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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 24, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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nick schifrin, abc news, london. >> a bright future ahead of her. that's what's makin . you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. your life is at risk. we heard the dangers before and today you can experience how tough it is to stay safe while texting behind the wheel. >> i go to the library and come back myself before so i was freaked out. >> college kids scared to walk alone after a student is sexually assaulted. >> and brace yourself. tropical storm sandy getting stronger and will make land paul in jamaica today will we will tell you when it's heading in our area on this wednesday october 24th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle.
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thanks for joining us. so gorgeous out it's hard to believe there's a storm. >> took my daughter for a walk and may have stayed a little longer but it was a perfect day to be outside. >> you know what we are talking about if you got outside. hopefully you will do it today because it's going to be better. >> it will be warmer. if you like the warmer temperatures, you will like today. temperatures starting out on the mild side. see the upper 50s in jessup and sykesville. 60 degrees in catonsville this morning. so you don't need the heavy coat. maybe a light sweater as you head out and about. and wind are calm. they will pick -- winds are calm. they will pick up out of the southwest. all is quiet and should stay that way throughout the day. a storm is brewing in the tropics. and also, we have a cold front that's going to interact. we have lots to talk about today. i will get to that later. as you step out the door, planning for your day, this is what we have. you wake up around 6:00 this morning, and we are looking at temperatures at 59 degrees. by about 9:00, 63.
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we will have the sun, cloud mix like yesterday. 76 degrees by lunchtime. that was the high yesterday. the high today i am going with 80 degrees. let's check the abc2 saim saver traffic with lawyer ann cook. >> reporter: 80 degrees is pretty nice. traveling on 95 no problems from white marsh into the city. that will take you 14 minutes. and everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel. checking in and looking outside, this is the beltway at liberty road. nothing to get in your way traveling on the outer loop towards route 40 or inner loop towards pikesville. parkville at harford road, no concerns up to 83 or the inner loop towards 95. now over to you megan and charley. doesn't matter if you are the driver or passenger. texting behind the wheel is dangerous for everyone
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involved. you are 23 times more likely to crash inform you are texts than if you are drinking. today your experience the difficulties of driving safely while texting. there's going to be a car hooked up to a virt yowl game happening at the -- virtual game in glen burnie. it demonstrates the implications of the potentially deadly practice. high school students will be there to participate in the exercise. students on the campus of notre dame in married are -- maryland are told to be cautious. >> a man sexually assaulted astudent on the campus. and linda so is live in north baltimore and you know, obviously the school is concerned. so what are they doing to make sure students are safe? >> reporter: the suspect is out there so security has been stepped up on the campus. the university also has an escort ban. students can use it when going to and from campus buildings. police say that a student was leaving the campus library early monday morning to walk back to her dorm when man with a knife sexually assaulted her. at this point, police only have
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a vague description of the suspect. ae-mail was sent to stewed don't alert them what happened. it's unsettling to know a classmate was assault and the suspect is still out there. >> the gates are always open so you can -- anyone can just come in on campus. >> reporter: so you can expect to see more security on campus at notre dame. and also at loyola university which is right across the street. police right now only have a vague description of the suspect. live in north baltimore, lnda so, abc2 news. schools are -- linda he so, abc2 news. schools are supposed to be -- linda so, abc2 news. schools are supposed to be safe. a precautionary measure police are taking after finding a threatening note yesterday. it's the second threat in the past 7 days and investigators say four other schools in that area were included in the note. they don't believe it's credible as a threat but they are adding the security just in
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case. all this comes on the heels of a safety policy that is happening at baltimore county schools. look at this. resource officers now have access to metal detecting wands. so now the kids will be subjected to random screenings. they won't be. the wands will be used if the officer has a reasonable suspicion. baltimore county enacted the policy last week after gun incidents at baltimore county schools earlier this year. some of the other top stories this morning. a police patrolling a neighborhood ended up with one shooting a man around 9 last night on spaulding avenue in northeast baltimore. that's right near park heights avenue in belvedere. the crimes task force was in the area when they heard shots. they went to investigate and saw a man running. they tried to question him and he opened fire on them and the officers fired back. he was taken to the hospital. no officers were hurt. it is national food day. so to celebrate, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will
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highlight baltimore city's accomplishments in improving access to affordable healthy and locally grown food. she will join student from the academy of college and career exploration planting fruit and fruit trees. this is the second annual food day and the goal is to raise awareness. a gunman killed three mothers. tonight hundreds are expected to gather in wisconsin for a candlelight vigil answering the victims of the shooting. they were killed earlier this week when 45-year-old rad click haughton opened fire. the target was his wife who he terrorized from years. he was later found dead from self-inflicted wounds. altogether the three women leavebehind 7 children. in a. >> reporter: ate youngest perp killed in the movie theater massacre was laid to rest. a private service was held for
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the 6-year-old veronica moster sullivan. she was killed in july when james holmes opened fire during the premier of the dark knight. the child's mother was paralyzed and the family waited months to hold the funeral so the mother could finish rehab. thursday marks the beginning of the handling pilgrimage for muslims. soughti leaders will stop protests over the conflict in syria. it's aimed at fostering a sense of university the and equality among muslims and a closeness to god. driving rain and gusting winds is what people in gentleman maker a -- jamaica are bracing for. people there have spent tuesday stocking up on bread, water and canned goods. jamaica has not taken a direct hit from a hurricane since 19 # 8. this is -- 1988. this is the storm lynette has been following and you say it's changing day by day.
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>> it is and it should be hitting around this afternoon. 55 miles an hour now sustained wind. but, it could strengthen into a hurricane by the time that hits and will set its eyes on cuba. this is what's going on. we can see the cloud cover down here all this is because of tropical storm sandy as of now. now we have this storm out in the tropics in the caribbean sea and we look towards the west and we will have a cold front. you can see some snow across the rockies. that cold air will begin to traverse the area as we go into the weekend. those two systems could meet up and we could see some difficult weather. some disasterous weather that is possible. but then there's the potential for no storm at all. we are on extreme end, but as we number down the days and count down the days, we are going to get a hone a better forecast for you. and we want to do that but you have to keep it tuned here. as we check out what's going on for today, no stormy weather. we can see showers off to the
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north of us. a little disturbance across ohio. we are dealing with partly cloudy skies and we will be seeing sunshine as we go throughout the day as well. temperatures this morning are on the mild side. coming in at 60 in ellicott city. more of the same in manchester at 63. look at middletown at 66 degrees. germantown at 63. and more 60s from chesapeake beach to chester and we are looking at 58 degrees in chestertown this morning and 53 in elkton and denton at 61. you don't need the heaviest coat but a light jacket will suffice. and into the afternoon you won't need a jacket at all. we will talk about tropical storm coming up in -- tropical storm sandy coming up in and also temperatures are going to plumbe as whoa go through time as well -- plummet as we go through time. >> she was killed in new york hours before her baby shower and days before the wedding. >> what investigators found inside the apartment that has to do with attacks carried out in our area. president oand mitt romney are sprinting to the finish line in the race for the white house. what voters will see in the
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final days leading up to the election. plus... >> reporter: big bird and bayonets. look at the unexpected phrases that are now a part of the campaign season. >> well, everything is up to speed on interstate 70 at columbia pike. i will let you know how it's shaping up on 695 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. >> you are looking live in downtown baltimore. beautiful way to start day. stay with us for much more coming up.
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4:42 and headlines around the nation. she was 8 months pregnant withplans to get married but investigators are trying to figure out who killed vindalee smith. they found a strange note that read i will kit one pregnant woman a month starting now
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until lee boyd malvo is set free and it was signed the apprentice with a smiley face. the 38-year-old was found dead in her new york apartment last saturday. her unborn son didn't survive. police questioned her fiancee but they haven't been identified yet as a suspect. two brothers are charged with a murder of a 12-year-old girl in new jersey. autumn pass quelle's body was --pasqual' body was found in a recycling bin. their mother turned them in after noticing somebody on the facebook page. a fantasy league that has nothing to do with sports. we told you about this yesterday morning. now students from a school are speaking out. guys from some of the varsity sports teams are drafting girls for their league. they get points for the documented sexual encounters they have with the girls even though not all students are involved in the game, they all seem to have an opinion. >> it's like why do you do it
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to women. >> gives the football team a bad name and gives the girls a bad name. >> that's gross and degrading but because the they didn't know the facts before they sent out the letter, they caused kind of widespread anxiety and panic and i think all of the attention is unneeded. >> the school administrators say they don't plan to punish the kid involved but hope sending a letter home to parents about the league will lead to changes in the students' behavior. news time 4:44. we are on the homestretch n13 days you will vote for the net president. and with all three presidential debates in the books, we now have thospopular catch phrases we are going to remember for a long time after the election is over. emily schmidt is in washington with the war of the words. >> reporter: there was a lot of talk before each debate about what the candidates needed to do to win. but few could have predicted what the candidates would actually say and which phrases would catch on in the campaign.
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the debate one focused on domestic policy. unemployment and economy and deficit. what emerged as one of the top rising search terms according to google? >> i like pbs and i like big board and you. >> it's me big bird. >> big, yellow a menace to the economy.>> reporter: big bird made it into an obama campaign ad and mitt romney cried fouled. >> in the spirit of sesame treat the president's remarks are brought to you by the letter o and 16 trill one. >> reporter: the advise presidential debate joe biden was the top rising search one of the most popular phrases. >> that's a bunch of malarkey. >> reporter: in the second presidential debate mitt rom no coined a servable terms. >> binders full women. >> reporter: president obama topped that in the final debate. >> we have fewer horses and bayonets. >> reporter: horse and bayonets was the fastest rising search topping syria mali and rome. now they are part of the
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campaign lexicon. and they are a way potential voters are having a say what matters to them. in washington i am emily schmidt. a busy two weeks for bowing candidates. -- both tan dates. prease -- both candidates. president so bamma plans trips to iowa colorado and nevada and will travel to florida and he will apair at a rally before heading -- appear at rally before heading to virginia. governor rom mi going to hold campaign rallies -- romney is going to held came campaign rallies in nevada and then iowa. he held one of the largest last night and speaking to more than 10,000 people near denver. up to this point he is typically campaigned at smaller businesses. now time for a check of the forecat. it was a perfect -- forecast. it was a perfect day yesterday. >> it was chance to get outside. if you didn't have the opportunity to do that yesterday, you can do it again today. >> lynette is standing by with
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a check of the forecast. you say the great days could be numbered. >> they are. but we have the rest of the weekend when things will go downhill. so we look at the satellite and radar this morning and we see showers back off towards the west across the ohio valley this morning. also some showers to the north of us. very similar to what we saw yesterday. another disturbance coming from the west. staying away from us as we go through time. we will have high pressure build in across the area. but right now, temperatures are mild this morning. we are not as cold as we were yesterday. the day before that. we are in the 50s this morning from aberdeen to perry hall and light jacket or sweater. here's the area of high pressurethat will build in throughout the day at the surface. and we do have to talk about tropical storm sandy. that's where all eyes are for right now. wind sustained at 70 miles an hour. you can see it there in the caribbean. this will track off towards the north as we go through the rest of today and it will impact jamaica and cuba and we can see what's going on as it taste a-- stays away from us. this is what it looks like as
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of now. we are days away and have to hone in on the specific track of this. but here's some of the possibilities. so, first track, takes it inland. we are looking at very wendy conditions coastal flooding and mountain snow. the second track breezy andbeach erosion and coastal rain could move in across the area. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning.>> reporter: good morning. well, today fortunately going to be a nice day. high of 80 degrees and if you are heading out to 95, i have some great news there. are no delays right now heading down to dc or heading up towards bwi airport. as far as 83 is concerned, if you are using that to get downtown, you are looking at just an 11-minute ride traveling southbound from towson down to fayette street. 695 is in great shape as we check in and look live at old court road. nothing to get in are way traveling down to route 40 and here's what 795 looks like at could beies mill road.
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-- cockys mills road. that's a look at your traffic now over to you. an incredible story. he floated up to the edge of space and jumped. >> coming up, hear from daredevil felix baumgartner and why he says this jump almost never happened. >> and 23 people died and over 300 people have become sick nationwide. this morning what's being done about the company at the center of the deadly meningitis outbreak. >> let's talk about what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar. get the mobile app phones out and we can see what's going on. head over into ohio for today to track the storms but if you want the temperatures where you live, make sure to down load the apps. good morning maryland will be right back.
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and welcome back on this wednesday moing. millions of people watched a sky diver felix baumgartner make history and now he is talking about the moment that
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almost never happened. you probably remember this of him floating 24 miles to the edge of space and jumped. he success any set the record for passion the speed of sound but says it was not easy. he had to work with a psychologist overcoming a fear of clast row phobia and he had to spend hours wearing the suit but he he moved past it and completed the mission and now he is describing what it felt like the moment he stepped out of the capsule on the ledge. >> i kind of like that part of the jump because it means you are outside and everything worked well and if you have a problem, you know, probably jumping off is the fastest and safest way because now you are falling towards a much healthier enviroent. you are falling towards more pressure and more oxygen and if you need medical treatment this is the fast of the way down. so, to me, this is the easy step. it's the impression if it goes on forever i won't break the
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speed of sound. >> one way to look at it. hesays since the jump it hasn't changed his life but he does say people recognize him. [ no audio ] >> 10 how battery life. the wi-fi model goes on sales- sale on november 2nd. they are expected in the stores few weeks later. the americans plan to postpone retirement until they are in the 80s.
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after surveying a thousand adults wells fargo found 30% of them plan to work until they are at least 80 years old. wells fargo says it's tough for americans to save for retirement so most people just plan to work later in life. the fall classic kicks off in san francisco tonight. giants will take on the detroit tigers a little after 8:00. the tigers swept the yankees in the alcs. and they have been sitting around for almost a week. the giants went to game 7against the cards wrapping up the series just two days ago. detroit native aretha franklin will sipping the national apartment um for game 5 monday if necessary. last year she headed the star- spangled banner. and the tigers won the game so they are hoping the queen of soul will bring on a little more luck with her this time. all right. time for a check on the weather. how gorgeous was it yesterday. >> perfect day. wife and i took olivia out for a walk and it became a


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