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tv   News  ABC  October 17, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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beams this morning. a crash on 95 in howard county along the northbound lanes at route 100. and another accident, it has been confined to the shoulder of the northbound lane. at the harbor tunnel throughway. if you're traveling on 695, as we check in and take a live look at baltimore national pike, you will notice that outer loop really starting to con guest with a 13 minute ride right now from 95 to 95. the -- 795 to 95. the beltway in great shape from parkville to towson. if you're using the jfx to get downtown, you're looking at a very normal 11 minute ride to travel from the beltway all the way down to fayette street. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. >> when you go to the polls in less than three weeks, you're going to be asked to vote on the so-called dream act on the ballot at question number four. >> it would allow children of undocumented immigrants to pay instate tue fission the parents are paying -- tuition if the parents are paying taxes. >> the opponents gathered enough signatures to put the
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issue on a statewide referendum. they say the dream act not only promotes illegal activity and uses taxpayer money to do it. >> people understand the issue. everybody i talked to, they say we don't feel like taxpayers money should be used for illegal immigrants. and it is a very simple thing as far as they're concerned. >> for many families in maryland, paying out of state tuition is not doable. so that would mean the difference between them being able to go to college, or not being able to go to college. >> a recent poll by gonzalez research showed 58% of registered voters in maryland support the dream act. while 34% oppose it. in addition to question four, voters will be asked to decide on legalizing same-sex marriage and expand gambling in our state. today, naacp president todd jealous will kick off a day of action rally at morgan state university. he is expected to talk about key issues. in the upcoming elections. well, they are too young to vote but they want to be involved in the process. so students from city neighbors, charter school, they
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willing holding their own election to vote on four main issues. the president, marriage equality, the dream act, and expanded gambling. and the voters of tomorrow, got 30 middle schools involved in the initiative and more than 2,000 students will fill out ballots on october 30. and the results of their election will be announced on the 31st. we do want to warn you that you're about to see some video, it is a beating and it is caught on tape. >> police say the man refused to leave a woman's section of an outreach section in brooklyn so the officers had to use force when making the arrest. the video has no audio with it and shows only one officer hitting the victim more than a dozen times. the officer had been put on what the department calls modified duty while the investigation is ongoing. the man in the video was also charged with assault, trespassing, resisting arrest, harassment and unlawful possession of marijuana. well, moms, you know you would do anything to protect your kids. so imagine how one mom felt when a stranger tried contacting her daughter on a
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social media site. >> well, she was checking her daughter's facebook page, when she says she regularly does and she noticed a man had friended her 12-year-old daughter on facebook. and claiming that he was a college student. the mom felt like something wasn't right and started talking to him, pretending to be her daughter. >> he was being very explicit about what he wanted done. which is [ bleep ]. and the positions. things that a 12-year-old has no knowledge of. >> the mom says he asked her to sneak out of the house so they could meet up. she then called police and then went to meet the man. she was dressed up as her daughter. officers watching nearby and arrested the man, and it turns out he was a middle schoolteacher. >> well, happy hour for one man in wyoming and he didn't even have to go to a bar. police say he hid in a liquor store overnight and drank for free. the store employees identified the man from surveillance video. the man was arrested. and now faces charges of burglary. even though he didn't take any money. he just took the booze.
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>> we haven't even got ton halloween yet but retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season. >> big boxes everywhere around town and one company is getting competitive and we will tell you how target says you may want to spend with them for the holidays. >> beyonce fan, the super bowl just got a whole lot more super at the super dome. we will give you the scoop. . you can get the forecast on your mobile phone right now in baltimore. it is 42 degrees. 49 in annapolis. and as we go forward, westminster, 39. it is cold out there. and also laurel, 36 degrees. and also, you can get the radar on your phone as well. so if you want to track the storm, those storms in maryland today but the further to the north and west you go, we are dealing with some showers and storms, over ohio as of now. so if you want that information, all you have to do is go to our app store and download our apps. well, the traffic is starting to slow down here on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. and we are dealing with a crash on 95. i will have all of the details coming up. aplçlçéd.ñ.ñhrókññoo[
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she is no doubt known for her hit to all single ladies but no doubt a lot of men will be watching, too. >> not only because it is beyonce but she will be performing half time at the super bowl. >> turns out that the big game is now set for february 3 at the superdome in new orleans. no word right now on who will be taking the stage with the grammy award winning but we know she will be there. she is not old enough to own a driver's license so she rides a scooter. >> it hasn't stopped her from buying her second home. the 15-year-old is a landlord again. for $19,000 she bought a for
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closed home in port charlotte florida. >> this is not new for her. she purchased her first home earlier this year. willow's mom shannon is her partner on the purchases because of obviously her age, it allows her not to buy property on her own. her goal though is to own 10 homes by the time she turns 18. and at that time, her mom will be able to turn over the titles to her. >> i'm so glad that we finally have it. >> show is definitely a kid but also has a business side to her. >> as you expect, willow's hobby is getting national attention and a team of independent producers are traveling with the family. go ahead, finish this sentence. >> a possible reality show. >> charley's favorite thing. >> it might be fun to watch. who knows. >> stay with us this morning. a university of phoenix students are going to be getting some not so good news. why the school decided to close some sites and how many students could be affected by the move. also ahead this morning, we heard how bad overweight can be
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on your health but a study on your weight could impact gas mileage. we have clouds around this morning but showers back off towards e west. i will tell you if and when these showers arrive. those details coming up. lin knelt, the traffic is starting to slow down at the harrisburg expressway at warren road. a crash on 95. all of the details coming up on good morning maryland.
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october 17, wednesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. this sur abc 2 news to go. i'm megan pring am. >> i'm charley krause. we kick it off with a check of the forecast. >> we have our meteorologist here, lin internet? >> how are you doing? >> chilly out there this morning. but we are dry. so we can look at the current setup right now. the radar is looking pretty good this morning. but as we pull out the picture, we look at the satellite and the radar, the cloud cover out there. also rain across the middle of the sensation. this will begin to work its way toward our area. that's what is brewing this morning. then we go ahead and jump toward the weekend. we have our eyes focused on that and the komen race is on sunday and we are looking stellar with that temperature
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coming in at 66 degrees for a high. but it is going to be very chilly for the start of the race. we are looking at temperatures down in the 40s once again. but as we go forward today, chilly temperatures prevail. we are looking at 45 degrees right now in stevensville with the dew point coming in at 45. so again, we do have some patchy fog to talk about this morning. take it easy as you head out and about. and you can see reduced visibility from baltimore to frederick, to york, pennsylvania. let's get a check of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> it is pretty chilly for the race for the cure. get your hand warmers ready, jackets ready. layer up. definitely stop by to say hello on sunday. >> 95 in howard county, dealing with a crash along the northbound lanes, at route 100. and it is blocking one lane, but not causing any serious backups just yet. and everything will remain up to speed. and traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel. and as well as the harbor tunnel. and if you are using the jfx to get downtown, a very normal 11 minutes, right now, the travel is southbound from 695 one town
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to east fayette street. for those of you out to 695 a live look at parkville. everything up to speed, whether you're traveling the inner loop to 95 and no delays on the outer loop up towards towson. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. 15 minutes away from 7:00 this morning. when you send your kids off to school, the last thing you want to know is if they will be bullied. >> we are hearing it more and more often in schools and every day lives and one school in baltimore is going to do something about it. abc 2 is live at friendship academy of engineering and technology in baltimore city. linda, they said they want to do something about this. they want to prevent it. but how are you going to do it? they have a special day planned for the students and teaches an anti-bullying forum, teaching kids practical ways to not become victims and they want to send a message that bullying is not okay. zero tolerance here at the school. and erika goodrich.
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the director, is here with us. thanks for being here. and we have talked about how bullying has changed over the year. it is not what it used to be. being pushed in the hallway but it comes in a lot of forms. talk to us about that. >> absolutely. bullying can just not be -- physical. it is also a verbal thing as well. and the cyber bullying has gotten so huge that it goes beyond, you know, just name calling, and people are -- kids are beginning to threaten other kids and threaten their lives now. and they threaten family. and communities. so it is really, it is more than just this, as it was when i was a child. and the most you would see is bullying, it was maybe a push in the hallway. or you know, give me your candy. and now, it is definitely huge. it has gone far beyond the simple push, or the take my lollipop, you know, type of thing. >> why is it important for parents? what should they be looking out for? sometimes kids feel like they have no place to turn.
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>> parents should be looking out for one, a change in behavior. and two, new friends that have come around your children, all of a sudden. you definitely should know who your children are associating themselves with. and take the time to talk to your child. never be too busy to have that conversation. i don't care if the child is in school from 7:00 to 3:00. and mom and dad, you work from 3:00 to 11:00, when you enter the doors of your home, go in, kiss your baby on the cheeks, and just whisper in their ear, how is school today, is everything okay is, there anything you need to share with mommy and anything you need to tell daddy, because it is when your children feel comfortable, and when they feel safe, and they feel like it won't be, you know, well you're just a punk, or you're just this, or you're just that, it will be the moment when they open up and they talk to you. and sometimes kids feel oh, mommy is too busy or daddy is too busy to listen to me, when in fact we have to stop and
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take time out. quality time out to talk to our children. >> and you had mentioned something really important before is to check the social media sites. like facebook and texting. and that is why today, you're holding this conference. because it is becoming such a big problem in schools. and in our communities. and they will have special guest speakers coming today. and teachers, meeting with the students. allowing them to talk about this. and in an open setting, and know they can come to the teachers here whenever there is a problem with bullying. because here at friendship academy, you say always come to you, right? >> that's right. you can always come see miss g. >> sounds good. a great message for kids these days. live in northeast baltimore, abc 2 news. >> she has great energy. thanks, linda. 6:48. and a woman from lowell has pled guilty to planning a robbery with her son. >> regina mccollum entered that plea yesterday. reports say mccollum and her son eric plotted to rob an
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armored truck at gunpoint in 2009 and they got $160,000 which mccollum took home in a duffle bag. she faces life in prison, on january 4. and her son pled guilty and will be sentenced on november 21. the doors of a brand new walmart, they are swinging wide open in rand amstown today. >> a -- rand amstown today. >> a ribbon cutting at 7:30 this morning. the new location on liberty road is open 24/7, a fuel line of groceries and a bakery and a deli. and a walmart is opened there, will is controversy over a new site that the company plans to build in bel air. walmart wants to move the constant frenship location to a site on plum tree road. this morning you get a chance to express your opinion on the move. the advisory committee is gathering at 9:00 to show plans to the public. the main concern for people there is traffic. today's meeting at the harford county council chambers. if your child heading off to college any time soon?
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if so, what are they majoring in? engineering grad does the best with financial stability. $3.4million over the course of their lifetime. and $1.8 million for teachers and art majors are $2 million, according to new census bureau day tancht the -- data. the owner of the largest po profit college plans to cut jobs and close campuses to save money. the apollo group owns the university of phoenix and proposes cutting hundreds and hundreds of jobs and shutting down 25 campuses. because of the declining profits, and lower student enrollment. about 4% of its students will be affected by this. they are going to have the option to switch to online courses, or to continue their degree and work at another site. >> it is just october 17. if you've been out there at the big box retailers you know the guys are competing for your shopping dollar. >> they are. target is now getting in on. this the latest retailer to announce that they will match
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prices from amazon .com, best buy .com. toys r us .com and rivals. and they have similar plans. retailers are changing tactics because online sales are expected to increase by 12%. chevy volts come out to mixed reviews and gm says they will come out with a luxury electric car. the automaker says the cadillac elr will have a gasoline engine and an electric power battery. it is due out on the streets next year. 6:51. five things you may want to know as you head out the door this morning. a new judge is presiding over today's court hearing in the murder case against george zimmerman. he is accused of shooting 17- year-old trayvon martin back in february. a trial date may be set for this hearing. the hikers who disappeared on montana's glacier national park are back home in virginia. dr. jason huizer and hill pecken spent three days lost in
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the woods, and doing fine. they're originally from western maryland. maryland is one of the states participating in the great southeast shakeout. a chance for emergency personnel to prepare for an earthquake, schools, business, government office, all taking part in the drill. it marks the second day of the cyber maryland 2012 conversation. our congressman will be attending and talking about cyber policy. on the house intelligence committee. and talking with exhibitors showcasing cyber products and services. the growing waistline can hurt your gas mileage. the yearly fuel consumption is on the rise partly because of continued weight gain. the u.s. energy department says an extra 100 pounds in your car can reduce your miles per gallon by up to 2%. pregnant women and infants can get free dental services beginning today. the community college in baltimore county are holding special clinics. you can receive a variety of services including oral exams and fluoride treatment and nutrition counseling. >> you have to make an appointment if you want to go.
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the hours are 8 to 11:30 this morning and again 1 to 4:30 in the afternoon. two more clinics in november and december. more information and a number to call, you can find that information at abc 2 news .com. well, more than 50 kids living in high drug traffic areas in baltimore are now getting a chance to have some fun. they're going to be teaming up with police officers to learn baseball and life lessons along the way. it is an initiative started by the cal ripken senior foundation to help kids off the streets and out of trouble. it is the new badges for baseball program, it is set to launch. we are talking about baseball. not exactly baseball weather and maybe a little bit because it is sort of chilly out there. but is that going to last all day? >> it is going to last, the cool weather will last into the afternoon. so we will be seasonably cool. that's what i will call, it megan. but we are unseasonably cold this morning. and that 38 in emmittsburg, that shouldn't be. we should be at 46 degrees for this time of the year. baltimore at 49 degrees right
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now. billy, 42. 45 chesapeake beach. rockville, 39 degrees. and 40 in aberdeen. along the eastern shore, at 40. denton, 41 degrees. we take you outside in bel air, we can see a mix of some clouds. that sun will begin to rise out there. and also we will be getting some sunshine in here, as we head through the rest of today. now, the reason why it is high pressure still in control of our weather but this will slowly but surely scoot off towards the east and it is going to allow for some warm air to in vect in here, or to move in here, as we go through today. and especially tomorrow. and the day after that. because we are going to warm things up into the 70s. hurricane raphael, really getting out of here. it is pushing away from bermuda right now and once again, staying away from the u.s. and that's exactly what we like to future trend, not picking up on a whole lot for today but we will begin to see some showers working in here tomorrow evening and also friday morning. so we do have the chance of some showers on both of those days. but all in all, for today, the temperature at 67 degrees. and 46 by this evening.
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and then tomorrow, 70 degrees with the shower possible. and the seven-day forecast, looks like this. as we take you to sunday. it is nice and dry. but it is going to be cold. we have a check of the traffic with lauren cook. >> good morning. definitely layer up if you're going to the race for the cure. we will be out this sunday. definitely stand by if you don't have any plans and be aware that many roads in hunt valley surrounding the town center will be shut down for a good portion of the day. now if are you traveling on 95 right now, we have a new crash to tell you about along the northbound lanes at route 32, for those of you in parkville, you want to watch out for a crash on harford road at woodside avenue. no problems to report on the beltway from harford road up to providence road and as we check in and take a live look at the westside of the beltway, baltimore national pike, the outer loop pretty slow and take you an extra five minutes this morning, to travel from 795 down towards interstate 70. >> okay, so you can't blame your bad mood on monday anymore. a health magazine now reports
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that we feel no better, nor any worse on monday, than we do on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, and any day. in fact, the grumpiest day is on the weekend. the survey found the saddest day to be sunday. probably because we are depressed about having to return to work the next day. which of course we know is monday. >> and i don't know about that. i'm pretty grumpy on monday. >> i'm pretty grumpy on sunday. >> i guess the couch on sundays. >> how does sundays get the bad wrap? >> monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday? >> it is basically the friday and saturday fans. >> that's it. >> we ask you about what you think about this. head to our facebook fan page and we want to know what you think and those people who did comment say forget it. monday, they blame their bad mood on it. so who knows. >> we're halfway through the week now. >> we are indeed. >> the weekend is almost here. >> and facebook, a lot of you weighing in on last night's debate. go there and find out which of your day is the grumpiest. we're sending you to new york for "good morning america." we will see you in about 30
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minutes. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us.
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he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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