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tv   News  ABC  October 10, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> all right. funny to watch charley's live shots because yesterday and the day before he had on the big coat. today he has on the light jacket. so that's how you should dress as you head out this morning. as we look at temperatures, coming in at 55 degrees in arbutus. we should be at 48 for this time of the year. these temperatures are above average for today. and monrovia is at 53 and catonsville. we are dealing with patchy fog out there this morning as well. the showers moved through now we have all the sweeps on scanning the skies and we are trying to see if we will get more rain throughout the day. we have a cold front that's moving in here. a slight chance for showers but we will get sunshine in here as the day proguesses -- progresses. we can see around baltimore also easton frederick and also in york, so, you pick a spot and you have patchy fog to talk about. and here's planner as we head into lunchtime. 67 degrees and partly cloudy. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. you will want to put on the low beams because as lynette
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mentioned we are dealing with patchy fog across the region. pretty bad in baltimore. so slow down be extra careful as you head out. 95 in harford county. nice and clear. no problems from 543 to white marsh and as you make your way downtown it will be problem free. checking in and looking live at the harrisburg expressway in hunt valley no problems to report from shawan to 695 and as we look at drive times you will notice once you get on the jfx you are looking at that typical 11-minute ride traveling southbound from the beltway all the way to the fayette street. 695 is going to be in great shape from parkville up to towson and heading to the west side of the beltway, no problems to report. just 11 minutes to travel that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. air bags are meant to protect us in the time of a crash. and they may be the reason you purchased the car you drive every single day to keep you
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and your family safe. sherrie johnson is live to explain why this may not be the case for everyone. it's about a recall right? >> reporter: that's right. abc2 news is working for you trying to keep you and your family safe. there could be problems with some air bags in certain vehicles there. and today, the government is warning car owners whose air bags have been replaced in the past three years that dangerous counterfeit bags may have been installed. national highway traffic safety administration says thousands of car owners may be driving vehicles with counterfeit air bags. some of the counterfeit bags do not inflate properly. in one case, a counterfeit bag fired shards of plays plaste being on impact and the fake bags look like ash-- plastics on impact and the fake bags look like real bags. no deaths or injuries have been reported and checking out air bags could run 100 dollars or more and some types of cars have 8 air bags. car owners should check a
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government website or call the manufacturer or local car dealership to check and make sure to see if your model and vehicle model is is on that counterfeit back list. reporting live in rogers forge, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. if you are tired this morning, you cannot blame the o's. hopefully you got a good night's rest after tuesday's travel day for the orioles. tonight is game 3 in new york. charley is out live at city hall with more on what baltimore has planned for o's fans later on this morning. so charley, there's been a lot of chatter. what is the city planning? >> reporter: it's a big pep rally for this morning at city hall. and a lot of people will be coming out. this is tweeted out around 4 yesterday afternoon by mayor stephanie rawlings blake calling for the same voice and excitement and spirit that was at game 2 that reached the 120 decibel levels that shook camden yards. they want the same feeling today and it was 16 years and 1 day ago today the last time the
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orioles were in yankees stadium in new york. you remember the game. tony, jeffrey and jeter and you remember. yeah, that phantom home run by jeter in the 8th. that was the old yankees stadium and old-time back in 1996. there's a new yankees stadium welcoming baltimore in for game 3. and this morning jamie costello takes a look back at what became of one of baseball's most storeied cathedral. >> reporter: game 3 in the best of 5 series. it's the orioles gonzales against the yankees and despite the feelings for the yankees you have to admit october seems to find its way through the bronx. the fall has fallen on yankee stadium. this is the original field of old yankee stadium. home plate where dempsey used to drop two fingers and palmer would high kit. bats stands the meeting place for all out of towners and an
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exercise area, handball court and a track right in the middle of a nice turf field with soccer or football every single night. but it's october. and the orioles are the ones who find themselves in the middle of the baseball universe. game time tonight will be 7:37 if you are thinking about driving up to be at the game tonight, on the street and stub hub tickets are for $50 to get inside the door. we will see you tonight live at 5, 6 and 11:00 news in the bronx with the orioles jamie costello, for good morning maryland. >> reporter: again that city hall pep rally is 10:30 here and the city is painted orange like mason and the sports legends museum by ca is orange and spending of yankee stadium -- speak of yankee stadium i -- speaking of yankee stadium i spent five innings walking around looking at one of baseball's historic museums. >> must have been a great experience. we will check in in just a bit.
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and we will get more information on the pep raily. thanks so much. -- rally. thanks so much. abc2 is your place for all things oriole. see game two reaction from players and pictures and check fans out in the o's gear all available on news time is 5:36. a woman dying from cancer says a security pat down left her embarrassed in front of crowds of people at the airport. she was carried out with her prescription drugs and called the airline ahead of time to make sure how to careity drugs on board. -- carry the drugs on board. during the screenings she says nothing went right. agents even made her lift her shirt and pull back her bandages with passengers staring at her. she asked for privacy and she was told no. she says she doesn't want other people with special needs to have the same bad experience that she had. her final days are far too precious.
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>> and when somebody wants to take a trip especially what i call an end of life trip because you want to see your family and friends, then, it becomes -- it's more important than taking a trip. >> tsa spokeswoman says it's against policy for passengers to be denied privacy if they ask for it. four potential shoplifters load up the carts and run away leaving them behind. this happened at a wal-mart. the men have thousands of dollars worth of groceries and as they start to leave the store, an employee noticed and chased them. the men hopped into the car leaving the loot behind. a drunk man accused of driving his pickup truck right into a liquor store. it was caught on camera. look at this video capturing the crash and damage that it caused when the wall of the liquor store fell onto the store clerk. he was not seriously hurt which is hard to believe when you look at this. police say that the driver left
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the scene moments after the crash but the surveillance video helped track him down. the driver faces dui charges as well as hit-and-run charges, too. pet lovers raise your hands if you've done this. you go out and buy your dog or cat a costume. you are not alone. we will show you how much you are not alone. you've lot of company it turns out. how much we are going to end up spending on our pets this halloween. and your child swimming next to a tiger. well we will tell you which zoo is offering this and how much it will cost families. i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
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5:41. here's gift your child would probably think you are the coolest parent on earth if you give them to them. letting them swim with tigers. they are tiger cubs but relax for a second amount zoo in florida is -- second. a zoo in florida are offering this. he weighs about 8 pounds and for 30 minutes you can swim with him and even feed him with
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a bottle. >> if you come now and come back in a couple years and tell people i swam with that guy. >> that's cute but i don't know. the zoo offers gator swims and that's for $100. you can spend 20 minutes in the pool with the alligator. in both instances the handler ispresent. so that's something that's available over at a zoo in florida. can't see the folks at the maryland zoo doing this let's go over to meteorologist lynette charles pretty cute the tiger. >> a cutie pie i would do it but i wouldn't do the gator. but we do have sol fog in the air and not a chill in the air this morning. but we are also dealing with excitement in the air and that's because our o's are playing the yankees at yankee stadium and here's the forecast. first pitch at 7:37. temperatures at 62. not bad. but it's going to be breezy. there is a slight chance for showers but by this time, the showers will be moving out of
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here. we will see more clear skies and so a good forecast although the breezes will be kicking up. back here at home this morning, we are dealing with clouds out there. also patchy fog to contend with. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in addition to the fog we are dealing with several accidents. trouble in east baltimore where there's a crash right on bel air road and big problems on the beltway. another accident that is going to be on outer loop at camp meade road. looking live at the southwest corner of 695 at route 295, notice traffic picking up. if you are traveling the beltway up in pikesville, you will want to watch out for a disabled car in the inner loop at green spring avenue. that's your traffic. megan over to you. it's been a long day heading to the store and peck up a six-pack. how long you had to work to earn that beer and which country can afor the most booze each week. >> reporter: another person has died from the deadly meningitis outbreak. where it happened and why health officials fear it could
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get a lot worse.
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5:46. thanks for joining us. there are new developments to tell you about in the deadly mennen gite us outbreak. another person died and -- meningitis outbreak. another person has died. where did the latest death
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occur. >> reporter: in florida. a 70-year-old man. it's the first death linked to the outbreak of the rare form of meningitis there and more people have gotten sick. that now raises the death toll to 12 and more than 100 people have gotten sek nationwide. it spread to 10 states including here in maryland where one person has died. the outbreak has been linked to tainted steroid shots for back pain. the steroid was made by a pharmacy in massachusetts. it has since recalled all of its products. on tuesday, the president of the state board of registration and pharmacy offered words of sympathy to those affect by the outbreak. >> on behalf of the board, i want to express the deepest sympathy for the patients and their families who have been impacted by the tragedy. >> reporter: 75 medical facilities in 23 states received the contaminated steroid shots including 7 facilities here in maryland. and the cdc says as many as 13,000 people could have gotten
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the tainted shots. linda so, abc2 news. five things to know as you head out this morning. keeping your family safe. that's going to be the focus of two important hearings happening at baltimore city hall today. the one wants the fire department to hold public hearings prior to closing fire companies and the other calls on the chief to explane the impact of -- explain the impact of recent fire company closings. government is suing wells of -- fargo of fraud. it cost the government about $190 million. federal housing administration had to pay insurance claims on the defaulted loans falsely certified. three months left in the year, but it looks like 2012 will be the warmest ever in the united states. january through september was already the warmest first nine months temperature wise. temperature records go back all the way to 1895. wal-mart is testing a same
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day delivery service for customers who purchase items online during the holiday season. the big box stores face increasing competition from online shopping sites. testing of the service has started in parts of virginia and philly with more cities added very soon. and. ann romney is guest hosting good morning america today. the wife of republican presidential nominee mitt romney will be on the show during the 8:00 hour. abc says it's in talks with first lady michelle obama for a similar guest appearance on the show before next month's election. and you are spending more to dress up your kids for halloween. but it turns out that you are splurging a lot on your pets, too. americans will spend 370 million dollars this year on pet costumes. that's according to a survey conducted by the national retail federation. pumpkins will be the most popular pet costumes and devils will be the second most popular
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they will put the pooch. beer drinkers of america you can celebrate this morning out of 150 countries, it turns out that it takes us the least amount of time to earn money for beer. five minutes that's how much time we need to spend on the job to earn a beer. that equals about 96 beers over an 8-hour workday. now the analysis that looked at the median hourly wages and average beer price at stores not prices at bars worldwide it takes a typicaworker an average of 20 minutes to earn just one beer. this is the video that coca cola doesn't want you to see. it's famous polar bears. they are ridiculed as the soft drink industry. >> ♪ [ music ] you brighten up a gray day ♪ so good so good ♪ sugar. >> i don't mow if you can tell
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but the bear's pants ripped. antisugar drink ad the video released today and this is from a group the center for science of public interest. movie is at a time when soda makers are challenged by legislators. this is called the real bears and it its aim to show the ileffects of drinking sugar beverages. time for a check on the weather with meteorologist lynette charles. i saw you laughing. >> i thought i heard a rip but i wasn't sure. >> that's the bear's pants. >> pretty funny. we are talking about temperatures this morning that are not cold. we are actually above average as you head out the door this morning. you can take a jacket or a light sweat are but you don't need a big coat. 54 at baltimore. 55 in jessup and 52 in pylesville and galena at 56 and 58 in centerville and 57 in easton. good morning to you. satellite and radar is not picking up a whole lot in terms of wet weather. we have cloud and fog around and also some misting.
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we have a cold front that's back off toward the west. yes, that will begin to move in throughout the day. and with that, it could bring in a few more cloudsp we will get sunshine making or way into the afternoon and high pressure is going to be building in behind that. so thursday is looking nice. plenty of sunshine although we will cool down. so future trend not picking up on a whole lot. maybe a stray shower possible as we go into the afternoon but all in all, not a bad day. temperatures today at 70 degrees. we will be warmer than what we have been chilly by tonight and mostly clear and 61 and mostly sunny is what i am going with. that 7-day forecast looks pretty good. especially as we go into friday and saturday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to another foggy start and unfortunately there are several accidents that could affect your commute a crash in northeast baltimore right now on bel air road at erdman. if you are using 95, here's a live look downtown at 395. everything moving right along. but we are dealing with a crash
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on 95 along the northbound lanes at route 30. heading out to 695, there's another accident on the southwest corner right on the outer lop at camp meade road. but as you can see everything up to speed. that's a look at the abc2 timesaver traffic. stay with us. there's much more coming up next on good morning maryland.
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we love these stories. a military family from georgia back together again. the reunion was captured in the video and it's going viral on the internet. you can see why. take look at the family. they stood on the football field for a game between south carolina and georgia. they were told that they were contest winners for military family members. well, this was happening at the same game and turns out that they had a much bigger surprise waiting for them. >> right when i saw him walk out, i was like okay, is that really him? >> it was amazing. we were ecstatic. it was just in that moment it was us four again. >> dad had been overseas for year and they were so thrilled
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as you can see by the video to have him back. what would you do if you found a quarter of a million dollars a cabdriver didn't have to think about it and did the right thing. that story straight ahead. plus one turkey trying to escape before thanksgiving rolls around. we will tell you where this wayward bird was found.
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