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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 15, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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ask the question is a better connection with the folks back home. >> reporter: the stakes couldn't be higher. cnn washington. >> and, of course, you can see it tomorrow night here on abc2 beginning at 9. and one thing from that package, did you see how young president bill clinton looked. >> that was a reminder. >> the job can age you. >> it can age you. the weather didn't yesterday. it was gorgeous out and a great time to get fresh fall air. but lynette, she is here to tell you that was that right? >> that was that for this weekend, yes. and we have a break for today and it will be back tomorrow. not so bad. we need rain that's going to be coming in. but as you head to the airport this morning, we are nice and dry. but we have the clouds hovering and that's why the temperatures are so warm this morning. coming in at 67 degrees. visibility not a problem. we are at 10 miles and the sunrise at 7:17 and we are headed to school today. that bus stop forecast at 6 3. nice and mild.
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and clouds continuing and lingering going into the afternoon. from the clouds by the afternoon we have the chance for isolated showers and some thunderstorms. that high coming in at 71. and give the kid the umbrella this morning because they will use it as they come home from school today. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i wish the warm weather would have stuck around. what a drag. if you are traveling in eastbaltimore we have repairs to a massive sink hole. east monument treat is -- street is shut down between patterson park and wolf street. you can still with -- stick with orleans street. here's a live look at the fort mchenry tunnel. harbor tunnel in great -- tunnel if great shape. an 11 minute right on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and as we pull up more drive times the west side of the beltway is nice and clear traveling the outer loop from 795 towards 95, you are looking at the typical 11 minimum as well. that's your a -- minutes as
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well. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. coming up on good morning maryland at 5, if your child isirritable changs are -- chances are they are not getting enough sleep. >> you want to have your kids say good night earlier than usual. >> almost 100 people were taken to the hospital after a fireworks display got out of control. what officials say caused the accident.
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pumps kips will cost you -- pumpkins will cost you this weekend. the average whole sale price is 4% higher than it was last year. now officials say shoppers will have to pay more and that's because of the drought that we experienced over the summer. but there is good news in all of this. the agency does not think that there is going to be a pumpkin shortage. >> good to know. >> absolutely. all right. they want drivers to slow down when they come through the neighborhood. >> the sign a neighbor put up causing controversy. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now.
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you're watching the station that works for you. in you, good morning maryland. >> firefighters put the weekenddowntime in good -- downtime in good use for you. >> we will bring you a preview of the debate between the president and the gop challenger. >> and it was not pretty and came down to the last second but ravens fans left the bank sunday with a win. we will look at a costly game for the ravens on this monday, october 15th, good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. we are joined with lynette charles. how is it looking out there right now. >> reporter: pretty good so far. we have the susan g. komen race this weekend which will cause a mess but so far so good. >> there will be a lot of road closures and we will be asking you all week long about the weather. >> don't blame the messenger for today. >> exactly. we will have rain. isolated showers and thunderstorms and some could be on the severe side mainly for
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southern maryland. we will keep our eyes peeled. but we are nice and dry heading off to work and cool and wherever you may go this morning and then we will see changes in the forecast as we go more into the lunchtime period. we have wet weather back off towards the west this morning. but all in all things are good and things are dry and in terms of temperatures, yes, we are quite mild because we have all the clouds. you hear me say that when the cloud are out there, basically it acts like a blanket so temperatures can't drop off and that's what we are seeing this morning in aberdeen with the temperature coming in at 64 rather and elkton at 63 degrees. the winds are up this morning. they are out of the south and west at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. 15 in some spots and that's the scenario as we head throughout the day. and if you get trapped in one of the downpours you will be feeling the gullety winds. this after -- gusty winds. this afternoon 67 and the high around 71. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook.
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>> reporter: good morning. can't you bring back yesterday's weather for us. if you are heading out to 95, there's nothing to get in your way heading down to dc. heading north up towards the tunnels, if you using the harrisburg expressway, this is hunt valley at shawan road. everything is up to speed. traffic is picking up along the southbound lanes but will remain clear on to the jfx. typical 11 minutes southbound from the beltway to fayette street. 695 going to be in great shape. no delays on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. that will teak you 11 minutes. looking at 11 minutes on the west side of the beltway traveling the outer loop from 759 towards 95. that's a look -- 795 towards 95. that's your abc2 time sativer traffic. -- timesaver traffic. we are more on the house fire that killed a grandmother and her four children. the fire happened on thursday morning over the weekend. firefighters were out in the neighborhood trying to keep
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others safe. abc2 sherrie johnson is live with the latest details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, yes, we are here live in northeast baltimore where 5 5-year-old nancy worrell and four grad children were killed in a fire -- grandchildren were killed in the fire. you can see the makeshift memorial. tons of balloons and flowers and teddy bears and cards filled the burned out building. we have new details about this family and the fire. the family says they were memorialized all five of them together at the same service. it will be held thursday morning at mount pleasant church in baltimore. again, worrell was 55 and her grandchildren ranged in age of 1 to 7 years old. the family died early thursday morning in a house fire here on denwood avenue. firefighters hit the streets on sunday trying to keep other families safe. they went door to door giving out smoke detectors. >> we never want to confront another incident where this many lives are lost in a home
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fire. one life lost is too many but five is merely unconscionable. so we are here in the community canvassing baltimore and we have the firefighters from every fire station and every fire engine and truck on ground going into the communities door to door checking with the residents to make certain they have working smoke alarms. >> reporter: now the family did not have insurance. they are accepting donations to pay for the funerals and you can donate it at any bank of america brans to the nancy worrell funeral association of the reporting live, sherrie johnson abc2 news. a man's life was cut short at a party during the weekend. a crowd turned out to honor 21- year-old matthew morrow and support his parents. anne arundel police say he was on a house party saturday morning when car pulled up and opened fire. he died and his friend was shot in the arm. >> the people out here have no respect for life and just you
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know would rather impress somebody by shooting at random and it's just crazy. >> we miss him already. and we thank everybody out here for the support and we will never let him go. never. >> police arrested two 18-year- old suspects. both have been charged with murder. a man crossing the street is dead after he was hit by a police car. he was on east a tapso -- patapsco avenue when it happened and the cruiser lights and sirens were on. we don't know the name of the officer who was driving the car but he was going to the 900 block of jack street. it's less than half a mile from where the crash happened. there was a shooting there yesterday morning and the person who was shot is expected to be okay. this is one of 7 shootings reported in the city over the weekend. two were deadly. we are 22 days away from heading to the polls and the
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president and governor romney are preparing for round two trying to impress you. tomorrow night is the second presidential debate and new polls show a very tight race. according to a new abc news washington post poll out this morning, president obama leads mitt romney 49 to 46% among likely voters. both campaigns have been focused on the crucial state of ohio. >> i am disappointed. i think that he made a lot of promise that is haven't been kept. -- promises that haven't been kept. >> but you are not sold on governor romney. >> not yet. >> undecided voters are shrinking. 1 in 8 remain undecided and they could have their mind changes before november 6th. it's 5:06 and sports are rocked with cliches and we have to use one for one with the ravens and cowboys. a win is a win but for the ravens it may have come at a cost. they appear to have lost ladarius webb and could be
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without ray lewis due to a torn triceps muscle. both players will have mris today. sunday afternoon, baltimore gave up 481 total yards to dallas. but they managed a 31-29 win due to a missed field goal with time winding down. jones provided a highlight returning this third quarter kick off 108 yards to the housethat ties an nfl record and put the ravens up. they added a score in the 4th and held on from there. baltimore moves to 5-1 and they remain atop the afc north. time for a check of the forecast. things are changing. don't blame lynette. >> you tell them. don't blame me. but it will be back tomorrow. we will see sunshine in the forecast. if we can get through today and let me say, temperatures if you like the warm temperatures like lauren said she likes the warm temperatures we will get them today but it will be at a price that means showers and storms going into the afternoon. we have clouds around this morning. and as you head out the door, grab the rain gear.
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you can see the line of showers and storms courtesy of a cold front that's going to be slicing through the area as we go throughout the day. temperatures are quite mild this morning from 65 to 63 degrees and let's check abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. i will wait until tomorrow for the warm weather. traveling in east baltimore, watch out for a sink hole repair that continues to shut down east monument street between wolf street and patterson park avenue. you will want to use orleans street instead. everything will be nice and clear through the fort mchenry and harbor tunnels. here's a live look at 695 at reisterstown road. everything is moving along. no delays heading towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 time saver traffic. with a jump taking years to plan it was postponed earlier due to weather. >> now a man can lay claim to a feat that no one else has pulled off or why would they want to. we will show you felix baumgartner's historic jump
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from 24 miles above the earth. >> and if your children are struggling with school and attention spans or irritable. they may need an extra half- hour of sleep to fix that problem. we will tell you how the extra 30 minutes will be put to great use. eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
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it took four minutes and man falling 24 miles from the sky the bodies reaching speeds of 700 miles an hour. >> makes you wonder why. felix baumgartner broke the sound barrier with the jump and look at the images because you can see him step out of his capsule and just fall toward earth. bum gartner is the first person to break the sound barrier outside of the vehicle it's an accomplishment that has many haling him as aerospace pioneer. >> it's tears in my eyes when i was coming back because you are sitting there and you thought about that moment so many times. how's it feeling and how it look like and this is way birring than i anticipated. >> okay. scientists will look at his
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high pressure suit which could be used for next generation suit for future space missions. i just don't get it. >> it's impressive. and it's true you learn a lot from the experience. so. >> one man's bravery could be a great step in science. would you jump lynette. >> you can learn a lot from this megan not to do that. >> that's not something in your wheel house. >> especially after he was flipping and flipping and almost didn't gain control. no. i will stay safely firm on ground. let's talk about what's going on for today. because we have wet weather that's going to move into the area as we go into the afternoon. isolated thunderstorms are possible and also some of the stores could be on the severeside. damaging winds are the biggest threat. but that cold front is on the move. in the meantime, ahead of the cold front dealing with lots of cloud cover out there this morning. and that's why the temperatures are in the 60s. the mid-60s to upper 60s across the eastern shore and in centerville at 67 degrees. and as we look at the wind speed and direction, they are out of the southwest at about 5
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to 15 miles an hour. so we are dealing with some breezy times ahead. the breezes will continue as we head throughout the day. and that southwesterly flow is really going to warm the temperatures up once again. so, today, we will be -- it will be another day we get into the 70s. we sea the warm air from the south and -- see the warm air coming up from the south and west. with that, that's why we are feeling that warmer air. but, we will have a cabash through tomorrow because it the cold front will bring in cooler weather across the area. we will be seeing the showers as we go into lunchtime today. not the best day to eat the lunch outdoors or any outdoor activities. as we go through tomorrow, though, we dry out nicely with plenty sunshine in the forecast for us. we can see the planner for today. those showers will begin to move in by lunchtime today. by 3:00 we have a chance for thunderstorms in the forecast. the high at 71 degrees. and we get cooler on tuesday and still ample sunshine heading into wednesday. let's check the abc2 timesaver
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traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: hopefully the weather will hold out for the susan g. komen race. nothing in your way heading to bwi airport. traveling southbound in dc or northbound up through the fort mchenry tunnel, no problems through the harbor tunnel either. here's a live look at the beltway here at reisterstown road. everything is moving along. no delays on the inner loop through pikesville or outer loop making the drive towards route 40 and howard county, a live look at interstate 70. at columbia pike there are no delays right now as you head over to 695. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. a -- 5:15 if your child is irritable impulsive or struggling in school, they may need more sleep. getting your kids a half-hour earlier may impactthe mood and performance. doctors say one way to determine if your child needs more sleep is watch when they do on the weekends.
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>> a child may be a relatively short sleep or relatively long sleeper. you decide is what you do on the weekend. if you are catching up, you were not getting enough sleep and looking at this in a very perspective fashion, parents can judge for themselves where the child fits in. >> doctors suggest kids between the ages of 7 and 11 get up to 10 hours of sleep each night. shots to prevent -- protect against cervical cancer don't make girls more permiscueous. researchers studied those who did and who didn't receive the vaccination against hpv which is a sexually transmitted disease. they looked for markers of sexual activity such as girls seeking birth control or taking pregnancy test and very few of the patient who is got the shot at the age of 11 had done any of the things by the age of 14. researchers also found no difference between when comparing the unvaccinated girls as well. today abc2 news is working
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for you. we want you to pay -- help us pay for mammograms for 1,000 women. so from 6 this morning until 6:30 tonight we are asking for your help to raise money. we will be doing this and getting involved. and you will be able to call the number on the screen and offer up a donation. doesn't matter how much. race for the cure is coming this weekend sunday october 21st in hunt valley. there's a 5k run and walk and a 1 mile family fun walk. so abc2 will be live starting at that race 7:00 in the morning and broadcasting it for you. if you want more information on anything, breast, health related you can head to pink. they were meant to be fun and you never consider being in >> that was not the case after a fireworks show turned dangerous sending dozens of people to the hospital. we will tell you what happened. >> and we will bring you up close and personal with a look at a base jump are's brush with death. this is video you have to see and we will have it for you in a moment. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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thanks for joining us. 100 people are sent to the hospital after fireworks. they fell into the audience and this was part of a festival. look at this video.
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the people watching said all of a sudden, fireworks in the crowd they were there. and people fell to the ground. dozens were taken to the hospital. most of the injuries were minor. the cause of the accident right now is still under investigation. the jumper you may have seen on your phone computer or tv or maybe you got bumped off because traffic was too much. this guy right here. but another daredevil is performing a stunt during the weekend and almost died. here's what you don't want to have happen when performing acrobatics near the edge of a cliff. yeah. that's richard behind ribbingson sent -- hinricksen e opened the shute seconds before smashing to the ground. unbelievable nine credible video. with the election less than a month away and the second debate around the corner, president obama is taking another late night tv appearance. >> we will it will you where to catch him later on this week.
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>> and now is the time for a special tour of the nation's capital. we will tell you the sights you can check out on the white house grounds. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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5:24. thanks for joining. he didn't get many chuckles during the debate but maybe he will get a few on thedaley show with jon stuart. he is scheduled to be on this thursday and it's his 6th appearance overall. his second since becoming president and this time around, he is going to be chatting with stewart two days after he faces mitt romney in the second presidential debate. the fall season is perfect to take the family and check out gardens and grounds of the white house. this weekend, you will be able to access the rose garden. the children's garden and the south lawn. you can check out the white house kitchen garden which is filled with veg talities herbs and flowers. tours are this friday and saturday. a yard sign is turning -- vegetables, herbs and flowers. tours are this friday and saturday. >> a yard sign is turning heads. >> a child is called a hero. we will tell you how the kid came to his grandmother's
5:26 am
rescue after her. [audio not understandable] clear. >> reporter: good morning. not much refreshment in the cola. the cost of live adjustments will be announced tomorrow will not be much. it's the least in almost 40 years. business economists are not expect much improvement in the economy predicting a growth rate this year of less than 2% increasing slowly to 3% by the end of the next year. u.s. oil production is booming driving down crude prices but there's more relief for drivers. national average price of gasoline is 3.79 a gallon down 2 cents in a week but 35 cents above a year ago. that's because u.s. oil is just a small part of the market. and taken 2 has taken 2 weeks ends at the box off. -- office. it is doing bet he -- better than the original adding 2 1/2 million dollars in sales this weekend. that's america's money.
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i am rob nelson.
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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. funeral arguments are set for grandmother week in a house fire. new information on how to step forward and help the family in need. >> what was supposed to be trip into the national forest had the -- has a maryland family worried after they never came down from a mountain trail. the same section marriagequestion on the ballot next month picking up a major endorsement. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. hope you got outside and enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. >> things are changing. we will let lynette break the bad news to you. but she will do it with a smile
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and you will take it okay. >> you will take it okay. because, we came off the weekend and it was gorgeous and pleasant. yesterday we hit 7 4. --p 3 -- 73. we will hit 71 today with cloud across the area. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. but back off towards the west, we see some showers, a line of showers making its way in here going through time. but all in all, not a bad looking forecast. especially as we head into tomorrow. right now, 60 in emetsburg. camp springs 65. and if you don't like the clouds, but you like the warmer weather, well york you owe it to the clouds this morning. winds out of the southwesthelping to boost the temperatures and we will be seeing breezy conditions as we go into the afternoon as well. our planner looks like this. as we go through time, 67 degrees as we go into 10:00 this evening -- wow which one. this morning. showers. 69 into lunchtime. now lauren take it away. it's


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