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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 7, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EST

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day. the temperature is coming in at 34. bundle them up. the cold and rain right to the afternoon at 49 degrees and chilly. not a steady rainment let's check with traffic. is it affecting the roads. >> and nice and clear, there aren't any delays. and if you are traveling on 95, as we check and take a look downtown here at 395. everything is moving along no problem through the tunnels. and 695. you are looking at a ride right now on the outer loop. and nice and clear. it will take you 11 minutes to travel from 2995. that's a look at traffic. over to you. and an icy river and is not
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found for half an hour. when he was pulled and why this is called a miracle. >> emergency being driven the wrong bean.
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e forget the warning about turning off electronics before your flight takes off. >> now the faa wants to allow everyone, you, me, everyone to use tablets, e-readers and other devices before taking off. >> if you have been on a flict you know you are required to -- on a flight you are required to turn everything off. apple is making a splash
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and nothing to do with the iphone or ipad. the ceo announced that macs will have three words next year, made in america. right now the macs are made in china. it is a new wave of think hog say the cost of shipping finished products does not add up. welcome to the national fruit cake month. yes, december, we're seven days in. when uncle larry comes, can you thank or curse the romans. it was called raisins and pine nuts. but lost over the years though is something that make those heavy breaks of cake more enjoyable. you see in the old days they were soaked in brandy to preserve them and prevent mold. now most mass produced fruit take does not come with alcohol. unless you include the six pack
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that uncle larry brings. we're guilty of it, sharing office gossip around the water cooler. >> everyone is guilty, why it is not encouraged. good morning maryland starts now. it made headlines now one of the people convicted in the beating will face a jung today. the former mayor is in trouble. the faces she is facing. a day will be remembered. how baltimore will commemorate the anniversary of japan's attack on pearl harbor, friday, december 7th. >> and thank you for joining us. and happy friday. before you head out the door you need to know whether you need a light or heavy coat.
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here is lynette charles. >> a heavy one and rain gear. we'll start you out with rain on the powerful radar. it is coming down mainly to the south of baltimore. so if you are going in that direction do not forget to take it easy on the roads. we can see it around lexington park and lighter showers across the area. and colonial beach getting in on the wet weather. we have some showers, hagerstown, this is pushing to the west. to the east rather. when you look at the pink here this is a mixed precipitation that is picking up. don't be surprised if you are seeing a bit of sleet and what we will get the temperature at 34 degrees in perry hall. we're at 32 in pilesville and a bit above in millersville as we head throughout the day. this is what you can expect coming in right around 49.
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let's get a check now of the traffic with lauren cook. >> good morning. >> as you mentioned we're dealing with rain and sleet, here in howard county everything will be nice and clear. no delays from columbia pike to 695. we have a crash on 895. it will be along the southbound lanes at the steel bridge. traveling on the beltway. here is the west side baltimore national pike everything is moving right along. no delays as you traveled the outer loop from 795 to 95. that will take you 11 minutes. the east side of the beltway is clear. you are looking at a ride as well on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and 95 in white marsh no problems there. it will take you four minutes to travel from route 43 to the beltway. that's the time saver traffic. over to you. and 2 minutes after 5:00 right now a crime that shocked and angered a lot of people. a tourist visiting our city
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beaten and robbed. one of the suspects will be in court. this whole thing was caught on video and it went viral. and sherrie johnson is live. what is happening today? >> reporter: the interesting thing that beating happened right here in front of mitchell courthouse on st. patrick's day and where shanti baldwin will be in court. baldwin and three others took part in a beating and robbery in march. it was videotaped and went viral. police say that baldwin and several others beat up a tourist and left him unconscious. one woman is beating the victim with a shoe. they caught up with baldwin after tips from people who saw the video. and it shows the man being beaten, robbed and stripped. police say people were so enraged that the officers received enough tips to identify the suspect and bring them into custody. now three other people were
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arrested. and baldwin will be in court at 9:30 this morning. she faces about three years in prison. >> there is more trouble for baltimore's former mayor. and she ya dixon is accused of violating probation. according to the department of corrections, she is more than $13,000 behind on her payments that she is required to make to charity. she agreed to make a donation as part of the deal after being charged with perjury. and parents from a school in baltimore are asking why a man charged with raping a girl was allowed to be alone with their children. the suspect was a temporary contractor at hazelwood school. his duties appeared to have extended beyond what they were supposed to be. parents say he met and counsels students even handing out discipline in the forms of
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suspensions. >> they don't know what he was, he was allowed complete access to children. >> and parents met with officials last night. no cam was allowed inside. parents we spoke with said they came for answers on how he was allowed in the school in the first place and they didn't get them. administrators did say they will bring in support teams to explain the situation to the children who dealt with him at hazelwood. today is pearl harbor remember rance day and the memory of those americans who sacrificed their lives will flags will be flown at half staff. japanese forces attacked pearl harbor in hawaii. it is what brought world war ii into motion. news time now 5 minutes after 5:00 a show of support in baltimore county for the military families hit during the holidays. living hope will hold the
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military christmas tree lighting tonight. members of all branches will be on hand. the tree will honor those who have fallen defending our freedoms and remember the sacrifices their families make. the event starts tonight at 7:00. and it is purple friday and the ravens are getting ready to take on the washington redskins. the ravens are coming off a tough loss against the steelers but they are adop of the north. if they win, they will be guaranteeed a spot in the playoffs but to clinch the division, they both must lose. kickoff between the ravens and redskins at 1:00. down in landover. how will the weather be. that's a big question. it could impact game plans. >> i know, you said it, we have rain this morning but check out what we have for the game. we still do have a 30% chance of showers in the forecast. but temperature-wise it will not be a cold. we'll take ta right around 56. but it will be a good battle of
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the beltway. make sure you have your tv tuned to that. we do have plenty of clouds across the area w that we are starting to see the rain pushing in here from the west and continuing to the east as he would go through today. temperature-wise, we're cold. make sure you have that coat and the rain gear. >> let's check of time saver traffic. we have the first accident of the day. this is on 895 along the southbound lanes at the steel bridge. now you from traveling 95, that's nice and clear. no problems getting through the fort mchenry tunnel. if you are using the jfx, all is clear from 695 to fayette street. we look at 695 here everything will be up to speed. no problems getting up to towson. over to you. >> and you get on a plane, turn off your cell phones and tablets, whatever it is.
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it is a rule but it could be a thing of the past. >> hear about a proposal from the fcc now asking airlines to let you keep them on. >> a no brainer. showing your pride. hearing from you.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. they are getting ready for the white house and the bigman stopped by for some holiday cheer. >> better watch out, better not cry, better not shout i'm telling you why, santa claus is coming to town. >> with the flip of a switch the season is officially underway. look that the. that is at the white house the first family counted down the seconds before the tree lit up the white house lawn. the blue spruce has bright green lights and stars. it was the 90th annual lighting of the tree. there was a big event in
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mt. vernon the lighting of the monument. this is the 41st year. now santa made an appearance with choirs and it ended with a switch being flipped to illuminate it followed by fireworks and a finale for everyone to enjoy a great time to be had by everyone. >> it is always so chilly. >> i know and it lived up to its name as well. very cold and this morning we still had cold temperatures around but we have some rain trying to push into the area. as we look at the satellite and the radar. and back to the west. it is starting to push off to the east. by the time it gets in here the temperatures will move in the up direction. i don't think we'll get more of a wintry mix. it will be a cold and chilly rain. as we go off and on. we have high pressure off into the atlantic. we have a front that's working its way towards us and with this, this going to cause us problems as we go into the
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weekend. because it is going to stall out. i'll talk about that in a second. let's get to the temperatures as you head out. make sure that you bundle up. we're dealing with 32 degrees. freezing right now, that's why you are seeing the pinks earlier. not surprising if they are seeing sleeting across the area. 34 degrees in bel air and baltimore 37. see we are nicely above freezing and more of the same. and tillman 35 degrees in centreville and about 4 and galena. >> future trend not picking up on a lot. we have the clouds. off and on showers throughout the day. this will continue into tonight. and even by tomorrow. we had the front stalling out. we'll be on the verge of showers as we go throughout the weekend. keep the umbrella handy. make sure through the poncho. today that high temperature coming in at 49 degrees.
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by tomorrow. the temperatures will bump up, 58 by sunday. this is what you can expect next week. colder temperatures on top. let's check of the time saver traffic with lauren cook. >> it is starting to feel like winter. i'm not a fan. and we have a crash to tell with you on 895 along the southbound lanes at the steel bridge, not causing any significant delays. 95 will be nice and clear through the tunnel if you are traveling on the beltway here is a live look at liberty road. everything moving along. no problems traveling down to route 40, here is what 83 looks like. and you will not have any problems getting into the city just 11 minutes right now. normal continues traveling southbound all the way to fayette street. over to you. and 5:14. forget the ravens and redskins
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this is the battle of the beltway. and travel channels comparing the two and wants tube part of it. they will be at the market filming for a special right now and we're joined by the executive director of the lexington and baltimore public markets. good morning to you. >> good morning, how you are. >> doing well. what is the competition all about? >> well, i think that they want to be federal will they wanted to compare them. >> were you contacted by the travel channel and told to get ready. and cannot compare can it. >> no, listen, you know i looked it up on the internet. they know where a crab cake is, they don't know how to make one. >> you will give them an education, aren't you? >> well, i mean we have personality. we have so much more to offer. and we're very, very proud of federal hill and the association with cross street market. >> and people come down there,
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you have the markets, and you have the museum there. and the center. when you make your way in and they will see the camera crews, what will they be seeing and how can they get involved? >> well, i mean i'm hoping that the people come and speak about the neighborhoods and all the things that we have to offer. and we have so much more to offer than captiol hill. we're a few blocks away and it is. it has some things to offer for people. we're excited because we know who will come out on top. >> getting ready for the competition. and federal hill and capital hill, we'll check in later with you. >> thank you. and 12 looks like wishes that may be going the way of the dinosaur. now everything is going high tech. how online retailers are giving you a chance to share your wish
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list with social media for all to see. >> big changes are coming to the student loans. hear about college graduates to pay their debt as early as they can and as they earn it. before cold & flu season, help prevent
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with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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no more airplane mode and that's because the chairman of the urging the faa to allow more electronics on board planes and keep them on. the letter urged the use of tablets e readers and devices from take off to landing. right now you are required to turn those off during take off even though there is no proof they interfere with flight services. the fa will review the policies. >> and sitting down and pinning a holiday wish list and it is more about modern day convenience and gifting across the retailers during the season of sharing there are more twists than ever. and a holiday wish list. and amazon and wish pod and tall wish let the users share the list with families and friends across the social
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networking sites. the explosion has created another avenue, too. >> i share is with everyone. i make my list and all the pictures are there and i have one for my kids. one for my husband, he makes one. it works well. >> just last month it opened up a site to businesses which retailers can highlight their own wears for the season. >> a new version of the federal student loan repavement program is more favorable to you. it is called pay as you earn. monthly payments are capped at 10% of income. and this will go into effect starting december 21st. according to the regulations scheduled for publyisation today. and the disease affects millions of americans now there could be a breakthrough in alzheimer's treatment. >> we'll show you how the doctors here are using a new procedure to stimulate the brain for those stricken with the condition. and a hunter dies after falling through the ice on a hunting trip.
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and it takes an incredible turn. the most powerful radar is getting active. how long the wet weather will linger. everything is up to speed here on 695. we are dealing with a crash on 895. i'll have the details coming up on good morning maryland. look grandma, they have a hobbit menu.
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i know. apparently, they based an entire movie off of it. try the all-new hobbit inspired menu, only at denny's. and see "the hobbit: an unexpected journey."
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baltimore. and a treatment for alzheimers may be here in baltimore. they are finding responses. >> we hope to see improved memory and they do not decline without the treatment. >> the same device is treating parkinson's disease. and it is in the experimental stage. it is appears to slow the progress of the disease for those in the early stages. office gossip is frowned upon as a waste of time. but it could be encouraged because it makes you more efficient in the work place.
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you see scientists have found that up to 9 and 10 every day conversations are gossip. but it'ss not malicious. gossip can help the presses aurora for under performing co- workers to contribute and allows people to gather and validate information to enjoy themselves with others and to protect their group. we're going to switch and tell you a story. a man survive as fall into a river while hunting. michael jones was on a trip and the canoe flipped and floated into the waters for 30 minutes. when he was pulled ashore his heart gave out and he died. >> it was in progress. someone on cheaping the heart and blood moving to keep the blood going to the brain. >> doctors were able to bring him back to life. when asked he says it is a miracle and doctors agree. >> unbelievable right there.
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and coming up this morning. caught on camera. a resource officer said student lied. >> the tools that he used to bring the student back from the -- died. >> how he brought that student back. and the baby is taken to the wrong room and breast fed. the hospital's mistake after her shocking discovery. good morning, topping money before the release of today's job report the forecast was not good. the devastation done by sandy long been expected to result in a disappointing number of hires. investors may shrug it off viewing it as temporary. and students in the repavement loan program are getting hope. it is more favorable to borrowers. apple will be able to add the made in america label to products bowing to criticism it will invest the production of some mac computers back to the
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u.s. brace yourselves for one more shopping marathon. many mac. why's stores will be open for 48 hours the weekend before christmas. it will give shoppers extra time with the sales. that's america's money.
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the video was difficult to watch, a brutal beating, now one of the people appears in court. could your text be used against you f police get their way, yes. we'll bring you the request to keep the messages on file


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