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tv   News  ABC  October 31, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we will have plenty of clouds around, also some very cold temperatures, but we'll take that, right? 39 degrees in owenings mills, 38 in northville. also we could be seeing a little bit of patchy fog. we see that air is saturated out there, so some spots be careful as you're out driving out and about for today. but as we go into the afternoon, temperatures will continue to stay on the chilly side. we can see at lunchtime 49 degrees, and the high temperature at 52. we will have a bit of a wind chill with those winds out of the south at about five to 15 miles an hour. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. unfortunately sandy has left behind a lot of debris outin' the roads. and in baltimore county, it's actually caused a historic whiskey plant in cockiesville to partially collapse. so the northbound lanes of york road are now shut down at railroad avenue. you will want to use warren road, scwann road or even 83 as your alternate routes. there are several accidents working right now. we do have some trouble in baltimore city where there's a crash right on wabash avenue
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right at northern parkway, and then another accident on hilton parkway at north avenue. for those of you traveling on the beltway, here's a live look right now at the west side at liberty road. traffic moving right along. there are no delays on the inner loop through pikesville. the outer loop nice and clear down towards 95. and this is what 95 looks like downtown, traffic moving right along here at 395. the roads still going to be pretty wet, so take some precaution as you do head out, and unfortunately, we do have another crash to tell you about in howard county, it's right along the eastbound lanes of route 32 at route 1. megan and charley, over to you. bge is working feverishly to restore power to everyone. >> dozens of schools, they still don't have any service, so there are some closures that happened not only overnight, but early this morning. so abc 2 news education reporter sherree johnson is at our live desk this morning with more on who's open and who's not. sheree. >>reporter: well, megan and charley, yes, sandy's torrential rains and strong winds caused serious damage up and down the east coast, from flash flooding to destroyed buildings, this storm has had an impact on our area and some
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area schools are closed this morning because of those power outages, and we just received a few calls into our newsroom. we'll start with baltimore city. now, baltimore city schools are closed today. the district office is open and essential staff must report to work. baltimore city schools schools hope to reopen by tomorrow. hartford county schools are closed. 18 baltimore county schools are closed, 17 anne arundel county schools are closed. all other schools are open two hours late for staff. one school in cecil county is closed. you can head to our website at for a complete list of the schools that are closed today. this story is in our slide show and, you know, parents can also sign up for school closings with e-mail alerts. all you have to do is click on the weather tab here and then did to closings and you can sign up for those alerts. and we'll continue to update the list as school systems call into the newsroom. sheree johnson, abc 2 news. later today governor
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o'malley will survey the damage in ocean city, a lot of damage there. sandy flooded streets, blew debris all over the place, causing a lot of the area to lose power and they also lost their pier. >> but they're cleaning up. they're not rebuilding. abc 2 news kristin schaefer has the very latest from the eastern shore. >>reporter: power is out through large sections of ocean city, but the flood waters here, even in the downtown area have begun to recede. the good news? no injuries and no deaths from hurricane sandy. now it's a time for a big cleanup. this is the gazebo behind fager's island used to be. it got hit hard by hurricane sandy. >> the gazebo is gone and the boardwalk that they were starting to rebuild is in the parking lot. >>reporter: they were able to salvage the angel which was on top of the old gazebo and which will, they say, go on top of the new one. inside the damage isn't as bad, most of it confined to storage and prep rooms downstairs.
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they hope to reopen by this weekend. >> it's my livelihood and we gotta clean up and let's get on with it. >>reporter: meanwhile, crews have been restoring power up and down the coastal highway. a large section of ocean city's fishing pier did fall victim to the high winds and heavy surf on wednesday. the army corps of engineers will inspect the dune system that runs from 27th street to the delaware line and the seawall below 27th. it held back sandy. they want to make sure it can hold back the next one. >> we're going to go back and figure out if this needs immediate replacement or if it can wait until the normal schedule which is 2014. >>reporter: some locals are searching through the surf and sand trying to find things that sandy may have left behind. a big storm like sandy digs down under the sand, making it easier for treasure hunters like keith. >> a lot of stuff gets blown up on the beach. >>reporter: why does he do it? this is why, a 14-caret gold and diamond ring found on the beach near 4th street. >> anytime you find gold,
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you're fine. >>reporter: dprch o'malley will be here in ocean city tomorrow to get a firsthand look at the damage. he's also going to tour chrisfield on the western side, right on the chesapeake bay where there is more damage from hurricane sandy. reporting from ocean city, christian schaefer, abc 2 news. the governor also plans to tour christfield today and those living on the tangier sound has called it the worst flooding since dplorria which was in 1985. two caskets were forced out of their graves, their sides visible above the grass. the national guard had to evacuate those living in summer's cove apartments because the water was so high. check this out, coast guard video offers a unique perspective to some of the damaged areas left behind by sandy. pilage took over at norfolk, virginia, heading along the coast, all the way up to atlantic city. they saw washed out bridges and flooding in almost every seaside community, homes completely is covered in sand
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and beachfront mansions that were completely destroyed. the eye of the storm made landfall around atlantic city, new jersey. and take a look at some of the damage left behind there. the boardwalk is ripped apart. some pieces blown as far away as two, even three blocks away. >> it's really, really devastating because i live in the city and it was becoming a beautiful place to live. they was doing a lot of work here and now this is what we have, nothing left. >> some people are saying sandy was the worst storm ever they'd seen strike atlantic city. power outages, evacuations, closed roads, as you would expect. >> we're going to show you how this family, they got a police escort right out of town. we're seeing the rain and wind, but other places in our state, this is what they're waking up to, the other side of sandy, some pretty heavy snow. our storm shield app i know came in handy during the storm of sandy. but right now our attention
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focused on temperatures. we're at 41 degrees right now in baltimore and annapolis is at 44 degrees. and if you want all this information on your phone, just make sure you go to our website and download our app. lauren. >>reporter: well, lynette, traffic just starting to pick up here on 695 at hartford road. we are dealing with storm damage as well as several accidents across the region. i'll have all the details coming up on "good morning maryland."
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thanks for joining us this morning. listen, if you have ever doubted just how strong the winds can be, especially from sandy, we have some proof to show you. >> yeah, trees are down all over the area, but rarely do you get to see one as it's falling. that wasn't until now. take a look at this video shot on long island. you can see the winds begin to push the tree over, pulling the roots right out of the grounds. fortunately no one was hurt. >> it's amazing because we always see the pictures afterwards, so that's pretty incredible. check this out, a police
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officer had to stop traffic in downtown annapolis and this is only for a little while and it wasn't because of the broken rights or anything sandy related. these ducks, a trio of them were trying to cross the road, so perhaps they were trying to take advantage of everybody being indoors and they wanted to get out for a bite to eat. downtown annapolis is very cute. however, the officer said no way, beat it and he basically escorted them to safety. your abc 2 news to go is straight ahead. >> stay with us this morning, we have live team coverage of sandy's aftermath. >>reporter: before you hit the road for work or to take your kids to school, an important thing to keep in mind, i'm linda stow live in towson. there are still a lot of traffic lights that are out. you need to treat these as a four-way stop. we'll have details coming up. and some schools are still closed because of the power outages. i'm sherree johnson. i'll have an update on those school closings coming up. and sandy has come and gone, but i'll tell you how you need to dress for trick or treating coming up. >>reporter: lynette, it's definitely going to be a cold night to go trick or treating.
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unfortunately we are dealing with storm damage across the region. i'll have all the delays and everything you need to know as you head out the door coming up on "good morning maryland." honey, don't use your sleeve.
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it is wednesday morning, thanks for joining us. this is your abc 2 news to go, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's begin with a check of that forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. good morning, everyone. yes, we are watching sandy churning some snow across western maryland and also west virginia. here, though, at home, we're basically just dealing with the clouds outside this morning and some very cold temperatures. i'll show you those temperatures in just a second. but back off towards the west, western maryland, around hagerstown, they're dealing with a little bit of a mixed precipitation and also some rain now trying to happen in virginia. i'm going to keep a slight chance for some showers in the forecast for today, but all in all we will stay dry. we do still have a flood warning up for the areas here shaded in this green color. and we're also dealing with blizzard warnings back off towards the west. so, yes, sandy really came in, wreaked some havoc across parts of our area. i'm going to definitely say that back into western maryland. but all in all for today, not
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too bad. we do still have the coastal flood warning up, but that will go away as we did into the afternoon as well. so we start to see improving conditions, that's what we like. so i'm going to get you out the door this morning, don't forget the heavy coat, it's cold outside. temperature coming in at 40 degrees in fredrick, and we are at 43 degrees in stevensville and in galena right now, that temperature at 40. the winds are pretty much calm, so this is a change of pace for us. but we will start to get a little bit breezy as we go into the afternoon, so expect that as well. and also expect chilly conditions throughout the day. so by lunchtime we're looking at 49 degrees, and by this afternoon around 3:00, that high temperature coming in at 52. that 52 will feel more like we're in the mid- to upper 40s with the breezes. late get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. 38 degrees tonight? going to be a very cold night for trick or treating so definitely layer up as you do head out tonight. unfortunately we do have several accidents right now. trouble in howard county, there's a crash on route 32 right along the eastbound lanes
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at washington boulevard. and in baltimore city we're dealing with another accident right on northern parkway at wabash avenue, and another crash right now on hilton parkway at north avenue. we do have some storm damage up in baltimore county that you want to watch out for as well, it's right in cockiesville. it's to the old whiskey plant on york road. right now northbound lanes are shut down at railroad avenue. so definitely stick with an alternate route, 83 or even scwann road or warren road instead this morning. you're taking a live look at the beltway. traffic starting to pick up on the west side. you're looking at a 13-minute ride, so not terrible delays right now, traveling from 795 down towards 95. and here's 83. nice and clear in hunt valley. no problems from scwann road and it does remain clear getting onto the jfx. back to you. linda stow is live in towson with an update on the restoration efforts, and, linda, you've been out with us the entire morning on "good morning maryland," you've
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noticed something with intersections out there, those where they don't have the red lights. >>reporter: it's actually pretty disturbing what we're seeing this morning. we're here at the intersection of hillan road and stevenson lane. and you can see right there, these cars are blowing through this intersection. we've heard it time and time again, even from the governor, you need to treat these intersections like a four-way stop. literally a minute ago i just saw a baltimore county school bus fly through this intersection without stopping. we're actually seeing cars that are honking at other cars that are stopping at these intersections like they're doing something wrong when, in fact, that's what they need to be doing. they need to come to a complete stop. use your patience this morning. don't honk at cars that are stopping at dark intersections because that is what you need to do. it's very disturbing what we're seeing here. it looks like it's an accident waiting to happen. but because it's still dark outside, you know, you just need to take your time this morning. you see all these cars blowing through this intersection. this is not safe. as you head off to work, as you
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head -- take your kids to school, as your kids are driving to school, please remind them this is something that they need to do, treat these four-way intersections as a four-way stop. there you see another pick-up truck. but back to bge, they say they have made a lot of progress overnight. more than 30,000 customers they brought back up online, we're at about 85,000 who are still in the dark. bge says they're hoping to bring those people back as soon as possible. and once those out-of-state crews are done with restoration efforts here, it's likely they'll head up north to nrnl and new york where they've been hit hard to help there. but, again, back out here live, stevenson lane and hillan road in towson, this light is out and we've seen, i'd say, about 75 cars that have just blown through this intersection. please take it easy this morning. please stop when you come to a dark light. your safety and those of others on the road at risk this morning. we're live in towson, linda stow, abc 2 news. >> this is a law in the state
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of maryland. and, linda, you're still with us, this is something that went into effect october 1st, even when the governor first came out on sunday addressing the state, he mentioned this law, saying it's now enforceable. >> we say it over and over again when you lose power, when you get to those intersections, treat it as a stop sign. clearly the message is not getting through. those power outages not only affecting the intersections or homes, a ton of schools now in the dark beginning this wednesday morning. >> and that means some of the schools in our area, they're getting the day off for the third day in a row. sheree johnson is here right now to tell us who is open and who is not. >>reporter: well, megan and charley, yes, we've been getting updates throughout the morning here and we're getting new information on school closings. some area schools are closed because of, yes, power outages. let's take a look at this list here, baltimore city schools are closed. the district office still open and essential staff must report to work. baltimore city schools hopes to reopen by tomorrow. now, hartford county schools are closed, 18 baltimore county schools are closed, 17 anne
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arundel county schools are closed, all other anne arundel county schools will open two hours late for students and staff. and we just got a call into our newsroom, one howard county school is closed and one school in cecil county is closed. again, we just received a call about this one, two fredrick county schools are closed for this morning. and you can head to our website at for a complete list of the schools that are closed. that story is in our slide show. also parents can sign up for school closings with the e-mail alerts. all you have to go is go to our home page and click on the weather tab and come down here to closings and click on that and you can easily sign up and have these closings e-mailed to you. of course we'll continue to update you on our website with more school closings as they become available. reporting live in the newsroom, sherree johnson, abc 2 news. time now for five things you want to know on this wednesday morning. the new york stock exchange will reopen today. the storm forced the exchange to close for two days. new york city mayor michael ploomberg is expected to ring
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the opening bell. bwi airport opens for business and there are still some canceled flights, however, so officials say passengers definitely, before you head out the door, check with the airport, it could be several days before the airports along the east coast ramp up and return to normal. and mta service will be back in full swing today. a spokesperson said they found very little damage from the storm. buses, light rail and train services operate on their regular schedule. amtrak says it will resume some service in the northeast. train tunnels had prevented service to and from new york's penn station. the rail line says it will have modified service from new york to new jersey and some south points. all amtrak service will return to normal once inspections have been completed. there's a huge parade in san francisco today. the world series champions san francisco giants will celebrate their victory with a ticker tape parade. this is the second in three years for the giants in major league baseball, claiming the top prize. not everyone dealing with the flood waters from sandy. in western maryland a very
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different story. they're actually shoveling a lot. >> up there three feet of snow in some places. this is what it looks like in garrett county. plow trucks out in full force, trying to clear the snow from the roads. things got so bad tuesday a 50- mile stretch of interstate 68 had to be shut down. that stranded truckers and drivers for a number of hours. road foreman mark wells had had to cut back 50 to 60 trees just to get to work. >> it's treacherous, the trees were falling behind me as fast as i was cutting them out in front of me. i've seen a lot of snow up here, but not from a hurricane. >> power outages in that area because of the wet snow, it's breaking the tree limbs. a blizzard warning continues through today. so they definitely have a mess on their hands. one more check of that forecast with lynette, and before we call it a day on this wednesday, and like you say there, in western maryland, they're telling a completely different story. >> exactly. you can actually behind me some of the white stuff mixing in. well, that is definitely some snow across that area. but we're also looking at some wet weather back around hagerstown right now.
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and there is a possibility for some showers to work their way into our area as we go through the rest of today, but mainly we will stay dry, so just know that. look at what's going on in bel aire. we can see those clouds even though it is still kind of dark outside. we still see more people on the roadways this morning. that will continue even as we go into the afternoon. but check out what we have in terms of temperatures right now because we are cold. that's our big story of the day. temperature coming in at 39 degrees in westminster. baltimore at 42. 40 in annapolis. 42 in chesapeake beach and fallston coming in at 39 degrees, chestertown at 40 and 41 degrees in federalsburg. so make sure you do have the heavy coat on as you head out the door. so we are watching sandy push away. the remnants of sandy push away from us. today it will be chilly, it will be breezy, so we will have a wind chill. so you do need to bundle up as you head out and about this morning and even as we continue into the afternoon. the future trend will keep plenty of cloud cover around for us for today, and that will start to improve as we go
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through time. this is what we're working with as we go into the 3:00 hour. 52 degrees for a high. as we go into 7:00, the temperatures will drop down. this is a time that the kids will start to trick or treat. still cold, so make sure you do have a heavy coat. this is the seven-day forecast for you, as we see improving conditions as we go through time. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. i'm loving that sunshine. finally. finally, finally. unfortunately we are still dealing with the effects of hurricane sandy. we have some storm damage in baltimore county to the old whiskey plant in cockiesville. right now inspections do continue, northbound york road is shut down at railroad avenue. you will want to use warren road, scwann road or 83 instead. we do have flooding in anne arundel county on route 175 at route 3. in howard county we've got a crash right now right along the eastbound into route 32 at washington boulevard. several more accidents in baltimore city. there's a crash right now on northern parkway at wabash avenue and another on hilton
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parkway at north avenue. you are taking a look at the northwest corner of 695. traffic picking up. you're looking at a 13-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 and it's even heavier here on the beltway in parkville. slow from hartford road up to providence road. listen to this, this is a question for you. can scary movies fight flab? according to british researchers, yes, they can. they claim that the surge of adrenaline you get from watching a scary movie creates bursts of stress that basically it stops your appetite and helps you burn calories. >> they say on average you burn around 113 calories, equaling that of a 30-minute walk. the movies to get your heart rate beating the fastest include "the shining," "jaws" and "the exor sist." >> i posted on facebook asking you your favorite movie and what do you think of this study? i can't stand them. they make me crazy. >> i can't watch stuff like that, i'm afraid somebody is going to get my ankle
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underneath the bed. >> anything that screams scares me. you're not buying it? >> whatever.
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