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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 24, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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tonight's top story, hundreds of computers, cash and more were seeds during a raid of internet calf face. they are charged with running illegal gambling operations. the customers were beth on
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internet gambling for a payout. charges are pending tonight. >> a 17-year-old is raised for the murder of jessica ridgeway. austin sigg i in custody. he is also linked to an abduction back in may. >> two people were ab dicted at gun -- abducted at gun point. they were released unharmed and police are searching for the three men responsible. they said the men were driving a silver four-door dodge stratus. >> weather wise, warm day up around 80 degrees in most parts of central maryland, nothing more than a couple clouds. we had cloud cover earlier. once the clouds broke, the temperatures skyrocketed, by 15, 20 degrees. to the north and west, not much weather headed in from that direction yet. the progress of now hurricane
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sandy as she pounds the jamaican island and eventually moves toward cuba and the u.s. eastern coach. it pushes sandy closer and closer to the mid-atlantic states as we go into early next week, monday and tuesday. a survey by the ad council finds you're 23 times more likely to drive from texting than drinking. >> students experienced it first hand. >> reporter: juliana just got into a car crash while texting and driving. someone swerved across the center line. luckily, today's wrecks weren't real but to teach them a lesson. >> it gives you a realistic
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sense of driving at high speed and shows how dangerous texting really is. the distraction can be deadly and it's very real for younger drivers. a study found 80% of drivers admitted to texting, using the internet or opening smartphone apps while in the driver's seat. taking your eye off the road, even for a second, can be costly. >> it's like driving the entire length of a football field blindfolded. >> wait until i get to my destination because it's not worth it getting into a fender bender. >> reporter: in glen burnie, reporting. >> for more information, go to remember, abc2 is the only station on at 4:30 in the morning. you can get your latest traffic
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from the best morning team on television. good morning maryland starts at 4:30 a.m. a high school student is facing punishment from his school. he said it's from supporting a charity. the charity makes wigs for kids with cancer. his school district said he must cut his hair or suffer the consequences. there's a school policy. the school board president john martin said the teen is supporting a good cause but they aren't making an exception. >> you try to set guidelines. that's where we set the line, the length of hair and he went beyond that boundary. >> he will continue to grow his hair. he's one inch away from being able to donate. back in august, daniel castillo got through the best airport security system without
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a blink of an eye. >> the man who did it was trying to save himself. here's t.j. winick with our exclusive report. >> reporter: he was riding his jet ski last august when this broke down in jamaica bay. >> i looked around, no lights, nothing, no noise, just pitch black. >> reporter: through the darkness, all he could see was the control tower. after a three mile hike he reached a chain link barb wired fence. he walked across taxi ways and runways. no one saw him and none of the cameras picked him up. >> figured i would be on camera, that somebody would pick me up, maybe a helicopter would come, police car, something. nothing happened, to the point i had to walk up to a cargo worker. >> reporter: he was arrested, finally pleading guilty for a
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misdemeanor. >> 31-year-old jet skier can penetrate that system, then we have deficiencies, and they have to be addressed. >> this is a big deal. i didn't mean to do this, but i exposed something really important, and that's a flaw in security. >> danny is now suing the port authority saying he was questioned for hours about the offer for warm clothes, food and medical treatment. the port authority has not responded to the charges. a woman is charged with first degree assault. police said angela cobalt tried to drive her car into a security officer. the officer shot at the woman's car but she wasn't hurt. she initially drove away but was taken into custody after crashing her car. >> during the tough economic times, your budget might start cutting into your dating life. >> we have tips on how you can
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have a great date night without shelling out the big bucks. >> big bird costumes are already told out for halloween.
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in tonight's consumer alert, you might want to pay attention to your bank statement if you shopped at barnes & noble lately. credit card information may be compromised. luckily none of the stores in our state were affected. customers using a credit card will now have their cards swiped to the reader attached to the register. the u.s. government is bringing a lawsuit against one of the nation's biggest banks. bank of america is being sued by the government for a billion dollars. the justice department alleges the bank committed fraud by selling fraud len mortgages and it cost taxpayers more than a billion dollars and led to countless foreclosures. bank of america has in comment so far. between din are, drinks and a movie, the cost of a date can
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add up quickly. if your budget is detracting from date night, there are ways to save. bring your coupons along on the next date. you can find deals and being thrifty is no longer a turn off. it asked people how they would feel if people used a coupon on their date. 73% said using this might lead to a second date. >> that's pretty good. all right. hey, tonight we're going to take you off to the a tas coriver. here come the tears. she will meet her daddy for the first time.
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gorgeous, gorgeous day. we're going to talk about sandy.
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let's savor the moment. blue skies over annapolis today, like it this way. look at this, through weather in motion from the naval academy, down the mighty seven -- severn river. still in the 60s. here's a lock at the bay bridge where we had all the trouble. today traffic seems to be sailing along nicely, just a little haze at times along maryland's might tiest bridge. dundalk, from ccbced so much beautiful fall -- ccbc and so much beautiful fall foilage. we know the winds will come up. we'll get rain and knock down a lot of the tree leaves that are so beautiful right now. 78 degrees. dew point 58. dry and's. statewide temperatures above average well into the upper 70s.
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we hit 80s. as we look at the overall pattern, today it has been one of changing sky conditions. we had the cloud cover socked in early and the rains breaking apart, allowing temperatures to warm up. it's a warm pattern. warm surge continues today. tomorrow these temperatures west toward cincinnati will see a retreat of the warmest air, a little bit of a shift. still, in the low to mid-70s. the next two days with plenty of sunshine. show you our future trend temperature wise. tomorrow we're back in the mid-70s and into friday temperatures will bounce up nicely, maybe some 60s to the north. the bottom line is this. the clear sunny scenario, the's temps are on a limited time basis. cold air is building across the upper midwest. that colder air will make its presence felt by sunday and especially on monday and
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tuesday. that's coming no matter what happens with our other weather player. hurricane sandy with winds to 80 miles an hour, a solid category one hurricane. low central minimum pressure. that's a strong category one. here's the projection. here's the movement on sandy. this is friday into saturday and a sunday time frame. you can see the nature of the storm is to run the coast. eventually that gauntlet will be close enough to bring in the wind, bring in the waves, beach erosion, minor coastal flooding. if it were to make a sharper turn, we would get a much more scenario. so we're hopeful that wouldn't happen. we'll see what happens with the computer model trends. tonight 54, partly cloudy. we're set for a day on your thursday, mid-70s. the next few days, not warm.
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low 70s. the storm will be approaching by saturday night and begin to impact sunday and monday as we look for rain to push in and wind and much colder air. we know we're going to get the wind and the colder air. those two items are guaranteed. how much rain, how much coastal flooding. how much beach erosion, that depends on how much, how far offshore she remains. >> stay tuned. >> thanks a lot. >> now to democracy 2012 news tonight. president obama and mitt romney are hitting as many tossup states as possible today. we go live to washington. it's getting easy to predict where the events will hold events. these tossup states are where they're hanging out. >> reporter: there's only a handful of swing states. that's where youl find president obama and mitt romney from now until election day.
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>> we're starting here in ohio -- >> reporter: as time runs out and money runs thin both campaigns are picking and choosing their states wisely. it labels eight states as tossups. that includes iowa, stop number one for the president today. >> if you said you won't give a big tax cut to the wasn't thy but you're caught on video promising it would include the top 1%, then you might have rom knee sha. >> reporter: obama made his way west to colorado, another state up for grabs. later tonight he heads to nevada where romney held his first campaign event of the day. >> he's out of ideas and out of excuses. in november you're going to put him out of office. >> reporter: after nevada romney will end his day where the president began his, iowa. it wasn't just the man at the top of the ticket. both ann romney and john mccain
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paid a visit to florida today with its 29 electoral votes and both stumped in ohio. >> mitt romney and i share your cause and we will seek your counsel. >> ohio will pick the neax president -- next president. >> reporter: experts say the electoral map actually favors president obama but keep in mind, these numbers are very fluid and there's still a lot of time left in this contest. >> we had that republican candidate last night who made the controversial comment about abortion. how is that playing out today? getting a lot of fallout from that. >> reporter: you're talking about richard murdoch, the senate candidate in indiana. listen to what he had to say last night. >> life is a gift from god. even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape it is something that god intended to
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happen. >> reporter: murdoch later released a statement saying god does not want rape and by no means was he suggesting that he does. the candidate was endorsed by mitt romney and he campaigned with him in august. the campaign said the candidate, mr. romney, does not agree with murdoch's comments. >> live from washington. we'll check in with you. if you want it get that big board halloween costume, you might be out of luck. mitt romney has made big bird the it costume. in the second debate romney made big bird the symbol of government spending. sales of costumes rose 600%. within days of the comment, they were out of stock. >> they were out. >> even big bird gone political. what was once a blight along
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baltimore harbor has been restored. >> it's a very special celebration. >> reporter: it's a delicate job, rebuilding hope. it's along the patapsco river between brook will be and fairfield. for more than a century it was a mess. >> this was a dumping ground and it dated back to the great baltimore fire of 1904. >> reporter: it was a burial ground for the broken and abandoned, one of the the most contaminated sites, now being transformed in the nature area. >> the nature hear is home to clearer soil, native trees and shrubs and wetland plants. >> reporter: more than 60,000 tons of trash and debris were removed. today fourth graders from
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friendship academy in cherry hill stormed the beach to do their part. >> i get to plant plants. i never planted plants before. >> we're providing habitat, improving water quality by planting these native plants. >> get the trash and stuff out of the water. >> and we get to protect fish so they won't die. >> this is a day for the next generation. this is a -- a day of renewal to become an incredible as set. >> reporter: it's operated by living classrooms but it's as about recreation as education eye see people fishing. i see paddle boats. i see kayaks pulling up. >> reporter: bill fink, abc2 news. >> this is just the first phase
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of the $153 million rest -- restoration project. coming up all new at 6:00, abc2 was the first on the scene of that massive police raid of internet cafes. much more on the investigation into illegal gambling. >> two people forced into a car and robbed. where it happened and how you can help baltimore police catch the suspect. those stories and more coming up at 6. we have a preview of what's coming your way at 6:30. >> we'll tell you the latest on hurricane sandy. will there be a soggy east coast halloween? tonight. the new pictures of the hurricane and sam champion is here with what to expect.
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you might want to grab the kleenex for this next story. >> a marine meets his baby girl for the first time. his wife skyped him and sent him video but he's barely gotten a chance to see him. they reunited in tampa. >> the feeling was a sigh of relief. no words to express it. i was so happy. >> fernando will spend two weeks with his family before heading back to afghanistan but he expects to return home for good sometime before christmas. a trip to the supermarket is leading to millions of people getting sick every year. >> what a new government report says about why food contamination is on the rise,
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plus the latest on hurricane sandy's path. that's coming up right now. internet cafes raided. >> two people abducted and robbed in one of baltimore's most upscale neighborhoods. >> she's already making waves from florida. she is hurricane sandy. first up, they claim to be internet cafes but inside you could press your luck. >> our reporter roosevelt leftwich went to all of the locations. >> reporter: authorities said when players would go into the cafes, they would use the internet but would also gamble and try to


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