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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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eventually down into the 30s. it will chill you to the bone. dress warm out there. more weather coming up. hours ago we learned that anne arundel had a second storm related death. this is video of a home in pasadena where a man was killed earlier this week. this afternoon a contractor, cutting down a tree in annapolis was killed when the tree fell on top of him. his identity has not yet been revealed. the damage in cecil county was widespread, but for the most part it was light compared to what happened in the worst of the state. this is cecilton. he was three steps from the kitchen when the huge oak came clobbering down on his house. the tree cutter said there's 20,000 pounds of the tree trunk. he's hoping some things will be
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salvaged. >> my hair conditioner and heat -- air conditioner and heater are under there. i won't have a kitchen for quite some time. my laundry room's in there, too other than that, the rest of the house is fine. >> in the 1960s his kitchen was featured in a national magazine. he said he's just waiting on insurance at this point so he can start rebuilding. after the first few hours of heavy winds and rain, people thought most of it was through. sara smith had a friend over. they were planning a trip to the store. >> we had already mean in part of the tree had been ripped off by the wind. my best friend was here. we were going to get some pet
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food. we were walking out the door when this sheared off. we just told her to park in the driveway so this wouldn't fall on her car. >> tens of thousands without power and more than 50 roads shut down. tonight there are fewer than 10,000 harford county homes still in the dark. bge has been able it restore more than 75% of its customers in the dark in the first 24 hours of sandy. jeff hager is live with our team coverage. we hear you caught up with some of the crews. they've really been working hard. >> bge pulled in crews from as far away as florida, texas, new mexico to help restore power. it's helped to clear the
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outages. they faced a similar scene, clearing a large tree and the broken telephone pole that sent a transformer crashing to the ground. while homeowners felt fortunate the super storm didn't produce the kind of damage you might see from a direct hit, they do miss some common comfort. >> you walk into a room. the first thing you want to do is flip a light on and running water because we're on well here. just your daily showers and running water and flushing the commodes and just that sort of thing that you take for granted. >> reporter: appreciate it but that's not everyone. back live now, you see the big tree along register. a number of power lines. last night five bge trucks showed up but no one to cut the
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trees to make room for them to make the necessary electrical retears, something we saw during the duratio. certainly they're not happy. anyone out of power probably won't be satisfied until they're returned to normal. everybody, this is our seaed into capital of maryland. this is where we get all of our maryland crabs from and hit hard. winds so hard and people had to be evacuated. many had standing wart and debris all around. days after riding out superstorm sandy, we see some of new jersey. >> reporter: atlantic city is one of the hardest hit areas.
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you can see the debris that blue when hurricane sandy came through. along the jersey shower a new view, and not the one most residents and tourists ever expected to see. the coast lien changed by a monster storm. >> i actually grew up in the city. it just hurts a lot. >> reporter: this afternoon dozens of residents came out to see the damage for themselves, telling us and each other stories about how they road out hurricane sandy. >> i was sitting in my room. you didn't know if the window would shatter. >> it's something you can't believe. >> reporter: this man is a doctor. he stayed behind at a local hospital as sandy made landfall.
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>> they were evacuatin i'm originally from afghanistan. i can relate to this. we didn't evacuate. my son, he wants to see it. >> reporter: normally this is a booming tourist mecca. right now it's empty. there's plenty of damage and most places don't even have power. cleaning up will take a long time. >> no one has been allowed back into the city. >> reporter: president obama surveyed the area by air and on the ground. he met with governor christie. it will take time to clean up. the ball is rolling and the federal government is very much involved. reporting for abc2 news. >> for will look at all the incredible pictures you have sent in and the video of the damage from all over maryland, just head to
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real important reminder. many people may have power at home but there are a lot of traffic lights out. we caught quite a few drivers blowing through intersections with their lights breaking the law. police handed out tickets. when drives come to a light that's out this should be treated as a four way stop. if an officer is around, you could get a ticket because it is the law. the baltimore humane society on nick codeem must needs your help. >> our power has been out since 3:00 on monday. we do not have phones or internet. one of our main generators went down. so we don't have heat either. we have a generator powering the
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kennel. >> aside from the outage, they're taking a financial hit. adoptions are on hold and spaying and neutering are being held. the baltimore humane society is also in need of science diet dog and cat food and nonclumping cat litter. >> i understand bge is on the scene. thousands of people stood in line to take advantage of early voting. a look at how the storm affected it. we've all heard the halloween warnings about tainted candy or flammable costumes. we're working with you on some halloween tips. don't forget about our abc2
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news app. you can check out the chill as it comes into our state. we'll show you some high resolution video. that's straight ahead.
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sandy caused a virtual shut down on the east coast and that includes early voting. >> waiting time was up to an hour and a half. many of people planned to vote early, but sandy changed their plans. >> because of the hurricane, i was not able to make it here, so we came today. >> early voting was set to end
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on thursday night but because of sandy you can now vote early until 9:00. >> millers island has seen their share of storm damage. sandy brought plenty of wind and rain but the homes are standing and dry for the most part. >> the main thing is a lot of wind gusts, minor flooding. we were lucky that this storm went north of us instead of south. if it went south, we would have been devastated. >> homeowners say they were much better prepared before sandy even hit. at least we didn't get hit by snow. this is video out of garrett county. not used to getting snow in october during a hurricane.
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>> all right. want to start off with this high resolution satellite loop. let's play this. you can see that eyewall, that intense eyewall developing with the high resolution, visible satellite photography, up in new york. as the storm makes that approach closer and closer, we were hoping it wouldn't make that trajectory. we were within 100 miles of the kind of deaf station they saw in our -- devastation they saw in our area. look at the totals, over 10 inches through crisfield and totals over half a foot of rain in baltimore and points west of isolated pockets, even higher. again, some of the isolatedded
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highest totals -- isolated highest totals. that rain as to go somewhere. flood stage for the conowingo 25. also, out in frederick we're at the max stage. highest forecast occurring this halloween evening. here's some interesting statistics talking about hurricane snow stacks. oakland 24 inches plus. west virginia 20 inches and in tennessee 22 inches of snow, unbelievable storm impact. all right. let's get it back to halloween night. a cool breezy scenario. we're in the 40s in hagerstown and york. the overall setup is for dry, cool but cloudy weather throughout the rest of the
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evening. how will thicks -- things change over the next few days, not dramatically. still in that cooler northwesterly flow. remember that area of low pressure continues to pull around, pulling that cool air out of canad cannot get back to normal. temperatures in the 70s. now we're having a tough time getting out of the 40s. cool weather and cool air. friday another tough day to get into the 50s. it will take awhile to break out of this cooler than average pattern. it's thanks to the remaining low pressure area. our superstorm sandy now centered over erie, pennsylvania. all the ghouls and goblins, maybe putting that extra layer on. 38 overnight. the evening will be in the 30s.
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chilly. the rest of the outlook, again that cool pattern, thanks to sandy, holding for the next several days. we may get back to the 60s. average high in the mid-60s. >> all right. with all this, it managed to overshadow halloween prep. lots of parents and kids hitting the streets. we've got some halloween safety tips. now the most important thing this remember, tonight, a lot of debris, some places standing water. it's a good idea to make sure you have flashlights and good shoes. neighborhoods where there are downed trees and no lights, it's better to go to another neighborhood. the old rules still apply.
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never go to a stranger's home or take candy from somebody's car.
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we're committed to giving you the information you need. as part of our commitment to democracy 2012 we're bringing you a five-minute one on one
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interview with each of the candidates. today it's representative john bane from maryland's third district. sir, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> a few opening words. >> i want to say i'm glad to be running for reelection in maryland's third district. this is a tough time for the country. actually, as i move around my district, i see a lot of this sin nickism. i think this comes from the feeling that the special interests have captures our political process. the asmg person feels like their voice can't be heard over the voice of super pacs. we have to restore people's faith. that means fighting back against the influence of money in our politics. >> first off, we've got $16 trillion didn't. 8.3% unemployment rate, housing market in shambles. the list goes on and on. where do you start?
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>> it's a tough economy. we don't have to start from scratch, though. the president has put legislation to the congress and the democrats have supported jobs legislation. for example, investing in our infrastructure and it's something we've got to do anyway. you can create jobs quickly through infrastructure. look at the water mains that broke in downtown baltimore not too long ago. one was from 1914. the other was from 1897. we have to fix our infrastructure. if we do so, would can create jobs. it's important to do that. we can do that in the near term as well as over the long term. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice recently referred to education as quote, the civil rights struggle of our day. do you agree with that assessment? if so, how do you address it. >> it's the cred you want to give every single child an equal opportunity to a decent opportunity. they need to be able it go into
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a good school that's got supplies and materials where there's a qualified teacher in front of every classroom. that costs some money to do on the front end but we get that back in terms of that investment. you have productive sit zens that contribute to the society going forward. i think baltimore is striving to do that. i'm proud of what the efforts have been in this re john and i'll -- region and i'll continue to fight for it. >> what's the end game for afghanistan? >> the end came is to bring our troops home. i would like to see a more aggressive schedule in that. the president has laid out -- i think his schedule is pretty aggressive. we lost a lot of lives, put a lot of money behind. this those are resources,
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frankly, that can go to support some of these things i just mentioned infrastructure, education investment. it's time for the residents of afghanistan, the of a dan stan people it step up and finish this task. >> the healthcare reform act, president obama's landmark piece of legislation. mitt romney said if elected, he would repeal and replace it we shouldn't repeal something that allows someone to something on their parents insurance until age 26, closing the donut hole for our seniors. on this medicare issue we save money in medicare through the reform act but we've taken those dollars, put them right back into the medicare program it make sure there are strong
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benefits. >> you mentioned constituent cynicism. there's a stalemate and general nastiness on capitol hill. how do you answer that when someone says representative, this is going too far? >> i think they're right when they look at washington and see this gridlock and fed up with it. we have to treat each other with respefnlgt reach across the aisle and try to build these relationships. we have to work at it. >> thank you for the time today. to see this interview and others, go to our website, as always, don't forget to vote on tuesday, november 6th. >> oh, yeah. it's halloween tonight. >> i'm heading out trick or treating. >> dress the kids warm. all right. we'll see you tonight at 11.
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be safe. >> have a good night.
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