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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thankful this isn't -- the most serious is north of us in new jersey and new york city. >> that doesn't mean we were spared. sandy left her mark on downed trees. >> we have two people who have been killed, two from car accidents. one man died what he tree fell on top of him. nationally we have 39 people dying because of this storm so far. >> most of us are just dealing with the podges -- power outages and the cleanup but one family is grieving the death of a father. people have been coming by looking at the home. it's been devastating for the family. >> reporter: the pasadena man who died in the storm was standing in his kitchen when it happened. a large tree in his fronts yard snapped, crashing into the house killing 74-year-old donald ulman. we caught up with cannata's son.
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he said their last conversation will haunt him for some time. >> was standing in the doorway. he said what's the matter, son. said i'm a little nervous. the trees are swaying. what's your big concern. that a tree might fall on us pop. that's the last i seen of him. he was killed in the kitchen. >> reporter: two other marylanders died in the storm. one in montgomery county, one in prince george's county. both of those were traffic fatalities, live in pasadena, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> here it suspicious meteorologist wyatt everhart. havre de grace spared, a lot of us spared. phelps point having to go to
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higher ground. >> then the flooding question will be out have there. we were spared. we projected that the north, north wind would push the water out of the bay, prevent isabelle style flooding, so we're thankful for that. there's nothing like what we saw. take a check of the setup. isabelle -- i'm getting mixed up. isabelle is long gone. sandy having a slight impact. you have to look carefully but if you look carefully north of cumberland right near in south central pennsylvania that is the center of what's left of sandy which, we have post reports, it's going to be all over the place. we think more of a hurricane than a nor'easter, but it still was a hybrid type cyclone but it sure did die downwind wise. this looks more like a
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nor'easter and that is the mixed type of prescription we're seeing. heavy snow still in the appalachians, including garrett county, which was up to 26 inches of snow. look at this locally, cold air. so we'll hav much more on sandy straight ahead. >> a lot going on for folks in millers island concerned about the damage and high tide. >> joce sterman is out there and she is live for us. >> reporter: the water is rising a bit has that tide begins to come in here on back river. the water, obviously, a main concern, not just for people who live on it but for people who police it and patrol it. we went along with the coast guard to survey the damage. they took us along on the ride. this coast guard crew heads into the water braving the waves to see if slain di left a mark. they're spoichg the bay and the
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shores looking for damage and not finding much. even with the storm gone it's not smooth sailing for the crew members. boats like this operated by crews for the coast guard can handle up to eight feet. that's what they saw by the bay bridge on monday afternoon. the wind is a completely different story. >> with the winds being too high, it would be too dangerous. >> reporter: with the winds weakening, they were able to take on a huge job today, searching the water for debris lick this that could -- like this that could hurt you. >> you will get the tree limbs floating around in the bay. >> reporter: they lie just under the water, invisible to boaters. that's why the coast guard said it's best you stay out. >> if they don't have to go on the water, to stay off the water. >> reporter: and the coast guard wants to see if you have a boat,
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see this just like this guy as it, docked up and dry. luckily, they say they have no calls in the entire baltimore area and no need for any search and rescue. they are anticipating there will be a huge need for that. they don't want you on the water just because of that debris. live in baltimore county, joce sterman, abc2 news. >> well, the storm is passed. now it's about cleaning up the damage. the army corps of engineers were assessing the damage to see where we go next. >> reporter: despite hit from hurricane sandy, there were no deaths, no injuries here in ocean city. we're not seeing damage here like you she in new york and new jersey. still there's cleanup. this is where the gazebo used to be. the bar and restaurant at the bayside got hit by hurricane
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sandy. >> the gazebo is gone. the boardwalk, they were starting to rebuild is in the parking lot. >> reporter: they were able to salvage the angels and said it will go on the new one. most of it is confined to things downstairs. >> it's my livelihood. goto clean up. >> reporter: they hope to open by this weekend. a large section of ocean city's pier has been falling victim. there was a mandatory evacuation order for downtown ocean city and portions remain flooded. but slowly the city is coming back to life and surfers have taken to their boards as well. some are searching trying to find things that slain di may have left behind -- sandy may
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have left behind. >> i have not found anything, but i'm hoping i will. >> reporter: the cleanup is already underway. the mayor said all the roads in ocean city are back open again. remember, they had shut down everything below 17th street. that is back to normal and visitors are expected to come back starting tomorrow. christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> great job. again, school delays and cancellations are at the bottom of the screen. a couple of the 200,000 or so power outages associated with san dpip -- sandy sent raw sewage spilling into the water. >> reporter: over a 12 hour by
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hour period, 25 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into the water. the little patuxent river plant blamed downed wires. while the outage occurred at 11:00 last night, bge didn't start repairs until 6:00 this morning and it took another five hours. >> we have hard workmen and women who worked here overnight and this morning to do their best to keep it up and running but without power it can't run. >> reporter: from a health standpoint, the county executive said it only amounted to 1% of the volume but the environmental impact remains uncertain. plant workers said it will take
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about four or five days to get plant operating at full capacity and about 5% of the sewage is still seeping into the river. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> well, you asked about millers island, right? the viewers are quick on their feet. they sent me a picture. they're seeing flooding. we are starting to see flooding out there, millers island one of the spots. coastal flood warning. we will see enhanced bay flooding tonight. kent at 9:50. port deposit you'll see your high tide after midnight. we'll take you to the sus question an na. flood stage is 23 1/2. it's flooding at ft. mchenry. we'll tack you down toward
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annapolis. flood sge being 2.4. we're above. so we're above one to two feet. i think we go about a foot, maybe a foot and a half. not an epic flooding event, nowhere close to where we were. what was the storm? isabelle. it's getting to be that. that's kelly. you're jamie. >> you're mike. >> there's concern about the conowingo dam. they're going to re-evaluate tomorrow. it's not just the people hunting down during sandy. >> the animals were protected. we'll tell you how the critters at the national aquarium fared during superstorm sandy. >> and sandy still bringing snow to the area. some mixed showers.
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we'll talk about how to things will develop into the rest of the week.
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it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us.
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he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. it wasn't just people we were worried about, but we wanted to keep the animals safe. the national aquarium seemed to and tell pretty well. >> we have a selection of personalities in animals, the same as you see in people. some are aware of changes in the environment. animals handle it very well. we didn't have any issues with them.
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>> just like a lot of us, the aquarium workers were concerned about losing power and possible flooding but everything went smoothly. tom, your first visit to dundalk, welcome. that's great. >> reporter: no. it wasn't too bad out there. it was definitely a situation where they had floodwaters, too as you guys have been talking about a lot of people are used to this has this tends to happen. basements were flooded. many backyards were flooded. this is the sort of thing they have to wait and hope this ends quickly. millers island they don't know if the high tide will come in, if the winds will change directions. police came to their doors, told them to evacuate and they heeded
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the warning. >> they said the water could get deeper, so we left. >> we still have hope. we're hoping it does not come into the house. if it does, we'll repair it. >> reporter: some good attitude from the residents who live in dundalk. i think a lot of them are feeling more relieved that this situation is resolving itself in terms of the floodwaters receding and the water backing off. huge mess to be cleaned up. who knows how much it will cost much of the homeowners. that is great. weave love dundalk. we continue to track the water levels, the rain and the mixed types of precipitation. you can see a couple of mixed
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showers, big radar. this is light stuff. if you see a few flakes come down say on westminster, don't be too surprised. take a look at the broad perspective. cold air wrapping in to superstorm sandy, still having an impact in terms of rain. snow wrapping into the maryland mountains. we continue to deal with that scenario. winds have let up dramatically. they've turned southward. so one last high tide cycle to watch with the high tide hitting between now and 7:00, just a few gusts, ocean city at 23. gusting to 77. almost 80 in crisfield, a lot of destruction in crisfield. edge water beach, 69. dundalk 68.
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ocean city, pier lost, mainly thanks, not to the true storm surge, massive waves. we were measuring waves in the 20s, model indications in the low 30-foot range. one of those was measured in new york harbor. a couple of the ocean city cameras, a rainy day on the beach. they have one last big high tide. my mom was down there. she said the tides were well above average, right there with irene. we have bigger waves. there it is, ocean city pier. it's gone. just the remaining two thirds of the oc pier, rainy, windy kind of a day, delaware, kent island. higher than normal on the bay because of that rising effect from really the full moon cycle and all the runoff from sandy. 42 at the airport, cold.
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the cold continues to spin. we continue to see the last effects of the storm drifting north but tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, breezy. i think we're dry by thursday. the cold air will keep funneling in. as we take one last look at it, less and less extinct. bring the big winds to the bay and bringing snows to the mountains and could, in fact, as a parting gift, bring a few wet flakes to the baltimore area. we're down to 36. it's going to be a cold night. 54 tomorrow. chilly, breezy. tomorrow night cool and dry. here's the outlook. the next few days sunshine will be the story into the middle of next weekend. we'll look for low 50s with lots of sun. on the whole, not a bad deal at all. new information constantly coming into the newsroom here and christian schaffer in ocean
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city. we're getting word that the governor will tour crisfield and oc. >> also, howard county schools will be open. 10 schools still don't have power. bowman bridge, dayton oaks, longfellow, try del if i ya. patuxent valley, glen el high, hammond and wild oak high. if power isn't restored by 35bg tomorrow morning, those schools will close. so you have to watch tomorrow morning. >> let's check in with cheryl conner and don harrison to see how they fared. >> reporter: hey, guys, we're doing pretty well. we heard that queen anne's will start back tomorrow but they will start 90 minutes late. that's because if water comes up overnight they're hoping it will recede before the kids get out there. we're seeing water coming up. >> it did. we went down to chester river
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beach road where they got a lot of water during isabelle. it did come up into the house. most of the houses fared pretty well. the wind didn't push it up as far as we thought. this should be pretty good. they should be okay with this. they're going to experience more flooding. >> reporter: not bad. we talked to people and they said they're nervous as the water was creeping close to their home. the best part is it stayed outside. it didn't go into any property that we saw. here's what one lady had to say. >> we waited and waited because the last time we had to evacuate. we waited. we looked out the window and it slowly receded. >> reporter: so high tide in about an hour. we will certainly be here throughout the night.
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we will wait and watch. water might creep up on the road. >> route 18 is catching it, route 18 seeing the flooding. >> reporter: the bay bridge opened at 9:00 this morning. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> there's more abc2 news coming up. >> first, let's take a look at what you'll see on world news. >> tonight new dramatic stories of survival. diane sawyer, chris cuomo will take you inside the special storm. that's tonight on abc.
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move your cars in fells point. there's still a lot of runoff. most of the bay between 7 and 9, except port deposit, which will come later. a few flakes as a party gift from sandy. otherwise, weather gets better over the next several days. >> kids can go trick or treating, hope fli. we'll see if that's still on. >> keep with us all night long
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for the latest on school clays and close -- delays and closings. >> see you tonight at 11.
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