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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 25, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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>> big heart, indeed. that's what's making news in amer it's something no parent should experience. your child dying in a car crash. >> yeah, well that's what happened to three teenagers after getting their hands on alcohol, why two family members and one teen face a jury today. also, but that doesn't moan it's always the -- mean it's always the safest. where two people were abducted at gunpoint this morning and how their kidnappers are still on the loose. today, a teenager arrested in the jessica ridgeway case will appear in court for the first time. those stories are straight ahead on this thursday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. let's get right to one of the big stories and it is the weather. strong winds blowing 80 miles
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an hour. torrential rains and massive waves meaning only one thing. hurricane sandy has made rapid fall. -- landfall. >> it is now pounding cuba. they are feeling the effects of the storm early tomorrow morning is what is expected. will hurricane sandy wreak halving on the area? >> earth cam this morning, a live look near the atlantic coastline and you can see the winds off the shadow of that pool. winds already picking up out there. could this affect us in the days to come and what's expected for florida? right to lynette charles. >> you asked the question can this affect us through time and that answer is yes. not quite sure where sandy is going to go but again we have a huge potential of getting sandy as we go through time here. what's going on with hurricane sandy as you said it is around cuba. you can see that eye well defined eye now. it will move over cuba and enter back into some warm waters and it will be lashing the coast of florida as well
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and that track will tech it up to the knot -- take it up to the north. what's going on here? because as we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, we are nice and dry. we'll stay dry even throughout the day. now we also have a little bit of patchy fog out there this morning and also some misting. so be prepared for that as you go into the morning time. by the afternoon, this is what we can expect. well, we will start to see a sun/cloud mix just like we saw yesterday. and as we head into lunchtime the temperature at 69 degrees and we will be dry. temperature-wise for a high today will be a little bit cooler than what we were yesterday but still temperatures above average coming in at 72 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. we have a little bit of patchy fog as you mentioned and with you will want to turn on the low beams this morning because there's a lot of reduced visibility out there. if you are using the jfx to get downtown absolutely nothing to get in the way from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. and as far as the tunnels are
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concerned, no problems to report through that fort mchenry tunnel or the harbor tunnel. and if we check in and take a live look outside here at the beltway at liberty road. no problems getting down to 95 and here's what the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road. everything up to speed not too many cars out there just yet. no problems getting up to towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. the trial begins today for two people who got in trouble for giving teens alcohol. those teenagers later were killed in a wrong way crash. >> this this wered back in january and -- happened back in january. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is here with more on the story. >> reporter: civil trial of debbie and joshua franco is scheduled to begin this afternoon in district court in glen burnie. they were given citations for providing alcohol to three teenagers who died in a car crash last january. it happened on interstate 97 and route 50. several callers say the car was going the wrong way before that
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head-on crash in davidsonville. the crash killed 18-year-old franco, 19-year-old brittany walker and 18-year-old zachary road and the driver of the other car 55-year-old terry wayne davis. they are accused of receiving alcohol to minors during a birthday party at their home just before the accident happened. maryland state police say both drivers were under the influence of alcohol. the lawyer says his clients are innocent and he says the alcohol was flowing from places beyond the franco home. the state's attorney office says right now there's no law in place that has tougher penalties like jail time for adults that serve alcohol the minors. possibly as much as $500 as a fine. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. four people taken at gunpoint and robs in one of boston's most affluent neighborhoods and now the search is season. she was heading to her car in roland park when the men grabbed her. >> they approached her alt
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gunpoint. they orlandod her into their -- ordered her into their vehicle and they drove her to an atm in their neighborhood. they then released her on roland avenue. >> about ten means later a 19- year-old was riding his bike when he was hit by the robbers' car. they acted like they were checking on him then they abducted and robbed him. as well now both victims were released unharmed. police say the three men were driving a silver four door dodge stratus similar to the one on the screen. matching this description. police are asking you to call them if you see anything like this immediately. he was arrested after threatening to go on a shooting rampage at the university of maryland. today the former student will be sentenced. in august alexander song pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace and misuse of telephone facilities, he is required to 200 hours of community service as part of the plea deal and must report to a mental health court for
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regular status hearings. you went there to give birth for your first child and then you take that child back every single year for a flu shot. today gbmc will hold another flu clinic. but this one will end far differently. an emergency drill will be held. this is based on recent reports by hopkins which showed that more than 150 hospital shootings from 2001 to 2011 including one at johns hopkins hospital in 2010 say they're going to do this just in case they ever need to be prepared. for many a pet is just another member of the family. how would you feel if someone called that member inherent hi dangerous? the special pit bull task force will talk to meet about potential legislation. the public is invited to attend the meeting but will have no chance to testify their points of view. a rocking workout to tell you about.
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today performers from disney on ice and local dancers are holding an afterschool dance class for children and their families. it's going to take place at the athletic club in towson and it starts at 2:15. the show disney on ice presents rocking ever after and currently at first marina. all you have to do is exercise according to a new study. it's good for the brain and the body. scientists loed at 640 people from scotland born in 1936 and age 70 they filled out questionnaires about their lifestyles. three years later they got mris from their brain scans and they tended to have larger brains than those who didn't work out. if hurricane sandy hits the area people could once again be without power for days if this happens bge wants to make sure you are prepared. they are passing along tips you should know about. stay informed and make a plan and make a list of emergency
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phone numbers so build an emergency kit that kit should include things such as flashlights, patries, a corded phone -- batteries, a corded phone and food as well as water. and all eyes right now to the south on sandy. lynette's been watching it overnight for us here once again. that's where we start. >> exactly, and that's a very good -- very good advice that bge is giving everybody because right now is when you need to be taking precautions because even if sandy does not make a direct hit or direct landfall across the area, and even if it stay ace long the coast, well, we're still going to have impacts. we're talking about still some rain and windy conditions and very chilly. we don't know how much rain or wind we will be receiving from this, you can actually see -- we're down, this is cubing you can see the island there and then you can see the eye of hurricane sandy. this is lashing that area and we're also getting the outer bands now moving into southeastern florida. so this is a very large storm. now let me show you what's going to happen.
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okay, so you have tropical storm -- actually hurricane sandy now down to the south. and then we look back towards the west. look at the cold air. yes, you can see that indicative of the snowfall. this is going to be working its way towards our area courtesy of a cold, cold front that's going to be moving through the area very powerful. if those two meet up. we could see some disastrous conditions coming in across the area. but again this forecast still not quite sure. so let me give you the scenario. we have two storm posesments. two -- possibilities. then then track takes it off the coast and again, breezy conditions and we could be dealing with some beach erosion and also some coastal rain. no matter what, track one, track two still going to be impacted by the storm. for today though temperature- wise this morning we are looking at mild conditions once again. we have 61 degrees in edge mere and 61 in davidsonville and chesapeake beach at 61 degrees; you don't need the heavy coat just like yesterday.
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as we take it towards the eastern shore the temperature there coming in at 59 degrees in imington. federalsburg this morning coming in at 61 degrees. the temperatures will warm up and we'll talk more about hurricane sandy and what you can expect through time. back to megan and charlie. she disappeared on the way to school. that was two weeks ago. >> her body was found last week, who the police now have in custody in the murder of jessica ridgeway. >> they are meant to keep your children safe. what the safety inspectors are saying this morning about booster seats. >> and he is the machine in marge -- man in charge of the o's, the recognition buck showalter is now getting that so many say he does deserve. >> everything is up to speed here on interstate 97 at the beltway. i'll let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and 83 coming up on "good morning maryland." >> and you are taking a live look -- let's see. is that downtown baltimore? this is actually -- going to be west palm beach, florida. we'll have more on sandy coming
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up next.
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thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. jessica ridgeway was a 10-year- old girl walking to school when she was kidnapped. the community banned together in a tireless search for her but she was found last week and she had been murdered and now police believe that a college student is the person responsible for her death. charlie is at the live desk with this morning with the latest on the case. >> megan, it was a college student 17-year-old austin sigg will appear in court for the first time today. authorities believe he'll be formally charged at some time this week. he faces five criminal charges including murder and kidnapping. they spent all day yesterday searching sigg's home where they reportedly found some of jessica's remains. neighbors are leaved there's been an arrest but they can't believe something like this could happen where they live. >> it's been terrifying you know i have a daughter of my
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own who's not even 3 yet. so just to think that something like this can happen is awful. >> not knowing you know, a  until guy and i mean -- normal guy and i mean anybody walking the street you think this is a safe community. but now knowing -- i have no comment on how i feel. >> i feel tired. just the kid in the neighborhood you know what i'm saying? i come home from work or whatever and i see him walking around walking home. >> i used to play with him when i was little and he was always like really weird. we didn't like ever want to play with him. >> investigators also towed's sigg's grand cherokee and pulled bags of evidence from the home. they continued bringing balloons and flowers and pictures to a makeshift memorial. megan. not the only case sigg's been linked to. he was also accused of trying to kidnap a woman back in may. charlie crowson at the live desk, thanks so much. james holmes will be back in court for a status hearing this morning. prosecutors are going through
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pages of medical records. they could be ready for a hearing next month. holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in that shooting that happened back in july at a colorado movie theater. the former university of colorado grad student has yet to enter a plea. a $30,000 reward is being offered for the safe return of a 10-month-old baby. a girl. billboards across pennsylvania are flashing amber alerts this morning, she disappeared from her family's apartment in the king of prussia on monday. her grandmother was found dead inside the apartment. last night more than # hundred people attend -- 200 people attended the vigil for the little girl. the apartments came to the united states -- parents came to the united states from india five years ago. five things to know on this thursday morning. a viewing for former senator george mcgovern takes place in sioux falls, south dakota this afternoon. his funeral will be tomorrow.
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mcgovern died last sunday at the age of 90. a car booster seat for children, it turns out they're getting safer. the insurance institute for highway safety just released a list this is the best of the best. >> 15 of the 17 seats introduced did make the list in the iihs says seat makers are making better designed seats between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. feel like you're seeing an ad for expanded gambling every 30 seconds? it's not much of a stretch. that's kind of accurate. so far, both sides have spent a combined $50 million to influence your vote. compare that to $34 million total that was spent back in 2006 for the maryland gubernatorial race. all right parents check in out. a killer treat could be in your child's halloween bag. >> too much black licorice could actually cause a drop in potassium levels. that could lead to problems. the food and drug administration has issued the
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warning that is saying this morning that those potassium levels returned to normal when people stopped eating the black licoricement something to remember charlie. a star is born. "kung fu panda" after game one of the world series. it's the nickname of pablo sandoval. three home runs for him leading san francisco to 8 puff 3 win over the -- 8-3 win over the detroit tigers. there's another one right there. game two is set for tonight. he brought 14 years of pain to an end for charm city. now the o's' manager buck showalter is being we can 90sed for his -- recognized for his achievements. sporting news names him the american league manager of the year. buck says he's done all year, he pointed to the team and said it belongs to them. class act guy. all right, the winner of this year's world series could help predict the outcome of the
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presidential election. you see, since 1908, when an american league team wins the world series, there is a 59% chance that a republican will be elected. when the national league team wins, well, there's a 67% chance that a democrat will win. in the last three election cycles this prediction has been deadon. in 2000 and 2004 american league teams won the world series both times republican george w. bush won and of course in 2008 the national league won that. a democrat, barack obama took office. you know there are people out there with multiple degrees in various scientific knowledge mathematics engineering. >> it all depend on who winning the world series. >> just go play baseball. all right, time now for a check on the weather. let's send it over to meteorologist lynette charles, very busy this morning. >> yes, trying to hone in on that storm to keep us all safe in the weekend and we're definitely going to do that. i have some new information for you. you can breathe still take in the dry weather this morning because we will have that for
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today and also tomorrow and even saturday. but satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot right now. under mainly clear skies, going to call it partly cloudy skies right now. that sun/cloud mix will be the trend as we go through time. and we do have that storm lurk, back off towards the west. with that cold air that's going to combine with sandy as we go through sunday, monday and tuesday. right now though, 57 degrees in glen element good morning manchester coming in at 57. also we have a little bit of patchy fog to talk about this morning as well. you can see that 100% in glen ell. take it easy as you head out and about on the roadways this morning. so we have high pressure still at the surface trying to scoot off into the atlantic. but we will be under the influence as we go throughout the day but we will get more of an easterly flow and that's going to hold the temperatures down a bit. not as warm as we were yesterday but still above average. this is what we have still talking about hurricane sandy and we will be for awhile. the winds now sustained at 105
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miles an hour. the last time i spoke to you the winds were sustained at 110. that was one mile below what we could have for a category 2 hurricane. so you can see it crossing over cuba. and it moves back into some warmer waters look how it stays real close to florida and it will give it a lashing there. then et even hugs the coast. so but you can see this is what i want to show you. the line right down to middle. this could track more towards the west and it could track more towards the east. but no matter what we are still going to get in on some nasty weather through the weekend and beyond. now for today though that temperature coming in at 72 degrees. that temperature still above average. partly cloudy skies. by tonight 55 degrees. continued mild. and here's the forecast for tomorrow. 70 degrees the sun/cloud mix and it won't be as warm. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, as you mentioned we are dealing with fog and glen ell really getting hit hard do be extra careful in that area.
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if you are using 95 nothing to get in the way as you do travel down to d.c.. or even traveling north up to 695. it will remain nice and clear. as we check in and take a live look at the west side of the beltway. at baltimore national pike no problems to report. it's going to take you a normal 11 minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. and here's a look in howard county at interstate 70 at columbia pike. knock to get in the way -- nothing to get in the way over to the beltway. megan and charlie, over to you. school buses busted for running red lights. this is scary thought for any parent whose child rides the bus and we have video to prove that it is happening. investigative reporter spent months digging through records and red light camera video and she's going to be joining us this morning at 6:00 with the results of her investigation. telling us how her story already is getting action. we are also going to be posting some of the video of the worst offenders on our website, so be sure to check that out. if you're a parent putting little ones on the bus today hang around for that. >> we are just two weeks away
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from voters heading to the polls electing our next president. >> stay with us this morning, with so many battlegrounds still up for grabs there's a chance the race could end in who knows what? a tie? what happens if that's the case? gets interesting and fun.
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voters head to the polls casting their ballots for the president ofhe united states and we know it takes 270 electoral votes to win the white house, but what happens if neither candidate reaches that magic number? sandra endo breaks its down. >> reporter: it is possible that when this is all said and done, there could be a tie. this is electoral map and cnn estimates there are eight toss- up states. if president obama wins virginia, wisconsin and colorado and mitt romney ones the rest of the toss-up states, both would be tied with 269 electoral votes. the last time that happened and there wa


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