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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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anticipated as we go past the mid point of sunday and as we go in to monday morning, in to the night monday, that is going to be a key time frame we expect that unlike most hurricanes in late october, sandy will make the turn, in to the maryland area, exactly where in the path, between northern new jersey and the virginia tied water, we don't know. if you take the center point, it's going to be a close call for baltimore and the ocean city area. we have more on what could happen with the different scenarios with sandy, coming up. what a mess that's coming our way. winds, rain and high tide, coupled with a storm surge, producing flooding along the bay, befores that's one of the many concerns with the storm. jeff hager is standing by live in baltimore with more on the counties preparations. >> emergency managers in baltimore and harford counties are well underway and preparing for hurricane sandy, they want you to be prepared as well.
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the rush is already on, among boat owners to move vessels as we witness at the outer point yacht club, after past storms like irene isabelle and agnus, many learned the hard way to prepare for the worst. >> it could have high winds for two days, and potentially higher than normal tides. it's low down to where we were on the beach, the beach stuff, we took everything up the hill and on the trailer, stick it in the garage, and when it goes by we truck it back out. >> reporter: the county has people on stands by. along with swift water rescue crews, if and when flooding occurs. that is expected. also, power outages are expected but they are out of their control. asking you to do simple things. have flashlights and have fresh
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batteries and at least three days worth of fresh drinking water, for each person in your household, then you will be better prepared, should and when the lights go off. jeff hager, abc2 news. flooding from hurricane sandy is a big concern down in annapolis. don harrison tells us what the capitol is doing get ready for sandy. >> hurricane sandy, is on the way. >> the mayor and his emergency management team are checking everything being this close to the water, the city keeps an eye on the weather. >> we have inspectors out, making sure we are eke checking the storm drain to remove debris and leaves. we are doing all the little things. >> reporter: preparations are nothing new for people who lyand own businesses downtown. >> the city as to courtesy of the residents and businesses provide sand and sandbags and it's a self service thing but we will do that again.
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one of the businesses that may need the sandbag, is steven's hardware, selling storm items from lamps to extension cords to tarps. even though some businesses have been through this before, it doesn't make it any easier, it's never easy because you rarely want to go through it again. you say i hope it never happens again. i have had earthquakes and tornados and hurricanes, high tides and floods. high winds. everything in the last year it seems like. >> the key is, there is no need to panic, just prepare. >> reporter: in annapolis, don harrison, abc2 news. we will follow sandy throughout the weekend, when we are not on the air we are tracking the storm on line. go to for updates on sandy how the area is preparing and tips on what you can do to stay safe. everyone is getting busy for the storm including the red cross, i'm joined by doug from the chesapeake area red cross.
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what should people do right now? >> if there is a hurricane, you have warning, you can go to the store and get 3-day supply of food and water in case the power goes out. make sure you have extra things like medications that you might need, get those filled now. just all the everyday stuff that you take for granted, have an ex are the supply of that. also for a lot of people, too, is that they need to not only do the preparations but in the event of the worse case scenario, the red cross will be there. >> with the last hurricane that came through, irene, the red cross sheltered 2000 people, right here in baltimore. we are ready to do that. also, call folks from out of the area if you need to stay at a friends house or relatives, have that in place first. >> one thing, too, is that there is always the need for blood as well, too. if there are blood drives,
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tomorrow, maybe not on sunday or anything, or tuesday or mondays, but if you want to give blood, tomorrow might be a good time to do it. >> when the storms come through, people cancel their blood appointments or can't get. this we need folks before and after to visit red and make a donation. >> people do need assistance from the red cross if that happens. what should they do? if people need assistance, give us a call, 1800 red cross, visit our website, we have people on call 24 hours a day if you are affected. we will tell you where the shelters are open, what help is coming to your neighborhood, whatever the case maybe. >> doug with us this afternoon to tuck about what to do for storm preparations. >> new tonight, a middle schooler confronted by a group of would be thieves, witnesses say four to fife male ace approached the boy and tried to steal his cell phone. he was knocked to the ground but not hurt. it happened at wilton and york
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road. a police helicopter and multiit will units responded to the robbery attempt, police are confident they will catch the suspects. we are going to continue tracking hurricane sandy as the storm works its way up the east coast, more on the path, and when she could move in to our area that's all coming up.
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we don't know how bad baltimore will be hit by sandy. now, the city is getting right side for the absolute worse.
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brian kuebler is live in fells point where preparations are underway and folks are getting the sand. i hear a bag piper out there. >> i can't explain the bag pipers. i want to show you the scene that's going on. this is a sand pile. more people are starting to get off work this evening, coming down here, we know you seen the two stories like this before. we seen similar i have yes of the supplies. it's repetitiveness that breeds preparedness. >> we dos it happs. everybody be prepared, everybody listens to what they tell you to do, we will be okay. >> reporter: barbara lisped and prepared added batteries and water to he shopping list today. >> how much water is left? >> there is no water, there was
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-- on the top shelf. >> you grabbed two. >> id that manager get it. i couldn't reach it. that's what people are buying, water republican exactly what the city is trying to prevent. earlier this afternoon, baltimore dutched sand the in fells point as eager business owners and residents looked on. >> they are dumping sand. the bags are there, they are getting ready for it. >> how many bags do you think you are going to need? >> think about 150. >> which might be a problem for this owner, andy. his restaurant sits on the water in fells but the city is only handing out six sandbags peperson. ers are keeping track of it by asking for city id. a ration only raising aping site for those who feel like they maybe on the front lines of the possibly historic storm. >> we have the weather chapel
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and the tvs inside, we have been looking at nodels and doesn't look good. residents can get what they need and opened up two other sand piles like this where people can get their sandbags. one is a few blocks away and one across the harbor at rash field in federal hill. a six bag maximum for most people, all three locations, will be open until 9:00 tonight, and then again through 9:00 tomorrow night. for now, live in fells points, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> at least they are keeping preparations abreast. the mayor and city agency has met to get ready for all this storm, make sure they are prepped. >> finalizing plans for the storm, advising residents do, the same folks, get ready. the mayor is asking people to
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plan ahead. stock up on foods that won't go bad and have enough bottled water to last for three days. a battery powered radio, extra batteries, best to brace for the worst. >> always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. this has the potential to have an isabelle-type storm surge, that's what we need to prepare for. >> the city is also asking residents to clear any debris away from storm drains to help prevent flooding out there. now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right, let's get you in to it. hurricane sandy, a very, very potent storm here, located off of the florida coast,er in of circulation. the size goes beyond the section we are watching. you can see some of the outer band action, convection reaches out several more than 1000
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miles, 1500 miles plus, to the east, out in to the atlantic. a large storm at the outer bands beginning to edge in already to southern maryland right now. there is the size on this thing. over 1200 miles. winds 75 miles per hour. this is at 5:00 p.m. from the national hurricane center, hurricane hunter aircraft found a center pressure, over 700 miles to the south of ocean city, and the key time frame as we dial in the ultimate track, the time frame, sunday night in to monday and tuesday. del ray beach, florida today. see the outer bands from sandy, which is several hundred miles north and east, still pounding parts of florida here today. then we turn our attention north, live look now from our ocean city cam, high atop lynn plaza, ocean city pier. this storm has the potential to rival the great storm of 1933. if it achieves the type of strength we think it could rival the storm that cut the
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ocean city back in 1930s, or like hazel, in the 1950s. unusual track, a huge storm. you see the size and scope of this thing reaching well off the u.s. coast, and what happens next is going to be key over the next 24-48 hours provment jexes, most make this sharp turn, once the storms gets off of north carolina, a turn, inward towards the mid atlantic. where in this track we can't say. through the center towards delaware, but pehappens it will be slightly to the north of that, cold air marching in, the cold air system with jet stream energy, going to tie in, wrap in to the storm both systems coming together, starting saturday night, our weather will begin to go down, sunday as sandy comes in, the jet stream comes in and the front mixes in as well. let's head over to mike masco. let's talk about the scenario, impressive storm,
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that's what we will talk about. if it doesn't go over your neighborhoods you are going to feel the effects. i want to show you something. i want to show you how large wyatt everhart was talking 1200 miles in, what the set is up, here is storm, it's going to go towards the north, the guidance has been spot on for that. then the question is when does it ma tick hook in to the coastal sections? is it over new jersey, atlantic city, or over the delaware bay, or is it as far south as ocean city. that is a question we will answer over the next 36-72 hours. a couple of track potentials. this is really the worse case scenarios it has guidance supporting it. sunday through tuesday, winds starting to pick up, 30-40, sustapped at 45, gusts at 55. rain potential is high, 3-5 inches coastal flooding. snow potential, monday
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afternoon, we could talk about blizzard-like conditions. towards the west, higher elevations. look at track scenario two, towards the north, feeling an impact. 35 miles per hour winds gusting to 45. rain potential there at 2-4 inches. the wind potential, we are forecasting, a high impact storm, with the potential of massive pouter outages, winds 35-45 miles per hour. sustained starting monday afternoon, in to wednesday. stronger, though, closer to ocean city. thank you very much for that. as we look at the set up tomorrow, 69, another day to ea could bring in rain tomorrow night. let's get in to the extended forecast. there we go, sandy making her arrival monday morning, rain before that. big time gusty conditions lasting in to tuesday, and perhaps lingering in to wednesday, it maybe breezy through the ends of the week, we will track this as team coverage throughout the weekend at abc2 news and
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we'll be right back. mayor: casino owners in west virginia are spending
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millions against question seven. that upsets me. and that upsets jonathan ogden. you don't want to upset jonathan ogden. ogden: no you don't. mayor: question seven means thousands of jobs and millions for our schools. but these west virginia casinos want to keep it all for themselves. we're not happy about that. ogden: no we aren't. mayor: so join us and vote for question seven. and west virginia, don't make me send jonathan ogden over there. mayor: vote for question seven. ogden: for baltimore.
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here we are committed to dpiffing you information that you need when you head to the polls in november. s as part of the commitment to democracy 2012 we are bringing you five minute, one on one interviews with the candidates. joining me is michael,
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independent candidate, for maryland's first district. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i appreciate the fact that you brought a statement. >> everyone of us is privileged to brave the i river. no nation in mist mystery has been committed to free men, encouraging dreamsed a veining social mobility than america. no nation has been charitable, humane, conclusive and moral as the united states, in every one of our admirable characteristics is the result of liberty, a free men and women making choices, taking risks, finding out what works and doesn't, securing rewards and responsible for the failures. the government has grown beyond it's moral limits, our exceptional characteristics become less and less exceptional, cultures rotting, prosperities eroding, morality reseeding options becoming limited. when plunder becomes a statutory entitlement, no one
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respects the life libber thety or property of anyone. all your problems are the result of this transformation from liberty to government dependency, the solution is restore liberty and reduce government the mosh limits where it's concerned with defending individual rights, that's my commitment as an independent congressman. >> thank you for the statement. we will go through questions that we have time for. first the economy is on everybody's mind. $16trillion in devment 8% of the country sun employed. housing market is a mess. what would you do to fix those things. first we have to understands what brought to us the point. it's government. with the regulations and things leading up to thats forcing banks to loan money to people who couldn't repay it. unemployment. how do you create jobs, government does not create jobs, it's a myth. jobs are money is taken out of
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the economy by the government. they do it through taxes, additional cost through regulation. it's only by reducing those things, along with the federal reserve has in creating booms and buses all the time. these are the things that caused the problems so we need to reduce government, have it stop taking out of the economy for programs that don't work, causing problems than they solve, and eliminating the reserve, and it's printing of money, which they are talk about doing again, which is going to create more inflation, making the standard of living for everyone lower. it may help the folks on wall street and help the stock market. for everyday americans it makes the costs go up. so we need to reduce the size of government back to its conges constitutional parameters and by doing that we will see this economy grow by letting the money in the economy stay in the people's hands where it belongs. >> education? >> education, government should not have a role in education
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what solve. education should be primarily the responsible of the parents, home school father myself. i home schooled my three chin. private schools, home schools, chatter schools, they are doing better than public schools. looking gnat chicago, they are having the big strike, little more than half of their students are garage waiting. they are graduating, can't read diplomas. it's a failure though we throw more and more money at it. holding people's homes and incomes hostage to pay for systems that don't work and run education where it belongs. local level, to the parents, to the communities. >> we have about a minute left. afghanistan, do you see an end in site? >> afghanistan seems to be a hole in the ground right now. soviets didn't have success, we are not having success. that whole region of the world especially the last few days with the attacks on the
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embassies, those folks are never going to appreciate us and like us because our values are amp thet call to theys to force ours on them, we are going to meet head on. we got to recognize that for what it is. it's going to be a con flick. in a sense we have to separate and isolate, and if we stop sending so many pet tro dollars over this and allowing them to finance they activities, we are going to be a lot better off. still tracking sandy, we will be doing it tonight and all weekend long, here on the air and on and on mobile.
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