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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 7, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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made in the united states? >> i want there to be. >> reporter: a promise there will be.
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at the factories in china they make 40% of the world's electronics where this year, bill welir. took you inside. apple moving their macs to america, represents a small part of the overall product line. cook made the point before that key components of the iphone for instance are made in america. the processor made here. glass in kentucky. >> it says on the back of an apple product, designed in california, assembled in the united states. >> several part are from the united states. >> reporter: apple is joining a trend, the wave of american companies, beginning to rethink their strategy of where their manufacture their products. chinese wa chinese wages have risen 15 to 20% a year. reason to come back. proximity. location. make it here. you don't have to ship from china the saving money. suddenly the math isn't adding
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up. >> they're deciding made in america makes more sense? >> yes, an economic question about being made in america. not a patriotic question. it is an economic question. >> david muir, abc new, new york. >> the guy said a mouthful there. not a patriotic decision, it is an economic decision. whatever gives them more profit. whatever takes the least out of the bottom line is what major companies always opt to do. >> they will begin putting together macs here in the united states in 2013. back in the 80s. the original, original mac factory in free mont, california, failed for several reasons. conveyor belts led to excessive handles. >> kidding the customer base, apple has built, insanely loyal customer base in the country. nice to see them reinvest that become here regardless of cost. don't think apple is hurting for money. >> think they can afford to come back to america.
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>> exactly. apple, it biggest rival may be getting a legal break. a federal judge in california is kidding reducing damages awarded in apple's lawsuit against samsung. the judge says the jury miscalculated coming up with the $1 billion verdict. that amount may be cut. no word on how much. and the jury, samsung, used technology to build its smart phones and tablets. the supreme court today meets again in private. to discuss same-sex marriage. justices are reviewing legal challenges to california's proposition eight that would legalize same-sex marriage. an announcement could come as soon as monday or tabled un,000 till next year. flarz wigs will flay at hal staff across the nation to observe pearl are bar day, december 7, 1941, japanese forces launched a surprise attack on the u.s. naval base at pearl are bar in hawaii leaving more than 2,400 americans dead and drawing the u.s. into world
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war ii. then, president franklin roosevelt dubbed it off course, "the day which will live in infamy." the death toll is climbing in the philippines after a powerful typhoon washed away a string of villages. more than 400 people were killed and hundred of others they're still missing. the flooding was so widespread, two emergency shelters turned into death traps. a new government climate report warns that flooding from future storms will likely get worse. thanks to sea levels rising faster than ever. scientists say global sea levels will rise 8 inches and 6 1/2 feet by 2100. since 1992,the levels rose half an inch. 8 million americans live in areas prone to coastal flooding. so learn how to swim everybody. >> temperature warms up. glaciers, ice caps melt. sea levels go up. >> wear a life preserver at all
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times. here is a look at your weather now on this friday. showers in the midwest. and northeast. wet at time from the carolina coast done through florida. a few inches of snow in the dakotas, minnesota, wisconsin. heavier snow in the rockies and cascade. >> 40s from seattle to salt lake city. 53, colorado springs. 23 in fargo. 40s from omaha to new york. here is one that brings to mind the phrase -- what are they going to think of next? an inventer in or gun has done something, come up with tt -- the doggy doorbell. >> ah, the brain child of keith gin who says he came up with the idea after his dog, bebl, ruined the doors by scratching them every time he needed to go outside to handle his business. >> business. >> he trained the degree to ring the bell. and now, voila, no more scratching. >> that is brilliant. so successful he is looking to expand to door bells for cats. not kidding. maybe he should put the door
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bells for the cats in the litter box. >> brilliant though. >> great idea. >> really smart. that's what you need one good invention in your life. set all you need. one good one. >> every dog owner, going why didn't i think of that president? >> what did you say, will ills? >> what is your excuse? >> so critical. >> i have an idea. i wanted you to get willis fired. that's my idea. coming up, your tv cable box that can tell if you are messing around getting your groove on on the couch. >> what online video game programmers do to keep you playing and playing and playing. you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. i'm done!
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♪ ♪ >> well, carrying around an iphone or android makes it of course very easy to waste time playing all those games. >> that has caused some people to take gaming to extremes. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: if you have ever played angry bird -- or word with friends, or farmville, you might have sympathy for diane edward of red lion, pennsylvania. she plays farmville on her laptop up to eight hours a day. >> it is addicting, i don't know why, i am 51, what am i doing here playing a farmville game. >> reporter: spend $200 a month
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on her farmville habit. she can't help it she is hooked. this doctor says he sees patients just look her every day. >> the average age of our patients is 40. we have seen housewives, we have seen doctor we, have seen lawyers. the stereotype of the "video game addict" is a teenage kidden his underwear. that's not what is happening out there. >> reporter: the american psychological association declined to recognize it as a diagnosis, but video game psychologist as a hot career because the gaming industry is hiring psychologists as consultants to make their games more enticing. ariella layer, designs games for middle-aged women. >> our most popular title is murder she wrote. >> reporter: content, romance and mystery the psychology las vegas. for instance, intermitent reward. >> the reward, money and cash drawer, don't come every single
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time. we learned this with rats, with, food pedal press. >> reporter: some games follow a six-second rule. every six second a visual sparkle to enditice you to keep playing. >> potency of the video games are much more intense, more rewarding, more engaging than video games 30 years age. >> reporter: which makes them a lot more fun, unless. >> 60 to 100. >> reporter: you get hooked. david wright, abc news. >> you do think teenagers, not adults. you can interact with folks on line. the on line relationships replace real life relationships. maybe we have a problem too, that's us before the show. >> well are very angry. >> angry bird. >> we are angry birds. >> do you play angry birds? >> i do play angry birds. >> i don't get it why people -- >> you don't like to play, that's why. >> next, the family christmas
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card will never be the same. >> we'll show you how the japanese are taking portraits to a whole new level. it's next.
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♪ with these pictures of you ♪ that i almost believed that they were ♪ >> i like the music. >> who sings this? >> can't remember. i love it. the cure! duchlt duh. we need a cure for your grumpiness. >> i am not grumpy. >> read the prompter. >> it says rob. can you read, rob! >> the time of year for creative, wacky holiday family portraits. this one is our "favorite story of the day." >> that's right this year, the japanese offer a high tech alternative to the glossy prints.
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3d figurines of the fan. >> reporter: consider this a modern take on ken and barbie. this woman flew in from hong kong to claim her minime. her boyfriend paul dressed to impress. >> a strange experience to see yourself kind of on a screen. you can't really hide anything. >> reporter: it is japan's high-tech answer to 2 d photos. scanners not cameras are preferred gadgets. snapshots don't take seconds but 15 minutes. this scanner here gathers all the information for one of the figurines. this camera here captures the body's shape. this one captures the texture. and i am going to put it up against it here, and you can see on the computer screen just how detailed it is. every wrinkle is brought back to
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life. this is you in the back? the creator says 3d scanning itself isn't new. in the latest bond film "skyfall" film makers use scanning and printing to re-create the iconic car. but a 3d avitar, i had to try it myself. 15 minutes. i can't move? the scans are processed through special 3d software. images sent to the 3d printer. three hours and a few touchups later it is time to face the mini me. what do you think? not exactly christmas ornament material, but the hair, the wrinkles, are spot on. now the question -- just where does one put a miniature version of one's self? wow, i am fascinated by that technology. that's cool. >> i'm going to use yours as an
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elf on the shelf next year. off awe really put me up there. scare your children. >> oh, look at that. >> could you pull your pants up higher? >> next time i borrow your sweater, willis. ♪
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>> love this. u.s. cable provider verizon applied to patent, set top technology, observe what you are doing in the room, cuddling on the couch, show you ads for condoms, flowers, romantic vacations. commercials based on what your cable box sees you doing in the room. get a little freaky, you never know. >> nine of ten confrontation that happen at work are gossipy conversations. they're trying to dispel the rumor gossip is negative. used to warn co-workers about
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colleagues that are not pulling their weight. and finally, we want to, give a little shoutout to our newest fan, little mia. a year old. >> 1-year-old. wrote us a little letter. says i started watching "world news now," since she is up in the middle of the night. i think it is a great show. ends it in a way, perfect, i hope my first dance will be a polka. sweetest thing ever. so, mia, welcome to the family. glad you are up with us. here is your polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ scraps and filler from the day long as we don't have to pay ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so turn on "world news now" and let's everybody dance ♪ >> hey ♪
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this morning on "world news now" -- closing in. the opposition is said to be moving in on syria's government this morning, as a civil war there could finally reach a breaking point. >> there are new concerns about the drastic action syria's president might take. it is friday, december 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good friday morning, everybody. made it through another one. thank you, lord. i'm rob nelson. >> we're crawling. i'm paula faris. we'll bring you up to date on the violence and tensions in syria in our top story on this friday. and to capitol hill where negotiations on avoiding the fiscal cliff took a new turn.
3:01 am
the sticking point up for debate by the president and as well as congressional republicans. also this morning, a "world news now" special report. why some people who have already been born, get this, may live to the ripe old age of 150. that's right. 1-5-0. the secrets of staying young revealed. >> would you want to live to 150 is the question? >> always a great question, how old do people want to be? the answer, to live as old as you have a good quality of life physically and mentally. if you are 150 and out of it. what is the point? >> feed you some apple sauce. >> thank you, thank you. can you wipe me now. no one wants that kind of life. 150 healthy. >> the gifts parents can buy now that will make the kids go crazy on christmas morning. the science of picking the right toy. as a parent, i can tell you. look at that. so excited. nothing like seeing that unabashed joy on your child's
3:02 am
face. this is all? >> christmas is about the kids and those moments right there. do we lose it as we get older? >> totally. >> here is your gift card. first, the major concerns among u.s. leaders about the civil war still raging in syria. reports say clashes between government forces and rebels are flaring around the capital of damascus. >> concerns are escalating abut possible use of chemical weapons, a step president obama warned syria not to take. abc's martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton overseas trying to find some diplomatic way to end this increasingly dangerous conflict. 20 months of fighting, 40,000 lives lost, and now the chilling possibility of an air attack with deadly nerve agents. >> there is no question that we remain very concerned that the regime might very well consider
3:03 am
the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official saying over the weekend the syrian military loaded components of the nerve gas sarin into bombs on or near syrian airfields. they have not loaded the bombs on to aircraft, but the threat remains. >> once the chemicals are poured into weapons, artillery shells, bombs that can be dropped from airplanes they can be good up to two months. >> reporter: the syrian government claims it will not use chemical weapons, but president assad is feeling the pressure from opposition forces who have gained strength and are now moving on the capital damascus. jeremy bowen with our bbc partners is there and reports assad's forces are waging a fierce defense. >> throughout the day and after dark when i am speaking to you, there are quite steady explosions of shell fire, outgoing artillery fire, going into the -- the suburbs around the center of the city where i am. >> reporter: residents are caught in a worsening cross
3:04 am
fire. >> people who come from areas that are being shelled, they are on the street. many children. some times you see them crying. old people are sleeping on the ground. >> reporter: but nothing in this horrific war has gotten the attention of u.s. officials more than this chemical weapons threat. >> thee reports may mean that the united states and our allies are facing the prospect of an imminent use of weapons of mass destruction in syria. and this may be the last warning we get. >> plenty for all sort of contingencies is well under way. but military action would not be easy. it could take upward of 75,000 troops to secure those chemical weapons which no one is eager to provide. but president obama has warned that using those weapons is a red line. martha raddatz, abc new, washington. if any folks are questioning why we are paying attention to syria or how it affects us, 75,000 troops could be called in
3:05 am
for the effort, including from the u.s. if chemical weapons. any leader who would kill 40,000 of his own people is capable of just about anything. >> there is nothing that suggests that president bashar al assad ordered the chemicals. still unclear what the intent was behind the activity. >> eyes of the world on the situation. speaking of the eyes of world on egypt as well. where violent appropriate tepro signs of easing despite a call from the was to president mohamed morsi. the next few hours could be tense, barbed wire barricade surround the palace in cairo after deadly clashes between supporters and opposition groups. president obama calls violence there unacceptable. meanwhile morsi is offering to meet with leader but will not relinquish almost near power over the government. and developments in the case against john mcafee. the former fugitive out of the
3:06 am
hospital this morning and back in a detention cellen g een in l in guatemala. mcafee spent three weeks running from police in belize where he is wanted for questioning abut his neighbor's murder. we could learn much more today about an alleged terror plot involving a pair of brothers in south florida. the qazis are making their first court appearance in fort lauderda lauderdale. both are naturalized u.s. citizens originally from pakistan. their family call the case a misunderstanding. in washington some difficult negotiations between the staffs of president obama and house speaker boehner, all that of course an effort to avoid the nation dropping over the fiscal cliff. in just a few days at the end of the year. in their first discussions yesterday after a week's hiatus we are told there were no signs of progress and even a hardening of positions.
3:07 am
in fact, earlier president obama discussed the stalemate with middle-class families. >> for them to be burdened unnecessarily because the democrats and republicans aren't coming together to solve this problem gives you a since of the costs involved in very personal terms. >> he showed what he is really after is assuming unprecedented power to spend taxpayer dollars without any limit at all. >> the major sticking points continue to be how to handle tax rates for wealthy americans, and also, what to do about reducing spending on entitlement programs like social security and medica medicare. >> aide between the president and the speaker of the house met and the talks basically went nowhere. according to one of the president's aide he said higher taxes of course on the wealthy. a deal must include permanent extension of the debt ceiling and source also say that indicated no willingness to go any further on limiting the growth of entitlement spending. >> bottom line.
3:08 am
entitlement spending is 60% of the federal budget. no way to have a credible deficit reduction plan without doing some major changes to social security, medicare, and medicaid. and huh they work all that out and crunch the numbers remains to be seen. republicans have given way on some of the tax issues waiting for the democrats to give way on entitlement issues not satisfied with numbers from the white house just yet. so, this nasty tango continues. >> we have to live within our means, nice if the government could figure out how to do so as well. new campaign finance filings show the 2012 presidential election was the most expensive in history. tally put the cost at $2 billion which includes $86 million raised by mitt romney. a computer glitch delayed, president obama's final number, "the washington post" reports. the spokesman says that the president raised $1.1 billion. >> think what else the money could have gone toward in the tight times. despite loud objections,
3:09 am
republicans in michigan managed to push right to work measures through the legislature. hundred of union supporters protested. some who tried storming the senate chamber, were pepper sprayed. the legislation bans unions from requiring nonunion employees to pay fees. supporters say the move will add jobs, opponents though say it weakens unions, and harms workers. and speak of labor issue, it ain't looking good for a dl ealo end the nhl lockout. the players union chief held two news conferences last night first to say there was progress in major issue. in the second, hejected everyth union offered. there is no drop dead date to start the season. but time clearly seems to be running short. fiscal cliff, no hockey. what is wrong? come on, america. >> america. like $1 billion apart. >> wow. >> sad. much different labor issue cropped up outside a wal-mart in
3:10 am
kansas city. mom to be, get it, labor. started feeling woozie while in the checkout line. she stepped outside for fresh air. that is when her water broke. >> oh, and game on after that. >> fortunately, off duty police officer, matt fell temperatuphe personal superhero with the help of the fire fighter and salvation army bell ringer they delivered her baby girl just eight minutes later. both mother and baby are doing just fine. >> eight minute delivery. >> eight minutes. jealous of that. hope she got the receipt for the baby highlighted as she left the door that. would be good. >> i go out. >> thank you. funnyman, bill murray in a very presidential movie role. >> living longer than you can possibly imagine, maybe even want, what the seniors of tomorrow can expect from the active elderly off to day. it's coming of on "world news
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♪ and in my heart you will remain ♪
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♪ forever young a little rod stewart. looks good for 90. >> rob stewart? what, ron? >> exactly. thanks to medical advances and better health habits. americans simply are living longer. >> the guinness book of world record named a 115-year-old iowa woman the oldest woman. what is the secret to longevity? >> good morning, rob, paula. all this talk of age made me wonder how can we all live long and fantastic lives. >> all right. >> reporter: living forever, or at least living to 90, 100, even older is a dream that increasingly seems attainable. the big influencers have been genes, exercise and diet. but let's be honest. few are willing to give up meat and committee. for 100 years, eating green, levee vegetables whuflt at we ws
3:16 am
a robust, long life. >> honey badger don't give a -- >> reporter: betty wife at 91 years young says it is not a restricted diet that kept her so lively all these year it is the constant activity. as far as diet goes she reportedly loves hot dogs and cupca cupcakes. but we can't all be betty white, or can we? scientific breakthroughs are throwing out the rules of old age. cynthia kenyan at ted talk for bold idea. >> people who live to 90 or 100 were more likely to have mutations. the mutants are resistant to diseases. >> dr. kenyan doubled the life expectancy of her patients. a worm in the prime of his life. and later, see how he ages. >> the animal is clearly in the nursing home. >> check out a mutant worm of the same age. >> not in the nursing home it is going skiing. >> reporter: kenyan believes lessons can be amrid to humans. after all, we already live
3:17 am
longer. to date average american lives to 79 compared to just 49 a century ago. and this long bearded scientist, aubrey degray believes the first person to live to 150 has already been born. and he says a 1,000-year-old is not far behind. >> i'm planning that the first person to live to 1,000 is actually, probably only about 10 years younger than the first 150-year-old. that is quite a thought. >> quite a thought indeed. could the found ten of youth be on the way to all of us. an interesting question. >> absolutely. >> life expectancy could go up what about the quality of life? >> exactly what the scientists are working on. people don't want to live forever unless two things happen. one, they live a robust life, that they're active, their mind are active. two they can still share it with the people that they love. >> absolutely. >> and eat cupcakes. red wine. >> wine, cupcakes, hot dogs. sound good to me.
3:18 am
a lot of it, genes play a big role in this. be the healthiest person in the world, exercise, eat right, do all the things doctors tell you to do, genes deter mmine what o health entails? >> genes are huge. doctors would say genes do not determine your destiny, part of your road map. things you can be doing and scientific breakthroughs that may extend our lives in a more robust, fabulous way. >> follow the report. come back when you are 95. we will all be here. >> and i'll be here. come back, when you are 150. >> appreciate it. we'll be back with more right after this.
3:19 am
welcome back, everybody. a mad dash at the mall this time of year. scrambling to find a perfect something for the special someone. >> now you can chill out and relax a little bit, there is a
3:20 am
science behind giving a gift that will make them smile. abc's sharyn alfonsi has more. >> reporter: they are the moments parents pray for. those priceless reactions to the perfect gift. james growsha had his eye on the lego train set of his dreams. for two years he saved up $100 to buy it. by the time he had the money the set was sold out. heartbroken, james wrote a letter to lego and then. >> what is it? >> i don't know. >> reporter: this arrived from lego. >> i finally have this. >> reporter: youtube is filled with similar moments. >> wear's leaving today to go to disneyland. >> are you joking? >> i am not joking. >> yes, we are going. >> reporter: a daughter learning she is headed to disneyland. >> oh! >> reporter: the mother learning she is about to become a grandmother. >> it's a baby!
3:21 am
>> reporter: turns out there is a science to getting though priceless reactions. one study found pricier gift don't translate into greater appreciation. exhibit one, the kitten. >> am i seeing something? >> reporter: the key, the studies show getting into the head of the recipient. in the head of a kid, this electric guitar is a great idea. >> guitar! >> reporter: give the recipient exactly what they say they want. not what you think they should want. >> what the heck is that? that's not toys. that's books! >> no! >> in other word, stick to the list, and reap the reward. sharyn alfonsi, abc news. >> what the heck is that? books, not toys. if you want the rest of the stuff you have to ask the big guy. sitting on santa's lap could cause kids to reaction strange ways like bawling their eyes out. >> if you have pictures of your
3:22 am
kids on santa's lap that may crack us up on the overnight. tweet them to #wnnfans. can't wait to see all the pics. we'll be right back. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection) is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be serious and life threatening. ask your healthcare provider about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take
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honey? ...on the couch. nyquil d. 50% longer cough and stuffy nose relief. time now for our friday morning version of "insomniac theater." and this morning, we are looking at two very different movies. one, a crime drama starring a very unlikely duo. >> first, we'll take a look at hyde park on hudson starring bill murray and laura linney. what's happening, for the first time, based on a true story, a reigning english monarch visits america. back in june, 1939. bill murray playing president fdr and wife eleanor. they host the king and queen of england for a weekend at the roosevelt home, hyde park on the hudson. upstate new york.
3:26 am
at this time, the monarchs are trying to rein support from fdr getting ready to go to war with germany. however, international happenings, coupled with fdr mistresses make the weekend a little memorable. >> he is definitely younger than i had imagined. for a king. you know? >> is he? >> they both seem nervous. that surprised me. >> without some help from us -- i would be nervous too. >> the l.a. times says bill murray shines as fdr in "hyde park on hudson." however rotten reviews from rotten tomatoes, 47% >> looks good. bill murray fun to watch. our next movie deadfall, starring sissy spasek. two siblings on the run from a
3:27 am
heist that went wrong. try to leave. have a bad car accident, not deadly leaves them stranded. make a run for it in whiteout blizzard conditions evolves into a weird drama that build to this climatic showdown. >> we're going to split up. they don't know anything about you. you were just a distraction. >> i don't like the plan. >> i didn't ask you if you look it. >> we shouldn't split up. >> listen, follow that path and then cut toward the road. use your wits. hitch a ride. keep heading north. >> there we go. so far not good reviews either. 34% rotten tomatoes. the "boston globe," says an a list cast fights a b movie script. so they like the casting, weren't so big on the plot and movie. the plot sound good to me. >> not a bad way to spend two hours looking at ms. wilde. >> that's the news for this
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- stranded this morning on "world news now" -- stranded in snow. the deadly high altitude drama involving a couple taking a drive through the mountains. >> the sudden storm, the all-out search, and the survivors' terrifying story. it's friday, december 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good friday morning. >> "merning." >> i can't say morning. sounds weird. always "merning." good morning, i'm paula faris. >> we keep it simple on the overnights. >> good friday everybody. i'm rob nelson. you'll hear how a stranded woman survived on snow and tomatoes for days. that is our top story. amazing. but also this morning, the mix-up in the maternity ward. how the mother of a newborn
3:31 am
found out she was holding someone else's baby and another mom was actually nursing hers. you hear these stories every now and then. just so scary how that can happen. >> almost incomprehensible this day and age, technology in hospitals and the lengths they go to to tag your baby and make sure it is yours. i'm off my soapbox. >> i don't get it. later this half-hour, the zombie movie we are paying for with our tax dollars. the price tag on this pork project and others courtesy of the department of homeland security. >> a story that will make you mad about where your tax dollars are going. just when you thought the david petraeus sex scandal was over, no, there is a new chapter of the story all courtesy of tampa socialite, as we look to call her in the media, jill killi. find out about her next step coming up in "the skinny". this thing isn't going to end quietly without more publicity. you knew that. of course, we will fill you in on that coming up. first, the couple missing since last thursday in the snowy
3:32 am
sierra nevada. >> paula lane and rod clifton, vanished after leaving a suburb heading for their home along a snowy highway. their story probably would have ended happily ever after had they not ventured off the main road. abc's brandi hitt has the the details. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. hard to imagine what the two want through over the last week. unfortunately rod did not make it in the cold. doctors are very surprised, paula did. they say she got lucky. stranded in the snow atop california's cold sierra nevada mountains paula lane and her boyfriend rod clifton had been missing nearly a week when paula's family got the call they had been waiting for. >> to hear them say "i found her. i found her." i can't explain it. >> reporter: paula was found wednesday freezing and frost bitten but alive. rod, however, did not survive. authorities say their vehicle had gotten stuck in a snowstorm november 29th in alpine county.
3:33 am
and rod went to find help. >> when he did not return, paula left to, to seek help. >> reporter: walking in freezing temperatures, doctors say paula ate snow and tomatoes she brought from the car to stay alive. search teams found her in a hollowed tree with first degree frostbite on her toes. her doctors can't explain how she survived. >> she was one very lucky person. just in the snow, i don't think she could have lasted much longer. >> reporter: search teams found rod's body at another location. >> i give rod credit for, certainly trying to go get help. >> reporter: as rod's family now makes funeral arrangements. paula's is focused on her 11-year-old twin boys, who days ago were told mom may never return home. >> she wants to get better to get home to her babies. my sister may be little but she is mighty and she is a survivor and she loves life. >> reporter: paula won't beep heading home until after this weekend.
3:34 am
doctors say she still need more treatment. rob and paula. >> thank you, brandi. deadly discovery after a house went up in flames in southern california and police are now investigating whether the fire is really to blame. the body of three adults were found in the home just east of los angeles. the sound of exploding ammunition was heard as the house burned. police have not said if they died from fire or gunshot wound. we turn now to the developing story in egypt where police are ready for violent protests in hours ahead. soldiers and barbed wire barricade now guard the palace in cairo, the scene of clashes between opposition groups and supporters of president morsi. violence erupted when morsi claimed near absolute power over the government and scheduled a draft resolution. president obama spoke with morsi thursday calling the violence unacceptable. in syria, fighting between government forces and rebels is raging in the suburbs of the capital damascus. for the first time rebels have been using tanks causing heavy damage to government buildings.
3:35 am
the advancing opposition is only increasing fears that president bashar al-assad's forces could use chemical weapons against the rebels. in washington new word of difficult negotiations aimed at keeping the nation from going over the fiscal cliff. for the first time in a week yesterday, aides to the president and house speaker john boehner met but no discernible signs of progress. there seemed to be a hardening of positions on tax rates and possible reductions in spending. pretty stern announcement from capitol hill, one of the senate's conservative leaders, jim demint of south carolina is quitting. he announced his resignation yesterday saying he will leach the senate january 1. demint will head a conservative think-tank now. south carolina's governor says there is no time table to announce demint's replacement. >> a lot of people are questioning this why he will take over the heritage foundation. his salary in the senate is $174,000.
3:36 am
he is replacing a guy who, the head of the, the heritage foundation was making roughly $1 million a year. get, got a little bit of an increase. in salary. >> all of these politicians, go on to a lobbying, think-tank, consultant work, all that kind of stuff, they leave for big bucks there. he's considered one of the grandfathers of the tea party movement. a powerful gift. at odd with party leadership. have to wonder did that play a role? tired of the politics on capitol hill? he felt going to the think-tank would allow him to be in a great position to better spread the conservative message didn't get done as well as he thought it could be in the last election. >> one of his biggest coups and victories was getting senator marco rubio elected in 2010. >> rubio is a rising star. >> yes. well a minneapolis hospital is apologizing for a maternity ward mix-up. that horrified two new young mothers. tammy's baby boy was mistakenly placed in the wrong bassinet,
3:37 am
taken to the wrong mother and breast-fed by that mom. the staff at the hospital acknowledged the error after the woman realized the id band did not match up and the newborn was not hers. the baby's mother couldn't believe what had happened. >> how could this happen? what do you mean he went to somebody else's room? what do you mean, somebody else breast-fed my son? i'm, just what? >> the hospital is investigating the accident. meantime, both moms and the baby are undergoing tests to make sure nothing was passed on to that child. which that is the most important angle of that story. >> exactly. >> the hospital gave an apology letter, promised a full investigation, and will cover the costs of any additional tests, the least they could do. i have never given birth. >> at least not to a child. >> there is -- they tag the kids. a process? >> tag the kids.
3:38 am
if you take the kids -- or try to remotely remove them before they're to be released alarms go off. even if they've -- they bring the child to you, check the tags. mom wears a tag. baby wears a tag on the arm and leg. that's like the first order of business. first line got to check to make sure both tags match. if you don't do that which somebody failed to do, you end up breast-feeding somebody else's kid. >> i don't get it. that is a bizarre story. here is your friday forecast, everybody. showers from seattle to portland. up to a foot of snow in the cascade and northern rockies. a couple of inches of snow from the dakotas to green bay. morning showers from chicago to the ohio valley. and to the northeast, later this afternoon. 40s from boston to baltimore. 70s in new orleans, dallas, phoenix. 23 in fargo. 30s in billings and minneapolis. okay, an american icon getting ready for a big year in 2013. talking about the chevy corvette, born way back in 1953, therefore celebrating the big 60 next year. >> that's right.
3:39 am
the old corvettes have come a long way in six decade. the 2013 model cranks out 505 horsepower all within strict emissions standards in fact. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> chevy pulling out all the stops, releasing a new tease for the seventh generation corvette which goes on sale next summer. unveiled at the detroit auto sale. when they first unveiled it 60 years ago sales were not great. just enough to keep it in production. thank god they did. >> corvette, a timelessly sexy car. willis, have you had a corvette? or just screaming back there? >> yes, yes, double yes. >> have you had a corvette? >> yes. >> are you lying, willis? >> i'm not lying. >> what kind of corvette did you have? >> 1984. >> oh, lord. >> thank you. >> 1984. >> rob wasn't born yet. >> 1984. i had it in california. >> really? did the lady like it? >> trust me, brother, no problems. [ laugher ] >> good for you, willis.
3:40 am
>> a chick magnet. i'm sure your pinto outside is just as nice. >> whoa! coming up next. >> we love trash talking especially on a friday. coming up next what made martha stewart so sick on thanksgiving too. >> tax money spent on making a zombie movie. the government waste doesn't end there. it's coming up on "world news now." ♪ thriller thriller ♪ you're fighting for your life ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by five hour energy. ♪ thriller thriller night >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by five hour energy. the new color changing candle from air wick,
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thrillerer ♪ thriller thriller night remember that? >> do it again. >> that was the move. the move. that was the move. >> you guys both know how to move. i don't. >> that's right. >> what does a zombie attack have to do with your tax dollars? one has actually funded the other believe it or not. >> the story is crazy just one example of what some say is a huge waste of money. abc's john karl has more. >> reporter: the zombie apocalypse.
3:45 am
this isn't a really bad b movie, it an actual scene from the 2012 counterterrorism summit attended by law enforcement officials around the country. summit tickets, $1,000 a pop. paid for with your tax dollars. the zombies look scary, but organizers say the skit was solely to add levity to an otherwise serious meeting on protecting the homeland. senator tom coburn says another example of more than $7 billion in questionable homeland security spending every year. >> wasted. >> reporter: in a new report, coburn cites example after example, including 30,000 for an underwater robot in columbus, ohio. the $69,000 hovercraft for indianapolis. and this, the sleepy town of keene, new hampshire citing the need to secure its annual pumpkin festival was awarded a grant to buy a bearcat armored vehicle, price tag $240,000. department of homeland security said the grants make our communities safer places to
3:46 am
live. coburn said there is just too much waste. examples are tip of the iceberg? >> sure, all over the government everywhere you look. >> reporter: what? >> waste, incompetence and stupidity. >> can you ever be too prepared for the zombie apocalypse. jonathan karl, abc new, capitol hill. >> what's that? hard to make the case for raising taxes when you see some of the crap our taxes go for. you know what i mean? those stories do not help the cause for capitol hill. >> waste management. >> the government. coming up next, who was planning to make money now off the david petraeus sex scandal? >> we have breaking celebrity news involving a quarterback and a supermodel next in the skinny. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> skinny in the house! >> skinny's in the house! >> oh, willis. >> you know who is in the house? another baby for gisele bundchen and her quarterback of a husband tom brady. >> pushed it out. >> that is horrible. let's hope you are not in the delivery room someday.
3:49 am
i'm not. i'm in the lobby. >>, she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, vivian. the third child for tom. he has a son with his ex, bridgette moynihan. the second child for this couple now -- they have a 2-year-old son benjamin and a girl, vivian. not sure it is a water birth. remember, she famously said little pain. she had the baby at home. all was well. she was a size zero the next day. >> whatever the kid is, it is going to be so ugly, with those two parents. you kidding me? >> and short. >> yeah, really. congratulations. that is very cool. also the david petraeus sex scandal, that was dominating the news the last couple months. of course now there will be a tell-all book, written by jill kelley, probably know the face by now. she is the wealthy, tampa socialite, who is the one who blew the whistle you can say going to the fbi about threatening e-mails that led to revelation of the affair between petraeus and broadwell. they're saying look -- she is angry, lampooned by the press, lampooned by "saturday night live."
3:50 am
she wants to get her story out there and set the record straight. instead of doing a tv interview. she will do a book, tell the story, get her side out there. sometime next year expect the jill kelley book. no one is shocked by this news. >> i am thoroughly shocked. >> where there is scandal there is money to be made. we know that game. >> martha stewart. >> martha. >> yes. martha apparently had a case of salmonella over the holidays -- over thanksgiving, she tells "the new york post" page six, forced her to cancel appearances, meetings. on page six, i never get sick. came down with salmonella. i think i caught it handling so many turkeys around thanksgiving. she said, the plus was that she lost a little bit of weight. she was in bed for days. it was terrible. >> terrible. >> terrible. >> she survived prison food but the turkey did her in. life is tough for martha. we want to extend our best wishes and warm
3:51 am
thoughts to brooke burke charvet, the gorgeous host of "dancing with the stars," told you a few weeks ago diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she had the surgery. after hours of coming out of the surgery, tweeted the picture, assuring everybody made it through fine. doing okay. declared on twitter, something i cannot say on the air. let's say, she said f cancer. she tweeted out. she beat it. she is doing well. she thanked her doctors. she is recovering nicely. we love to hear stories with a happy ending like that. welcome back to the gorgeous, brooke burke. >> say fly away cancer. >> nice segue. >> uh-huh. >> demi moore, 50 years old, she has still got her groove. according to the l.a. times she was grinding, in her seat, dancing and posing for the camera, mugging happily with lenny kravitz and stacy keibler in miami at a party, not getting snapped in the same frame with her 26-year-old boy toy, vito schnabel. >> huh? >> vito schnabel. >> schnabel, schnabel. >> but the two were all over each other and publicly making
3:52 am
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♪ it's friday friday got to get down on friday ♪ ♪ everybody >> you know what it is time for? >> the worst song ever written? >> time -- is that song playing? >> that song is playing in hell. >> time for a look back in the news to what happened this week. >> indeed from the fiscal cliff to the royal baby watch. here is our "friday rewind." >> i think we are going over the cliff. it's pretty clear they made a political calculation. >> unfortunately the speaker's proposal right now is still out of balance. >> the president's idea of a negotiation is roll over and do what i ask. >> if i was working the way congress and the president are working, i would probably lose my job. >> absolutely wonderful news. and i'm delighted for them.
3:56 am
i'm sure they will make absolutely brilliant parents. >> the duty of the wife of the future king is to provide an heir and hopefully a spare. >> this is potentially very serious for a pregnant woman. at this stage of pregnancy, however, most of the risks lie with the mother. >> there is no -- no extradition treaty. >> i chose guatemala carefully. >> all i know is there is a player with a gun. and i know that's not a good thing. >> it was an individual that did something that he snapped. and that i don't understand. i probably never will. >> i accidentally held it up. the dolphin jumped up and ate the carton and bit my hand. >> we got this video. let's make it public and try to put some pressure on seaworld to make some changes. >> it all happened so fast. i don't know what i could have done more other than jump on to the tracks. and try to save him.
3:57 am
>> it means possibly the end of the world. i do know about the mayan calendar. i have done some research on it. >> the maya not only did not predict an end to the world or the calendar but they predicted things would go on for thousand of years after 2012. >> excuse me! >> i'm famous. you don't know me. my name is jay. >> ellen. >> ellen. >> do you like music? >> what do you do? >> i make music. >> her granddaughter does know jay-z. and the granddaughter and her to get together. >> she'll be at the next concert. >> 'tis the season for funny movies. we want your help to pick the best. it is our classic, christmas comedy competition. >> log on to our website, wnnfans. vote early and often. christmas story, bad santa, national lampoon's. pick one. we want to hear from you. weigh in. we'll tell you later this month who won. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
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