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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 9, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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glr's watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. camden yards comes alive with the sound of o's fans celebrating the moment we have been waiting for for the playoffs at home. they win and we have details in a live report. and also ahead, former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky learns his fate. what the future holds for the convicted child sex abuser, we have a live report. ravens want you to get out and get active. find out where you can meet theplayers and doing something healthy. details on that straight ahead on this tuesday morning.
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good morning and thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley crowson live at camden yards war few hours ago the orioles won game 2 of the american league division. we will have more on that in a minute. good morning but you see right there, meteorologist lynette charles let yowing know how the week is -- letting you know how the week is shaping up. >> we can see on marled's most powerful radar as of now, rain out there this morning. take the jacket with you as well as the umbrella. we will get to temperatures in a second. looking at what's going on the radar tour in cecil county where we are looking at rain showers across the area, so around elkton and i-95, port deposit havre de grace and harford county getting in on wet weather. chesapeake city going in-- getting in on light showers. and essex and points further to the south in dc if you are traveling that way this morning -- traveling that way this
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morning wet weather. montgomery county around silver spring getting wet weather. this is the trend through the morning. but also we are dealing with some chilly temperatures again just like yesterday. temperatures at 4 # degrees for -- 46 degrees from millersville and edgewater. and patchy fog as well. take it easy. this is what it locks like a chilly start -- looks like. a chilly start to the day and by lunchtime the temperature at 52. the high is around 57 degreesch let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. how are the roads looking. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are off to a wet start. so roads will be slick and we are dealing with patchy fog across the region. so a good morning to turn on the low beams. traveling through the tunnels there's nothing to get in your way. fort mchenry tunnel as well as harbor tunnel are nice and clear. that would be the same case using the jfx to get into the sety. no delays from the beltway downtown to east fayette street and looking live at the northwest corner of 695 here in
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old court road no delays an 11 minute right on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and this is how the beltway looks in parkville. harford road, nothing to get in are way traveling the inner loop towards 95. outer loop nice and clear up towards towson. that's your abc 2 timesaver traffic megan over to you. 4:33. the o's magic keeps on rolling. baltimore took care of business. 3-2 win in game two against the yankees and now time to head to new york. charley is live at camden yards. the o's fans turn out in full force again. >> reporter: you know, no amount of rain or delay that lasted 30 minutes last night or a game one loss to new york even the cold weather that still is is hanging around today, nothing was going to keep the fans from coming out in full force and having the presence known here at camden yards. and whether or not they wanted to admit it prior to game 2,
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fans knew last night if baltimore wanted to continue in the alds last night was a must win game. 48,000 fans filled the yard as chen took on the wentingest post season pitcher in andy pettitte and you have the most acrobatic play when he tried to score from first base. as he comes around third he is dead to right. but quick thinking in the acrobatic move around weeders and yankees up 1-0 and remained thatway until the third when baltimore got to pettitte. courtesy of chris davis with a 2-run single to right. he has been hot for the past several games and that's how it stayed. a very tight baltimore tack on another run in the 6th. new york has one of their own in the #th but the bullpen shut it down for ballmore much to
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thedelight of the crowd rooting them on in game 2. 3-2 the final score and the manager was all too happy to talk about the fans, the city and what this game means to them. >> there's not a city in america that loves their baseball team more than this city. and, i've seen it on both sides, and it's a great feeling for our players to give back the faith they have had in them. >> we have had contributions all year cheny has been awesome and did a great job tonight and really kind of putting the negative behind us and moving on has been big for us all year. >> reporter: baltimore has a great season so far. they are 6-3 against new york in new york. also they have hit more home runs in the bronx than any other road ball park. this will let you know baltimore is comfortable playing in new york. game 3 is going to be wednesday
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night game time set for 7:37. that could change pending the outcome of the cincinnati red series and the detroit series which could be shifted one hour further than game times for thursday and friday are to be determined and ticket sales for the possibility of an al championship series here in baltimore those tickets go on sale this morning at 10:00 through the baltimore ticket office. hope suppression eternal on this morning where the orioles tying the i did -- springs eternal on this morning where the orioles tying the division with the yankees. today you are invited to a birthday celebration. over 4,000 people have rsvp for kindness for grace. the cousins of howard county student grace mccombas want to mark her 16th birthday by writing kind words through twitter facebook or e-mail and say she would be alive if bullies gave her the same
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respects. grace committed suicide on easter sunday after months of cyber bullying. >> grace first passed away, we were looking at cyberspace and how much of tool it was and we thought it was abusing the internet when you use it to hurt or bring down someone else. >> her cousins hope to get 1,000 people to join their event today but now over 4,000 have joined the facebook ensight and people from a-- invite and people from across the country are catching on. if you want to september invitation to kindness for grace we have a link on our website. head to to check it out. today a local restaurant host a -- host a benefit in honor for daniel that takes place from 4:30 to 8:30 at a father of the spot a mcdonald's across from perry hall. prayers for daniel will be -- bracelets will be old for $2.25 for all the food sales that are going to his family. the perry hall high school
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student was shot and hurt in the cafeteria on the first day of school. the deadly meningitis outbreak continues to get worse and health officials say 105 cases have been reported. it keeps getting bigger and bigger. there have been at least 5 confirmed cases of meningitis in our state. one of the resulted in a death. the food and drug administration says that the disease right now is coming from a batch of prepackaged epidurals. doctors say victims are getting sek so quickly because of the tainted steroid that was injected into their bodies. >> when we do epidural with the needle inside the spinal canal and infection can spread faster because it's a closed space. >> the contaminated epidural was sent 23 saints from new england. 7 facilities in maryland administered the injections but med star hospital is not one of
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the centers. doctors say that these ep duringals are standard -- epidurals are standard procedure for back pain. if you want to learn more about it because it's an unusual strain you can head to baltimore city police need help tracking down a person of interest in a recent murder. check out the screen. this released surveillance video shows a bald man holding a gun you have to look really closely but if you look at the right hand corner of the screen it appears he shoots the gun above a dancing crowd. police believe this man may be connected to a killing that happened last month in a bar in the 200 block of south pulaski street. anyone with information is asked to contact baltimore city police. a chilly wet start to the morning so you probably want to know if it's going to be like this all day and what you need as you head out and gets the kid ready for the bus stop. let's go over to lynette charles. >> good morning. as you go through the day, the rain chances are go down.
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but we are dealing with some rainfall this morning. so as you step out the door, grab the rain jacket, the raincoat umbrella whatever you need to keep you dry and whatever you need to keep you warm. on satellite and radar we are looking at lots of clouds. also patchy fog to talk about in a moment. but we have the rain cong down. we broaden out the view and see another front is going to be moving in here. the front is back off toward the west dropping some snow across the west. all this will slide off toward the east. so this is what we will be working with in the days to come. for this morning, again we have the patchy fog only about 7 miles of reduced visibility in baltimore. four in dc and if you are traveling up north this morning we have about 8 miles of reduced visibility. temperatures are very chilly once again. 43 in manchester and 44 in frederick and baltimore at 48 right now as well as annapolis and we are at 47 in chesapeake beach and heading towards the eastern shore, we are in the upper 40s denton and goldsboro
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and havre de grace coming in around 47. let's go back to megan. >> it's sentencing day for injury sandusky the -- jerry sandusky. he is going to learn his fate so what's next for the convicted child sex is abuser? we have a live report ahead. and also ahead, one daredevil right now homing to -- hoping to make history fine out the stunt -- find out about the stunt he has planned. today only you can get a free year of a delicacy we will explain why and where. >> reporter: everything is up to speed on 695 at the baltimore national pike. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. and that is live look at baltimore's camden yards where just a few hours ago the orioles beat the yankees. hopefully they can do it again tonight. stay with us. much more coming up. wççñçñ
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thanks for joining ounce this tuesday morning. he was convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys. and today former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky will learn his punishment. linda so is is here with the details and i know there's been a lot of questioning about whether or not he is going to speak at his sentencing. any word. >> reporter: his lawyer says he is certain sandusky will address the court during sentencing. that will make it the second time he spoken out this week. sandusky issued an audio statement from prison on monday recorded and aired on penn state's campus radio station. in the audio clip, he maintains his innocence and says his accusers are lying. the former assistant football coach was convicted on 45 counts of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. he's been in jail since june and could be sentenced to life in prison. sandusky plans to fight for a new trial. >> they can take away my life, they can make me out as a
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monster and treat me as a monster but they can't take away my heart. and in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> reporter: now at least one of sandusky's victims will take the stand to testify at today's sentencing. linda so, abc2 news. 15ments away from five. looking at stories make headlines around the nation, thehusband of gabby giffords is a published author. book is about meteor a rodent who goes into space. a daredevil sky diver is going to try to make history today. felix baumgartner is going to attempt to break the sound barrier from 23 miles up over new mexico. it will take him about 3 hours to get to the edge of space and there's going to be a free fall about 117,000 feet and he is opening up the pair shiewd shute about 5,000 feet above the surface of the earth and hopes to break a speed record
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for someone traveling outside a spacecraft. good luck to him. better him than me. that's crazy 23 miles above the earth. >> oh, my goodness. >> you a meteorologist and you are looking up in the sky. >> exactly. >> we have a lot to talk about today and looking into the weekend the running festival is coming up. people plan to go to that and that's going to close down a lot of roads. >> reporter: every year it cause as headache. i will have more coming up later in the week. this morning we are dealing with fog. it's wet out there, too. you will want to be extra careful. >> hopefully it will clear up soon. >> it's going to clear out on your rain chances are go down going throughout the day. but this morning we are dealing with the patchy fog and roads are on the wet side. so take it easy and don't forget the coat it's chilly this morning. >> it is. let me show you what's going on as we look at the satellite and radar. lots of clouds but look at the clearing line back in western maryland and western prk a.
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many ohio will see plenty of sunshine for today. it's going to be tough to break the clouds as we go into time but we will see a few peeks of sunshine going into the afternoon and once again this rain that we are seeing this morning light in nature and we will get out of here as we work our way through the morning hours. we are not going to be stuck with the rain all day as we go into the afternoon. things will improve in terms of the wet weather but right now, we do have the temperatures very chilly once again. the below average for 46 from perry hall to church villain owings mills at 45. we are talking about patchy fog out there this morning as well. so, we are pretty much caught in between two systems. we are waiting for the next cold front to move through tomorrow but it will be a dry cold front. that means that for the most part we won't see any precipitation. today, i am going with 57 degrees. mostly cloudy and we have the showers this morning. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what a game last night. >> it was awesome. >> reporter: oh, my gosh, way to go orioles. hopefully they will beat the yankees in the bronx.
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if you are heading out, we are dealing with quite a bit of fog across the region. a morning that you will want to turn on the low beams and reduce the speeds. roads will be wet out there. if you are traveling on 95, in white marsh, no problems getting into the city. just a 14-minute ride from the beltway all the way downtown. and if you are using 695 as we check in and look live at bel air road no problems. outer loof here's what the harris bug expressway looks like at warren road. nothing to get in your road traveling towards 695. and it will remain nice and clear getting on the jfx and head down to fayette street. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic nor over to you. >> five things to know as you head out the door. joe's crab shack will open a new restaurant in hunt valley today. so, if you love crabs to celebrate the restaurant, they are giving away free crabs for
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one year to the first 100 people to show up. hunt valley location opens at 11 and will be the 5th store in the state of maryland. about 2300 people die and thousands of others injured in home fires every year. so this morning the consumer product safety commission will release a report on the top causes of home fires. on october 7th, through the 13th, it's fire prevention week in maryland. state leaders trying to mobile size -- mobilize thousands to register to vote before the october 16th deadline. today senator leary young will be among the group -- larry lung will be among a group to -- young will be among the group to discuss activities to get people to register. today health officials in baltimore county will announce a new two-hour ask a pharmacist hotline. residents urge every body to get a flu shot. county residents can have free flu shot on first come first
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serve basis on saturday october 16th at 5 locations around the city. and electric cars are better for the environment? listen to this. some researchers say electric cars may not actually be better. and that's because of factories like the electric cars they emit so much more toxic waste than conventional ones. they say production for the environmentally friendly cars require more chemicals. this report was published in the journal of industrial ecology. something to keep in mind this morning. the ravens are used to some of the time away from the field. they are using it to help get promotional things done especially when it comes to help with youth in baltimore. coming up next, where to catch your favorite players as they work out and work to get young people to exercise and eat healthy. what the two vice presidential candidates have to say about their showdown this week.
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>> so break your mobile phones out and head to our app store and down load the app. temperatures at westminster 45 and cloudy skies. and showers around the area. those will begin to taper off. i will tell you when the sun returns and what we have in store for the weekend. don't go anywhere.
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4:53. this's lot of anticipation leading up to the price investigation debate especially after last week's presidential performance. and abc2 news tori dunham is in washington with how paul ryan and vice president joe biden are weighing in. >> reporter: the count done is on. >> joe biden will probably come after me with a -- like a cannon ball. >> reporter: vice president joe biden and paul ryan will face- off thursday in kentucky. romney's widely applauded
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presidential debate performance upped the ante for ryan. >> look how well he did. so he raised the bar. >> reporter: biden might be take cues from the denver debate about the obama campaign don't expect him to make up for the president's showing last week. he is prepping for four days at his home in delaware leading up to the big night. >> i am looking forward to it. i am. the thing about congressman ryan is he's been straightforward up to now. i hope it will be a good debate. >> reporter: that is chance for both vice presidential candidates to pay the role of attack dog in a radio interview on monday paul ryan said he he can expect joe biden to come flying with the attacks. in washington, i am tori dunnan now back to you. >> later this morning, ed reed host the third annual fitness day for youth. it takes place at booker t. washington middle school. reed and his it willo teammates will teach students the importance of


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