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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 19, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. extreme weather warning. massive dust storms wreak havoc across the midwest, with hurricane-strength winds. blinding hundreds of drivers and flipping trucks. at least 1 30-car pileup and dozens of wrecks. new this morning in the race for the white house. romney has his biggest lead in at least one national poll. with obama holding his own in tw states. the two men, side-by-side last night, trading campaign punches for white tie punch lines. >> it's finally relaxed. and wear what ann and i wear around the house. >> i feel really well-rested after the nice, long nap i had in the first debate. cracking the case. a stunning, new lead in the
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frantic search for that missing 21-year-old wife that disappeared on her five-minute drive to starbucks. did these kids find her cell phone? and she is a firework. meet jodi. her amazing transformation through the power of music. all leading up to this moment. her duet with one of the hottest stars on the planet. we can't wait to show you this incredible story. a nice, inspiring story for a rainy friday in new york. sam is off. great to have elizabeth vargas and ginger zee in. we have a big, big show this morning. an abc news exclusive. a bombshell interview with chris
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cuomo. he sits down with victim number one in the jerry sandusky case. and he holds nothing back. he has a lot of anger about the case. >> and he says a lot of people didn't listen to him. and breaking overnight, an update on the 15-year-old schoolgirl, malala, who has inspired so many around the world. she was hunted down and shot in the head by the taliban in afghanistan. she is standing for the first time. and she's writing notes, what country am i in? that shows her brain is working really well. really great news. >> a lot of progress. >> that's great to hear. and we have the flaw with the claw. we have all tried to go one-on-one with the claw. now, for the first time, it has been revealed why we almost always lose. we have the secret documents that reveal why the claw gets us every time. >> would you please send this to my son? >> yes. >> we can stop the madness.
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>> not sure it's going to work. first, let's get to the extreme weather. high winds and huge dust storms are causing chaos across the midwest. abc's ginger zee is in for sam this morning and has the latest on the storms. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, elizabeth. 81-mile-per-hour gusts. in nebraska, 72 miles per hour. but you have to see the pictures. we start with what it looked like on the road. you couldn't see anything. so, the wind blows all that dry, dry dust that's been out there from all the drought. and that's what you get. you get a 30-car pileup in some places. dozens of injuries and accidents. this was not a good day in parts of the plains and midwest. of course, all those accidents, now, starting to get cleaned up. and you're wondering, what's happening next as far as weather goes? where does the wind go? it goes to the east, of course. not as heavy in the wind department. but still, very windy.
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something to be aware of on the east/west roads. and coming up, a winter outlook. a race for the white house n now. and new polls are giving each candidate good news. it's "your voice, your vote." with just 18 days to go. jake tapper is here with all of the latest. jake, some comic relief last night after fight night on tuesday. >> reporter: that's right, george. it was a night of comedy with the deeply intense sub text of an election that anyone can win. >> barack obama. >> reporter: overnight, the candidates appeared at the al smith dinner, a catholic fund-raiser in new york city. they were armed with zingers, to promote laughs, not score political points. >> in less than three weeks, voters in states like ohio, virginia and florida, will decide this incredibly important election. which begs the question, what are we doing here?
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>> nice to finally relax and to wear what ann and i wear around the house. >> reporter: part-host/part-standup, the event at the waldorf astoria, boast new york's creme de la creme. >> i was well-rested after the nice, long nap i had in the first debate. >> you have to wonder what he's thinking. so little time. so much to redistribute. >> sometimes it feels like this race has been going on forever. but paul ryan assured me we were only running for 2:57 minutes. >> it's nice to have someone in our corner that we can lean on. i have my beautiful wife, ann. he has bill clinton. >> reporter: while in manhattan, the president dropped by the set of "the daily show," to mix it up with jon stewart.
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>> we have been speaking, now, for a good 12 to 14 minutes. and i am curious. how many e-mails during that time do you think your campaign has sent me? >> it depends on whether you're maxed out. >> reporter: it was not all funny business. >> i would say even you admit it was not the optimal response, at least to the american people, as far as us all being on the same page. >> well, here's what i'll say. >> yep. >> if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. and we're going to fix it. all of it. all of it. >> reporter: some conservatives making hay out of the optimal comment. as you pointed out, romney is ahead in the gallup daily tracking point by seven points. obama leads in the states of wisconsin and iowa. romney showing momentum in florida, north carolina, virginia. it could come down to ohio. >> it sure will. and it will go down to the wire. we close in on monday's final
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debate, sunday "this week" rahm emanuel for the democrats. and florida senator, marco rubio for the gop. and right now, josh elliott is here for the other stories. >> a big step for the young pakistani teenager shot in the head by the taliban because she fought for the right to go to school. just this morning her doctors in london told us that malala yousafzai is able to stand for the first time since the attack. she is able to communicate and write again. there had been concern about brain damage. but right now, doctors say her brain is functioning and she is recovering. we're seeing our first significant drop in gas prices this morning. the average price nationwide has fallen for ten-straight days and sits at $3.71 per gallon. that may just be the beginning. some say gas could drop another 5 cents to 15 cents over the
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next three weeks. bringing prices down to last year's levels or perhaps even lower. and google is blaming a printing company for a mistake that cost shareholders more than $20 billion in just eight minutes. trading in the stock had to be suspended thursday after the printing company prematurely released google's earnings report that showed that profits had dropped 20% in the last quarter. the head of the boy scouts is apologying for decades of child abuse. the perversion files, accused hundreds for preying on boys between 1965 and 1985. many of the cases were never reported to police. in some cases, even though who had confessed were only kicked out of the organization or simply told to stay away from the victims. and three fishermen have been rescued after spending some five days adrift in the pacific
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with no food. the men had just run out of water when the coast guard spotted them off the gilbert islands. they ran into engine trouble last friday and tried to break off parts of their 17-foot boat to paddle ashore. all of them, though, are expected to be okay. and some sad news, at least for this crew. >> oh. >> the detroit tigers are moving on to the world series. taking down the yankees in four-straight. a pair of two-run shots helped complete the sweep. there, one by miguel cabrera. the final, 8-1. last night, cards beat the giants. they need one more win. and we're going to see cardinals and tigers for each and every mark. >> good for detroit, even though my yankees weren't winning. >> trying to get to the exit saying that around here. you want to be careful. >> okay. now, we're going to turn to the jerry sandusky case. and our bombshell interview with the young man who is known as victim number one. his allegations against the
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former penn state football coach triggered the investigation that led to sandusky's trial and his sentence to life behind bars. now, victim number one is going public in a book called "silent no more." he is sure to create even more shock waves with what he says. and he broke his silence to "20/20" anchor, chris cuomo. good morning, chris. >> good morning, elizabeth. this is clearly david and goliath. except there were many goliaths. this is a kid who took on a coach connected to a university in a dominates his hometown. all its credibility, prestige and power against him. but he had something that trumped it all. he had courage. and he had the truth. the trial of convicted child molester and former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky, may never have happened were not for this brave, young man. aaron fisher was the first to accuse sandusky of being a monster. a key witness at trial. and now, he wants everyone to
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know how hard it was to bring sandusky down. >> victim means people feel sympathy for you. i don't want that. i would rather be somebody who did something good. >> reporter: aaron is 18. but was just 11 when he first met sandusky. after he was invited to his summer camp for the coach's charity, the second mile. sandusky soon targeted him, showering the boy with special attention. pulling aaron out of school during the day. sleepovers at his home on weekends. it was there, in his basement, that sandusky victimized aaron. but you weren't able to say -- >> nope. >> reporter: -- this guy is a monster. he's sexually assaulting me. >> couldn't do it. >> reporter: why? >> embarrassment. fear of not being believed. >> reporter: that fear kept aaron silent for years. but eventually, he would gather the strength to stand up to the
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powerful football coach. telling his principal, what was happening during a meeting at school. and that is when his mother says aaron was betrayed again. >> they tell me to go home and think about it. >> reporter: go home and think about what? >> that's what i said. go home and think about what? what is there to think about? we need to call the police right now. jerry was in the school. >> reporter: we found principal karen probst, who is still working at aaron's old school. why are you moving so fast now when you moved so slowly when aaron needed your help? i don't understand this. why would you avoid these questions? the school says it did appropriately respond and reported the allegations immediately. however, as you can see, they didn't want to talk to us about it. here's the key. this is an accountability story. aaron says there are others who betrayed him that never were held to answer for what happened in the situation. tonight, we will find them. and you'll see it on "20/20." >> all right, chris. thanks so much.
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you can see more of chris' exclusive interview tonight on "20/20" at 10:00, 9:00 central, here on abc. >> that's powerful stuff. we're going to turn to a new government report showing a growing health hazard for small children in your own home. since we told you about the minilaundry detergent pods that kids mistake for candy, the number of incidents has striked. linsey davis has the details. >> reporter: it's happened more often than originally thought. children thinking these bite-sized single-dose laundry packages for candy. poison centers across the country were seeing on average, ten cases a day. n a new report says that more than 1,000 children were sickened. but parents are learning just how dangerous these packs of laundry detergent can be. when children eat them.
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>> candy, candy. i figured they were eating canada. >> reporter: isabella had severe vomiting and diarrhea. many children are experiencing drowsines drowsiness, nausea, and difficulty breathing. >> you don't think about safety-proofing laundry detergent. >> reporter: back in may, procter & gamble, the makers of tide, told abc news, they weren't just thinking about 50i9. they planned to unveil new child-proof packaging by summer. a double-latch lid. and a larger warning on this container that some say looks like a candy jar. now, they tell us they've distributed those containers to stores. but the old containers were never recalled, which would explain why when we went to four stores this week, we still found these easy to open plastic bags right on the shelf. the maker of purex backs, say
7:15 am
they have labels to warn parents and provide instructions in the event of ingestion. other manufacturers did not respond to our request for an update. >> i'm surprised at that. thank you very much. now, to a brazen theft caught on camera. you better be careful if you have an suv or minivan because thieves are swiping rows of seats from vehicles in just seconds. what's behind the business senior thefts? >> reporter: the owner of this suv parked it in his dallas driveway, and locked it up. what draws the attention of the crooks in that red car? enough to make them put it in reverse and come back? it turns out the three thieves are after, of all things, the third row of seats. watch as one of the trio breaks into the back. the other two dive in. within seconds, part of the seats are out. and in just 40 seconds, the
7:16 am
entire back row is gone. police say so-called third seat theft is on the rise, especially in texas and california. >> i feel really bad. people work hard for what they have. >> reporter: replacement seats are in demand by suv owners with damaged or worn out ones. crooks can get about $1,000 for the seats on sites like craigslist or in salvage yards. not bad for 40 seconds' work. police have often recovered the stolen seats but have no way of reuniting them with their rightful owner. that's why los angeles police are encouraging owners to unengrave the suv v.i.n. number on the bottom of the seats. >> it's something that's simple. >> reporter: something as inexpensive as a bike lock will slow crooks down. a good investment because replacing a third seat at a dealership can cost up to
7:17 am
$4,000. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. here's a shocker. the games with the hanging claw. the one that your kids will spend 10 bucks to win a 50 cent prize. it turns out they are rigged. can you believe it? nick watt has the new evidence. >> reporter: as a life long player, this news hit me like a ton of lead. the claw is not a game of skill. the arcade owners fix it so the claw is too weak to win, 11 out of 12 grabs. stand aside, brian ross. i'll take this one. santa monica peer, and that's my partner, milo. my little boy. this is kiddie gambling. >> we have more. >> reporter: we do. 11 times out of 12, that claw is as limp as a frenchman's handshake. like taking candy from babies. >> i hope we get it.
7:18 am
>> reporter: but they're not doing anything wrong. the state of california mandates that just 1 in 12 times the claw must be strong enough to pick up a prize. it could be worse. over in nevada, it's just 1 in 15. >> i've been chosen. >> reporter: thank you, "toy story" is a rare occurrence. we'll win something else. don't worry. we'll win something else. >> but i need money. >> reporter: 25 bucks later. >> there it goads. >> reporter: hit the button. we won a two-bit bear. well done. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, santa monica. >> have we been there? >> nick will have to work overtime to pay for that. now, for another check on the weather. ginger zee in for sam. >> every time. every time. it's so true. i felt so bad for him.
7:19 am
so glad you won, buddy. let's start with some of us winning in the winter outlook. noaa put it out. it's tough to do. here's what they're thinking. back in parts of the rockies, above average temperatures. below average for florida. the rest, that means you're about average. drier than normal in the great lakes, and northwest. and parts of the gulf. i'll leave you with a look at the northeast for today. for now, that is your local forecast.
7:20 am
>> that's it for the nation's weather. let's head back over to george and everyone. elizabeth. and josh is there, too. >> you forgot my name? >> i forgot josh was there. >> it's easy to do. coming up on "gma," a stunning, new clue in that frantic search for the missing 21-year-old woman in oregon.
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good friday morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle will here are the top stories for this morning. a man accused in a murder at a chinese carry out will be in court this morning. police say markel jones killed freddie jones junior last halloween at the carry out in the waverly community. family turned him in when they saw video that police
7:27 am
releasedto local media station. rains go to houston for football but it's not clear if suggs will join the team epracticed wednesday and he tore his achilles in april and wouldn't be definitive when asked by reporters as to whether or not he will be playing on sunday afternoon. time for a check on the forecast let's go over to lynette charles. >> all right. you two we are dealing with wet weather moving in on maryland's most powerful radar. heaviest rain and thunderstorms now pushing into calvert county and also ann arunde county -- anne arundel county. this is pushing up towards the north and east. and then we will have a break in the action but not going to rule out off and on showers throughout the day. this is what it looks like in towson. temperatures coming in right around 60 degrees as we go through the rest of today. this is what you expect with the planner. 74 degrees is going to be a warm one. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with delays on
7:28 am
the jfx. there's a crash northbound at northern parkway southbound travel also going to be congested. traveling through the tunnels, everything up to speed. no problems to report and looking live at 695, in parkville at harford road outer loop slow up towards providence road. a crash in dundalk on dundalk at hal better avenue. now over to you. >> we are back in 30 minutes with more news weather and traffic. >> now back to good morning america. we will see you in a bit. if not have a great weekend and happy friday.
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♪ baby you're a firework come on show them ♪ ♪ what you're worth make them go high, high ♪ who is that with katy perry right there? jodi dipiazza, just 11 years old. and she has the story of her life right there. and she sang with katy perry. she's going to be here live in a couple of minutes. she's a great, little girl. good morning, america. robin recovering at home from her bone marrow transplant. >> and it was the night of too many stars. the comedy central fund-raising for autism. and we'll have more on the
7:31 am
investigation we first told you about yesterday. are police close to cracking the case of that missing new wife in oregon? a brand-new lead in the search for her. she disappeared on her five-minute drive from her home to starbucks early in the morning. did these kids find her cell phone? will it finally solve the mystery? also, the bus driver versus the baby. a seattle mom kicked off a public bus. racing her sick 1-year-old to the doctor's office of all places. creating lots of discussion. we're going to explain it all coming up. plus, bieber's hollywood hoax? how the superstar appears to have fooled all of our fans. all of his fans. myself, included. >> something new every week. >> it is something new. raising the question, why? first, we get to the new leads in the search for the missing oregon woman, whitney heichel.
7:32 am
police are now intensifying their search, combing a nearby park and mountain they say could be the key to her disappearance. cecilia vega is in gresham, oregon, with that story. >> reporter: police are in their fourth day of searching. but a new clue can offer important insight. this morning, investigators are focused on a potentially powerful clue found in these bushes. police aren't confirming it. but children playing behind this apartment complex are convinced that what they found here is whitney heichel's cell phone. >> i was pretty shocked. i knew i recognized the face. >> reporter: it wasn't just the photo on the phone that seems to link it to the woman. >> they started flipping through some of the text messages. and one that said, from scott. we're trying to find out, where are you? are you okay? so, i mean, it kind of confirmed
7:33 am
it to me that it was her cell phone. >> reporter: heichel's family remains mystified and devastated about her disappearance. hours before the phone discovery, her husband tried to speak to reporters but couldt get the words out. >> what do i say? >> reporter: the 21-year-old barista, seen here in this home video obtained by abc news, was supposed to show up at the starbucks just five minutes from her house on tuesday morning. she never did. with this clue left behind. her black ford explorer where a walmart parking lot. the front side passenger window smashed. mud on the tires. >> do you believe whitney is still alive? >> we don't know yet. we're hoping for the bes and
7:34 am
doing everything we can. >> reporter: police say heichel left her house for work as usual, at 6:45 a.m. on tuesday. she was supposed to start at 7:00. her atm card was used at a gas station about two hours later. >> this compassionate, laughing, person. her heart's as big as the sun. and we just need you guys and everybody to keep looking for her. >> reporter: the search for heichel still goes on. and today, it may have one more clue. and that cell phone was found just four miles away from whitney heichel's home. her family says her nickname was momma, elizabeth, because she has been like a second mother to everyone in her life. >> all right, cecilia. thank you so much. i hope they get a break in that case soon. we're going to turn to the story out of seattle about a mom kicked off the public bus with her 1-year-old, after the sick baby created a stink. she had to walk to the doctor's
7:35 am
office, all while four months pregnant. neal karlinsky has more on the outrage this story has sparked. >> reporter: any parent can tell you how stressful it is to travel with a baby. but nicole says the problem she ran into this week when she boarded a city bus with her 1-year-old took it to a whole new level. >> he had just popped in his diaper, as soon as i got on. >> reporter: what's a mother to do? her son was sick. she was taking him to the doctor. but that wasn't the worst of it. more, as they say, was about to hit the fan. >> the bus driver told me i needed to get off the bus. and i said, why is that? she said, your baby is -- he smells really bad. and it's not fair that we all have to smell that. >> reporter: so, off she went, according to her. four months pregnant, baby in tow, and still a half-mile from her doctor. a seattle metro spokesperson called it a very unique situation. our goal is always to balance the comfort of all our riders. they're now investigating. but this isn't the first baby
7:36 am
booted off public transportation just for acting like a baby. last year, this video of a portland woman struggling with a crying baby in the back of a bus went viral after she says she was kicked off for making too much noise. >> you can't kick a woman off with her baby. that driver's crazy. >> reporter: the driver was reportedly disciplined. but who is really to blame when babies interrupt an innocent bystander's bliss? >> the baby was being a baby, pooping or crying. we're saying get off the bus. that's intolerant. >> reporter: the experts say you have to expect babies to act their age. and hope the grown-ups will, too. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> they couldn't just let her go the half-mile further to the pediatrician's office? >> he looks better now. time, now, for the weather with ginger zee in for sam. >> we're going to start in
7:37 am
dubai. this is the tallest building of the world. but you're not seeing all of it thanks rolling fog coming in around sun rise. beautiful photos coming out of there. new york city, not as beautiful. the clouds above most of the buildings. the dew point and the temperature is the same. it's 50 and it's been raining. a lot of folks are going to see a cooldown. please the numbers. buffalo, goes from 62 to 59. through the weekend, a little cooler. washington, d.c., down in the mid to low 60s by the end of the weekend. and we'll leave you with a fly across the nation.
7:38 am
>> this weather report brought to you by walmart. and chicago, 54, rainy still. it will be warming up throughout the weekend. >> a lot of good news. a lot of rain everywhere. coming up, bieber's big hoax. was the pop superstar behind a controversial stunt that fooled so many of his fans. and what would you do if you caught someone cheating on "who wants to be a millionaire"? you won't believe what we caught wants to be a millionaire"? you won't believe what we caught on camera. ce guarantee. that's your receipt from another store? yes sir! wants to be a millionaire"? you won't believe what we caught on camera. let's put it to the test! okay! if you find a lower advertised price, they'll match it right at the register. really? low price on reese's! low price on kit kat! low price on hershey! and the savings is sweeter than the candy. there you have it! you're kidding! that's the walmart low price guarantee! see for yourself! bring in your last receipt and see how much you can save. save more on the candy your family loves with hauntingly low prices on all their hershey favorites. get more halloween for your money, guaranteed. walmart! skip-a-year mortgage sweepstakes today. up to five winners will get to skip a year of mortgage payments...
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back now at 7:41. we have a big controversy that's heating up for justin bieber. yes. naked pictures? of the pop star turned up online earlier this week. i know, this is shocking to hear. but they went viral. it turns out, now, though, it may all be a hoax, with bieber in on it the whole time. abc's paula faris, what is going on? >> reporter: maybe he was feeling pressure to add to his twitter followers. if there's one person that bunt doesn't need more publicity, it's justin bieber. that's why it's a tad shocking that he was not only behind the hoax. but he went to great lengths to create it. this racy picture, reported to be justin bieber in the buff, rocketed across the internet earlier this month. fans of the clean-cut canadian, led to believe the photo, along with several video clips had been leaked online. that tiny bird tattoo, seemed to
7:43 am
match one of the sicker's hip. even bieber's tweets fueled the roomers. yesterday, during the show, me and my tour manager had some stuff stolen. i had a lot of personal footage on that computer. but it turns out, the only real footage was this. the biebs showing off his dance moves in his new music video with nicki minaj. and that controversial photo, apparently a p.r. stunt, pulled by the artist to promote his music video. why risk your reputation for a publicity prank? >> it's part of becoming a pop star now a days. you can't do it unless you do these things for attention. >> reporter: earlier this month, these racy rihanna photos were posted on instagram. they weren't a mistake, either. rihanna was promoting her purr fume. and back in june, the material
7:44 am
girl gave fans a peep during a show. some arguing madonna did it to get headlines. >> a bit of a desperate play, don't you think? >> reporter: why would the biebs, arguably one of the hottest stars on the planet, want or need the extra attention? >> publicity stunts, as much as they seem like stunts, actually yield success. his fans love it. they go crazy over it. >> reporter: and bieber may just have gotten the last laugh after all. tweeting, since i was 4, i've had a lot of things said about me from dying to saying i had a baby with a woman i never even met. nude pics, drugs, but today, today i get to be in on it. the biebs may also be laughing all the way to the bank. ♪ when the music makes you move ♪ >> reporter: this music video now has more than 33 million views online. and that new music video is being viewed at a record pace. there were 10.6 million views within the first 24 hours.
7:45 am
of course, 33 million and counting, like we just referenced. >> i guess, mission accomplished. thank you, paula. and coming up, we have brand-new details on justin timberlake and jessica biel in italy. the clues that we have that they are, in fact, about to tie the knot this weekend. we'll tell you those. and the game's in overtime. it's 55-55. and i did it again. i keep doing it. >> just freeze it. just freeze it. you don't -- no. stop it. [ bonnie ] i felt, with sensitive teeth, i had limits put on me. when i went to my dentist, he had said, "we do have a solution for sensitive teeth. you're going to have to change out your toothpaste." i like the way my old toothpaste felt. it made my teeth feel really clean, and i didn't want to not have that again. my dentist suggested that i switch to sensodyne. when i went to sensodyne it was as if i was still using my old toothpaste, but it has an added benefit, which will help take away my sensitivity. it's a life changer, it really is. it makes you go from grumpy back to happy again.
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> every now and again the "plays of the day" are plays of the day. especially when they're this. look at austin rehkow. he is the kicker here who kicked a 67-yard field goal.
7:50 am
let me see that again. that's probably good from 69 or 70. again, a washington state record. it's tied for the second-longest state field goal in national high school history. somebody kicked an 68-yard kick. there was no wobble. we're so happy to have austin joining us right now, who right now, only has a partial scholarship offer to eastern washington. we're getting you to alabama by the end of the segment. austin, did you know it was good from the moment you kicked it? >> i kind of kicked it. i was worried it would be a little bit left. and it started to straighten out a little bit for me. and from 67 yards away, it's hard to tell if it goes over the bar or just short of it. so, i really had to wait for the refs to put their arms up for me. >> we should note, that would to send this game to overtime. and in overtime, they won the game, 62-55. >> have you ever done one this
7:51 am
long in practice? >> my furthest before in practice was a 60-yard kick. and this tuesday, we had a strong tailwind. tried 67. all those attempts came up short. so, to get it with no wind and especially in a game, is a pretty great feeling. >> not winded is stunning. to put this into perspective, the nfl record is 63 yards. he pushed past it. good luck where you matriculate. eastern washington, alabama, my usc trojans. austin, thanks for joining us. coming up, spindarella. deejay friday. i was living with this all-over pain.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. a disturbing account at howard county. police are look for a man caught installing hidden cames are in two women's homes. they said he would go back to the condos to take the video and move the cameras to different locations. if you have information because apparently the man as you see her videotaped himself accidentally. call howard county police. a pasadena man is facing more than 130 charges of animal cruelty. police say that he had more than 40 animals in his home including a goat, chinchilla and a pig. they didn't have food or water. shane taylor says he just wanted to take care of them and
7:57 am
took otoo many and the malwhy is -- and the animals were remove last month. >> still wetliette. >> heavy rain coming down heading across the bay toward the eastern shore right now. we can zoom in on the areas because we are dealing with thunderstorms some lightning now and we see 54 lightning strikes across the area around annapolis and graysonville and chesapeakebeach and columbia. howard county is getting doused along i-95. this is the scenario going through the morning and then off and on showers possibly as we go into the afternoon. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with several accidents trouble in howard county where there's a crash along columbia pike and accident cleared from the jfx along the northbound lanes at northern parkway. delays have dissipated but the southbound travel will be slow from rouxton to -- ruxton road to 28th street. here in parkville, harford road
7:58 am
outer loop jammed that will continue toward providence road. that's the traffic. now back to you. remember find more news on >> back in half an hour but now back to new york for good morning america. hundred and eighty million dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's supposed to. it's the law. this is about our kids. this is about better schools. seven. i'm voting for question seven. i'm voting for question seven.
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8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] not going to get us down this morning because we have d.j. spinderella in the house. remember her from salt and peppa. the little girl who took the stage with katy perry, you see her. it was fantastic. we're going to talk to her this morning. we have a lot more coming up. robin at home recovering from her bone marrow transplant. sam is off. great to have elizabeth vargas and ginger zee this morning. >> want to point out. we know robin is watching at
8:01 am
home. sam is off. it's too bad because a dear friend of he and his sisters brought a sign in today. his friend, lauren. that's lauren's friend's mother, right there. that's sam's sister. and take a look at -- >> what? >> push in real close. real close. keep on going. >> sam is not a natural blonde? >> hi, sam. it's sort of like sam is here. >> look at those '70s shirts. >> josh, this is kind of mean. >> not really. we like to have sam near and dear. i don't want to go a day without him. and thankfully, i don't have to. thank you. thank you, forever. coming up this half hour, we have new details out of italy. italia, as josh and i called it when we were in perugia.
8:02 am
all signs are pointing to a big wedding for justin timberlake and jessica biel this weekend. these pictures and the celebrities gathering to wish them well. george, you're going, right? >> yeah. and they're blowing it out. we have our own romance expert this morning. we've gotten text messages from a guy that we just can't seem to decipher. now, the brothers are here and will help us get to the bottom of it. >> these guys translate guy? >> yeah. >> guy -- dating guy. i can't say what does this mean? >> that would be so boring. also, tom hanks. he's never boring. he's here in a great new movie. plays a whole bunch of different characters over different centuries. getting oscar buzz again. and what would you do if you caught someone cheating on "who wants to be a millionaire"? this is something you don't want to miss.
8:03 am
first, let's get to josh elliott and some news. >> we going to begin with new polls in the race for president. president obama appears to be holding on to the lead in battleground states of iowa and wisconsin. but mitt romney is ahead in key states, as well. both men appeared together at a charity event last night, exchanging jokes, helping to raise $5 million, as well. the president also appeared on "the daily show with jon stewart." and agreed that the u.s. response to the deadly attack in libya was, and i quote, not optimal. and good news about the young pakistani girl that was shot in the head by the taliban because she was fighting for the right to go to school. her doctors now say, that that woman, malala yousafzai, has stood up for the first time since the attack. is starting to write again. she asked what country she is
8:04 am
in. but they admit that malala does face a long recovery ahead. cautious optimism to be sure. in colorado, a new development in the search for the killer of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. police are looking into a possible link between jessica's murder and the attempted abduction of a woman on memorial day weekend, less than one mile from jessica's home. and for the first time, they've released a description of the suspect. a light-skinned male. as young as 18 years old. between 5'6" and 5'8" inches tall. and a stretch of interstate near the oklahoma/kansas border, shut down during a massive dust storm is reopened this morning. swirling dust, causing blackout conditions and car wrecks. the worst, a 30-car pileup. and two new jersey police officers are being hailed as heroes for saving the driver of this burning car. you see them pull the driver out just moments before it burst
8:05 am
into flames. the driver did suffer a head injury. but other than that, is okay. again, as graphic as this video does appear, the driver and the rescuers, guys, all are okay. >> that's good news. great. more good news, everybody. good morning, everybody. happy friday. and big news for taylor swift fans, as we count down to her appearance next week on "gma." this morning, it's now announced that taylor will be performing live on the cma awards. that's airing here on abc on november 1st. she, of course, is the cma's reigning entertainer of the year. and the cmas will be the first televised performance of her new single. it's called "begin again." but you don't have to wait until then to hear it. we have a world exclusive sneak peek of the video right now. ♪ you throw your head back like a little kid ♪ ♪ i think it's strange you think you're funny ♪ ♪ because he never did
8:06 am
>> expected to be standing room only here on monday and tuesday for our big taylor swift two-day exclusive. again, it all starts monday. and the negotiating has already begun to have a day off from school. i know, you're going through it, too. >> my kids were begging last night. >> your boys, huh? >> my boys. my 9-year-old. please? please? >> i hope i can get into the studio on monday and tuesday. >> push aside all of the kids. >> it would be funny to have all of our kids in our seats. >> they would love it. we also -- today we have more details on justin timberlake and jessica biel's wedding that will reportedly take place this weekend in italy. sources saying the long-time love birds will marry in a tiny town outside naples. that's a location that apparently means a lot to both of them. that meaning might be that the pair met in italy. they were guests at a friend's
8:07 am
wedding. they have, on and off. really solid. and according to "life & style" magazine, timberlake was celebrating at a prewedding dinner. they probably brought a wedding gift in a box. >> i think it's going to be robello, italy. a stunning town off the coast. >> good for them. can't wait to see her in that dress, too. a lot of women pay good money to flash a little red on the bottom of their christian loubout louboutins. but those are not martha stewart. not a fan of the soul. when she buys a pair, she says she paints them black. it's black for me in the fashion world. she likes the shoe. she doesn't like the red show. she's flashy. martha is particular. but she had to ask mr
8:08 am
mr. louboutin's permission. and he's okay with it. it's when people want to paint the other kind red. that's when he gets testy. >> the red is the point. yeah. >> all right. thank you, fashion experts. one small step for a panda cub. one giant leap for historical for mankind. there's a proud panda momma in the san diego zoo this morning. her baby who doesn't have a name yet because that's tradition. he had a big day yesterday. he took his first steps. oh, my gosh. the back legs are not quite strong enough to support himself entirely on his own. the senior veterinarian describing the walk like a toddler holding on to furniture. we all remember our kids doing that. the sixth giant panda to be born
8:09 am
at the san diego zoo. >> the eyes, just cavities again. >> sometimes on a friday, you have to do it. >> little panda. let's get the weather from ginger zee. >> good morning. what a great crowd out here this morning. a very rainy times square. i want to start with a good morning to kentucky girls in new york city. what's your name? and who do you want to say hi to? >> audrey. and my daddy. >> hi, daddy. let's get right to the weather. we can talk about the east. we have to talk about the west. los angeles is going to be just about average. look at the numbers. 78 today. 87 in fresno. and the northwest, a little bit of a cooldown as you go through the weekend there the next t
8:10 am
>> a very happy birthday. and we love your tutu. i'm borrowing umbrellas. i need to do this. lara? coming up on our "gma morning menu." britney's battle. inside the bittle lawsuit over the superstar, heating up right now. and is he just not that into you? we have the love experts here, breaking down what the men you want are really thinking. brace yourself. and tom hanks is with us. live in the studio. all that and spinderella jamming. right here. that's right, girl. on "gma," live in times square. [ male announcer ] now at subway.
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8:15 am
♪ hey. spinderella in the house on this friday. good morning to you. it is 8:14. we're back, now, with the latest on britney spears in the middle of a bitter legal batter with her former manager. that lawsuit has just taken an ugly turn. with nasty accusations that have been launched at the pop star. bianna golodryga is here, now, with the latest. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning, lara. her career is on top of the world right now. but just a few years ago, britney spears is making headlines for what looked like a very public downward spiral. now, the star's parents are fighting allegations that at that time, britney was using drugs. the battle between britney spears exmanager and her parents is heating up. an attorney for sam, spears former confidant and manager, said his client was trying to help the singer, but lost control when a series of events that led to her being hospitalized. the lawyer says he was made a
8:16 am
scapegoat for the drug abuse and erratic behavior of britney spears. she liked to use amphetamines, speed or uppers. and most of the things that went wrong were related to that drug. ♪ i see you >> reporter: it was during this time period that brittany's disjointed and awkward performance at the video music awards in 2008, caused whit pers through the music industry. and britney caused a sensation, when she was captured on video with a newly-shaved head. back in 2010, he defended britn britney's behavior. >> i think she is expressing her independence and freedom. she'll get to do it again. there's nothing wrong with britney. >> reporter: but photos of her striking an suv with an umbrella caused people to worry she was out of control. and again, lufti seemed she was on her side. but now, they claim that the drug-sniffing dogs turned up a substance that was probably
8:17 am
crystal meth. britney was eventually hospitalized. and her father was appointed by the courts to act as conservator. in 2008, she lost custody of her two sons kevin federline. she regained custody of her boys in 2011. no response from britney spears or her parents. her parents are scheduled to make a statement some time later today. >> thank you, bianna. now, we're here with the guys from hetextedit. you translate all the texts that guys send to women when they're trying to be -- as noncommittal as possible. you do the translating. amy robach went out and put this to the test. >> this website is started by two women. too good to be true? we're going to talk to the bros in a minute. but look at how the website actually works. >> it's not just texting. it's e-mail. it's voicemail. it's snail mail. >> that's regular mail. >> whatever.
8:18 am
none of it's working. >> reporter: movies depict it, in like "he's just not that in to you." so often, your girlfriends give you the advice you want to hear, not what you need to know. so, where does a girl turn? how about >> it's like an advice column on steroids. >> reporter: at the site, you take a screen grab of your conversation, post it and wait to see what people think. like here. >> he sends her a picture of the toaster. at 2:00 a.m. say no to this guy. >> reporter: others, like victoria, write into the bros on the site for a little more personalized attention. >> i told him the situation. i told him, i work with this guy. he's really nice. i assume he wants to grab a friendly cup of coffee. >> reporter: you didn't want to give him the wrong idea. and you didn't want to be rude. >> and i don't want to be the
8:19 am
girl that just wants to be friends. but no, wait, i have a boyfriend. does he like me as a friend since we technically went to college together? >> reporter: that's where chris steps in. he decodes the text messages or e-mail exchanges. what is it about text messages that creates such ambiguity, that girls are needing to have them deciphered by another guy? >> really simple. when you text message, you lose the emotion because it's quick blips. that's not how we're used to communicating. that's why we use e emote cons. say yes to coffee. be sure to drop your boyfriend at some point over the next few days. >> reporter: the advice was good advice. >> it was really good advice. you guys, amy and josh, you have actual texts that came in?
8:20 am
>> yep. >> love you. to the moon and back and around the milky way. >> please bring an iphone car charger. guys? >> what do you think? >> that doesn't sound that good. >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> really? that's really shocking. >> that's less helpful. it was cool hanging out. >> yeah. if you're going out tonight, bring ali? we're going to jimmy's. >> awesome. will tell her. can't wait to see you. okay. >> not a good sign if you're saying okay, if you said you're excited to see him. >> and how about telling her to bring a friend? >> i think she should not go. >> can i see one? really? i think he's pretty decided. so, my parents are going to be
8:21 am
gone this friday. wanna come over? >> what are we going to do? >> i just need some help with algebra. >> oh. i thought we could study anatomy together. >> i'm not even in that class. why would we do that? >> audience? that's about right. >> yeah. >> i think it's -- >> i think he was flirting. >> it's friday night. >> are they ever into them in these? >> yeah. >> that's why he's paid the big bucks. >> he's not studying math on friday night. >> thank you, guys. across the city, elizabeth and tom hanks, talking. >> i was sending a message to the control room. sorry about that. >> that's right, george. tom hanks is starring in "cloud atlas," a movie getting so much oscar buzz. >> is it really? >> it is. it tells six stories over the course of five centuries.
8:22 am
and hanks plays six very different characters. and we're so delighted to have you here. i saw this movie yesterday afternoon. it is nearly three hours long. and i didn't want it to end. >> seems like 33 minutes, right? >> 2:50-something minutes. it's really astonishing. >> i think it's an epic motion picture. for give me. we've done this before. i've talked about films. and i like all the delightful go and talk about it. but this is an extraordinary motion picture. luckily, i'm only in about one-third. every time i see it, i see all of the stuff i'm not in. >> but you do play six very different characters in the movie. six different accents. even different languages. >> yes. >> in the case of zachary, the futuristic. >> that was part of the fabulous filmmakers, andy wachowski and
8:23 am
tom tykwer. how are you going to have these people in it? we're going to tie them together in every part they play impacts the next one or makes a comment on the next one. or in hugh grant, how much more evil they become. and hugh grant is an evil, evil, evil dude. >> and unrecognizable. the message of the movie is that every act of kindness or cruelty, no matter how small in your life can have repercussions. >> reverberates throughout all eternity. there's so many different levels of it. but this is what always happens in each one of the stories. somebody says, you're going against the status quo. there was a natural order of things. the white people are free. the black people are slaves. you can't change that. you can't change it. and every one of the stories, either in the past or the future, is essentially making that same argument. >> let's take a look at a clip. >> all right. >> one of your main characters.
8:24 am
>> i will do one of my characters now. look at this sad face, baggy-eyed dude on "good morning america." >> let's look at the clip where you're playing a british writer who has just been given a really nasty critique by a book critic. let's see. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have an additional award tonight. an award for most eminent critic. felix finch. >> well. with what that leadless pencil you call an imagination, have a mind to end this scene? >> i think you've gone off this one. >> i think -- tom hanks here for
8:25 am
"good morning america." the lesson to can take away from that clip is don't mess with me, liz vargas. >> can you speak in the accent now? >> we have mic issues. that one? mostly, it's swear words. so, that's a little bit hard. >> if you say it with an accent, they won't know it's a swear word. >> we're so sorry, "good morning america." we'll bleep that out. >> i'm sorry. i slipped into a brand of acting. i have never done that before. i would apologize to the kids in america, who are watching right now. and let me say, next time on the show, there will be a seven-second delay. >> you also speak in another language -- >> i might have just made that a little incomprehensible to some people. never give me a hand-held mic. that's all i can -- i blame the staff. i blame the staff.
8:26 am
man, oh, man. >> can you say something in zachary's accent? >> i will. >> the futuristic -- >> as well as emotions. i will say, let's give some kudos to lizzie v. for giving up the true true. what did i just say? >> let's give some kudos. >> let's give the spec cowtow to lizzie v. for giving up the true true. for telling the truth. that's what you do right here on "good morning america." hopefully, next time, with a seven-second delay. >> the movie's fantastic. "cloud atlas" opens next weekend. >> once again, my apologies to the people of the united states.
8:27 am
and a good friday morning i am charley crowson mile megan prink especially here are the stories for you today a lot going on this weekend including the 5th annual harbor harvest taking place at west shore park in the inner harbor. plenty of free activities and chides including fame pasting and a petting zoo and pumpkin patch from 10 until 2. >> plenty of time to register for komen race for the cure. race time is 8 a.m. and if you can't come out to run or walk, you can watch all of the action here on abc2 news. we will be running a special show beginning at 7 a.m. and we will be on the air until 10. >> let's find out how the weather will be because if it's bad they are having the neural new sale. >> the vase going to be cold but we will be nice and dry with lots of sunshine coming in
8:28 am
here through the day. but for today, not the case. right now on maryland's most powerful radar we are dealing with thunderstorms now pushing across the eastern shore. kent county and queen anne's and churchill and rock hall back towards centerville getting downpours. we can see in dundalk a littleearlier but putting time- lapse on patchy fog hovering and some wet weather across the area. let's check the traffic with lauren good morning. >> reporter: good morning many we have a crash downtown on franklin street at green street. heading to the fort mchenry tunnel there's nothing to get in your way. those of you in howard county you will want to expect delays on interstate 70 where a crash has been move to the shoulder ofthe northbound lanes of the columbia pike. baltimore national pike outer loop moving slowly. an extra 12 minutes to travel from 7 95 to 70. that's your traffic. now over to you.
8:29 am
be with us at >> have a great day. see you in a bit.
8:30 am
♪ baby you're a firework our "gma" family. it is pouring out in times square. and they are out in droves. for a friday full of fireworks. that's katy perry right there. d.j. spinderella. we have fireworks going on. >> thank you. >> thank you, deejay. good morning, everyone. robin at home, recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas and ginger zee here. >> and ginger and i are on a seven-second delay, should ginger go wild and say crazy things. coming up, we can't wait for this story. the unbelievable duet. katy perry and the 11-year-old named jodi dipiazza, singing together.
8:31 am
jodi is going to join us live in the studio to play for us in just a moment. she is at the grand piano, getting warmed up. we're excited to hear you. >> jodi is an amazing little girl. we'll touch your heart. also, meredith vieira and regis philbin, they helped so many become richer and richer on "who wants to be a millionaire." but what if it turns out someone was cheating on the show? and we caught them on camera. that mustache, sort of tragic. >> give them a break. >> once he gets millions, he'll get a better stache. also, the singer/song writer, ryan bingham will be joining us. can't wait to see him on "good morning america." let's get to a big question. how far would you go to win on "who wants to be a millionaire"? would you cheat?
8:32 am
it is a jaw-dropping "what would you do?" and john quinones has the story. john? >> reporter: thousands of hopefuls line up outside the new york city studio to take the exam that could get them on the show. and make them filthy rich. >> yeah. 67. >> reporter: so, what would you do if the test taker next to you started cheating? >> oh. spread sheet program. >> oh. >> yeah. >> i'm going to need a lifeline for this one. >> maybe we should ask the audience. >> reporter: will these real contestants stand up to our cheaters before they go on to win it all? what would you do? our hidden cameras are rolling, as this group of potential contestants is about to start the audition test. they have no idea our two actors are sitting right next to them.
8:33 am
>> everybody wants to be a millionaire here? >> yeah. >> terrific. >> this is going to be 15 questions. you have ten minutes to take the test. i'll be back in a few moments. congratulations, everybody. ten minutes. >> reporter: and they're off. and no one is watching. [ whispering ] >> reporter: our actress, tracy, can't help herself. but this woman is not playing along. >> does anybody know eight? >> how stupid are you? do your own test. >> i just want to be a millionaire. it's stressful. >> i don't want to hear it anymore. neither does anyone else. >> so, we shouldn't ask the audience, is what you're saying? >> shut the [ bleep ] up. >> reporter: the tension is rising as the clock ticks away. >> drop it. >> reporter: time is up. our producer returns. >> how did it go? >> i did very well. i did good. i knew a lot of the answers. >> reporter: she may feel pretty
8:34 am
confident. but her fellow test takers feel pretty upset. >> there were people in the room talking while we were taking the test. i drove all the way from texas. >> i agree with what he's saying. >> you're not supposed to cheat. >> we didn't cheat. >> i heard you ask about one of the questions. >> i asked. but nothing answered. >> you're not supposed to speak. >> how dare you accuse me of cheating, kentucky. >> where is john quinones? >> reporter: funny they should ask. it's "what would you do?" millionaire style. >> john never had an introduction quite like that one. "what would you do?" is going to be on tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central. don't miss it, right here on abc. >> i love those. >> i know. >> when he jumps out of the chair. >> i'm waiting for john quinones. now, let's go outside to
8:35 am
ginger zee, sitting in for sam champion. >> are you seeing this? you can hardly see the signs because the rain has taken over. but dan and pam, happy 42nd. where are you from? >> cedar rapids, iowa. >> in unison. as they have been for 4 years. raining here in new york. it was and is throughout the day in chicago, too. look at the low-lying clouds there. we look west of the city. i want to see what happens this weekend, right? we have a warm-up for chicago, included. look at the temperature by sunday. 65 today. only 54. st. louis gets to 77 by sunday. almost 80. look at that beef-up in the warm department. and across the nation, i'll leave you with a look at what you can expect. showery, c
8:36 am
>> this weather report brought to you by party city. and just a note. all wearing purple for gladd spirit day. that's why the purple is on the set. right, lara? >> i have my purple scarf, because i don't have any purple tops. >> it works. >> yeah. >> we're all here. >> everybody onboard this morning. as many of you parents know, it's crunch time for high school seniors with the college application deadlines coming fast. a little help from becky worley. she has the top three things every senior can do right now to get their application on top of the pile. >> reporter: there's stress. stress about college. where do you want to go? how are you going to get in? so, we've devised a little standardized test of our own. what are the top things you need to do in the application process for college.
8:37 am
a fresh crew from novato high school in california, say they're up to the task. sharpen your pencil and let's go. is your facebook profile considered in the application process? yes? no? >> no. >> reporter: according to one survey, one-quarter of admissions officers use facebook or google to get a beat on applicants. >> if you think your grandmother or grandfather would be okay with the photo or the comment, it's probably okay with an admissions officer. >> reporter: tip number one, clean up your social media profile. next question, admission directors wish high school students would -- take more history and art classes? take advanced math and science classes. or "c," load up on extracurricular clubs and sports. >> you want a spread of math and science. >> reporter: the correct answer, "b." colleges want students who load up on stem classes, science, technology and math. final question. what's the first step as you start the application process?
8:38 am
create a calendar? it's all about the deadlines. plan your college visitations around the best party schedule. "c," strategize your essay on what makes you look intelligent. correct answer, calendar. >> test dates. applications deadlines. we're approaching the early decision deadlines. we'll have the regular decision deadlines after that. >> reporter: so, get the deadlines, apply with confidence. and make it happen. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, novato, california. >> good luck to all the applicants. coming up right here, katy per perry, jodi dipiazza. don't want to miss it. >> no way. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben.
8:39 am
by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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we're counting down to a great event happening sunday night. comedy central's night of too many stars. it's a night that raises money for educational programs for kids with autism, that affects 1
8:42 am
in 88 children. part of the event was recorded over the weekend. and i was lucky enough to be there, to witness an incredible moment between this little girl, 11-year-old jodi, who has autism, and her idol, katy perry. take a look. it's called the night of too many stars. >> tonight is about helping people that love with autism now. >> reporter: a biannual event to raise money for autism. featuring some of the biggest stars around. >> see if we've had work done. >> reporter: but the breakout star of the night, 11-year-old jodi dipiazza, diagnosed with autism just before her second birthday. >> what they told us was, there's no cure for it. it's a lifelong disability. and don't expect too much. >> jodi would engage in pretty severe tantrums when we disrupted any of her routines. >> reporter: but with the help of an intensive education
8:43 am
program, jodi was able to get specialized attention. >> we're extremely lucky to have got into a program where my child was able to access exactly what she needed. >> reporter: because of that program, jodi is flourishing. >> we picked up early on that she is very interesting in music. anything she would hear on tv or on the radio station, she would just walk over to her keyboard and start playing. i think through music and through song, it's making herself known. >> reporter: and thursday night, she did just that. >> hello, everybody. i'm gonna play (drl072612.ecl) no carrierringc0
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good friday morning i am megan prinkeling. here are the -- pringle. here are the top stories. two baltimore police officers are on leave accused of
8:57 am
roughing up a suspect in their custody. sergeant gialamas and sergeant anthony williams are charged. they say it happened last year during a drug investigation. also this morning a father of two a 6 year veteran of the police force died. kevin bowden died in a car crash. press prince george's county and he work for the pg county police department and was off duty when the cruiser crashed into a utility pole after hitting another car. the other driver is said to be okay. time for a check on your weekend weather with meteorologist lynette charles. >> all right. we are dealing with wet weather across the area. but western shore looks good. eastern shore is what we are dealing with heavy rain moving in around kent county. also around cecil county all this is sliding to the north and eastp we will get a break in the action in the next hour or so across the eastern shore. this is what we can ex-- this is what's happening as we go through the rest of today. expect that's what i was looking for. 74 degrees by 3. and it's going to be a warm day on tap.
8:58 am
this is what it looks like as we head for the race day. 48 degrees it's going to be chilly and mostly sunny. let's check the traffic with lauren good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a crash on 95. it's at the off-ramp to caton avenue. and inside the city we are dealing with another accident on cold spring lane at charles street. as we head north of this scene there's another crash on northern parkway also at charles street. here's a be live look at the west side of the beltway at baltimore national pike. speeds clocking in at 21 miles per hour on the outer loop. it will be incredibly slow from 795 down to 70. and that's a look at your traffic. megan over to you. it's almost 9 which means the doctors is next. have a great weekend and we will see you monday morning starting at 4:30. have a great one.
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