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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 30, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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sandy, unlike any storm we have ever seen before, has been in town more than 24 hours and not going anywhere any time soon. >> we have seen incredible pictures. they keep on coming in. thank you for joining us. not only are we on the air early this morning but also are streaming live on, if you have to leave the house today or maybe somebody in your family does, you can stay on top of the situation. >> many of you heeded the warnings for governor martin o'malley. say home and stay out of the way. we have had a lot of flooding and wind and problems and the
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towns and cities we were telling you about yesterday, ocean city, new york, they are really reporting damage today. >> we will check in with those places. let's send it over to lynette charles. we are not done yet. we are going to begin to wind things down throughout the day. lots of rain to show you, i'm going to show you that in a second. sandy is moving over pennsylvania. it made landfall last night, and we are going to be seeing a little bit of change in the forecast. for now, the winds sustained 7 a miles an hour, moving to the northwest at 16 miles an hour. this is the most important thing to us this morning. we have plenty of rain moving in across the picture. plenty of rain yesterday, we are going to add on top of that. plenty of flood watches, flood warnings, that will continue through today and in to tomorrow. the heaviest rain moving through baltimore, washington,
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the heavy rain bands will continue even some back towards the west and the further west you go, you are going to run in to snowfall. check out the rainfall totals, these came in from yesterday, so parkville, close to 6 inches of rain, over 5 in owings, belvedere heights 5. close to 5 at pimlico. this is yesterday, now look what we had today. close to an inch of rain already in baltimore, more of the same in new market. half an inch in annapolis. 3/10th in goldsboro. you saw the rain on the radar, this will continue to pile up and add up as we go through the rest of today. flood warnings with this rain, this is going to continue all the areas here, shaded in the green color. not only do we have the flood warnings, we have coastal flood warnings as well. look at the peak wind gusts
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from super storm sandy as of yesterday. annapolis, 69, 68 in arbutus and dundalk. we are talking close to hurricane forced winds but those are tropical storm forced winds we will be dealing with through the remainder of today. be prepared for that. we look at the sustained winds right now. they are at 12, baltimore. 17 easton. 16 winchester. we do have gusts this morning and we can see them coming in at 32 hagerstown. 22 baltimore. ocean city around 28. we will have the potential for tropical storm forced winds even today and lots of rain. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. many people waking up without power this morning. harford county, many residents without power, including my mom and dad and sister. pilesville, dealing with fallen power lines, that effects route
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24, going to be shut down at route 136. traveling batmore, the problems will persist in rosedale, flooding shut down route 58, golden ring road. more problems on the western portion. there is a downed tree on reisterstown road. falls road, shutdown at old court road. checking in and look at arundel county, more flooding closed route 176 at baltimore annapolis boulevard. checking in and looking at the main lines, 95, 395 downtown, not too many people on the roads, you will want to take it slow if you have to travel. speed limits reduced on all interstates to 45 miles per hour. definitely something to keep in minds. if you come across power outages, treat the intersections as a four-way stop. winds and rains are picking up again. >> the extra rain adding to
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streams and creeks like the jones falls. >> sherrie johnson is life along the jones falls. this type of flooding is leading to road closures this morning, i can hear the flood waters water behind you. >> reporter: pretty loud. this is the jones falls. you can tell, it is very loud this morning, it's overflowing the banks and causing flooding right here in the clipper mill area where there is some flooding in the parking lot. there are a number of businesses in this area, including the athletic club and others, seeing a lot of water in the parking lot area, because the banks are overflowing here from the jones falls. we are under the jfx. this area is no stranger to flooding for businesses and homeowners in the area. they have experienced problems with other storms because of the low lying area. the city department of transportation has closed several roads and intersections
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because of flooding and this includes clifford milks meadow mills business park. police officers and emergency responders are out on the streets to responds to any problems and again, we have seen actually several of them stop by and take a look at the water, just take a look around the area, the business park, maybe sure everything looks okay, keeping people safe. the city received a number of calls for downed trees and yesterday the mayor announced a mandatory travel restriction for roadways. the restriction began last night at 6:00 p.m. and runs until today at noon. this restriction does not include uniformed rsonnel, hospital employees and medical providers. we have seen a number of officers drive by this area, just making sure people are not hanging around and that this area is safe. you can see that the water is
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overflowing the banks and the water is filling up the parking lot area over there, causing some flooding for some of the businesses in this area. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> another part of the state that got hit hard by the storm was the eastern shore. >> flooding and damage around the yeah of kent island. that's where we find kirk yunkey. what are you seeing this morning? >> reporter: i will tell you what, as late as last night, there were areas that weren't flooded. this morning, as i start to get up and look around the area, we are seeing a lot of areas and the road that are flooded, parking lots that are flooded out. we saw neighborhoods on kept island that had pretty drastic flooding in their front yards. homeowners on edge worried t6a the flooding would extend up to they homes, canals in the yeah, some right behind homes that
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had basically reached the banks, that hasn't quite reached the banks yet. they are anxiously watching those canals this morning, watching the flooding, a lot of it is because the drains, the storm drains have become overloaded. with the rain continuing, not stopping, all their effort to clear the drains haven't been enough. they are anxiously waiting. the power is still on in most of the neighborhoods out here. that is good. even seems to be on standby. most families on kent island, have generators ready. they are hunkered down. you can see the street lights blowing in the wind. the wind continues this morning. bad out there, the rain keeps coming down. >> kick, people were concerned yesterday with the bridge being closed down and really not knowing what to expect with sandy, knowing it was going to
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be bad. have you had a chance to talk to anyone? do they feel better a day later or still concern? the weather is bad out there. >> reporter: meagan, most people here feel like this isn't as bad as they were fearing it would be. that seems to be theceps from talking to a handful of people who lived here all their lives, most of them, they feel like this is longer than isabelle but not necessarily worse than isabelle. this is a long-term, 24-48 hours constant rain, that's big difference. they, the sense i'm getting is they feel like the worst is over. that might not be true. depends on how the situation goes this morning from the flooding. >> you will hear a lot of stories about neighbors helping neighbors, that's a great
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community. >> power outages, we are keeping you ahead of this, letting you know what going on. bge brought in crews from texas, ahead of the storm, see the number on difficult to mak out rs current total outages sit at under 214,000, this is a free floating number because it will vacillate between 2500 down, maybe 1500 up. it's lingering now, between 212,000, 214,000, baltimore county, 54,000 outages, arundel, 64,000 outages. once again, we will keep this number in mind and watch it as we continue with our coverage in the ke of hurricane sandy. 2 million gallons of feces sounds gross. that's in howard county thanks to sandy. a sewage overflow near u.s. 1 and 32. given the volume of the
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overflow, we are told to avoid little patuxent river for the time being. >> we have been reporting it today. there are a lot of road closures to be aware of because of hurricane sandy. we checked out the busier roads in harford for you. several of them shut down, that was because of the flooding or the debris. fallen power lines caused areas, like route 2 4, between 136, to close. loren has been busy in the traffic center tracking the road closures and going to keep you updated as the morning goes on about what to look for. >> getting back over to lynette, they have been monitoring the storm for a number of days. we have lots of rain out there, what we are watching now, sandy made landfall, and what we don't want to happen, we don't want it to stall out
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over top of oh us, that is a possibility. we want this to keep moving as it goes through time. see the timeline, this is wednesday, see where it is. we still, it's going to be windy and cold. we have blowing snow off towards the west, some could seep in as far as maybe carroll county, maybe wet snow flakes flying around the area. as we head in to thursday, the cold windy condition continues but we will drier. back to you. in the meantime, we are going to take you live around the country, especially up and down the east coast. there are huge stories happening out of there. there is water on the new york stock exchange, the subway system closed down. there is a situation south in washington dc. >> barack obama returned to the nation's capitol as sandy was making landfall. there is a live look. see the flags flowing. breezy to start this tuesday. we are dealing with fallen
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power lines, downed trees and flooded roadways. i will let you know how hurricane sandy is going to effect your commute, coming up on good morning maryland.
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vacation spot that many of us go to during the summer. next time it might look different. >> the result of sandy coming through and leaving her mark on our favorite beach landmarks. theymon is live in ocean city. >> reporter: the rain let up a bit. but we still are getting the freezing rain, on and off but the wind gusts thankfully have died down a bit. sandy was the monster we all feared. it's going take days to determine the devastation, millions of americans along the east coast wake up this morning, in dire straits. there are 5 million people who
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are without power, we know that in new york city, parts of lower manhattan, floodeds and that the stock exchange is not going to open today for a second straight day, the first time weather has forced the stock exchange to close for two days since the 1800s. here in ocean city maryland, we are trapped here, because there were roads that closed, bridges that closed, people are hunkering down. there is 8 states this morning that have snow. bad weather still out there. >> i know yesterday when we were checking in with you, there was a different scene, a lot of wind and rape. one story out of ocean city, iconic pier that's important to people, it's destroyed. have you heard from anybody or had a chance to talk to anyone or is is it a ghost town? >> reporter: the pier was
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destroyed and floated awaivment the bigger concern is the bay. the water is rushing up on to streets. it's making life very difficult, folks are stuck in hotels or stuck where ever they are. it's a rough scene in a nice resort that so many people vacation in. >> live of how things were riding out the storm. >> absolutely. it's the situation for a lot of people there. he was riding out the storm at his home when the rains blew a tree over on top of his house. >> this is breaking news, arundel county. a man is now the second maryland death to be blamed on sandy. >> linda so is live, in an arundel county. >> reporter: police are waiting to bring in a hef crane to remove the tree from the house. there is a police car situated right outside of the house, because the man's body is still
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inside under the tree. we are at county police headquarters where we are getting new information this morning. let me show you the new video that our photographer shot. this happened overnight at around 11:00 last night. this is the 7700 block of stewart drive in pasadena. it's off of fort smallwood road. if you are familiar with the area, there are a lot of older homes with older trees, mature trees and there was a tree in the man's front yard that fell. it literally snapped the trunk and landed on the roof of the home on the left sides cut through the home, the tree is so big, the man happened to be inside of his house in the kitchen. police aren't sure if he was cooking. no one else was home. the tree fell on top of him and killed him. police found the man pinned, trapped under the tree. his body is in the house.
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police are waiting to bring in a heavy crane to remove the tree. they will not be able to positively identify the victim. we are told that the victim had an adult son who stayed with the man at his home but his son was not home at the time. police attributing this to the heavy winds and rain from hurricane sandy. unfortunate what happened here, the man just in his home in his kitchen when the tree fell and killed him. they are waiting for a heavy crane to remove the body. linda so, abc2 news. >> we will check in with you later. a lot of you are wondering how the storm is going to be for us today. round two or is it going to move out so we can start with the clean up? >> over to lynette charles. what's the story? you won't start with the clean up today. we are dealing with a lot of rain.
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super storm sandy, 3d, i'm going to put it in to motion. see the clouds underneath the clouds, we have plenty of rain to talk about this morning, that tts scenario as we head through the remainder of today. be prepared for what is in store. we are going to be dealing with plenty of windy conditions as well. as we look at the satellite view, super storm sandy made its way on land last night and blowing inland, dropping rain we will see on maryland's most powerful radar. heavy bands around baltimore. south of hagerstown in to frederick, the further west you go, you are dealing with snow across the area. look at the rainfall totals, this is this morning, we have about an inch in stevensville, ' easton an inch of rain. the totals will continue to
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pile up. power a big issue this morning. if you are heading out, you are probably going to run across traffic signals that are going to be out. it's important to treat the intersections as a four-way stop. arundel, seeing storm damage. flooding shut down dorcey road, 648, west nursery, shutdown at patapsco road. 103, route 1, as we look at the main lines here, 695, liberty, traffic moving along k slick conditions. a look of 83, here in hunt valley, shawan road. speed limits reduced to 45 miles per hour, take it slow, avoid the roads if you can. stay with us, this morning, our coverage continues, we will be continuing to track the aftermath of sandy, and what is in store for you. >> we have atlantic city in the sites for you today.
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the capitol in dc and stories beginning to pile out of new york, massive fires, flooding subways, big apple got hit pretty hard.
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