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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 29, 2012 2:05am-4:00am EDT

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the tranquil setting, the bold lines and the smooth stone surfaces strike the proper balance to present a facade that is imposing without being overbearing. >> i wanted the mediterranean, but i wanted to keep a little bit of the contemporary. by mixing all of these aspects, we were able to create a home that is comfortable for all and like a palace for anyone to come in. >> perhaps the most impressive feature of this stately beverly hills manor is its sheer size. it's a rarity to have so mucflat living space on such a prime hilltop location. >> this estate is basically 6 bedrooms, 6 1/2 bath, almost 9,000 square feet, situated on a 17,500-square-foot lot. we recently added over 2,000 square feet
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to the property to turn it into a home theater. >> the architectural style of the home is reminiscent of an italian villa, but on much grander scale and with the california listyle in mind. stuccoed walls and prominent balconies are just a few of the signature features. >> the style of architecture mediterranean, but it has a very contemporary feel to it. you have everything of the 21st century for the home, but you have the mediterranean look. >> as you're driving through the double gate, this long driveway is gonna take you up, and you're gonna see this huge, palatial-like structure with the long stairs all covered with limestone. >> while the home's outer structure is undeniably impressive, it also keeps one at a distance.
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conversely, the granformal entry sets the tone for its well-appointed interior living spaces. >> as you walk into dawnridge estates d you open up the 12-foot glass-iron double doors, you arrive in a grand foyer, which is breathtaking. it's very elegant, very comfortable and welcoming to everyone. when you enter into the foyer, to the left, you have the formal living room, and then to the right of it you have the libra. >> the library projects an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and stylish. >> you have the parquet wood floor. it's a very beautiful floor for a library. >> the whimsical and striking intuitive design touches that are infused
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throughout this estate prove to be both luxurious and elegant without sacrificing comfort. >> one of the first thing you see as you walk in this beautiful living room. it's over 1,000 square foot in size and has beautiful fireplace right in front of you. the floors are breathtaking. they're all solid oak, beautiful craftsmanship. >> as we enter into the formal dining room, we chose a light-- kind of like a dove gray venetian plaster with the capri limestone to complement it. >> the dining room offers an intimate ambience for formal entertaining. >> the dining room has two sets of double doors entering into it. this makes it wonderful for entertaining. it is an entertainer's delight.
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from the double doors kitchen of the formal dining room, the kitchen has a wonderful warm feel, and it has the components for a real chef'kitchen. >> the first thing you notice when you walk into this kitchen is this large, custom-made hood for this huge wolf oven and range. it was custom made and custom built on the property. >> the kitchen was designed for the true gourmand in mind. >> also in the kitchen, you're gonna notice we have all the bigger appliances as far as the espresso machines, the warming drawers, a dishwasher and also we have two sub-zeroes, which are one on each side of the oven and then another sub-zero wine cooler, and finally there is a second dishwasher
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that is built in with matching panels. >> the chef's kitchen is a beautiful kitchen that would accommodate family entertaining. it has quartzite countertops. the floor is a versailles pattern crema marfil. >> right off of the kitchen, also, you have a family room with its own wet bar, and that opens up to the outdoors, to the jacuzzi and the pool and the outdoor living space, where you have more eating area outside off of the kitchen. >> the family room is really what brings together the mediterranean flair into a contemporary california lifestyle home because it opens up to the outdoors. you have two sets of double atrium doors which open up. you have the wet bar there with a full-service bar.
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you have the comfort of the pool in front of you. it's an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. coming up next, indulge in a decadent master retreat, adorned with sumptuous amenities. and later, revel in an entertainer's paradise designed for grand scale entertaining. stay with us.
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beautiful homes & great estates. dawnridge estate is a contemporary mediterranean masterpiece cated in beverly hills. every inch of this 9,000-square-foot home was created to provide the ultimate in luxury california living. >> the upper level east wing has two junior suites, and then you have two other bedrooms, and you have great balconies
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overlooking the city life of los angeles. >> the two junior suites are generous in size. they both have fireplaces. one has a beautiful view of the los angeles skyline, the other is a view over the pool. the first room to the right of the stairs is a wonderful room. it has a lot of natural light, has its own balcony, whicoverlooks the los angeles skyline. leaving that room, you go into another room whichas a lot of natural light. this bedroom is a wonderful room. the dove gray on the walls complement it, make it very warm and inviting. the stand-on balcony it has is really beautiful. >> the crown jewel of dawnridge estate is a spacious top floor master suite that manages to encompass an indoor/outdoor feel. >> the masr suite is a very large suite.
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it almost acts as a living room/bedroom, which flows into a spa-like bathroom. >> the master retreat is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows with panoramic city views surrounding the suite. you have three balconies. one is the back balcony which overlooks the pool and the front balconies overlook the los angeles skyline. >> the master bathroom is reminiscent of a resort-inspired spa. a california-style bathroom with a little bit of an old world effect, that's why we went with the columns. you have a beautiful view from the master bath, which overlooks los angeles. from the master bathroom, you flow into the master closet. the master closet has a nice skylight to lighten up.
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i chose white because it is a very nice, crisp, clean effect. >> the master suite supplies some of dawnridge estate's most awe-inspiring views, but a maificent vista is available from many vantage points around the villa. >> the property is overlooking the enchanted l.a. skyline. and you have views all the way from century city and all the way to the ocean. and up close, you have treetop garden right in front of you. [ music ] coming up next, revel in an entertainer's paradise designed for grand scale entertaining, featuring a wine cellar and outdoor spa oasis. stay with us.
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beautiful homes & great estates. dawnridge estate is located on a peak in beverly hills. this grandiose mediterranean villa was expanded from 7,000 square feet to 9,000 to provide even more opportunities for entertaining. >> as you enter from the formal dining room, there is a grand staircase which will take you to the theater level. >> the movie theater is adorned with rich textures, detailed craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment. >> the design elements inlved in the theater, we wanted to go with the hollywood glamour 1920s look. we decided that we were going to create the seating and then outside, we would have an additional area for seating and possibly create a wet bar across. the theater bathroom, i wanted to make sure that it was related to the theater itself. i chose a black tectonic marble,
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and we went with 24-karat gold fixtures. just past the theater bathroom there is a sauna. and the sauna is just one more attribute to the house. you have the pool. you have the spa and you have a sauna, and they seem to all go hand in hand for a california living lifestyle. >> made from the finest materials and custom built to the owner's specifications, the sauna at dawnridge estate is the perfect spot to unwind. >> there is an entrance from the kitchen which will take you down to the wine storage room. >> the subterranean wine cellar is authentic to the tuscan style of architecture. >> we placed a iron-glass door, and it gives it a beautiful effect.
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>> the maid's suite is a cozy, private sanctuary completely isolated from the main living area, yet offering convenient access. it's just one more comfort that makes dawnridge estate a prime example of fashionable california living at its finest. >> also on the lower floor, you have the maid's quarters. the maid's quarters, basilly, was designed with all of the comfort in mind, has its own closets, bathroom. >> california comfort and mediterranean influence co together in the outdoor living area that surrounds the swimming pool. the space is dazzling, functional and the perfect accent to this amazing villa. >> the outdoor of this property put the confidence to california lifestyle.
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>> it feels more like a hotel. being outdoors and the way it's set up with the service area, the dining and the entry and exit from the formal living room, it's more like a resort retreat. it's very comfortable. really, the sun penetrates very nicely with the roses above it. it's a very comfortable atmosphere with the trees. >> dawnridge estate is a consummate example of california luxury. >> what make this estate a beautiful home and great estate is although it's like 9,000-square-foot property, you do not have the feeling it's that big. you have the feeling it's comforting, it's warm. it has everything any person would need. >> what makes this a beautiful home and a great estate is it's elegant, it's contemporary and it's inviting to all.
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caught lightning in a bottle. >> awe of course the big news, hurricane sandy is on a dangerous collision course with the east coast expected to cause havoc for millions of folks who will face property damage as well as some times pretty lengthy power outages as well. >> new jersey and seven other states and the district of columbia, are all under states of emergency. it is the jersey shore expected to bear the brunt of hurricane sandy which is on track to make landfall a little bit later
2:33 am
today or early tuesday. >> the list of canceled flights, well as the you can imagine that list keeps growing. more than 7,000,000 scrubbed so far and the ripple effect of the airline shutdowns will be felt across the country for several days to come. now the impact is starting to spread to europe and asia as well as airlines cancel flights to new york, washington and big u.s. cities. of course, the biggest, new york. we are bracing for the worst in the big apple. sandy makes its slow approach. mass transit, comes to a grinding halt. more than 1 million school children are staying home. >> trying to figure out what to do with the kids. can't leave the apartment. officials are doing their best to keep 8 million people safe. we have more now from abc's dan harris. >> reporter: in the city that normally never sleeps, not only are they shutting down the subways and broadway shows, but also taping up the windows at department stores, canceling classes in all public schools, and, ordering 375,000 people to
2:34 am
evacuate low lying areas. >> if you don't evacuate you are putting your own life, not just putting your own life in danger, you are also endangering the lives of our first responders who may have to come rescue you. >> reporter: the mayor warning people in high rises to stay away from the windows which could be blown out by flying debris. the big risk to new york city ills the storm surge. water gushing in from the harbor. over city's flood walls pouring into subway tunnels, road and underground power transformers, potentially causing billions in damage. >> if it hits at the maximum tide, then i am afraid we are in pretty bad trouble. >> reporter: last year during tropical storm irene the waters came within less than a foot from topping the flood walls. now sandy's storm surge is predicted to be even stronger. since irene failed to do the damage here in new york city that many experts predicted.
2:35 am
some people like this family who live in the evacuation zone are refusing to heed the warnings for sandy. >> diapers, water, just, you know hoping to make the best of it. >> reporter: there are long lines at the supermarket. >> madhouse today. >> reporter: the streets are crackling with an upbeat preapocalyptic vibe. >> new yorker, what are you going to do? we are a new yorker. >> hard not to enjoy her spirit. the new york stock exchange will be closed. they're worried about keeping the power on all day long. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> it's lick thke that, new yor. keep on trucking. my drugstore was empty. our extreme weather team watching the maps and computer models overnight. >> meteorologist jim dickey joining us this morning with the very latest. what do you have, jim? >> well, sandy continues to churn its way northward. made the turn that was forecast.
2:36 am
the model picking up on last week. now it appears this is going to happen. moving its way north. showing signs of strengthening. unfortunately, wind, 75 miles an hour. not any question the wind could come up a tick. as we head forward. have seen soaking rainfall, outer banks, north carolina, d.c. area, rain band moving on shore. not moving much at all. expecting widespread flooding. huge rainfall totals expected. you can steep that rain is nipping the philadelphia area here. sliding its way through central, southern pennsylvania. and back into pitburg. t -- and back into pittsburgh. and into ohio. focusing on the storm surge. bad path, new jersey, new york city, long island. new england. rains directed on shore. surge expected devastating. 5 to 10 foot storm surge. some cases higher. that's why evacuations have been put out. the spots will see life
2:37 am
threating conditions as far as flooding. inland flooding, tracks on shore. many spots up over 8 inches of rain. then of course the wind, a huge wind field. with the storm. many spots. many, many spots. pennsylvania, maryland, virginia, even into ohio, new york, going to see kind in excess of tropical storm force at times. >> jim, so potentially makes landfall in new jersey tonight. first things to days. and then the ripple effect for several days it is going to be, 800 miles. how is the storm able to do that when it makes landfall and then we will feel this effect for days and days if months to come? >> again as everyone has been pointing to a high bridge storm. had the system cut across central portions of the country. strong cold front. big disturbance in the gem. that its interacting with sandy. not just a tropical system alone. when you see tropical systems fueled by warm water. they move in, cut off by warm
2:38 am
water and dip off. this has the the kick from the jet stream here that will keep it going as it moves inland. worst portion here, new york city, philadelphia, d.c., that is, tonight, here, on through early morning tuesday. then we will gradually see the stem weakening. >> all the, still a long start to the week that's for sure. thanks, jim dickey with accuweather. staying with you throughout the morning. thank you, jim. one of the most imed me yacht impacts of the storm will be the loss of power. utility workers are mobilizing. but they can't get out while conditions are still dangerous. and electricity could beep out for ape week or more. for many people. many experts say a monumental number of people could be affected. >> our estimate at this point is 10 million. could be hyper, couigher, could. >> last year during hurricane irene. 6 million homes lost power. >> some for all most two weeks. >> miserable. the threatening wt ining we forcing a change of plans in the
2:39 am
president sham campaign. president obama returned to the house. he has canceled an appearance in youngstown, ohio. president clinton and vice president biden will speak there. the president will not. mitt romney had to scrap campaign plans yesterday in the state of virginia. you can imagine this is just a distraction. neither one of the fellows wanted coming right in the last full week of campaigning. the timing couldn't have been worse. >> mitt romney take it as an opportunity to express that fema and this should be a state issue not necessarily a federal run issue that the state should have. supremacy over that. >> right. >> definitely like you said, a distraction that they, that they -- what are we talking politics? and binders? >> the president's day job. he has to go do that for a few days. >> of course going to be following the latest on hurricane sandy throughout the morning. make sure you stay with abc news, both onisha^ and online for complete coverage of the storm. most of of will remember
2:40 am
this day for the hurricane and whatever it may bring. but for these san francisco giants, they are waking up this morning as world series champions. the giants defeated the detroit tigers last night in game four, final score of this one, 4-3, the game went ten innings. gave the giants their second world series title in three years. a clean sweep for the giants. what happened to your tigers, paula, not even competitive? >> they swept the yankees. they had the near week-long layoff. and they were idle for a week. i don't think, it doesn't, in the playoffs doesn't help in major league baseball. all about momentum. kudos to the giants, on the brink in the ds and cs. they did it. >> feel bad their championship day will be overshadowed by the weather. >> i don't think they really care. >> west coast, whatever they're going to party. congratulations, guys didn't forget about you. next, our coverage of hurricane sandy continues after the break. we will bring you essential tips to keep you and your family
2:41 am
safe. >> first a little distraction. sit down with espn radio new york's, jason page, to recap sun day's nfl action. all coming of on "world news now." go bears. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. it's strange, i'm getting gray,
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try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. welcome back, everyone. a brief break from hurricane sandy coverage. the nfl season has one game to go. here to talk about it jason page of espn radio, new york. jason, glad you are wearing red. >> hurricane red. >> in lieu of the flurry of football activity, get it? >> yeah, sure.
2:45 am
>> let's start off. falcons/eagles. falcons, you will dispute me when itoric run, in nfl history. >> any body is going to beat the eagles right now. i pick the eagles to win the nfc east. i have egg on my face. >> slightly. >> little built of dribble. first one to say i got it wrong. i did not realize, from year to year you are seeing the continued regression of michael vick, decision-making, in terms of being able to protect the football adequately. the eagles' defense is terrible. may have fired their defensive coordinator. doesn't matter. this team need an overhaul. >> maybe hearing more about nick falls, replacing michael vick in the next week. >> falcons though. talk about the falcons. >> give them credit. >> give them credit. a great job.
2:46 am
7-0. not the best team in the nfc. may not be the second best in the nfc. >> would you say the bears would be one of the best in the nfc, despite barely beating a panthers team. they came back. awe showing some moxie and wear it proudly, faris. >> defense belter than any in the nfl now. they don't give up a lot of points. they create so many turn yoefz. more than just about any team in the league. the question is can jay cutler make good decisions. does he not have to be that gunslinger. if jay cutler could figure out a way to just keep it contained, not try to make the big play all the time. great receivers, guys brab don marshal. i think chicago could be the biggest threat to the new york giants out there right now. even bigger than atlanta. >> cutler, on the game winning drive. 6 of 7. set up the game winning field goal. >> charlotte, not charlotte,
2:47 am
carolina, continue to find ways to lose games. every week. >> they haven't earned the respect. >> moving on. giants/cowboys. i saw jason pierre paul, his interception return. thought the game was over. 23-0 at that point. >> 23-0. >> comes done to a late call that had to be reviewed. dez bryant looked like he was in. but turns out he wasn't. >> doesn't the game sum up what the dallas cowboys are right now. down 23-0. up 24-3. romo looks good in the first half. se second half. only to lose in a heartbreaking fashion. couple late field goals for the giants. and you mentioned dez bryant play. the fingertip. they missed a game winning touchdown. miraculous fashion. by a fingertip in the game. instead they wind up losing. 3 and 5 now. 3 and 4. 3 and 5. either way. in dire straits now in the nfc
2:48 am
east. >> the packers have strung together a couple straight fi. >> a quick theory. everybody is used to seeing, packers won the super bowl. last year, great start. undefeated. deep into the season. now everybody thinks green bay is supposed to run through everybody. that's not how it works in the league. there is dramatic parody. and jacksonville. goes into lamb beau field. plays green bay tough. packers are 5 and 3, through week eight. they're not playing that well yet. still a dangerous team. >> all right. you are dangerous in your red shirt tonight. he is jason page of espn radio. we'll be right back. i think we will eat the sandwiches tonight. i think they're from hurricane irene. >> come on,
2:49 am
2:50 am
we welcome you back on this monday morning on special edition of "world news now." all hurricanes are dangerous. but this particular super storm has some 50 million people in its cross hairs. if you are one of them or if you are not you can take precautions now to make sure that you stay safe if disaster happens to come your way. >> all right, first the essentials here. have on hand a three-day supply of food and water. a gallon per person, per day. on top of that, of course, all of the old faithful, flashlight, working batteries, also a hand cranked or battery powered radio, as well. also, good idea, a first aid kit, money any necessary medications. also, a cd or usb drive loaded with important documents that
2:51 am
are your must haves. >> old school a little built here. stay in touch t create a list of emergency numbers. load night your phone. charge your phone and extra batteries now. limit nonemergency calls. keep all calls brief. texas if y text thousands if you can. they get through on a crowded, and your battery. >> particularly, texting. >> biggest risks of safety happens when the power goes out. turn off major appliances. leave one light on so you know when the power is back. stay away from fallen wires and down trees. near them. leave the clean-up to the pros. operate generators carefully. only according to manufacturers direction. and handle food safely. spoiled food can make you ill. >> true. if you have pets bring them indoors. the very first sign of bad weather. make sure they wear collars and hatch their id tags. get a pet emergency kit and sa plays handy.
2:52 am
pet food. medical record. if you have to evacuate take your pet with you. >> of course, look in on your neighbors, elderly, any one with special needs. doing that could save a life. >> all that. good advice. stay safe, everybody. ride this thing out. "the mix" is next. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up
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welcome back, everybody. if you deidn't know it is national oatmeal day. >> we need levity after all the news. >> we need levity. laura, eileen came on a pretty tough night to come into the studio. laura, and eileen, thank you so much. what do we have here, rob? a little -- >> bowlful of berries. >> backed oatmeal with infused strawberry. >> "world news now" letters i might add. >> try it. >> thank you very much. divert from your berries a little bit.
2:56 am
blueberry, raspberry oatmeal scones. look fabulous. blueberry, banana oatmeal bread. blueberry oatmeal muffins. we could bake. laura and eileen, thank you from driscoll's. >> happy oatmeal day. stuck in the house, oatmeal not a bad thing to have around. that could get messy. we won't talk about that. can't deviate far from the storm. share with you what celebrities are tweeting about. lindsay lohan. why is everyone in such a panic about the hurricane, i'm calling it sally. stop projecting negativity. think positive and pray for peace. i don't know. >> think positive? >> thank you for the gem, ms. low hand. we love it. kim kardashian, chimed in. back in miami. missed the storm. praying for everyone on the east coast. i've hope everyone is safe.
2:57 am
oh, thank you, kimmy, we know she hates it when things are blowing. and snooki, waiting for this storm. slumber party with my boys. her husband and newborn son there. so, snooki is chilling out, slumber party. vinny from the jersey shore. i heard some one say it best weft made it through 9/11. we can make it through anything. perseverance. i agree with you man. so there you go. >> the evolution of sandy is kind of similar to the evolution of sand drarady from greece. take a look at the picture. down south, benign. works its way to bad girl. >> very cool. >> by the time she meets cigarette hanging out of her mouth. >> olivia newton john coming up the coast. we make fun, have a little fun. if you are out there dealing with the storm. please stay safe. went through safety tips a few
2:58 am
second ago. we will make it through as we
2:59 am
3:00 am
this morning on "world news now" -- a race against time. in a matter of hours, hurricane sandy will come ashore bringing some of the most dangerous conditions seen in decades. >> this morning, major east coast cities are literally shut down. and coastal communities have been evacuated. it is monday, october 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." usually we say good morning. but it doesn't seem appropriate on this monday, all eyes on sandy what will be a very tough, probably 36 to 72 hours for millions of folks along the east coast. good morning, everybody.
3:01 am
i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. hurricane sandy is a 900 mile super storm expected to make landfall in new jersey tonight. 900 miles. speak of a 900-mile-wide wing span. >> cloud to cloud, a massive storm. this morning, of course, complete coverage of hurricane sandy, the forecast, the storm's track and very important, tips to help you and your family stay safe. also, new york city like several other cities up and down the east coast is all but shut down. scenes we don't see here a lot. subway stations, empty. times square empty. everything shut down. no mass transit. limited flights. people are urged sim mply to st home. >> officials warn the storm could leave millions without power. how communities are coping and how long it could be out. >> worst case sa theiry here, seven to ten days, areas without power. up to 10 million people will be in the dark starting some time tomorrow or later today i should say.
3:02 am
>> why it is so crucial if you aranywhere in the area of the storm that you have stocked up on supplies. >> yes, yes, batteries, flash lights, candles, nonperishable food all that stuff. as for the campaign, campaign for president, enters the final stretch. hurricane sandy giving candidates trouble. 16, 17 events canceled. president working with fema. so definitely affect the election right at, incredibly, pivotal time. >> uh-huh. also how they're being forced to move their campaigns as well as kind of switch their messages as well. >> first, a bulls eye on more than 50 million people this morning, and hurricane sandy is taking aim. forecasters are warning everybody in its path, vast path, that the mega storm, some are calling a perfect storm will unleash life threatening flooding. >> hurricane sandy paralyzed the northeast. ripple effects will be felt across the country for days if not weeks if not months to come. we begin with abc's timon
3:03 am
bradley at ocean city, maryland. >> good morning, rob, paula. sandy is a monster. unprecedented in size and scope. along the mid-atlantic, residents are hunkered down preparing for the worst. >> we are expecting a pretty significant storm here that could lead to very significant flooding. >> reporter: transportation brought to a stand still throughout the region. more than 6,000 flights have already ben grounded through tuesday. leaving travelers scrambling. >> we are trying to get become to raleigh, north carolina and we are stuck. >> we are basically all most having nervous breakdowns. >> reporter: the storm surge heightened by a full moon are a major concern in new york where fear of flooding hauleded subways, buses trains even broadway. hundreds of thousand ordered to evacuate low lying areas. >> if you do not evacuate you are not just putting your own life in danger you are endangering the lives of first responders. >> tens of millions impacted from the carolinas to can pa and
3:04 am
best to the great lakes. atlantic city new jersey is virtually shut down in an tis passion of a direct hit. >> i am really, really worried. because they just told a friend of mine, basically it is going to hit the bay. the bay and the ocean will come together. >> reporter: utility workers are standing by to reap pair, expected massive, widespread power outages. >> it may take a long time not only to clear but also to get, for example, the power companies back in. >> reporter: sandy is wreaking havoc here in ocean city, maryland. the heavy rain and wind has forced the maryland governor to cancel early voting scheduled for today. back to you, rob, paula. >> timon try to stay dry out there. our extreme weather team of course has been working through the night to pinpoint sandy's expected path. >> meteorologist jim dickey joining us this morning with the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. again a massive storm system. looking at infrared satellite. cloud stretches from quebec,
3:05 am
ontario, coast of carolina. the storm expected to make a turn to the north, northwest. inland. jog eastward. through much of the day yesterday. last couple frames. it is turning north. starting to feel the effects of the second system. heavy rainfall. band of heavy rain stretches from outer banks up into the mid-atlantic. heavy rain has been pouring down portions of eastern pennsylvania. through much of the day. this isn't good. we don't need more rainfall on top of what we will see as sandy does move inland. the impacts here. threefold. first impact the storm surge. anywhere on the northern, eastern preriphery. tonight. southern new jsey looking for a devastating impact from the storm surge. 5 to 10 foot plus in some spots. evacuations ordered. the ocean coming up washing over the land. second impact, inland flooding. usually the case. land falling, tropical system. darker green. over 8 inches of rainfall. lastly of course the wind.
3:06 am
going to, down widespread trees and power lines. any one here, in new york city, wind gusts, 60, miles an hour, at time. widespread trees down. power outages in the thousand itch not millions likely. >> jim, we have been talking about the storm's pattern. you have a pretty good indication of when it is going to hit and where it is going to hit. how confident are we, could it deviate, are we con fif dent fie path-up laid out there? >> we are very confident it is going into new jersey. at this point. not like a typical tropical system. where we focus on where the center is going. or we have high wind. this is a huge wind field, spanning miles and miles. where the center goes. not sure the point in time. many, many spots are going to see at least tropical storm force wind. >> jim, so many components in play with the storm, what are you concerned about? the size?
3:07 am
storm surge? high wind? amount of rainfall? the full moon, the two feet of snow further west. such an incredible ingredient list in all of this what really is potentially the most damaging thing in this storm? >> all of what you said, you wrap that up. just such a wide impact with this storm. if it was just one or two of the impacts you just said. perhaps we wouldn't be talking. so many are affected. this is such a large storm with so many wide ranging impacts. that's what will leave the lasting impact with the storm. >> jim, i have to ask you, we talked about how vast the storm was. 900 miles wide from wing tip to wing tip. how is it that it is actually going to impacts the great lakes? hundreds of miles in the midwest? >> well in the great lakes, strong gusty wind as the storm moves inland. that will cause huge waves on the lakes. that's one impact. also heavy rainfall, many spots going to see flooding well inland as the storm moves its
3:08 am
way further in. so again, wide ranging impacts all along the track thifs stoof storm. >> you have a close eye on this thing. appreciate you booing with us early this morning. we'll check back in throughout the show. jim dickey, thank you again, jim. the size of this thing that's what makes it so spectacular. don't pay attention to category i or anything like that. it is the size. how long this thing is going to hang around. days majority of the week, the real danger here. >> once it really forms with the two cells. it gains strength. frightening. >> feeding off the cold front and jet stream. >> kinetic energy. the governor of connecticut is calling sandy the largest threat to human life in his state and any one's lifetime. utility and road crews are standing by to work on what could be major power outages. a record storm surge, threatening more than 300 di nettic homes forced evacuations. governor dan ma loip said the last time we saw anything like this was never. >> telling quote.
3:09 am
there are dire predictions about the power outages ahead. potentially millions of people without electricity for many, many days. >> utility come pans are doing what they can to get ahead of this disaster. faced with a situation like hurricane sandy, there is only so much they can ducht ao. abc's david kerley in rehoboth beach, delaware. >> reporter: the power was going out before hurricane sandy hit shore. larry jackson knows the worst is still to come. thousand of utility workers aren their trucks headed east to repair what are expected to be massive power outages. these beach vacationers packed up to head home. inland. >> actually the aftermath is what we are concerned about. >> reporter: no power? >> for days. >> reporter: power outages expected to be widespread. >> it may take a long time not only to clear but also to get for exam pull the power companies back in.
3:10 am
>> reporter: during hurricane irene last year, about 6 million homes lost electricity. this researcher plugged in all the information into a new program. he believes this will be worse. >> our estimate at this point is 10 million. >> reporter: 10 million or more without power for a week to ten days which is why this wisconsin company added extra shifts. trying to build as many portable generators as quickly as possible. officials worry that residents might use some generators putting them indoors or stringing extension cords dangerously. many heeding the warnings, checking off their list of preparedness, batteries, water, nonperrerable food. >> i am nervous about losing power and nervous about the storm. >> reporter: best add stris from officials, if a tree takes down one of your power lines, leave the power line alone. leave the tree limb alone as well. let the power company take care of it. david kerley, abcnews, rehoboth beach, delaware.
3:11 am
>> good advice. let the professionals handle it. we will follow the latest developments on hurricane sandy through out the morning. >> stay with abc news on air and online for complete coverage of the storm. >> our coverage of sandy here on "world news now" will continue as well. >> still ahead, a late report from here in new york where the storm threat has shut down main your parts of city. stay with us. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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3:15 am
welcome back, everybody. our only story this morning. hurricane sandy. a live picture at atlantic city, new jersey. the storm expected to make landfall, late monday, early tuesday. looks most likely will hit some where along the jersey shore. a.c., a ghost town. smartest bet to make in atlantic city, get out of town. most folks have. the calm before the storm as the cliche goes. vast expanse. so many people from south carolina, up to maine. inland as far as the great lakes. >> tells you the size of this thing. the storm system covering the
3:16 am
east coast. >> hundred of thousand have been ordered to get to higher ground many are refusing to go. reporter jim dolan of our new york city station has the the story. >> reporter: so many people who evacuated during irene decided to stay in the rockaways this time. they know the storm is bigger. the water could be higher. days without electricity. doesn't seem to matter they're committed to riding it out. police can do little more than patrol the rockaways tonight. you just can't force people to leave their homes. most business are closed. ones that stayed open, like elegance pizza are busy as ever. people were told to evacuate by 7:00. many did not. they say they're ready. >> this is my hood. i want to see what happens. >> reporter: some admitted to be anxious what the storm will bring when the wind start kicking. others say bring it on. >> at the end of the day we
3:17 am
ain't running. my fellow people, right now we are going to hold it down, you know what i'm saying. we thank y'all. thank you but no thank you. >> if it gets worse. i might be leaving. i will not be crazy. if it gets worse, i might leave. >> reporter: by then it may be too late. the bridges that connect this part of the city to the rest of the city close when the wind get high. and so, the people who decided to, who decide they want to get out of here by the time they leave it could be too late. because, once the bridges close, the people who decided to stay, are staying for good. reporting live from far rocka y rockaway, jim dolan. >> thank you, jim for finding such -- >> anyway. >> the mayor, new york city mayor. the problem with this, they're not only endangering themselves, now endangering the lives of the first responders who have off to go in and fry to rescue them should it become an emergency situation. >> any storm, part of the
3:18 am
country. always find the die hard. not going anywhere. put perspective in here. in a measurement of pure kinetic energy, rank the surge and wave destruction potential for sandy, just the hurricane not hybrid it will become, at a 5.8 on a 0 to 6 scale. a very strong, dangerous storm. if you can get to a safe place get out of the way and let mother nature do her thing and come back. >> unfortunately for the folks, sound too late. kind of trapped. >> enjoy the pizza, could be your last. hurricane sandy, throwing a wrench in a lot of people's plans. two guys, you may have heard of, barack obama and mitt romney. >> we have heard of them t latest from the campaign trail coming up on "world news now."
3:19 am
3:20 am
welcome back, everybody. even if you've won't be directly hit by sandy you may feel the effects of the storm any way. >> both presidential candidates have been blown offcourse, especially mr. obama whose day job is calling. jonathan karl has details. >> reporter: mother nature's ro october surprise. >> the storm will throw havoc into the race. >> reporter: for president obama it meant canceling two upcoming campaign events and visiting fema headquarters. >> woe are going to cut through red tape, not get bogged down by a lot of rules. we want to make sure we are anticipating and leading forward. >> reporter: there are political stakes, a chance for the president to show decisive leadership or take the blame if the response is bungled. all told, 16 campaign events have been canceled. mitt romney canceled three in virginia. moving westward to ohio, where
3:21 am
he met up with paul ryan. >> today when we get home put in our prayers the people who are in the east coast in the wake of this big storm that is coming. let's not forget those fellow americans of ours. >> reporter: the race as close as ever. a point dram titatized in the o ad tt the 2000 race was decided by 537 votes in florida. >> if you are thinking that your vote doesn't count that it won't matter. well, back then there were probably at least 537 people who felt the same way. >> reporter: mitt romney picked up the endorsements of two of iowa newspapers that supported obama last time. one that hasn't supported a republican since richard nixon. with the storm coming and the race so tight, both campaigns are trying to bank as many votes as possible in states with early voting. the super storm has not stopped the campaign. mitt romney campaigning in three states monday. the president will be on the trail as well, campaigning in
3:22 am
florida. jonathan karl, abc news, marion, ohio. >> you have off to believe this is a distraction neither campaign wanted. sandy wreaking havoc in all kind of ways. we will be back, everybody. stay with us. 3q
3:23 am
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3:25 am
those pictures will only get worse. hurricane sandy is more powerful than the federal government. shutting down operations right there in the nation's capital. >> our washington station is monitoring the storm around the clock. here from american landscape is how they covered it last night. >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> hurricane sandy is already starting to have a major impact on our area. president barack obama signed off emergency declaration for maryland and just within the last couple hours, one for the district. want to see what a hurricane looks like, just take a look at
3:26 am
brad bell's live sthot from ocean city, maryland, he has been there all day as conditions have gone downhill, brad. >> yeah, they have gone downhill. matter of fact. ready to toss to me. pulled out my wind speed indicator. a gust that hit 50 miles an hour. >> want to got to tom live at reagan national airport and tell also but transportation troubles related to sandy. tom? >> a whole lot of them, pamela. at this point, reagan airport, a lot of flights in to and out of here were canceled this evening. tomorrow is looking a lot worse. that will be the case at all the airports in our region. even if you wanted to come to the airport. wanted to take metro. couldn't do it. they're shutting down for the next day. >> one of the best ways for forecasters to track hurricanes is to fly through them. >> this weekend one of our own got a chance to fly with scientists. the only washington reporter on
3:27 am
the planen ein a story only on . >> aboard a noaa, herman. the flight deck, focused on getting us in and out of hurricane sandy. right up here behind the pils. sits the flight director. a meteorologist. she is looking at all the data coming in. everything the airplane is gathering. it is a lot. back behind us is where the real science is going on. this is information that is being gathered that can only be gathered by flying into the hurricane. this airplane has a doppler radar in the tail. what the doppler is picking up is showing up here on these screens. they can then build a model of the storm analyze the data. gives us a sense that if sandy is getting stronger or weaker. if the wind are getting more intense. we are on board the hurricane hunter, herman. a bird's eye view of what is coming. all right.
3:28 am
keep it here on abc for continuous coverage of hurricane sandy.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "worlnews this morning on "world news now" -- surviving hurricane sandy. 50 million people are in the path of this super storm. and forecasters are warning of life-threatening flooding. >> the massive storm is already crippling the northeast and is about to unleash devastating torrential rains on top of tropical wind. it's monday, october 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." it is monday. we welcome you to a special edition of "world news now." where we are tracking what looks like to be a massive storm, hurricane sandy. i'm paula faris on this monday. >> hi, good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. this morning, hurricane
3:31 am
sandy is our only story as that monster storm churns into a worst-case scenario. >> 50 million people are in harm's way and many have been heeding the warnings, scrambling to get ready, boarding up their houses, buying whatever supplies they can find and fleeing their homes if they have to. but a lot of folks are staying put keeping themselves in harm's way, unfortunately. >> hard to understand in a storm like this. a lot of coastal communities up and down the coast, people are being told to get out. hopefully, most folks have heeded the warnings. getting to a point, too late to turn back. thing thousands are going to slowly deteriorate over the next 10 to 12 hours. on the east coast travel has ground to a halt. thousands of flights, almost 7,000 flights, in fact, have already been canceled, ripple effect that will of course stretch across the country. >> my mom actually was visiting from michigan and she was supposed to fly out today. not happening. >> staying put. >> staying put for a couple more days.
3:32 am
>> wednesday or thursday. before mrs. faris gets out of town. we begin with the latest on hurricane sandy, one of the most ferocious storms this country has seen. as forecasters warn of an unprecedented scenario and serious danger. >> sandy is a massive system barreling towards landfall. most likely at this point. the landfall will happen in new jersey, late monday, early tuesday morning. hurricane-force winds of 75 miles an hour. extend 175 miles from the storm's center. and tropical storm winds cover 520 miles in every direction. that tells you the size of this thing. one estimate says there could be $80 billion in damage to homes, in the mid-atlantic states. >> sandy is a beast, in city after city, mass transit and airline operations are canceled. and schools, businesses, and government offices are closed. >> east coast is shut down. let's just call it what it is. >> except us. >> except we're here. hurricane sandy on track to collide with a blast of wintry weather barreling in from the
3:33 am
west and a cold air mass from the arctic. all that is combining to make a dangerous situation even worse. abc's timon bradley in ocean city, maryland. >> reporter: sandy is a monster. her size and scope unprecedented. along the mid-atlantic residents are bracing for hurricane force winds, waves, and storm surges. >> we are expecting a pretty significant storm here that could lead to very significant flooding. >> reporter: transportation brought to a standstill throughout the region. more than 6,000 flights have already been grounded through tuesday. leaving travelers scrambling. >> we are trying to get back to raleigh, north carolina. we are stuck. >> we are basically almost having nervous breakdowns. >> reporter: storm surges increased by the full moon. in new york, fear of flooding halted subways, buses, trains even broadway. hundreds of thousands of people ordered to evacuate low-lying areas. >> if you do not evacuate you
3:34 am
are not just putting your own life in danger, you are also endangering the lives of our first responders who main have to come in and rescue you. >> reporter: tens of millions impacted from carolinas to canada and west off to the great lakes. atlantic city new jersey, virtually shut down in anticipation of a direct hit. >> i am really, really worried. because they just told a friend of mine, they think it is going to hit the bay, bay and ocean going to come together. >> reporter: armies of utility workers are standing by to repair expected massive and widespread power outages. >> it may take a long time to clear and to get, also, for example, the power companies back in. >> reporter: sandy is already wreaking havoc here in ocean city, maryland. the heavy rain and wind, forced the maryland governor to cancel early voting scheduled for monday. timon bradley, abc news, ocean city, maryland. >> our extreme weather team has been tracking the storm overnight. >> meteorologist jim dickey is joining us this morning with the latest on the storm's projected path. hey, jim. >> hey. you see the storm again as you were saying.
3:35 am
huge. want you to track the center. moving its way north and east through much of sunday. it has now started to make the turn we have been forecasting to the north. we will watch this then shift its way north and west through the day into the overnight, late, late tonight, around the 8:00, 9:00 hour expecting landfall in new jersey. i also want to point out -- in and around the center. watch the colors, bright, red, oranges show up. as we head forward in time. that is not a good sign. it shows that sandy is, in fact, strengthening. right now not what we want to seep here. rain already pouring down along the eastern seaboard. starting to dry out. outer banks, north carolina. rain band extends well north into portions of pennsylvania. plenty rain to go. could be 48 hours in many spots if not more. before the rain starts to wind down. three main impacts here. looking at from sandy's force. first the storm surge. in the northern periphery, wind are driven on shore. devastating storm surge, central, southern new jersey, up through southern new england. talking 5 to 10 foot storm surge plus. in some spots. and then the inland flooding.
3:36 am
many spots over 8 inches. anywhere in the dark green here, cities like baltimore, washington, d.c., philadelphia, widespread flooding and then the gusty winds. widespread tropical storm force winds. if not higher -- spots, 50, 60 miles an hour. that's going to bring down a lot of trees and cause widespread power outages. >> that's what folks are fearing, jim. i lived in new orleans. i have been through many storms before. one lesson you learn when you go through a lot of them, the northeast quadrant of the storm, that is the tough part of the storm, explain to folks why that is the bad part of the storm and what major parts of city are going to be the quadrant as sandy starts to make landfall. >> let's back this up, and take a look at the storm surge graphic. storm surge dependent on where you are in the storm, it comes inland. any area of low pressure, northern hemisphere. watch the wind go counterclockwise. along it. where the storm will come, new inland, southern new jersey, wind out of the east from
3:37 am
offshore, long island, cape cod, not where you want to be storm surgewise for this storm. >> sounds like you pointed out some of the hardest hit areas. at least those areas you are projecting. what is the worst case scenario? >> pretty much at this point in time with this storm, this is the worst case scenario for new york city. especially in across the cape cod area. again the direction it is taking. the way it is forcing the water in. perhaps, worst case scenario, wind a bit stronger here. because the wind field is so massive, it is forcing a lot of water in towards land. >> well know you guys have a tough job ahead of you the next day or so. appreciate your insight. accuweather's jim dickey. thank you, jim. sandy is bringing air travel to a standstill along the east coast impacting travelers as far as europe and asia. >> amazing. so far more than 7,000 flights have been canceled through the evening. abc's lisa stark has more. >> reporter: at new york's la
3:38 am
guardia airport, a madhouse, travelers scramble to get out before the storm comes in. >> we are trying to get back to raleigh, north carolina and we are stuck. >> we are basically almost having nervous breakdowns. >> reporter: the airlines are taking no chances starting to cancel flights from washington, d.c. northward. united delta, southwest, american, jet blue and usairways all announcing they will be closed for business on the east coast. a massive shutdown that will ripple nationwide. >> when there are flight cancellations in major hub cities like new york, like philadelphia, like washington, d.c. that affects travelers all over the country. >> reporter: airlines will remove planes from airports in the hurricane's path and hope they can fly back in on tuesday. train travel, too, coming to a stand still. amtrak canceling trains north of new york and virtually all east coast service on monday. the best hope is that east coast flights will resume beginning
3:39 am
tuesday. but once they start, ramping up again it will be a good three to four days before the airlines are back to normal. lisa stark, abc news, reagan national airport. for those of you watching us in airports. hang tough. it's going to be a long few days if you are stuck in one of the airports. >> looks like ma faris will be staying a lot longer than expected. >> on top of all this, the full moon. when you talk about a perfect storm, so many factors coming together to make it tough. a full moon will add to the storm surge, add to the tides here. so that's just another, in a long list of factors. >> almost 20% higher in terms of the tides, just because of the full moon. >> lots to digest. >> of course, we will be following the latest developments on hurricane sandy throughout the entire morning. >> make sure you stay with abc news both on air and online for complete coverage of the storm. our coverage of hurricane sandy here on "world news now" continues after the break. >> we have much more ahead including how other areas of the eastern seaboard are coping with what's coming. you are watching "world news now."
3:40 am
>> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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3:43 am
you are looking at an extremely up-close-and-personal look at the monster storm menacing the east coast. these hurricane hunters flew through sandy four times at 10,000 feet.
3:44 am
it is all to collect data that can even help forecasters better predict where the storm is heading. all signs at this point again point to landfall along the jersey coast late monday night early tuesday morning. >> it is amazing just how much technology goes into forecasting this assembling all the data. it is mind blowing. the usually noisy and bustling floors of the atlantic city casinos. a natural at that. >> i like black jack. >> they are quiet this morning, ahead of sandy's arrival. only the fourth time since casinos came to atlantic city that they have been forced to close. >> wow. the last time was hurricane irene, that was august of last year. this resident lives right on the beach. he, of course, is worried about the waves. >> i'm really, really worried because they just told a friend of mine they think it is going to hit the bay. bay and ocean is going to come together.
3:45 am
>> the storm surge along some areas of the east is expected to be 11 feet or higher. and just made worse by the full moon. >> absolutely. hurricane sandy at this hour is still hundreds of miles offshore. but even from that distance, she has battered the coast of north carolina. fierce, unrelenting winds blew off the water all day sunday. the rain that came with it flooded towns inland from the shore. now a cold front is moving in from the west. that is a chilly and unusual aftereffect for a hurricane. people in the carolinas and along much of the east coast scrambled to secure their boats. sandy's outer bands washed away this 30-foot boat and several others along north carolina's crystal coast. some boats were pushed on shore and a mobile home park ended up underwater. >> do not mess with sandy. >> no, no, no. just at the start of this thing. when we come back, the city that never sleeps is well, pretty much shutdown right now. >> uh-huh. take a look at the coverage of hurricane sandy here in new york city. it is all coming up on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:46 am
continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
well the super storm has some 50 million folks in its cross hairs, more than 8 million right here in new york city. >> most of us have to stay put. to the south is new jersey where hurricane sandy is set to come ashore tonight some time.
3:48 am
now from american landscape, how wabc reported, reported and covered this monster storm last night. now a special storm watch edition of channel 7 eyewitness news. tracking sandy. hurricane sandy, the visitor nobody wants but who is coming anyway. >> don't try to go out there and be a hero and act as if there is nothing going on here. >> tonight sandy poised to turn into a monster and no more business as usual. schools are closed and so is mass transit. good evening. the city that never sleeps tonight, at 11:00, basically shut down, shut down by a storm that has already killed 65 people. the main reason, the subways are shut down. that's why the city shut down. all 378 stations closed since 7:00 tonight. times square station one of the busiest now like a ghost town. >> mass transit shut down. matt kosar at penn station where some people are now stuck. matt.
3:49 am
>> penn station is a transportation hub and usually bustling with people, lirr, new jersey transit and subways converge. tonight it is a ghost town. because mass transit has been shut down creating problems for people who didn't know. >> i just wish that 45 minutes waited on the a train to go to brooklyn. >> reporter: now you are stuck? cops clear out the subways and post "out of service" signs as trains are hauled into rail yard in preparation for hurricane sandy. this is the last cross-town bus to the eastside. brian chambers needs to get to the bronx. but he can't take a bus or subway. he says no cabbie will drive him there. >> a lot of travelers have been slow, out of order, disoriented. >> reporter: at 76, public schools across the city make shift emergency shelters for
3:50 am
nearly 400,000 new yorkers evacuated. even pets are welcome here. but of the inconvenience and stress of it all is frustrating for some. >> you don't have your own, your bed, your shower, you know? and you got to, be with other people. >> reporter: the shelters have cots, blankets, food and medical personnel. as for getting around the city? it looks like your only option is hopping in a cab. live in midtown, matt kosar channel 7. >> the jersey shore, lucy yang in port monmouth. where all eyes are on the bay. lucy? >> reporter: well, sade, the wind is whipping already. i want to show you this ramp behind me. normally it slopes gracefully down to the beach. tonight looks more like a diving board, dropping straight into the water. the beach is gone. all of this a prelude of what is to come. the monster in the water is beginning to stir. the bay is not supposed to be this rough, this menacing. already in port monmouth it
3:51 am
swallowed the pier, the beach and is trespassing up the dune. >> unbelievable. i have never seen it like this, except irene. >> in keensburg, earlier there was plenty of plywood going up as homeowners and shop owners took advantage of the calm before the storm to protect their properties. despite a mandatory evacuation order many residents tonight are toughing it out at home. >> we got all the batteries, the flash lights, nonperishable food items. we got the government on stand by. we got oem over here in the back ground. everybody is doing their job. >> reporter: the problem with mandatory evacuations they're not exactly mandatory. officials can't force folks from their homes why is why so many tonight have opted to stay put hoping to survive sandy. we pray so too. live in port monmouth tonight. interesting fact here. the storm surge energy numbers for this storm are stronger than
3:52 am
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recapping our top story, our only story on this monday morning. the latest on sandy, this historic super storm. this morning, sandy is a category i hurricane, about 250 miles off the coast of north carolina. >> but right now, she is turning toward the coast, picking up speed, and energy. as she meets two other storm fronts. this is basically kinetic energy. she is going to be fueled when she hits the two fronts. the hurricane on target to slam into the coast near atlantic city, new jersey. late tonight or early tuesday. >> again, we are at the very
3:56 am
early stages of this thing. that's for sure. sandis paralyzing new york city, shutting down subways, buses, commuter rails into the city. new york mayor michael bloomberg has closed the country's largest school system on top of that. in addition, people in low-lying areas around new york have been told to evacuate. for the first time in nearly three decades, weather is shutting down the new york stock exchange as well. >> you won't be able to facilitate a trade online. >> no, it's massive. >> sending air travel into a tailspin. more than 7,000 flights have already been canceled through tonight. and that number is going up as sandy moves up the east coast. airports from d.c., boston, clogged with passengers trying to fly out before the storm. cancellations will ripple across the country and it could take days to get back on track. what a mess. some of the most frantic preparations going on along the east coast beaches. people are racing to sandbag, ahead of the storm surge,
3:57 am
and many are under order to evacuate. simply to get out. the surge could top 11 feet both here in new york and new jersey as well. >> a different kind of frantic race. people in the storm's path trying to stock up on supplies everything from generators, batteries, bread, milk, matches cleared from storm shelves. lines were long at gas stations and atms ran out of cash. my family, we went to target. there was no water there. we had to go for the first time in a long time. i had to buy canned meat. chef boyardee. >> spam. got some spam to go through. >> vienna sausages. this is interesting, too -- not just nonperishable, water, radio, flashlight, first aid supplies and batteries they recommend fill a bathtub with water, make sure your car's tank is full of gas, prep your fridge. we're ready to eat pb and js. for the next couple of days. >> spam, peanut butter and jelly. yes, that is the storm diet. folks, it is rough. we will get through it. keep it here on abc news. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this is abc's
3:58 am
"world news now" -- informing
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