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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 5, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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flor's watching the station that works for you. you're watching the that works for you now good morning maryland. >> the state wants you to be aware of the meningitis outbreak worse than health officials thought. >> can you prevent bullying. state is going to try. what he happening today. we need the kid to treat one another better. >> they lost the regular season game in tampa baltimore magazine publisher was there. >> and buck we truffe the o's are in the playoffs but -- in buck we trust. the o's are in the playoffs but we want them to beat the rangers. we will find out tonight. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson a mixed bag up here today. purple friday and orange friday. and we have got lynette charles. >> and, of course, don't forget about lauren cook. >> i see purple in your dress.
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>> i have purple and orange and purple. >> and you know what today is? it's one year until i get married. >> oh. >> isn't that exciting. >> thank you. >> that's exciting. >> reporter: a lot of wedding planning ahead but very exciting. >> how are the road. >> reporter: we are still dealing with the sink hole third one right now in monument street. so a big problem there. and a crash in brooklyn. vil more coming up in a bit -- i will have more coming up in bit but how is the weather. >> stellar. >> reporter: a lot going on this weekend noon the dog festival. let's go on and talk about what's going on with the weather because we are feeling pretty good. these temperatures are above average but what you are feeling is that dry air. remember yesterday, the day before that, we were sticky outside. it was not feeling too bad. -- good. 58 in galena and glen elg at 56 this morning. and we are dry in terms of no rain falling from the sky for
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today. maryland's most fourful air is looking at the sweeps scanning the skies but not a lot to scan and that's the scenario heading through remainder of today. as we break the forecast down hour by hour, 8:00 lots of sunshine in the forecast. it's going to be coolant temperature at 60 degrees. plenty of sunshine will prevail even as we go into lunchtime today. eat the lunch outdoors and cheese cake factory sounds really good. eat the cheese cake outside. 78 degrees and 81 is going to be nice. that's the high temperature i am going with for today. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. well unfortunately we are dealing with a crash in brooklyn. it's on bell grove road at 10th avenue. and if you are traveling in east baltimore as i mentioned, we are dealing with a third sink hole that opened up yesterday on east monument street. this was the scene and it really caused even more of a mess out there on the roads. it will remain shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. no word when it will reopen. but, it's pretty safe to say it won't reopen for quite
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sometime. you want to use or liens street instead. as we look at -- orleans street instead. as we -- as we look at 95 and 395 no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel harbor tunnel will be in great shape. and here's what the beltway looks like in overlea at bel air road nothing in are way on the inner loop towards 59 or outer loop up towards providence road. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. 20 minutes after 6. it's worse than health care officials originally thought. we are talking about the meningitis outbreak. it's killed one person for maryland and sicken another. 7 clinics may have been exposed. so linda so is here with what you need to know this morning as you get ready to head out the door. what is this all about and why are they so concerned. >> reporter: they are contaminated steroid shots commonly given for back pain. we know that at least 7 facilities throughout the state that unknowingly gave the shots linked to the outbreak including locations in towson baltimore and edgewood and bel air. the outbreak has gotten worse.
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the cdc reports at least five people have died and 35 people have gotten sick and 6 -- in 6 states. so far in maryland one person has died, and another has gotten sick. outbreak has been linked to the spinal steroid shots that come in treatment for back pain. state health official worry it could get worse because hundreds of people are believed to have gotten the shots. and it takes about 1 to 4 weeks for symptoms to surface. you should look out for stroke like symptoms like a phaser -- fever headache stiff neck orvomiting. >> this meningitis is not transmissible person to person. and it is considered to be a treatable infection. >> reporter: now you can find a complete list of the medical facilities here in maryland where the shots were given on look in the slide show. and the massachusetts company where the shots were manufactured has voluntarily shut down the plant. linda so, abc2 news.
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the orioles manager the philosophy is simple. one game at a time and one inning at a time and one pitch at a time. that idea couldn't be more fitting than with tonight's game when they take on the rangers for the wild card playoff spot. the o's lost 2 of them in tampa to enter the regular season and final two games, they could only manage two runs on five hits on the rays. the offense for the team entirely too stiff so you have to think this drought will not continue. for the rangers part, they lost 5 of the last 6 games and as a result, they backed into the number one wild card spot and tonight one game winner moves on and loser goes home. >> we are a good team no matter where we play and the guys have a lot of heart and i am trusting in the bucks. >> it would be nice to have a get a win for the club and then you know get a play-off game back home. i think that's what this organization is asking me to do and you know this is what the fans want us to do. >> that was joe saunders.
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it's a stall order for the o's when you consider they droived 2 or 5 or they were 2-5 against the rangers in the regular'sson. saunders gets the ball from buck and the rangers will counter with yu darvish. they have to take care of business tonight where the eyes of texas will certainly be upon them. and we have got you covered everything you need to know regards the-- regarding the o's. great coverage at noon. while at work watch us online amount bc2 jamie costello and -- abc jammy -- jamie costello and scott garceau will look at what they need to do to get the win. tonight from 6:30 to 7 the orioles special. remember it's purple friday. megan is representing over there on the desk. the ravens head to kansas city where they are take on the chiefs at one sunday. right now the team is 3-1 and having lost one game to the eagles that was in week 2. they
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are tied atop the northern division with the bengals a team they have beaten. 6 minutes after 6 right now. parents, you may have heard the story from your child and it made you cringe. little case of bullying, name calling and internet taunt and physical violence happening in the classroom. we all know it happens and know something has to be done so right now sherrie johnson is live to tell you what the state is doing to step in. [ no audio from station ] >> we apologize. we are having an audio issue but we will try to bring you the report because of course bullying prevention month is happening in october and we want you to know about this. we will work on that and bring it later. stay with us this morning, we have a lot more coming up. fighting breast cancer anyway you can. we will tell you this morning about one local group what they are doing in a creative way raising money one clay pigeon
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at a time. and a problem with one airline. turbulence of a different sort. details on what they are doing to make travelers feel safer when they are flying the friendly skies. >> reporter: facebook has reached a new milestone ceo mark zuckerberg revealed the social network has 1 billion active users translating to one in every seven people on planet. microsoft will take on apple and google when it unveils windows phone 8. operating system will be available on both the nokia 920 and 820 which will be both exclusive to at&t. microsoft event takes place october 29th. starbucks customers can pay for their favorite beverages with their iphones. the chain is compatible with passbook a feature that debuted on ael a ios6 operating system. and attache is looking to increase airport security. the japanese company has developed a gate that can
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detect the presence of bomb making ingredients in just a few seconds. and those are your tech bites have a great day i am rob nelson. um, hello.
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than the leading bathroom cleaner. see the lime-a-way difference or your money back. good morning. we are getting rade to recognize breast cancer awareness month. >> there are fun raisers take place leading up to the big race for the cure. >> abc2 news kelly swoope explains how to take a shot at getting rid of the disease. >> reporter: monica powell has been shooting competitively for 8 years. and she is good. the loch raven skeet and trap center is one of her regular spots. >> at least a couple times a month when i am not competing, it will be more.
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you bring that up records teaching me -- >> reporter: teaching me a thing or two she admitted she wouldlike to see more women at the range. >> when you bring the target and smatches it's a wonderful feel -- smashes, it's a wonderful feeling. >> reporter: she is hoping they will take aim at breast canser. >> impacted with friends. my personal friends died early because of it. of course it touches everybody. >> imagine each one of the targets is the cancer cell and blow it up. >> reporter: jason says since breast cancer has touched so many of us, the goal of the second annual clays against breast cancer fund-raiser is to topt 10,000 they raised last year. >> the goal is -- top the 10,000 they raised last year. >> the goal is 15,000 but we are pushing for it.>> reporter: the eye lines up and it didn't see why she is so good at shooting she takes the sport seriously i hit one after close to a half dozen tries. powell is peful others will
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try this this weekend in hopes of give others a shot. >> we have to keep going with it. we have to keep fighting it and raising money for breast cancer is the only way to do it. >> all right so there's a fund- raiser this weekend that's happening at loch raven skeet and trap center on phoenix and it's on saturday and sunday happening from 9 until 5. half of your entry fee along with the proceeds from the food and t-shirts and donations they are going to go to komen maryland the money staying in the state. and there's still time to take part in the race for the cure. you can walk, run, all of it raising money for breast cans are research and treatment -- cancer research and treatment in our area. it happens in. hunt valley. you can log onto slash 2012. >> if you've been part of it, it's a great event. everybody shows up no matter
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the weather. >> i am hoping the weather will be good but it's too early to tell. >> we are just thinking about today. >> for today, gorgeous. get out and take the long walk. do what you have to do. just go out and look crazy at the sky if want. it's beautiful. look at temperatures right now. we are looking pretty good. and feeling pretty good. 59 degrees in ellicott city. 63 in arlington and also annapolis. cambridge at 66. goldsboro at 57. galena 60 degrees right now and northeast 61. and bel air good morning to you. you are at 62 degrees. we are feeling nice and that's going to be the scenario even as we go into the afternoon. yes, we will warm temperatures up, but still, with low humidity, we will have no complaints. so we look at the satellite and radar under clear skies, we will be seeing lots ofis shine, but -- lots of sunshine but do what he have you have to do today because we see the rain and storms back off to the west. it will work off towards the east and this is courtesy of a cold front. this cold front dropping snow
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across the northern plains. so that means that while we are going to a get downright chilly as we go into your sunday. we will see future trend picking up on that. humidity is kicked offshore. and dry for today and then this is a cold front that's going to usher in the cooler air as we go into sunday. and also it will be a little cool are by tomorrow as well. we go to the tropics and we still do have tropical storm oscar but this won't last long because that will begin to move out for today at as it dissopated as it makes the northeastern turn. future trend not picking up on a lot. we have to wait until saturday and sunday that we start to see some of that wet weather moving into the picture. but for today, lunchtime temperature coming in at 78 degrees. the high temperature today is 81 degrees. so be prepared for some awesome weather. and that 7-day forecast looks like this. we will dry things out nicely and start to warm things back up as we head into next week. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hopefully the rain will hold off because we have the fells
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point festival and dog festival a lot going on this weekend. we have a crash right now in brooklyn right on bell grove road at 10th avenue. and if you are heading out to the beltway, traffic just starting to pick up here on the northwest corner at old court road. notice the outer loop slowing down altogether you are looking at a 13-minute ride from 795 to 95 interloop nice and clear through parkville. traveling the outer loop up to 83 looking at that typical 11 minute ride and no delays on 95 moving through white marsh taking 15 minutes right now to travel from the beltway all the way downtown. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. 6:16. parents have heard the story from the children brutal cases from the name calling and physical violence. all happening in the classroom. we know it's happening and we know something has to be done. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live where the state is
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stepping in. what is the plan? >> reporter: well, basically, they have a statewide conference bullying prevention going on today at college park. teens from schools across the state will come to this conference to learn about school safety. a few folks started yesterday. but the majority of the folks will attend the conference this morning at 9:00. first lady of maryland katy o'malley the state superintendent just a at this conference today. this is the third year for the event which coincides with national bullying prevention month. those who attend will receive the latest research and practices in school safety learn strategies on how to empower students to help stop bullying. if kids see something say something. and offer ideas for bullying prevention trying to get kids to stop bullying one another. we caught up with a expert with the state department of education who will attend the conference. >> we want them to take away a renewed enthusiasm for the work they are doing in preventing bullying. we would like for them to also have information that is of the
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latest and the cutting edge and cutting trends as far as what research has revealed. >> reporter: this the rnlg-- this is the largest bullying conference in the state. it starts at 9 a.m. this morning and also runs until 4 p.m. at college park. reporting live in federal hill, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. friday is a great and beter when aleen gabbey from the spca comes -- abe aleen gabbey -- aleen gabby comes in from the -- daveey comes in from the spc -- gabbey comes in from the spca. >> kitten a lot of energy sometimes. so this one is a little raisey -- crazy you might see her making wild moves. >> she has a lot of energy and we have some reduced adoption fees this weekend. so, for two kiddens this -- kit
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-- kittens will's -- there's adoption fees. >> there's a fee that comes with adopting a pet because you guys are nonprofit a lot of people might not realize that. you rely on donations. >> on donations. >> that's what the online auction is all about. >> we don't get government funding or aspca so you can go to our website and it's ebay for pets. get great items this is a goody basket for cats and it's a great time to do holiday shopping. >> good. and you have artwork and a little bit of everything. >> sports memorabilia. trips, give certificates to restaurants. it's lot of fun. >> how do you check it out. >> go to the mdspca.orb and i think it's connected to and peruse the items starting at noon. >> a great opportunity to go out and raise funds for the maryland spca and as she mentioned, they are not affiliated with the apca so --
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aspca so don't make that. check it out noon today go shopping for a great cause. let us know if ora gets a home. >> i am sure. >> she is so cute what do you think charley? >> she is adorable but we want to change the name for the weekend oriole. >> yeah. >> for the weekend. >> or ora is short for oriole. >> no one likes having to fill up the tank at the gas pump but when you see what they are paying in a community, you may not complain about the prices here locally. and there's a good chance you've been missing her on good morning america. robin roberts has been fighting to get better and this morning she has update for everyone to see. and especially those wondering how she's doing. we are back in a bit. >> i am tom shaw i am from west friendship and i would like to say good luck to buck showalter and the entire orioles team. you've given us great excitement and let's go to the
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world series.
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i am proud of the orioles this year, my name is rodney and i am from frederick county and working here in baltimore today. and i am really proud of the orioles and i would love to see you go all the way. thanks, boys. have a good season. >> so great to see that isn't it. >> a lot of well-wishers and hope spring eternal. orioles wild card game. >> mat he of civic pride. you think you are paying a lot. >> this is not compared to anything what drivers are paying in california. this is real sticker shock. some customers a rig more than $5 -- are paying more than $5.50 for regular unleaded. >> i never have seen 5.99 almost6 a gallon. that's insane. >> i don't know how everyone can make it these days. >> everybody is just so amazed by the prices but we have no choice we could take it down and just have no gas or we have to just charge that. we have no options.
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>> experts blame the price hike on refinery outages and gas prices in southern california. they are about 50 cents -- 57 cents per gallon higher than the national average. that's according to aaa and the national average for gallon of regular gas 3.78. so, that's got to be a painful situation. >> lauren joins us with our addition today of caption this. >> reporter: yes. it's a good one today. debbie sent in this picture celebrating purple fridays with coworkers at the university of maryland school of medicine and it's a great picture. if we can pull it up. we posted it on facebook. it has gotten a lot of comments. cheryl saying raise the roof. ravens and orioles are number one. and melissa says what's a little humor we wore our deodorant today. and chris james saying put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care. so please keep your comments coming. and if you have a caption this photo i idea i need them e-mail
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this to go ravens and orioles and hopefully both teams will win. >> i like that. normally we see babies and pets and nice to see coworkers. >> adults playing and having fun. >> thanks. an update on robin roberts two weeks after enduring chemotherapy a bone marrow transplant. good morning america anchor posted this photo on her abc news blog. roberts says her blood counts are great. and her doctors are pleased with her progress. while she is recovering, they are saying ann romney will cohost on good morning america on october 10th. abc says that they are in talks with first lady michelle obama for a similar guest appearance on the show. that's happening right before the election. >> first ladies getting involved. driving a bus carries responsibility. >> it does and coming up next, there is so much to worry about when you are on the bus. but getting attacked on the job shouldn't be one of them. we will show you what happened
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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> back to school shopping is over. the holidays are a ways off so now might be a good time to spend some money. >> between work and


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