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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 11, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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a horrifying scene for a family in northeast ball. a grandmorgtd and four children dead. five others managed to escape. the fire started in the basement but they still don't have a cause. the search for the missing 10-year-old girl in colorado ended with news no one wanted to hear. they say it could take some time to confirm the identity of the body. ridgeway went missing after walking to school last friday. >> a check of the temperatures. upper 50s from baltimore to mt. airy. temperatures in the mid-40s in
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spots and almost no wind. light breezes five to 10. breezes picking up. new front marching in. we're clear. you see off to the north and north of the u.s. right here on the canadian border making a push. we'll get clipped by some of that. it will drop our temperatures by 10 to 12 tomorrow into early saturday. the overnight cooling down to 40 or so. bring a layer. much more on your weekend and looking further than that coming up. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. a previous disruption for people. several had to evacuate their homes as a precaution following a gas leak around 1:00 this afternoon. bge tells us a private contractor hit a line. no one lost their gas service. there was an increase in the number of meningitis cases from
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the tainted batch of steroid shots. >> now the cdc said 170 cases are reported nationwide. the numbers are only expected to rise. massachusetts' governor de val patrick said the manufacturer may have misled regulators. >> i think the troubling thing is some of these compound pharmacies sell drugs not just in their community but across the country. >> the pharmacy surrendered their lps. a family is clinging to hope praying that rescuers will find the last person trapped in the debris from a collapsed parking lot. even though the mission to find the missing worker is considered a recovery operation, the man's family is staying positive. >> we need prayer because i
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believe in miracles. i believe in miracles. >> seven workers were taken to the hospital. it's still not clear what caused the parking garage to collapse. we're hoping tonight is not the end of the amazing orioles season. >> jamie costello continues team cof rafnlgt -- coverage. christian schaffer said the o's get it done but sometimes they do it the hard way. >> he will do it again tonight. joe saunders 3-1 life time dense the yane anyhasn't pitched in the bronx spence 2012. two interesting things that buck said, last night i didn't have a knot in my stomach and then he told us all mentally the club is ready to play. that's good news. don harrison, who lives in day
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from sonville bumps into a man who used to live in day from sonville. >> the black and orange are in town for a game tonight. i met a man from day from sonville, lives in tennessee and finds himself in new york city for the game tonight. when you're in new york and surrounded by yankees fans, it's great to see the orioles black and orange. here in this sea of yankees blue, shine as beautiful beacon. >> spent the first 25 years of my life there, long time orioles fan. >> reporter: john mckinney had this trip planned for two weeks. he's taking advantage of the down time to did to the o's game. >> i had a friend from baltimore who shipped it down to me. i went to two games in atlanta.
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wore the shirt proudly there. john was at last night's game. >> i was cheering for the o's. they were comerring for the yanks. >> reporter: job finds driving his large charter bus in new york city interesting. >> the new york drivers are crazy. you just have to stick the bus out there and know that you're bigger than they are and make them go around you. >> reporter: he's getting a little sight seeing down and making new friends. john has his ticket for tonight's game with one wish in mind. >> see the orioles win. get to game five. that's the key. >> that's basically what we all want. get a victory tonight. win the series. at yankee stadium, don harrison, abc2 news. >> gates just opened. game time is at 7:37.
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willie randolph will throw out the first pitch. joe saunders dense phil hughes. >> got to keep that magic going. >> coming up, she shocked everyone when her little cries could be heard coming from the enclosure. >> but the national zoo's little panda died. what caused the death. don't count on another mild winter. temperatures are expected to drop while heating costs are expected to rise.
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depending on what you use to hit your home, you could get hit harder or be okay. if you use oil for heat, expect to pay big time. the average owner can expect to shell out $2500. natural gas, the average bill is estimated to be around $1100. >> before you pour your cereal
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this morning make sure it's in the one of these brands. kelloggs is recalling frosted mini wheats or biteside size. there could be parts of metal msh. the good news, no one was hurt but the affected boxes have these letters on them near the best before date. when it comes to the most popular color for a car, white is apparently at the top of the list. about one in every five cars sold in the u.s. was white. it's also the top color worldwide. coming in second blarks silver or gray in third place. the least popular color is green. for five years he worked in the jungle saving lives. now he is sharing his memories with others. we'll he is you how he's doing
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that. plus, a young aspiring paramedic gets practice during lunch. why a 10-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker...
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right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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freeze watch. the northern border will be getting colder. so the big chill is on its way but enjoying a pleasant evening for now. why not, 61. humidity at 30%, dry weather. a chap stick kind of a breeze. blue skies have been the story. look down the seven river -- severn river. conditions continuing. havre de grace. as you look across from the tide water marina into cecil county,
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some fall colors. in mt. airy just the sapphire blue sky. right now temperatures are in the low 60s to upper 50s. we'll seat numb -- see the numbers staying mild. breezy conditions out of the south, not a cool breeze but a breeze picking up through the day, so a breezier afternoon before cooler air arrives. you see the cooler air to the north. the setup is to bring in that cool air. a weak disturbance over the canadian prairie but cool air around the south side, that circulation. it's going to pull in cooler breezier weather overnight into tomorrow night and especially into the early saturday morning. that's where the frost threat
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will be. that's where we'll have the freeze concern. the breezes will begin to calm down. an additional storm system brewing looking to track to our north and keep us dry through the second half of the weekend. quiet for now. you can see the indications. that snow shower action is continuing to occur up north of the great lakes, an indication of how cool it s -- it is. we have a new named system here, patty, churning south of the bermuda area. this is a storm that bears watching over the next 24, 48 hours and back through the bermuda area, definitely an interesting storm to watch, still tropical storm strength. whether looks promising, eventually down to 40.
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we'll say 63 to 65 tomorrow, variably cloudy. breezy and cooler weather pie tomorrow -- by tomorrow night. maybe the city itself staying just before freezing, the northern, northwestern suburbs, temperatures could be dropping close to at or below freezing by saturday morning. here's the setup, a cooler day. we bring in no rain. look at sunday, 71 degrees. we're into 73 on monday with a chance for showers and an additional storm system. the temperatures are reasonable. by the way, you can always get the current conditions wherever you live. check out our abc2 weather app. lower maryland 45. current conditions in westminster 57. i think that temperature had to update in laurel. much more coming up. >> all right.
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now to democracy 2012 news. vice-president joe biden and congressman paul ryan are set to debate in danville, kentucky tonight. >> reporter: both candidates of course, are already in town and they have done their walkthroughs. now they're back relaxing with family members. >> i will not let you down. >> reporter: the vice-president -- will vice-president joe biden come out swinging. the president admitted he didn't bring his a game. >> i think joe needs to be joe. >> reporter: can biden pick up the momentum. today he was asked if he who layup or go for the knockout punch. >> ever see me rope a dope. >> reporter: ryan will -- eye
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know how he will attack us. the problem he has is he has barack obama's record. >> reporter: a strong showing from ryan could boost romney more in the poles. who's the better sales man? tonight it's all about who can better deliver the message. we're also getting some insight from both sides of the aisle and what to expect. as far as paul ryan, he will focus on substance as far as the vice-president he might be scrappy and competitive. we have to see how it plays out. >> where do voters stand? who do they think will take this win tonight? >> reporter: think back to last week. voters had high expectations for president obama. now it seems like the pressure is really on paul ryan. if you take a look at the
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numbers, 55% said ryan. 39% vice-president joe biden. this is a picture of the vice-president doing a mock debate in delaware. he's been doing one every day since sunday. he is seated where he will sit. the caption is let's get this done. it gives you the feeling here. >> talk about the store mat for this debate and what -- the format for this debate and what issues will be front and center. >> reporter: tonight both candidates will be seated at the table with the moderator between them. the moderator will be on martha raditz. everything kicks off at 9 p.m. eastern. >> all right.
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it's going to be one heck of a show. tory dunnan live for us in kentucky. thank you for that live report. sad story. she learned six days. today we learned what caused that newborn panda to die quickly. veterinarians said it was a combination of underdeveloped lungs and bad liver cells. they said the behavior of the mom is slowly returning to normal. officials were surprised because they didn't know the mom was feater -- fertile. "good morning america"'s robin roberts is back home. doctors diagnosed robin with mdf, a rare bone marrow disorder. the next few months will be critical to see if herody accepts or rejects that bone
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marrow. at anne arundel community college, one of the star people is young at hart. >> reporter: meet 82-year-old sergioal vair res. 52 years ago he was a surgeons in the jungles of mexico. today he is working on a light though graph of -- lithograph of his wife. >> i always wanted to learn something about art. i decided to take 101, drawing and painting. the community has been very helpful. >> reporter: on the campus they're celebrating national hispanic month.
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it's showcasing two students' work. >> in the past we had fisher, an artist from the community, emerging artists and those established. this year we decided to highlight our talent at the college and one of them chosen were sering yoap and anthony. >> reporter: a painting shows the lives of a young man's dreams. best of all, students get to relax wheel doing their homework. >> i like people to come in and enjoy it, relax and talk. it's been great. >> i don't know if i can influence anyone. the main thing is anything can be learned if you apply yourself to it. >> reporter: it will be at the exebt until the end of the --
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exhibit until the end of the week. >> it's at anne arundel county community college. coming up all new at 6:00, following this morning's deadly fire, obviously, fire safety is big concern. we're working for you letting you know what you can do to prevent a tragedy like this from happening in the home. it's time for the dreaded flu shot but should you get the shot if you're a million to be -- mom to be. >> joe biden and paul ryan go one on one. find out what's going on behind the scenes right before the first vice-presidential debate. see the whole picture tonight on abc.
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kids have all kinds of ideas what they want to be when they grow up. a 10-year-old in california knows he wants to be a paramedic. salem palmer received a medal for helping another student. his classmate began cloaking on a piece of pizza and paul more knew what to do. >> i was in the cafeteria. a kid was eating it while he was coming to throw his food away. then he was choking on it and i did the heimlich. >> this is not the first time paul more has come to the rescue. he was also rescued by the fire department from saving his neighbor's home from a fire. >> what a trooper. every year thousands of women work to recover from
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breast cancer. >> that story and much more on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. my grandson, my niece, my nephew, my mom all burned in a fire. >> a grandmother died in a fire refusing to abandon her four grandchildren. >> what you can do to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. >> it's win or go home for the orioles. we'll go live to the bronx where the orioles are facing elimination. first, a fire in northeast baltimore kill as. >> and mother and four children. >> the fire started just after 2 this morning trapping them in the home on northeast baltimore. flames had spread throughout the two story


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