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tv   News  ABC  October 23, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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like you needed yesterday and the day before that. this is what the planner looks like. we start off this morning right around 52 degrees -- 53 around 8 as we head into lunchtime partly cloudy skies and 71 degrees. you can see as we warm up throughout the day the afternoon high coming in at 76 degrees. and we will be variably cloudy. i will call it partly cloudy to partly sunny as we go through remainder of today. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning>> reporter: good morning. hopefully the rain stays to the north and to the west of us. we have trouble right now in anne arundel county. a crash along westbound lanes of route 32 at route 175. if you are heading out to 95, traffic starting to pick up. here's what it looks like north of 195. we have construction along the southbound lanes between 195 and the beltway that you want to watch out for. here's what 695 looks like. west side not too many problems at all. traveling the outer loop from 795 down towards interstate 70 that stretch going to take you
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8 minutes. the beltway will remain nice and clear from parkville up towards towson and for those of you using the jfx to get downtown, typical community 11 minutes to travel southbound from the beltway to fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. baltimore area state delegates and clergy are gathering today on a unite front. >> they are holding a news conference encouraging marylanders to vote on question 7. >> sherrie johnson is here to explain what's going on and many are coming out against question 7 the casinos. >> reporter: that's right. today area clergy and state delegates are coming together at empowerment temple ame church to have make their voices heard. they are against question 7 and plan to encourage voters to vote against it on november 6th election day. question 7 seeks to expand gambling in maryland and advocates claim it would create jobs, boost economic development and increase education funding in the state. but some folks simply are not buying it. elected officials and clrnlgy
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will express concerns and opposition to the measure -- clergy will express concerns and opposition to the measure. dr. bryant delegate carter and ref rand ce witherspoon with the southern christian leadership council are a few of the folks who will attend the event. it will be held at empurement temple on primrose in northwest baltimore. that event runs from 9:30 to 11 a.m. this morning and you can head to the facebook fan page and let us know what you think about the clergy promoting a political agenda. it's the hot topic question for the day. a baltimore has a new top cop. city council confirmed him with 13 favorable votes yesterday. there was one abtension. he was a police chief in oakland as well as long beach, california. looks like something out of movies. cameras were rolling as a pair of suspected car thieves smashed a truck through a
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convenience store in michigan. you can see it the footage we wanted to show you one suspechelped himself to liquor and cigarettes. because the story is about the video we will bring it to you a little later on in the show. so a fancy league in one high -- fantasy league in a high school is drawing concern. >> the story is disturbing. boys at the school are drafting the name of girls. >> they are earning points by going kind of hooking up with the girls and engaging in sexual activity. the more -- the further the girls go the higher the pointch the principal sent a letter to parents letting them know what was going on. the league was discovered at an assembly at date rape prevention. >> we wanted to make sure parents were aware of things going on in their kids' lives. >> glad there's a strong administration who is willing to take on the issues. as a mother of four girls. >> a investigation found the league has been going on for 6
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years. school administrators are planning a series of campus assemblies with lessons about preventing this in the future. a san diego police officer is accused of pulling a fire victim by her hair. take a look because it's caught on camera. you can see there are emergency crews trying to keep a woman from running inside a burning home. a second later her husband grabs her and tries to pull her away and in that moment of extreme emotion she appears to try to hit the officer. then it appears he grabbed her and tries to take her down. >> it's no clue who that person was. it's tunnel vision when i got there and i was not aware of my surroundings i was looking at my house and if someone is grabbing you and your emotions are to the max i was trying to defend myself. >> the officer is on administrative leave while the investigation takes place. she is a brave young girl. a 10-year-old in washington state home alone when three burglars broke in earlier this week. instead of panicking she stayed
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hidden and called police. listen to the 911 call. >> 911 how may i help you. >> i am at my house and my mom is at the grocery store is and someone got into my house. >> she ended up getting outside and hid behind a tree and wait for police to arrive. officers arrived at the house ten minutes later and i rested a man who is cooperating and the other two got away. we want to go back to the story we told you about. we didn't have the video but we have it now. something out of the movies. cameras rolling as suspect car thieves smashed a truck through a convenience store in michigan. you can see from the footage one suspect just starts to help himself to liquor and cigarettes from behind counter. police arrested one man and they are searching for the other. just ahead, proof generosity and courage has nothing to do with size or age. >> what a great story to tell you about. two girls made the -- may be small but we will tell you what
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they did. >> more information about the meningitis outbreak another case popped up in the statement details ahead. >> we are not dealing with any rain around maryland right now. you have to go to the north at around the great lakes. but if you want to down load the app do that in the app store and we will be talking about the tropics so don't go anywhere. lauren. >> reporter: well, trfic is really starting to slow down here on 695 at old court road. i will let you know what 95 and 83 look like coming up on good morning maryland. this is what's coming up today on the katie show. >> everyone who's ready to party like a rock star in rod stewart is here and he is spilling all. from his true love to his most devastating heart breaks. rod names names. we will talk about how he handled his roaring success and deepest regrets and what about that hair? plus parenting tips from the rocking dad. sex, drugs and rock and roll and so much more. see you later. teacher: this is west virginia, pennsylvania, delaware.
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and this is maryland. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million gaming at casinos in these other states. question seven will build a new casino and bring table games to baltimore... generating hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine.
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from new hope academy good morning maryland. >> and a good morning to our friends at new home academy many they may be small but they have massive hearts. >> two girls made a huge sacrifice. this all for a schoolmate batteling leukemia. in 2007 one of the girls was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor her eye. she since recovered and when she heard about kaden somebody went to her school and she wanted to help out. so she convinced her younger sister to give up the birthday parties all in an effort to raise money for the little boy and his family. >> it's all because my girls wanted to share their birthday presents with a child that is going through something so horrible that they have went through. >> i am still in shock two kid
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volunteered to do this. >> we can't say thank you enough to the two special little girls that decided to do this for him. >> pay it forward celebration is scheduled for friday. all right coming up, more packages means more jobs. >> yeah. fed ex holiday shipping season they say is going to be a hectic one. what it could mean? it could be good news for job seekers. >> we have sunshine and pleasant temperatures right now. but, this is what could be coming. winter weather so we have got to get you ready. >> all right. so we are looking at few clouds this morning. and also we are dry. i will tell you when we get more cloudy and when the rain pushes in. >> reporter: quite a backup on the west side of the beltway. i am tracking the delays and we will have the complete timesaver traffic report coming up on good morning maryland.
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6.
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6:44 on a tuesday morning. this is your abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's start with lynette charles. >> good morning. it's mild outside this morning guys. or not as cold or chilly as yesterday. so i still urge you to grab the
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jacket as you go. but you don't need the heaviest coat. 50 in glen burnie and mount airy at 56. good morning nottingham and we will get a southwesterly flow as we go throughout the day and that helps the temperatures warm up. as we look at maryland's mostpowerful radar not a lot to see. but if you are traveling off towards north and west that's where you will run into rain and moderate rain around altoona state college and all this is pushing off towards the east now. so if you are traveling towards harrisburg chambersburg and hanover and york you will get into the wet weather. mostly dry skies for today. that wet weather should stay to the north and this is what's going on as we go through time. by lunchtime, 71 degrees. warming things up by 3:00 and we will have the sun-cloud mix throughout the day. yesterday we had ample sunshine. that's not the case going into the afternoon. and then we will be dry as we go into 7 this evening. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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we are dealing with accidents across the region the trouble in anne arundel county a crash along westbound lanes of route 32 at annapolis road. using 95 to get downtown, there's an accident northbound at 395 that is causing a backup and on west side of the beltway we are dealing with a crash on the outer loop at security boulevard. here's what it looks like a little north of the scene. at old court the congestion and delays taking you 15 minutes right now to travel from 795 down towards 95. if you are using the harrisburg expressway, it's a much different story in hunt valley. no problems from shawan to 695 and it will remain nice and clear getting on the jfx and head into the city. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charley over to you. beginning with a consumer alert. wegmans is recalling a brony mix after reports two people had allergic reaction to undeclared milk from the product. it involves the 17.2 ounce packages of wegman's gluten
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free double chocolate mix. it may contain milk not listed on the label. the company sells the brony mix at 80 tors including the one in maryland. customers can return it to wegmans for a full refund. there are 17 days of the meningitis us quite break. 300 people have been sickened 23 died because of the contaminated steroid shots. investigators fond inadequate contamination control and other issues at massachusetts pharmacy back in 2006. however, the problems were corrected that year. it was this day is it years ago a destroyer came under attack while docked in yemen. today, the man accused of orchestrating the bombing will be on trial. his lawyers will be in cuba looking to dismiss the war crimes against him. they will argue that since the u.s. was not at war he shouldn't be tried in get mow.
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git mo. -- get gitmo. a -- gitmo. a 12-year-old boy is on trial for beating a 2 -year-old. the boy is being charged as a juvenile with involuntary man slaughter. pretrial hearings for the death of nicole mcnair. dom ic. >> donald was arrest and chargedfor killing mcnair in the parking lot of a apartment park lot. he arranged to meet her to make a payment on something in an- related case. the trial date is set for november 27th. listen up. if you don't fill out an application for a tax credit, you could be paying around a thousand dollars more for property taxes. >> and that's just for city home openers. sherrie johnson joins us and people are going to want to know how to get aid hoed -- get
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ahold of the credit. >> reporter: it's a short application and city council members are afraid thousands will let it go by. look at. this this is a sample of the homestead tax credit application. homeowners need to answer five questions and mail it back by the end of the year. the credit limits the annual property tax increase on your main home. now it was automatic until a law was passed saying all home own verse to fill out a one- time --homeowners have to fill tout a one-time am dation -- fill out a one-time application. it's good for your primary home only and you've had five years to fill out the application but in baltimore city alone 25,000 people are at risk of losing the credit. on average that's $1,000 a year. >> so anyone who has not applied for homestead tax credit will not get it when the taxes come next july 1 property taxes, it will be without that
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discount. >> reporter: the city held a news conference but statewide home openers are asked to fill out the application. it's sim foal question one online or by phone. we have information on the website at in the slide show. remember, december 31st is the deadline. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. people of faith are drumming up support for the dream act. religious leaders will rally today in silver spring. dream act will allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition if parents paid tax and if they attended maryland schools. voters will get to decide on this ish next month. -- issue next month. self-driving cars could be coming to the nation's capital. dc council right now holding hearings to consider a bill to authorize driverless cars to be on city streets. google is in the process of developing the cars. >> we have driven in dc. in the good idea. gas prices are expected to go down as the holidays get
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closer. they have fallen over the past two weeks -- over the past two weeks and prices may drop by a quarter by thanksgiving the it happens every year because fewer are driving than in the summer. >> fed ex predicts a record number of shipments because of a increase in internet shopping and they are expected to hire 20,000 seasonal workers. >> at love speculation going on that apple could be -- a lot of speculation going on that apple could be going small wear smaller ipad. they invited reporters to an event in san jose. analysts say they are trying to compete the lower end of the tablet market by coming out with the ipad mini. >> parts of the northwest look like a winter wonderland. a storm blanketed the cascade mountains in oregon with 4 inches of snow. ski resorts are covered with the white stuff but it doesn't matter because none are opened yet. speaking of winter, it won't be too long before we see white stuff. >> but now is the time to prepare to be ready when the bad weather strikes.
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winter season ushers in hazards many you think you are prepared for but when they happen you are not. dozens of people die each year from he can pose yewure to heavy snow and ice storms that can cause people to be trapped if their cars and homes. >> when severe weather hits have a plan. >> just know that when winter weather strikes, where will you be rideing that storm out in safe shelter and to make sure you have the supplies on hand. >> not a bad idea to have an emergency kit with important documents and at least three day supply of nonperishable food and water and make huer to have to go -- make sure to have to go kids if -- kits if you have to evacuate. the video was from the blizzards about 3 years ago. that would have been a great time to have a plan. >> exactly. and go to our app store and down load that. you can keep abreast of the situation. no snow for today. the temperatures are much warmer than what they were
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yesterday morning. so you need a jacket but you don't need the heavy coat. look at 62 in manchester right now. we are looking at 50s from catonsville to mount airy and bowie falls church at 56. middletown at 59. chester at 55 and then in the 40s in galena and fred railsburg this morning. bel air as we go outside and we are seeing some clear skies mixing with a few high cloud. we will start to see more cloud throughout the day. at the surface, high pressure is in control of the weather. southwesterly flow is going to warm us up as we go into the afternoon. take a look at tropical storm sandy right now. those winds sustained at 45 miles an hour moving very slowly to the north. you can see the track takes it to jamaica over cuba and stays away fromflorida and it will ride along the eastern seaboard going through the end of the weekend into early next beak. so this could impact our weather. we will keep you update on that situation. but for today, this is what we are dealing w we see a little
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bit of showers staying to the north of us as we go through time. and that's going to be the scenario. mainly staying to the north so we should stay dry but we will get in on cloud action going into the afternoon. temperature wise for today, going with 76 degrees and it's a warm one. partly sunny by this evening and it's going to be mild with the temperature at 55. and look at tomorrow. 80 degrees and another sun- cloud mix and this is the 7-day forecast for you. as we will be warmer on wednesday and thursday 75 degrees. and nice and breezy as we go into friday. but our eyes stay on the end of the week and sunday and early next week where we have turned stormy because of sandy. let's chk the traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with accidents across the region. big problems on 95 downtown. there's a crash right on the northbound lanes at 395. and if you heading out to the beltway we are dealing with another accident on the outer loop at security boulevard. as we check in and look live here at old court road, notice it's causing quite a backup.
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altogether it's going to take you 6 extra minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 towards 70. this is where the -- what the beltway looks like at parkville in harford road. congested on the outer loop towards providence and crash on route 24 at singer road in abington. church is one of the last places you expect people to start texting. but it's highly encouraged at the fellowship church in arizona yowsm are thinking what? but the pastor points to a bible verse that reads in part "go into all the world and preach good news to all creations. he thinks modern technology is a way to do that even if people find it disrespectful. >> i recognize that's a will challenge for some people. they think it's a break with tradition and you know as we watch the church advance through the life cycle, it constantly embraces the edge. >> well, he calls all the new technology the best way to
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communicate the church'smessage. >> interesting idea. >> absolutely. we posted that on abc2 on our facebook page. let us know what you think. >> i was thinking about the story we had a few moments ago about having the emergency kit ready. if we were in a situation i am saying if where we had lengthy times of power outages we have ourselves covered on the emergency front what is the one thing you have to have with you? >> blankets. >> you got blankets and shoes and clots. >> cell phones. >> cell phones. >> what if it goes out. >> listen to you mr. armageddon don't worry about it. >> what would you get. >> food. >> yes food. >> i need my family. >> exactly. >> there you go. thank you. >> i need the family. >> books it wasn't that hard of a question. >> you can't be able to read in the dark. >> that's right. you've flashlight in the emergency kit. >> see you in 30 minutes for an
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update. now to good morning america.
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