to beat the rangers and make it back to baltimore for the yankees for the american league divisional series and they will be on the air at 6:30 from 6:30 to 7 for the orioles special omazing october. news time 4:39 and there's going to be a big sports weekend here happening in baltimore. we have got tonight's orioles rangers wild card game. charley talked about it and then on sunday we turn our attention back to the other bird the ravens. they will be out of town this weekend in kansas city taking on the chiefs. kick off for that game is 1:00. let's talk about what's going on right now as you step out the door, it's going to feel pretty good. dew points are in the 50s basically everywhere and with that, we are feeling nice and comfortable. very dry as you head out the door this morning. don't have to worry about the
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humidity. but also, temperatures feeling good. we are at 63 degrees in catonsville and bel air. good morning rock hall, you are at 62. along with bowie and chesapeake beach. federalsburg at 60 and germantown and 65 in emetsburg many we are dealing with a -- emmettsburg. we are dealing with a garbageous mornings and it's -- gorgeous morning and it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon. we are under a mainly clear skys. this will translate into sun shine thought i the day. but you can see the fact -- sunshine throughout the day. but you can can see the fact we will deal with colder air. but gets back to mega and charley. once you recover from tonight's o's games, you have choices to make. what you can check out tomorrow. >> and we may be complaining about our gas prices no doubt
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about it you but wait until you see what they are paying in california. why prices are so expensive over the last few days. >> and more american airlines flights canceled this morning. find out if any of them will affect your flight to bwi. >> reporter: well, everything is up to speed here on 83 at shawan road. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and the beltway coming up on good morning maryland.
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thanks for joining joining us. both camps are awaiting new unemployment numbers from the labor department. abc2 news manyly schmidt is in -- emily schmidt is in washington. >> reporter: there are two opposite arguments you can count on hearing when the jobs numbers are released on the first friday of every month. democrats say that the poor economy president obama inherited is improving.
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republicans say after nearly 4 years in office president obama has not lived up to his promises the and as the election draws near the candidates are laser focus on job creation in their campaign pitches. >> we have a different view about how to create jobs and prosperity. this country doesn't succeed when only the rich get richer. >> i want to keep taxes down on small business so we can create jobs. this is about good jobs for the american people. >> reporter: when asked who would best handle unemployment, voters surveyed in a cnn orc poll taken before the week's debate picked romney by a 51- 45% margin over obama. today's numbers will be especially scrutinized because after this there is just one more jobs report expected before the november election. in washington, i am emily schmidt. >> the job report the numbers are due out by 8:30 this morning. >> claims are up about 367,000
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americans filed for first time unemployment benefits last week. that's 4,000 more than the week before. those numbers are important because they serve as an indicator to how healthy the job market is overall. in news around the nation this morning, drivers in california are getting a shock when they fill up at the pump. gas price we up more than 8 cents from wednesday to thursday. some customers paid more than $5.50 a gallon for regular unleaded they blame refinery outages for the spike and according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of regular gas is 3.78. gas prices in southern california are about 57 cents higher than the national average. a couple in utah say they let five people in their homes believe they were police officers but they were robbers. police say they weren't wearing police uniforms but flashed badges. clayton green says once they were inside they put a gun to his head and his wife's head. they kept asking for a code to
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a safe but they didn't have one because it was empty. police are look for those robbers. three peep in texas were -- people in tes were hurt what school bus for special needs students plunged over. one of those injured a 7-year- old child. people in the area helped the victims and they were taken to the hospital where they remain in stable condition this morning. one year since the death of steve jobs who died october 5th last year from pancreatic cancer. prior to his death he resigned as ceo in august passing on the responsibilities to the current ceo and that's tim cook. american airlines will likely cancel more flights so mechanics can fix floor mounts in some of the 757s. this is to prevent seats from coming loose. three american planes have seats come loose while in flight. and engineers figured out additional preventive steps to upgrade that make basically lock the seats to the floor. the airlines says a majority of the planes should be back in
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service by saturday. in the meantime, we want to let you know we checked bwi's website this morning and no american flights out of the airport have been delayed or canceled so you should be good to go. but it's good to check before you leave. it's 4:47. and lynette and lauren up here. i heard you use the word perfect. >> who doesn't like that. not the situation with the commute. >> reporter: no a third sink hole on east monument street. when it was going to be repaired, we are hit again. so it's going to be shut down. vil more details coming up in a -- i will have more details coming up in a bit. >> there's so much going on. from the fells point festival i was good family event. people think the beer garden but there's a lot to do for families and things happening around town. >> saturday is going tonight day. >> okay. >> do get out on saturday because on sunday, the wet weather will rollback in. a chance for showers in the forecast but for today it's gorgeous. as we go into the morning hours, the afternoon hours we will be seeing plenty of
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sunshine. right now, that sun is not up quite yet. so we are dealing with mainly clear skies and we have that other front slide through the area yesterday. behind it, not so much cooler weather moving in especially by the afternoon it was a dry front that moved through. but, we are going to a be feeling real nice this morning and even as we go into the afternoon so speaking of that. look at temperatures. 60 right now in glen burnie bladensburg 63. arbutus of 3 -- of 3 -- 63. the big difference is the drier air the cold air brought through. we are not as humid as yesterday and we will feel nice and comfortable. high pressure will do it's thing and keep the cloud at bay. and this will slide off towards the east as we work our way into the weekend. allowing for the cold front to move in. and this cold front is bringing us showers as we head into sunday. so get out there and enjoy and do what you've got to do especially for the first half of the saturday. because the second half of saturday the afternoon evening time that's when we could see some showers pushing in here late. so, yeah, we will see a
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changing pattern. as we look at future trend not picking up on a whole lot it goes into motion. we see more clouds going into saturday and things look a little bit dry. and then we will see the wet weather moving in. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. you know, we have a little bit of patchy fog on the eastern shore this morning.>> reporter: yes, expect reduced visibility. turn on the low beams and in baltimore city, ace menseed, we are -- as i mentioned, we are dealing with the third sink hole on east monument street that remains shut down between wolftreat and -- street and patterson park avenue. it happened yesterday and it's unclear when it will reopen, but i think it's safe to say not any time soon. you will want to use orleans street instead. using 95 into the city, this is what it looks like downtown at 395. everything moving right along. no problems getting through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel will be nice and clear and using the beltway this morning, here's a live look at the west side at baltimore national pike. just 11 minutes to travel that
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outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charley. back to you. five things to know as you head out. looking for something for your whole family they can enjoy, fells point is the place to be. that's because the fells point festival is saturday and sunday. you heard lynette say theweather is going to be good. features live musics and pupets and magic and pretty good food. the festival runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. each night. today stewed friend goddard school in baltimore will join goodard schools across the u.s. trying to seat new record. they will take part in the largest game of simon says. the game takes place at schools in columbia and gambles as part of the annual event celebrating the importance of play for the development of children. one of the biggest musicfestivals is going to take place tomorrow at mary weather post pavilion. vergein mobile free fest will release 1,000 extra free tickets for this festival. this year's lineup includes
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jack white and zz top. everything changes 50 years ago today when the beatles released the first single love me do. mark the anniversary of the band's 1967 film magic mystery tour is restored and reissued on dvd and blu-ray. the film was the first written and directed by the fab four. the nhl chanceeled the -- canceled the first two weeks of the regular season. this is the second time games have been canceled because of a lockout. the league is a 3 billion dollar dispute with the players all 82 games from october 11th until the 24th have been wiped out. it's going to affect a lot of people working in that industry. stay with us this morning, learning disabilities lower iqs, aggressive behavior and the effects that lead to lead poisoning. what officials are doing. so many children are exposed and we have to keep the lead levels low. >> if you bag your lunch or
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kids lunch it doesn't have to be boring. you can pack it and it can be healthy and fun, too. >> all right. right now, temperatures in annapolis coming in at 67 degrees and it's clear. but if you want to stay ahead of the storms and track the storms over in the midwest, well, just down load our app and make sure you keep it tuned here and we will keep you update on the situation. now over to you.
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it's 6 minutes before 5. and in this morning's health alerts good news when it comes to children and lead poisoning. fewer kids in maryland were poisoned by lead based paint than any other year in the state. they started tracking this 20 years ago. in baltimore, the 19,000 kids tested 258 had high levels of lead poisoning in their blood. free birth control may not be a bad thing according to a study that lead to


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