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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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series. everybody's talking about the crafty lefthander andy pettitte but let's find out about the weather from mother nature. here he is. you know it all. the good news, i don't think it will be as wet as last night's game. here's what's going on right now. good news we are dry. maryland's most powerful radar doing a good job. then go south and east and you find more heavy rain. weave been in a pretty good dry spot but that will change during the course of the evening. that's bringing in the heavy rain over ocean city. notice how everything is progressing. what i have to watch is what's going on over west virginia. this will shiest into the city -- shift into the city over the
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course of the evening. what happens after game time. what happens during the course of the game. the radar will be showing more of a shower variety as we go into the game. 54 right now, a drop in temperatures during the course of the dpai. 50 at 8:07. let's show you the seven-day. that's coming up in a little bit. the old -- o's dropped a heartbreaker. >> time to get ready for game two. the o's prep for tonight's firsty. new game. >> let's bring in christian schaffer. game two. a resilient bunch. >> game one, i think you saw
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what the yankees have -- cc is a bath ya. all throughout the post season they're talking about trying to get this game back if baltimore. he wanted the home game for the fans. they got it. now he says he needs more support from the fans. >> i thought it took maybe some but the per flies. the players were good. it was everything i thought it would be and more. i was real proud of our people
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and fans. a lot of people made a decision in this economy. they made this worthwhile. our guys fed off of it. >> reporter: so how do you come off of that. he's been the number one start are for much of the year and later into the year fell off. >> the last time andy pettitte threw a game -- >> don't say it. >> he pitched on jeffrey mayor. i remember. so andy pettitte will be on the hill. there's a man who wants to hit the warehouse tonight, i think a couple of them but this one is really ironic. brian kuebler bumped into a family and has more on utah street. brian? >> reporter: this remarkable season is one thing but the
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blackout of 14 straight long years finally ended with this fan base being able it seat pomp and circumstance of the first playoff home game in that amount of time. >> reporter: seeing is absolutely believing. the pregame introduction, the jam packed orange clad stands, the deaf finning -- deafening o of 38,000 strong. now this is real. baltimore fans old and young finally woke up from the coma. >> it's been a tough few years. >> ever since he's been born, they haven't made the playoffs. it's been a dormant orioles fan. >> reporter: and that was by design for father pat adams to wetness the pageantry of a fran
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cheese re-- franchise reborn. >> it was great, rewarding, being an orioles fan all these years. >> reporter: and it was just one opportunity over these two games. tickets, as we know, are all of a sudden hard to come by, but not if you're jim thome's family. we ran into thome's dad, brother and twin cities wandering around the yard. jim is happy to be in baltimore and what has been a memorable season. >> he loves buck showalter. >> reporter: what do you think about tonight? eye think we'll be 1-1. >> hit one on utah street. making it his third marker on utah but first as an orioles.
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his father said an oriole magic -- >> the warehouse. >> jamie, what do you think? do you think he can hit that warehouse on a fly tonight? >> all right. we'll check back in with them. you can go to the website to get the latest o's news. you can check out the break down, ken versus pettitte. go o's. another person in maryland has been sickened by meningitis that came from a batch of steroids. several surgery and pain centers
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used the drug to help relieve pain. tonight roosevelt leftwich explains. >> reporter: the tainted steroids were injected in most of the infected patients. people who contracted meningitis from this came down with the disease so quickly because it was injected in an hear that acted almost like a super highway to move the virus quickly around the body. president tainted steroid injections come from the new england compound center. they are prepackaged in bottles and syringe force doctors to -- for doctors to use. the food and drug administration said those tainted with meningitis were sent to 23 states, including maryland and sickened 105 and caused several deaths. epidurals has been a standard treatment for many years.
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>> around nerves and cause pinching of nerves. the patient with a fractured spine or broken spine, it can be helped with this. >> reporter: at least three people in maryland have been made sick with this. one person has died. these seven centers here in maryland used the prepackaged steroid epidural for pain treatment. med star hospitals have never used any products from the new england compounding center. they use a kit that has to be mixed by the physician before it is used. the fact that the shot is administered directly into the spine has proven to be why it's damaging. >> the other form of doing the epidural is from the outside wae
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out. when we do it inside the spinal canal, infection can spread, yes. infection can spread faster because it's a closed space. >> reporter: once again, we want to state that med star hospitals have never used products from the new england compounding center. anyone who received any type of steroid shot in their spine from one of the affected clinics should -- and develop any signs of infection should check with their dr. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. there's a possible break tonight in the case of the missing jessica ridgeway. she disappeared while walking to school friday morning in a colorado neighborhood. police found a backpack with her name on it about six miles away from where she was seen. neighbors are remaining hopeful that they can find little jessica.
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>> it's awful. it's awful. >> police won't say what they found in her backpack. they're working to determine when that backpack was left there. tomorrow we will hear from convicted child sexual abuser, jerry sandusky. sandusky faces life in prison. details coming on. an mdta office are shoots a dog. guests from two different weddings start throwing punches and one man died. one finally got crowd under control. >> find out how to maximize your
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reward for your next vacation. >> fans are really showing off their orange pride. we appreciate you showing your favorite fan photo. they're rooting for the orioles. go o's. >> well, we have nothing going on right new, spotty showers across the area. there are more showers as we head into tonight. we'll time the arrival. we'll show you some pictures coming up on the news at 5.
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good news for tomato lovers. eating them can reduce a man's risk of having a streek because of lie komen. men who had higher levels of lycopene were 50% less likely to have a stroke. a balanced diet including five servings of fruits and
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vegetables a day could prevent many strokes. the generic version of a popular antidepressant drug isn't working for some people. tests show that wellbutrin isn't as effective. the maker is pulling it from pharmacist -- pharmacies. october is breast cancer awareness month. we're working on the latest efforts. we're thinking pink and helping you get your questions answered with our think pink house call segment. call through 6:30. we have experts stand buying top answer your questions -- to answer why are questions. we have a professor of oncology. doctor, thank you for joining
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us. >> self-breast exams are no long are recommended -- longer recommended but many women, especially younger women may be able to examine themselves and feel a lump. women should know their breasts and report any abnormalities, any new findings they mays -- may notice, change in shape. >> talk about the screening guidelines. still 40? >> for women at average risk it's still 40 and continue annually as long as they're healthy. there are certain patient populations that may need to start screening earlier when area' at -- they're at high
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risk. women who have strong hexes -- histories of breast cancer. >> any symptoms other than a lump? >> a lot of times it's diagnosed via mammography. the majority are diagnosed by screening mammography. a new lump, nipple discharge, even a lum in the armpit may be a sign of breast cancer. certainly, if someone has a lump, they can report it to their primary care physician. >> one of the things we hear about treatment is chemotherapy. how has that changed? >> we've made many improvements in terms of management. we have excellent medications. the majority of the patients do
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very well. the most common side effect is no longer nausea, but maybe fatigue. we have new agents. may have made improvements. >> okay. thank you very much for joining us here in the studio. we'll be tracking her until 6:30. we want to remind you about komen's maryland race for the cure. thousands walk and run each year to raise awareness and money and research for it. abc2 is once again, a proud sponsor of the event. you still have time to get involved. for more information for komen race for the cure call 410-433-race. the soda industry took a
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huge chunk of the blame for rising obesity rates. companies representing brands like coca-cola and pepsi are rolling out new vending machines which would show how many calories are in their drink. they will launch in chicago and san antonio next year. they will also increase the number of lower calorie drink options. this is our hot topic. we want to know what you think about this. just head to and weigh? >> pretty cloudy, gloomy. bel air, we struggled to get to 50 degrees. this is a similar sight in many locations. chilly conditions and snow already. deep creek, yes, a little snow. watch as we move the time line going a little have the 3:00,
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4:00. we'll try to get this for you here. just wait for it. you can see right there it's coming down a little bit. look at the fall colors in deep creek. again, a lot of clouds it. 's dry at the present moment but a chilly 53 degrees at 5:00. 63% humidity. the dew points are around 41, so a relatively dry atmosphere but that will change during the course of the night. only made it to 54. 69 being your normal number. that record will stand in the books another year. 91 set back in 2007. so 53 right now. easton is at 530. hagerstown 43. look out to the west. oakland spent much of the afternoon around the freezing mark. through 8:00 and start of the game brisk, cool with those showers, 49. 48 around 11. i think the rain chance will continue through the course of the overnight. start off on a gloomy might on
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our way to 57 degrees. here's what's going on. spotty showers up toward the north. we have a few showers over the close is a peek. all the action is toward the north and west, hagerstown seeing a good amount of rain. you go down toward the south and heavy rain scenario going on from ocean city back to the mouth of the chesapeake. everything has been shifting to the north and east south and east of all the but that may change during the course of the night. we have an area of low pressure. that will throw moisture in our direction. this is maryland's most powerful scan showing the progression of the heavy line of showers through 7:30, 8:00. we still stay dry with spotty showers. here's midnight. notice spotty showers south of the city. again it starts to enhance after
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midnight going too tomorrow morning. my thinking is the plate night hours -- late night hours, predawn hours, that's the best shot. spotty showers. it's a gray day and cool day and maybe more showers come into the picture by wednesday. the chill stays on the eastern third of the nation through the next several days but by friday may see warmer temperatures back to 70. tonight mostly cloudy, scattered showers, steady showers after midnight. 57 tomorrow. mostly cloudy. here's your seven-day forecast. showers in the offing for tomorrow. 57. back up to 70 boy wednesday. there's going to be another shot of cool air by thursday. that drops our temperature down to 62. so, again, what you need to flow is it will be a shower ji wet game. grab the weather rain gear. >> on chloe.
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>> because you will need. it i do think we will finish the game and then the steady showers move in. >> they make ponchos in oriole orange. >> i think we'll be okay. >> love it. when you get friends and family together, anything can happen. >> it's probably safe to say no one saw this happen. how a marriage melee ended in a tragedy we'll tell you how this statue got there and how long it gets to stay in that new home.
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two wedding parties at a
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philadelphia hotel brawling like rival street gangs. the police had to be called. one man died of a heart attack during the commotion. it with an argument. 15-year-old matt schultz caught the marriage mayhem on his camera. >> there were tons of people, probably 75 to 100 people. they started shoving people. >> police could be seen using their batons on the guests, which they say was necessary. at least three were arrested and more arrest are likely. a move by tony stewart may be the blame for one of the pileups in history. 25 cars flipped over and crashed into each other on the talladega freeway. just five cars made it to the finish line. he tried block some others, ended up getting clipped starting that huge chain
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reaction crash. here's one way to pay tribute to christopher columbus. give a 13-foot statue his own living room in new york city. a japanese artist designed it around the statue which sits in the middle of columbus scare. the director of the art fund said that gives people a more intimate way to enjoy the art. a pitbull is shot by an off duty police officer. >> we'll tell you what led up to the shooting and why some say things should have ended differently. what's in a name. an address change for people living in howard county. what it will be called now in the phone book. >> and game two of the american league divisional series.
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5:40 there will be batting practice. game time is 8:07. abc2 news at 5:30 comes right back.


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