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tv   News  ABC  October 24, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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as you get ready to head out the door, hang on. we will send it over to meteorologist lynette charles to ho will tell you how to prepare. >> we are looking at the radar and we are looking pretty good around maryland but we are looking at showers now in west virginia. so some of those could track across the area but mainly dry for today. don't think you will need that umbrella. maybe a few drops on thewindshield as you head out and b that's what to expect across the area in terms of radar. satellite, yes, we do have clouds that are going to stream in here off and ongoing throughout the day just like yesterday. the big picture picking up on some snow back off towards the west. some colder air across that area that will be moving into our area as we go through time. but for today, we are looking at temperatures this morning that are on the mild side. look at the inner harbor at 64 degrees. and 61 degrees in annapolis this morning. 61 in dc. closer to home, still quite mild. monrovia 59 degrees and rockville coming in at 53. let's check the abc to time --
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abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: beautiful forecast but we are dealing with a crash right now in baltimore city at kirk avenuep and if you are traveling on 83, here's what it looks like north of 695. everything up to speed. no delays right now on the jfx heading downtown. checking in and look at drive times, you will notice the beltway in great shape. a typical 11-minute ride on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and no concerns on the west side just 11 minutes to travel that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that is a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. police want students at noter dam maryland university to be careful after a student was sexually assaulted by a stranger on campus. abc2 news lind see is live in baltimore -- linda so is live atcampus and what is the school doing to mack sure student repair safe. >> reporter: the suspect is out there. so security has been stepped up on campus. the university also wants to let students know it has an
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escort van that students can use when going to and from campus buildings. police say a student was leaving the campus library early monday morning to walk back to her dorm when man with a knife sexually assaulted her. police have a vague description of the suspect. a university wide e-mail was sent to students to alert them about what happened. students say it's unsettling knowing that one of their classmates was assaulted on campus and the suspect is still out there. >> i think it's unsettling because it's not common on our campus, and i think students generally feel very safe. >> reporter: so you can expect to see more security here on campus at notre dame and loyola university which is right across the street. again, the suspect is still out there and police only have a vague description. live in north baltimore linda so, abc2 news. 5:32. don't text and drive. noid at new message but it's certainly hard to -- it's not a
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new message but it's certainly hard to get it across. a car willup to a virtual game that shows how hard it is to text and drive at the same time and how dangerous it can be. the students will be there this morning at 9:30 and they will be there until 10. but the simulator is going to be available until 2 so you can check it out as well. it will be set up right outside the glen burnie mda. the goal is to make the harbor fishable and swimmable by 2020. many groups are working towards that goal including some school children. you see today lieutenant governor brown is going to open the mason cove nature area. the 11 acre park is part of a massive restoration project. more than 60,000 tons of trash and debris was removed from the area. news time 5:33. around the nation this morning, family and friends laid to rest the youngest victim of the july aurora colorado movie theater massacre. a private funeral was held at a
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denver church for ver onicca moister sullivan she was in the theater with her mother when james holmes opened fire. the child's mother was paralyzed and family members waited months to hold the service so her mother could finish her rehab in and a woman believed the the have of a racially motivate attack made it up. she set herself on fire and she told police men wearing white hoods attacked her in park in louisiana. police found her fingerprints on the cigarette lighter near the scene and she is believed to have written kkk and other racial slurs on her car. moffett suffered burns to more than 60% of her body and is in critical condition. lap dance something not an art. that's coming from the new york state judge. therefore, it is taxable. and in a close decision the highest court concluded it doesn't promote culture in the community the way ballet or other artistic endowsers do.
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the judges said there is no distinction in a state law between high brow dance and no brow dance so the case raises constitutional problems. a dance in albany new york they brought up this case to try to get its dancers tax breaks. so no breaks. not an art form. when you were a teen, being near your parents was often a crime worse than death. >> they can be so embarrassing. it turns out they don't have to be in the same room to embarrass you. listen to this story. a teenage girl in wisconsin got mouthy with her parents and they took away her phone and they took a very modern approach towards punishment. they posted pictures like the one you see on the tv screen of themselves all over her facebook page. her brother posted them online and those posts took off. mostly with people cheering on the parents. >> okay, no. >> as creative discipline. >> the brother got involved.
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>> absolutely. >> wow. >> coming up, candy corn, m&m's and snickers and he havey halloween -- halloween the trick or -- every halloween the trick or treat bags are filled. >> we will show you the best halloween treats. >> and one family's in the halloween spirit with a display of lights and music for all to see. we will take you there for a tour when "good morning maryland continues on this wednesday october 24th.
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check this out. national aquarium is getting into the spirit of halloween by carving pumpkins under water. this is in tennesseech the asquare number in baltimore is putting their divers to the test today to promote their halo marine event happening this weekendp kids can come dressed up a and participate in parade, crafts and a save engine hunt. >> -- scavenger hunt. >> the weather could be changing this weekend. >> halloween may not be so great for the kid. i know. keep our eyes peeled for that. but heading out to the airport
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this morning, maybe on a business trip maybe a vacation, this is what to expect. 57 under partly cloudy skies. no types of visibility issues across that area. and we are looking at a dew point of 55 right now. so, the kid are going to be heading to school and this is their forecast. we are at 58 degrees by that time. and we will be nice and warm by the afternoon. so you won't need the big coat this morning at all. we are dealing with plenty of sunshine mixing with clouds as whoa go throughout the day. let's check abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: 80 degree weather should be nice out today. traveling on east side of the city, we are dealing with a crash at cerk avenue. every thing up to speed traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. looking live at the beltway in parkville, everything is up to speed. no problems from harford road to 83. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now megan and charley over to you. you think the kids are not
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listening to the lessons you teach? a young girl who escaped being kidnapped will think twice. >> how she used a lesson taught at a young age about stranger danger. how that may have changed her life. >> a senatorial debate gets heated when a candidate offers his position on the creation of life and what he calls god's will. his oon the's reaction and explanation for his remarks. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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thanks for joining thus morning. a u.s. senate candidate depens on his pro life position has -- defense on his prolife position has sparked a fire storm. charley is at the live desk to explain what happened and this thing started over the issue of rape correct. >> yeah it did. over theish you've rape and a pro-- issue of rape and a prolife position. republican candidate richard murdock was asked about the prolife position in instances of rape. and murdock said it is an shall you'd he he struggled with before arriving at the conclusion he shared with voters. listen. >> i believe that life begins at conception. the only exception i have for to have an abortion is in that case of a life of the mother i just struggled with it myself for a long time but i came to realize life is a gift from god and think even when life begins
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in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> after the debate democratic joe doneelly attacked the remark in statement which read in part, the god i believe in doesn't a. does not intend for rape to happen ever and called murdock's statement shocking and disrespectful to rape survivors. mir dock released a statement after the debate saying "god does not want rape and by no means did i suggest he does. rape is a horrible thing and for anyone to a twist my words otherwise is absurbed and sick. the mitt romney campaign which released an ad supporting murdock distanced himself from the republican and the press secretary says governor romney disagrees with the comments and they don't reflect his views." megan. 5:45. you teach your children about strangers and are hoping what you say stays with them for a lifetime. one little girl says that lesson save her life -- saved
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her life. she is 8 and was at the bus stop near her col degree home -- cal rough's -- colorado home when a car drove up. she remembered what she was to do and it took one word. >> i was standing at the bus stop and there was a black man told me to get in the car and i said no and then he drove away. >> she knew what to do so witnesses say that they have seen a car driving around that bus stop before and the school isn't letters to parents warning them about the suspicious -- sent letters to parents warningthem about the suspicious driver. it's the best outcome for funeral. a man shocked his family when he walked into a funeral that was being held for him. it turned out this is a case of mistaken identity. here's the side by side comparison of the two men a man with the same name and the same job that he did he ended up passing away. and he says his brother even identified the body but it turns out that the men looked
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alike with similar jobs. so his friends told him his family was mourning him. so he went to tell them he was just fine. five things to know as you head out on this wednesday morning. republicans vice presidential nominee paul ryan is giving his first major policy speech as mitt romney's running mate. he is talking about the economy and it's happening at cleveland state university. >> family and friends are holding a candlelight vigil tonight for the victims of a spa shooting. a man opened fire killing his estranged wife and two other people and turn the gun on himself. detroit tigers versus the giants. happening tonight opening game of the world series giant pitcher barry zito goes up against justin verlander on the mound. this is the first time the two teams met in a world series. if you swipe the credit card at barnes and noble you may want to get a -- noble, you may want a closer look at your
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bank statements. customers at 63 stores may have had their accounts compromisedch the company has not said -- compromised. company has not said how many accounts may be jeopardized. a bbc world survey finds president obama would win a global election by a landslide. france watt most pro ohe bamma at 72% pakistan was the only pro mitt romney country. a tax increase was passed on cigars and it has dramatically increased the price on the items and the group says it will save the lives of children by deterring them from buying products like that. news time right now 5:48. in the realm of trick or treating, apples and raisins are lame. so what should you hand out to trick or treaters so you don't find egg all over your house? well, we have consulted the internet to find out some of the best candy stores in order to help you and out the trick
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or treat the children in your neighborhood want base on volume of facebook likes. skitels are the most popular -- skittles and star burst and the reeses peanut butter cup. that's based on google searches. candy corn gummy bears and nickels. >> she had two. >> she had 200 and she is like kit cake and nickels and mill -- kit kat, snickers and milky way. when you think of lights christmas is what comes to mind. >> halloween decorations are becoming more and more elaborate. [ music ] ♪ >> i know you love it but wouldn't you hate it if it's your neighbor. leet show in leesburg virginia a full display 13 songs with the lights sink row. >> ied to each one.
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gangnam style is the centerpiece and the house is not breaking any noise ordinance. the songs they play through the car radio. >> all right. you are not dancing. >> i am not. >> we were waiting. >> i know you were. i have your number now you are not doing it so i am not doing it. >> oh. the pregnant pause is i was weighting to see whether or not you would dance. >> i know it was. i am talking about temperatures because we are mild. we can see 62 in arnold and we are at 59 in owings mills. ijamsville at 69. dc at 61. 63 in tillman and what 58 in chestertown march della springs at 59. we have a cold air trough building in and we can see the cold air across the west. this will begin to work its way towards us as we go towards the weekend. and what that is going to do is couple up with tropical storm sandy and the wind right now sustained at about 70 miles an hour. it's moving to the north at about 12 miles an hour. and you can see sandy right
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there. it's going strengthen as it moves over gentleman maima -- jamaica cuba is next and then as it moves along the eastern seaboard, you can see the track. and the track is not quite certain so we are going to keep updating you on the situation. but this is ssibility. so the first storm track takes it inland. we will be seeing very strong winds. coastal flooding and mountain snow. that second storm track breezy conditions and beach erosion and some coastal rain across the area. so, today, temperatures coming in at 08 and it's going to be very warm under partly cloudy skies. mild again by this evening 55 and tomorrow's forecast 73 sun and clouds and not as warm as today. >> let's check the abc2 time save traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: 80 sounds pretty good but i think the warm days are going to be numbered. we are dealing with several accidents. one on baltimore city at kirk and another crash right now
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going on in dundalk on eastern avenue at 54th street downtown on 359 traffic is moving along. no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel. harbor tunnel nice and clear and pulling up drive times notice the beltway in great shape. no delays from parkville up to towson and 11 minutes right now on the west side to travel the outer loop from 795 towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you if you know anything about the show, we love bringing you the stories of servicemen and women united with their families after returning home from the battlefield. >> this is different. coming up next, we will go to an introduction between a marine father and his newborn daughter. she was born while dad was away on the battle front in afghanistan. we are back in a bit.
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we are five minutes away from six many she was born while she was oversneeze a marine got to hold his infant daughter for the first time. you see during each of her husband's four deployments, dana says she waited for him to
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come home but this time it was different and that's because the two excited family members were waiting to see him. you saw 4-month-old sophia first time meeting her dad. >> in the hospital we videotaped it and sent it but as far as skipping he skipped with her 3 or 4 tints -- skyping, he skypeed with her 3 or 4 times. internet is not very good. >> look at her. okay, my word. the feeling is a sigh of relief no words to express it. >> she will spend the next two weeks in tampa before returning to afghanistan but he expects to be home before christmas and this time dad will be home for good. >> such a great story. makes you realize the sacrifices they make. for many the smart phone is is an extension of our hands. you know how dirty it is? >> don't want to know but you will be surprised how many germs it can collect.
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you're watching the station that works for you, now good morning maryland. >> walking gr


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