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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 28, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- tracking the superstorm. sandy is massive and on the march up the east coast, about to become a hideous hybrid of hurricane and wier storm. more than 50 million americans in the cross-hairs. where will this thing hit? how long will it last? our extreme weather team has the latest. bracing for impact. could this storm shut down america's largest city? while power companies are calling in cavalry from out in the hartleyland, millions are told they could lose electricity for up to ten days. the political storm. could sandy tilt the balance for the race to the white house? it's driving thousands to the polls for early voting and
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causing the campaigns to rejigger their plans for the all-important stretch run. and tsunami warning. magnitude 7.7 earthquake off the west coast, triggers a tsunami warning for hawaii. we'll have the latest. hey, good morning. we're watching this developing story in the hawaii tsunami warning. the threat not completely over. a live report in just a few minutes. we'll start here, of course, with the superstorm, which one meteorologist has called part hurricane and part nor'easter. all trouble. take a look at sandy from space. it's expected to have tropical-force winds that extend out 500 miles om the center. >> states of emergency have been declared up and down the east coast. and it a states so far and the district of columbia. a third of the country is expecting some combination of
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high wind, rain and snow. and take a look at this staggering number that we put up on the screen behind us. 261,000 homes, more than $80 billion in real estate, could see storm surge damage if sandy hits shore. as a category 1 hurricane. >> the big question this morning -- is when and where this megastorm hit land? our sam champion has been tracking sandy, from battery park in lower manhattan. good morning to you, sam. >> good morning. we're right here with new york harbor behind us. we'll be able to see how wide this band of water is. this extra water gets squeezed there and hop on over. potential flooding. . latest information from the hurricane center, the top line as it comes out, sandy is
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expected to life-threatening storm surge from the mid-atlantic coast including long island and new york harbor, winds are expected to be near hurricane force at landfall. the very lastest from the hurricane center. let's get to the maps. by the way, this is the largest cloud map. it's one of the top two, three that we have seen if you measure these clouds. up to maine. into canada. quick look at the map. that hasn't change. up the coastline. right now, it's parallel there to the carolinas and creating a lot of storm surge. the biggest problem here, this storm makes a left-hand turn and comes onshore and wind speeds, tropical-force winds. lot of wind damage in a very
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large area. and the rain, it's not just about where the storm makes landfall. it's rain all over from the mid-atlantic, well inland, up the northeast. we have been talking where that storm is and just off the coastline and how the effects are up the eastern seaboard. this storm is couple of hundreds of miles away. take a look at the conditions he's in right now. >> good morning, sam. that storm is over 250 miles away and still, it has been howling through here. this weather is intensifying just over the past couple of hours, the folks here who are used to seeing inclement weather haven't seen anything like this in a very long time. this is a strange hybrid. what you're seeing right now, this is seafoam being blown in. the ocean is so riled up. it's so intense out here. let me get to higher ground for a sec.
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it's w ee's whipping all this f to the shoreline. we're hearing of buoy hits out in the ocean. the winds are gusting at about 60 miles per hour. it's extremely, extremely sloppy. this storm surge over the past 12 hours or so has been absolutely relentless. pushing everything up on shore. i'm at a pier right now. maybe with the second camera you can see the other side of the pier. the beach was 150 yards that way, it's been pushing up onshore all morning long and it will stay like this for quite a while. some pretty serious stuff. ginger is in new jersey. ginger? >> or is it back to sam if. >> yeah, matt. this was flipped under my doorway. the casino hotel. it says you have to get out by
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4:00 p.m. mandatory evacuation. atlantic city has shut down because of weather in 30 years in legalized gambling. see the water behind me, the water already starting to flow up along that fence line there. see this barrier, with the wave it could rise up, there's that iconic boardwalk. they're taking this very seriously, not only here in atlantic city through the barrier islands up the jersey shore. let's get right to the graphics. that storm surge is very important. i want to show you exactly what to expect here. four to ax in that magenta area. in the blue, you got all of that coming from the southeast to the northwest. let me show you the wind forecast, because sam showed you how big and how many people will be involved in this, but look at
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how high those wind speeds go. pittsburgh, d.c., new york city and boston, in that red zone, and of course, it extends all of the way back to the eastern great lakes. we'll be watching this storm not only from here but along the coast. i have a winter coat on under the extreme team jacket to cover a hurricane. >> i'm layered up as well, ginger. you got hurricane-force winds, very, very cold temperatures, ginger, something else that i want to talk about this morning, before we get to the preps of new york city making, you think of new york city and the entire east coast, these big sky high line, just big, big buildings just along here. that's all a real problem for 77 mile per hour winds. blowing things off the buildings. in this area, you don't need to
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be walking around because debris will flying, not just trees, but big chunks of construction debris could easily be flying through this area. now, let's talk about the other travel problems. power outages and trees down and water moving onshore. some of that water, three feet above where the water is in new york harbor right now. if that water gets in, problems with flooding in subway systems, new york city is definitely aware of this. boarding up homes and buildings. >> i'm really nervous about this. i'm cooking. i'm thinking that we're not going to eat for the next six days. >> catch basins to help drain flood waters. >> this is a dangerous storm. if it stretened unexpectly or change its expected path it
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could do a lot of damage and you could be at risk. >> reporter: new york city transit officials are preparing for a possible shutdown of the subway system the largest rapid transit system in the world. >> everything shut down while i'm in the city that's problem. >> reporter: sandy could create a storm surge larger than last year's hurricane irene. possibly filling the subway tunnels with water. >> lower manhattan is the most vulnerable spot for a storm surge. >> no doubt about they expect this to be a large problem for central new jersey, including philadelphia, atlantic city, new york city all of the way up toward boston. something that we need to pay attenti attention to. now, potentially new york
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city, where hurricane irene last year wasn't so bad in the city itself, what would you say to people who are tempted to write this off? >> i want to remind folks about that hurricane, it was a bad storm, dan, it just didn't deliver the wind damage that new york city expected and the surge wasn't really here. but if you look inland where it was catastrophic flooding and so many folks were acted that storm. it was a terrible storm. this storm hurricane center said that it will have all of those elements focused on these big population areas, and new york city is one of them. i'm going to ask everyone to be prepared. >> all right, better safe than sorry. sam champion, thank you. one of the biggest worries ahead of this storm is the potential for massive power outages.
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officials are warning those outages could last more than a week. crews are already in crisis mode. on working overtime. doing their best to keep the lights on. david kerley has more from delaware. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. let me tell me not only the wind here and the storm surge, here in delaware, they told everyone to get out of here by 8:00 tonight. inland, is the real problem, is tech listy, the lights. this is what millions of americans and hundreds of power companies are worried about, last year, irene left 7 million homes without power. so, even before sandy's hurricane winds and rains, utility crews are out trimming trees, putting equipment in place. vince has been with the utility that serves south jersey, including atlantic city for 28 years, he has never seen a storm like this and knows that a lot of his customers are going to
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lose electricity. >> the best thing is to be prepared and that's what we are. we're prepared for what the worst can bring. >> reporter: the new jersey governor is declaring a state of emergency, warning residents they could be without power for ten to 15 days. and chris christie is worried. that they might put generators indoors to get electricity. >> general new jersey. if it looks stupid it is stupid. >> reporter: already crews from the gulf of mexico to iowa are in their trucks, driving to the east coast in front of sandy's wrath. how bad could it be? believe it or not, this guy thinks he has an idea. a researcher at johns hopkins, he's put together a model, predicting, how many of us may lose power. remember, irene left 7 million without power. >> our model suggesting 10 million. >> reporter: roughly 10 million without power for a week or more. if 50 million feel the effects
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of this, that's 1 in 5, could be without electricity. if you're inland, think again, it could be a bad one. dan and bianna. >> it will go well inland. david kerley, thank you for your reporting. another breaking story we're watching closely. a massive earthquake off the west coast triggered a tsunami warning in hawaii. our worst fears quelled for now at least. on our affiliate reports. >> very serious situation in hawaii earl yi this evening. the civil service calling for a evacuation of the low-lying areas. caused by the 7.7 earthquake in canada. >> they're seeing the waves come in. it's still going to be a long
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night tonight. they'll have to wait at least a couple of more hours before they can consider lower that advisory. it appears that it's not going to be as bad as once predicted. back out to sam, talk us through the science here. how much longer should they be nervous in hawaii? >> good news, dan, is they did everything right here. 7.7 off the western coast of canada, and nothing but open water between it and hawaii. the plate lying underneath it. it creates a wave. in this case, they thought it was four waves. as we have been counting them. they have the tsunami warning center. all of these buoys that are between that coastline and hawaii, they're able to monitor the lift in that water. buoy, as the water comes up, the sensor knows how high wave that
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is. these waves could have been ablgt-foot waves. the good news is, we have kind of seen those waves move through. more than one. in this case, they're able to see, we feel pretty good about it. if there's not any more activity, people can relax now. and move toward the coastline. but the very good news here, they did everything right. they set off the warnings as soon as there were a 7 or above. at a 7, you still want people to be prepared. you don't know if those waves are going to pile up on each other. dan and bianna. >> let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of "this week." how this is going to affect the
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elections. nine days until voters go to the polls. >> we have seen some of the effect. both governor romney and president obama have canceled events in virginia. one big impact right now. also, it's going to effect their effort to get out the vote. didn't have much effect on early voting in florida yesterday. it could complicate it in virginia and ohio. two other key states that will impacted. then finally, is this storm as bad as it seems to be right now, it could block out the closing arguments of these candidates. in the last nine days. >> in some ways this is the real october surprise. i wonder, if you're the president how do you manage campaigning, because his job is truly on the line here with governing and imagine perhaps a large disaster. >> you show that you're in touch. the president was already talking to the federal emergency management agency. he's returning to the white house tomorrow afternoon, as i said, cancelling some events. the biggest problem for the president right now, if he makes
8:17 am
any mishandling of this storm could affect the final days of this race. more than any other factor. >> in nonweather news, a bit of surprise, "the des moines register," the largest newspaper in the swing states, endorsed romney. how big of a deal is is that? >> iowa is a key state. it's part of barack obama's mid western fire wall. he needs to win iowa, wisconsin and ohio. if romney wins both florida and virginia. the obama campaign said they're ahead in iowa right now, this could make some difference in the end and it reinforces the argument that romney is making. he's best positioned to make the bipartisan compromises america needs. >> just over a week to go and it just got even more interesting. george stephanopoulos, thank you. george has a huge show this morning, his guests include stephanie cutter from the obama campaign and the former house speaker newt gingrich.
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now, a check of other top mornings. >> there's other news. good morning, everyone. another potential attack on a u.s. embassy may have been thwarted. police in indonesia said they have arrested on attacks, including the american embassy in jakarta. new details on the tragic story of the new york city nanny who allegedly killed two young children. friends and relatives said that nanny had been unraveling in recent months. ortega is still in the hospital with self-inflicted knife wounds. the young man known as the victim number one in the jerry sandusky sexual abuse scandal is speaking out on bullying. aaron fisher spoke outside a high school that he was bullied
8:19 am
at last year. he was trying to help to put an end to bullying and help other abuse victims come forward. jerry sandusky, the former penn state football assistant coach was sentenced up to 60 years in prison for his crimes. seven people were injured when a town car crashed into a parked car, in los angeles. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. police said that the driver thought he was in reverse when he accelerated instead. and finally, san francisco giants are just one win away from winning the world series. the giants scored early runs last night and that's all they would need. shutting down the tigers of detroit for the second straight time. the giants go for the sweep and their second title in three years tonight. as professionals we strive for objectivit objectivity, but as a native san francisco ian, i wouldn't mind
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seeing the giants win the world series. am champion with look at the nation's weather. good morning, everybody. the extreme team is out. ginger is down the coastline. let's get you your weather. in case you're now just waking up, the storm is on track, sandy, to continue to move up the coastline. frafrters expect it will make that left-hand turn monday into tuesday, being a bad storm, from those areas shaded in red up the coastline, i would include this not to be a coastal situation but a problem with rain well inland. lot of power outages and flooding expected. this morning, with this shot of cold air, come numbers like this, frost and freeze warnings are out in a lot of places. 29, springfield. little rock, 28. quick look at the big board. you can see that rain and snow also in the northwest. if you're looking for a warm, dry spot, phoenix sounds pretty good to us. dallas, up to 64 degrees. after that early-morning chill.
8:21 am
feeling that cold air in atlanta. first big push of cold air this season through a big part of the country and it's certainly getting involved in that coastal >> your extreme weather team is out in full force this morning covering sandy along the shoreline. ginger zee in atlantic city and i'm right here in new york. we have much more coming up. extreme weather team all over the storm.
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the very latest on where and when sandy will make landfall. the big question, what happens from there? sandy's ripple effects on travel. the mess that this could storm could make for travel across the country could be terrible. and we have a little bit of lighter fare this morning -- which check this out -- a gaggle of puppies trying to get inside this house. who will figure it out? we'll show you coming up. keep it here on "good morning america." on this sunday morning. [ male announcer ] behold the joy, bliss and total delight that can only come from having someone else pay your mortgage for an entire year... this is what you'll experience if you win the quicken loans skip-a-year mortgage sweepstakes. up to five winners will get to skip a year of mortgage payments... courtesy of quicken loans. enter often at
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coming up on "good morning america" -- much more coverage on hurricane sandy as it approaches the eastern seaboard. it's already hitting the ocean there and that's in north carolina. nags head, north carolina. up to 10 million people could be without electricity. >> 50 million in the cross-hairs this morning. also, we'll talk about the travel delays, they already started. keep it here on "good morning america" this sunday morning. more coming up.
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and you're looking at a live picture of nags, head, north carolina, as the country anticipates and braces for hurricane sandy, this is a monster of a storm, you see the seafoam developing there and spraying towards the camera. it's going to be cold there as well, not good news. >> this is just the early signs there. you see matt gutman walking into frame. this is the early sign, this is rehoboth beach. we're expecting days and days of much, much worse. good morning, america, i'm dan harris. alongside bianna golodryga. that's the first time i have ever mispronounced your last name. bianna golodryga, everybody. it's october 28th. we're talking about that epic superstorm this morning.
8:31 am
in a few moments, we'll tell you about the travel delays this storm has caused. it hasn't even made landfall. hundreds of flight cancellations and it's threatening to cause a domino effect for air travel all over the country. amtrak traveling -- causing some delays as well. but, first, we want to get a real sense of where the storm is now and what it's going to do when it makes landfall. it's marching up the east coast. >> that's right, our extreme weather team has the very latest starting with sam champion who's in battery park city, a low-lying neighborhood that's on high alert. sam? >> good morning. you can see why. if you look right behind us, all of that is new york harbor, and where we're standing right now, three feet from coming up. now, if we're expecting a four-foot storm surge, enough said. now, we'll talk a little bit about that amtrak and subway
8:32 am
issue. roads and trains like am rank the, they're susceptible to trees down. even the new york city subway stations are a little concerned. if you're looking at three feet of water before it pops the area here, all of that water runs where? into subways. that's the biggest concern. they may have to close down buses and subways. there's a lot of weather problems. it's not just the storm surge, it's wind, it's flooding rains and then it's the kickback, more rain will run off from wherever that heavy rain is going. so, there's a lot. so, with all of that, let's show you where the track of this storm is, so that you're prepared. right on track. hurricane center hasn't changed much at all. in the last couple of updates. knowing that this thing is curving up the coastline by monday, making that turn, that left-hand turn on to the jersey shore, making it landfall from jersey shore, central jersey to somewhere in long island.
8:33 am
but, as ginger zee is about to show you, and she's in atlantic city, it's doesn't matter much other than the coastal weather effects where this storm is going. i'm going to go to matt gutman first, this storm breezed by where matt is. and already, there's a lot of wind and rain. look at that, matt is standing in what looks like seafoam. good morning, matt. >> reporter: breeze by is kind of the right term. and that's what's so shocking about this storm, it's about 200 miles off the coast and still we're getting all of this weather. this looks like snow, but it's seafoam. and that's how violent this storm is. 200 miles off, it's kicking up all of this wind and wave action and tossing all of this stuff inland. that's a big concern here. this is just a sliver of what folks farther up north and mid-atlantic are going to see.
8:34 am
lot of folks here are accustomed to storms like this, like hurricanes, haven't seen this -- this, the biting cold that's accompanying it. i'm wearing multiple layers of clothing right now. it's so wet. as you said, sam, the combination of wind, rain, all of this storm surge coming in, pushing up against here, exploding these waves, exploding against the pier, it's going to make it very, very complicated and very, very messy for a lot of folks out there. ginger? >> hey, matt. >> sam, can't hear you with all of the seafoam in my face. >> i know you can't, sam. but it's important for us to see that. look at how angry that ocean is on that shoreline and we're expecting this storm to make a curve and move onshore, somewhere near where our ginger zee is right now. ginger is in atlantic city. it may north of you, ginger, t but, as we're pointing out, it
8:35 am
practically doesn't matter where this storm makes landfall, such a big storm with so many problems. >> it is. all of the waves, anywhere coastally, from jersey, up to long island, it's going to be an issue. already starting to see the water pile up. we have a little bit of seafoam. we got a little barrier that's happening right before that iconic boardwalk you see. that's what they're concerned about. if you get a ten to 20-foot wave, and the wind surging, you have the water surge. i want to show you the breadth of that storm and how -- >> difficulties there. with ginger zee. we'll get back to ginger and sam as the broadcast continues. we're going to be all over this story for days as sam was saying, it doesn't really matter that much where the storm comes ashore because it's going to merge with a cold front and
8:36 am
create a hybrid, disaster-type storm, it's going to be a combination of a nor'easter and a hurricane, this is going to sit and spin over this country of the country for days. we'll be covering for days. let's check in with ron claiborne. in the news, the other big story this morning, the tsunami warning in hawaii has now be downgraded to a advisory. emergency evacuations were ordered after a massive earthquake off of the west coast of canada. but the waves in hawaii were smaller than expected. no damage has been reported. and the superstorm also known as sandy has both presidential candidates cancelling events. president obama is dropping appearances in virginia tomorrow and colorado on tuesday, so he can monitor the storm. mitt romney has canceled events in virginia and instead is going to ohio. and the statue of liberty is scheduled to reopen today. as long as the storm doesn't interfere. lady liberty underwent a year-long interior makeover,
8:37 am
that will enable 26,000 more people to visit the crown of the statue of liberty every year. and the first commercial space capsule to deliver supplies to the space is now on its way home, the dragon capsule, it's set to splash down in the pacific ocean this afternoon. time now for the nation's weather, back to sam champion in lower manhattan. the extreme weather team is out covering the most likely hit zones for this storm. but let's get to the other weather. we got to talk about some cold temperatures and rain elsewhere in the country today. a quick look where that northwest rain is coming in. spokane, portland, you're getting some rain out of this system. you get that upslope coming off the west coast. you'll pick up one to two inches of rain. moving in there. a little bit of mountain snow involved in that.
8:38 am
quick look at our fly-by, all eyes are on sandy, a coastal storm that will be a real issue anywhere from washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york city, all of the way up to boston. so big areas with big populations watching the storm >> all of america's weather was brought to you by edward jones. i'm very pleased to be a part of the broadcast this morning. ginger zee is just down shore. the extreme team is on it. dan and bianna. >> and we're pleased to have you, sam, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- travel nightmare. the superstorm marching up the east coast has already forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights and causing a ripple effect across the nation. we'll have an update. and we got some lighter
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and there, you are looking at a live picture of nags head, north carolina, as that state braces for the impact of hurricane sandy, you can see the seafoam already developing. remember, this is not just the hurricane that's affecting the state but also very, very cold there. we'll show you another live shot from rehoboth beach, delaware, as that state prepares for evacuations. construction crews putting out garbage cans now. the entire seaboard anticipating the wrath of this hurricane. >> this is so important to keep in mind, as they clear away the clutter, because they're expecting the high winds there to throw away things. it will making landfall some time late monday night, tuesday
8:44 am
morning, and then it will be with us for days. this epic storm taking aim at the east coast as we said, hasn't even hit yet, but it's already wreaking havoc on travel not only the east coast but coast to coast. >> hundreds of flights have been canceled. trains stopped in their tracks. and of course, many roads expected to be impassable. joining us now is john muller. >> reporter: planes, trains, automobiles, it's a funmy movie. but it's not funny. for anyone planning to travel in this massive storm, make no mistake the ripple effects for the spire nation. let's talk planes. hundreds of cancellations. 900 flights canceled today. 2500 canceled for monday. almost every major carrier is ish shooing a flexible change policy without penalties, fees due to sandy. delta reschedule by november 4th. united and american have similar
8:45 am
plans as well. best advice, give them a call. amtrak, chicago, face cancellations. once again, give amtrak a call if you plan on traveling over the next couple of days. new york city could really face a shutdown with commuter buses, trains from around the tristate areas, facing shutdowns. cancellations. massive delays. of course, driving, that will be treacherous, if not impossible in some areas. fierce winds, poor visibility, flooded roadways. downed trees and power lines. all are expected. your best advice, plan on staying home during the worst of it. call ahead, the time to change your travel plans is now, don't wait. >> great advice, john muller and we'll be right back. look i made a face. awesome.
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incredible opportunity forvoting for qubaltimore.en is an... jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlings-blake: you're talking about 500 new jobs. ken ulman: and increased tourism will mean more business... for maryland's small businesses. jim smith: and instead of marylanders spending... five hundred and fifty million in other states... ken ulman: question seven will keep that money right here. stephanie rawlings-blake: more jobs, millions for schools. jim smith: i'm voting for question seven. ken ulman: i'm voting for question seven. stephanie rawlings-blake: and i'm voting for question seven.
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♪ you're my obsession a break from storm conch for some absurdity. ron? >> from the world of sports a high school football scrimmage, check out this guy, he tackles him, he leaps over him, landing on his feet backwards. some cynics say this was all stage. our producer said they were right. it was part of an at&t viral commercial. >> that's impressive nonetheless. speaking of impressive. let me set the scene. a bunch op puppies and a cat trying to get inside. one of them is able to figure it out, and it's the cat. proof once again, bianna, that cats are superior. >> i like cats. america, i like cats. >> freeloading puppies, ladies and gentlemen.
8:51 am
and a trifecta of acrobatic stories this morning. i have a great balancing act picture to show you, take a look at this video of a music festival in uk. this is not staged. this is all real. take a look at what this guy does. it's coming. it's coming. >> that looks uncomfortable. >> my stomach hurts watching this. and there he goes, spinning away. that's what i'm fixating on. >> we'll be right back with more storm coverage with sam and ginger. keep it here. here's my morning routine.
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as y as you know, a big weather storm brewing. let's get out to sam for one last final thought. sam? >> guys, i want to show you one more thing.
8:56 am
take a look at the skyscrapers here in new york city, like the freedom tower there, lot of open constructions zones, you don't need to be out in this storm at all, flying debris is going to be a real problem with the wind. >> thank you for watching everyone at home. thank you, sam. keep it at for all of the weather updates. and "this week" with george stephanopoulos is coming up later this morning.
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it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too.
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i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. mayor: casino owners in west virginia are spending millions against question seven. that upsets me. and that upsets jonathan ogden. you don't want to upset jonathan ogden. ogden: no you don't. mayor: question seven means thousands of jobs and millions for our schools. but these west virginia casinos want to keep it all for themselves. we're not happy about that. ogden: no we aren't. mayor: so join us and vote for question seven. and west virginia, don't make me send jonathan ogden over there.


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