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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 18, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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story today. >> it's lingering out there lynette. >> it's linger and it lingered through the day yesterday as well. this morning we don't have the dense fog advisory and we have dense patchy fog. that is the name of the game this morning and we will begin to get gradual clearing going throughout the day. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar as of now. and yes, we did get showers earlier this morning. but now things are drying out. not ruling out another shower going through the morning. the afternoon but, this is what's going on in terms of temperatures. we are at 48 degrees in monrovia. 49 in ellicott city and 49 in reisterstown. the temperatures are well above average. take the coat but not the biggest one. look at temperatures as we go into lunchtime today. 57 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> >> reporter: -- >> reporter: good morning. fog is an issue again this morning. take it slow and use the low beams. traveling in howard county, no delays at all here on interstate 70 but it will be nice and clear from columbia
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pike all the way over to 695. here's a live look at the beltway right now at old court road. traffic is moving right along only 7 minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. and as we check in and look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times the beltway nice andclear from parkville to towson and traveling on 95 in white marsh foggy conditions in that area but four minutes southbound from route 43 down to the beltway. megan and charley over to you. people living. >> newtown connecticut are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after friday's horrific shooting. >> this morning most children will return to school for the first time since that tragic day. but for those who attend sandy hook elementary they are not going to class just yet. hundreds of teachers and staff spent yesterday meet with national experts on children and bereavement and they had meetings with state mental health counselors newtown public schools will open two hours late this morning. as for the sandy hook community when school reopens
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for those students, they will be relocated at a different building. it's still unclear when school for those kids will resume. 20 children and 6 adults from sandy hook elementary were killed on try. >> and two were killed friday will be laid to rest today. >> the family and friends will say final good-byes to 6-year- old james and 6-year-old jessica. jessica's family is dealing with the pain by talking about their pride and joy. they sat down with amy from abc news for the exclusive. >> reporter: richard and christa say talking about their jessica brings tiny moments of comfort. >> she was a ball of fire. she ruled the roost. she. >> a little crest o we called her. -- ceo we called her she was the boss. >> reporter: when the call came that sandy hook elementary was on lock down she rushed through the town where she and her husband were raised. >> as i was running i kept thinking i am coming for you honey i am coming. and i got to the firehouse.
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>> we had no idea at that point. we thought, okay the reports are that one or two people may have been injured. >> i walked around the firehouse and i know she's in there maybe she's there. >> i must have done a hundred laps. >> we knew what she was wearing and i would see the ponytail come around the corner and the jacket and her black glittery uggs she had on and i knew i was going to see her. >> there was hope. >> there was hope. >> because children were hiding. >> and around 1:15 they asked us to sit down and said it was a tragic dayin newtown and 20 children were killed. and i case said don't tell me my little girl is gol. >> there was so much pain and confusion when the announcement was made that life was sucked out of everyone in the room. and you know, at this point blearchg i found a state trooper and was like are there
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any survivors -- blank and i found a state trooper and i was are there any survivors are you standing me my child is gone and he said yes. >> reporter: overcome with grief they returned home. >> we got into our bed that -- we got into her bed that she had just gotten out of and we stayed in bed. still it's not real that my little girl so full of life and who wants a horse so badly and is going to get could you girl boots for christmas -- cow girl boots for christmas is not coming home. >> reporter: they say the pain is settling in. are you angry? >> that hasn't registered thekiller a face and name and everything, i just see through it right now. >> i just want to keep talking about her and all the things she loved to do. >> reporter: she was their 6- year-old family powerhouse forever their angel. >> i found a little journal and i don't even know when it's
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frombut i opened the book and it was exactly what i needed because it says i love you so much mama and it's like she knew we were going to need something to help us get through this. that's just like what an amazing little girl she was. >> that -- as family tries to cope with the loss of that mass shooting in newtown connecticut they are renewing calls for tougher gun laws and that's where abc2 news linda so comes in. she is here with what leaders in washington are promising to do. what are they promising to do. >> reporter: first let's start with the president. when he stood before thedevastated families this weekend he plemgd action to pre- - pledged action to prevent action to prevent more tragedies like this and pro gun senators are saying they are open to discussing changes to gun laws. majority leader hairy reid says congress will -- harry reid says congress will conduct meaningful discussion on gun
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laws and a grass roots organization will send a delegation to dc they are calling for better gun control to prevent a similar tragedy from happening in another community. hundreds of people marched from capitol hill to the national rifle association dc's office. new york city mayor michael bloomberg joined victims of gun violence to address the issue of how easy it is to get access to guns. even some long time supporters of gun rights like west virginia senator joe manchonin says it's time to talk about regulating guns. he says he is opening to discussing restrictions of assault weapons like those used in newtown shooting. >> i don't know anyone in the sporting or hunting arena that goes out with a assault rifle and i doesn't know anyone who needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting. >> reporter: they head back to work in january for the new session. some legislators are calling for an all out ban on assault weapons in maryland. linda so abc2 news.
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and remember you can fine the latest information about the tragedy in newtown connecticut at abc to news -- it's a special section on our home page and there are links to the victims and other storiesrelating to the shooting. on a day when parents are nervous about sending kids back to school someone had the nerve to walk into a city school carrying a knife. now it seemed to start up the day friendly at national academy foundation in east baltimore. a visitor brought in a birthday cake and balloons for a relative but skirted past the front office. when fight broke out with a staff member the visitor showed the knife both ended up with hand injuries and another incident that put parents on edge. >> i am sad and speechless and just hearing something else just happened. >> the visitor was taken to jail and the staff member to a local hospital. news time 5:07. we are a week away from christmas and many people are heading out of town for the holiday season and if you are starting your vacation early,
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and flying out of bwi you will want to double check to make sure the flight is on time. a hand full of early morning flights have been canceled. this comes after a messy travel night thanks to the dense fog that was hanging out in the area and you know, it doesn't appearto have gone anywhere. >> it's ling nearing there this morning and the big question ishow long will it -- lingering in there this morning and the big question is how long will it stick around. what's the story? >> the story is we have areas of dense fog and the last too many i showed you bwi we were at 106789 it's gone down -- 10. it's gone downhill since then. call ahead to see if your flight is taking off on time. so, right now, we have the fog available across the area. we have plenty of clouds and we did have rain earlier this morning. that's moved out of the area. but, it will be on its way back in as we head through the morning, the afternoon and behind that, you can see the clearing line back into illinois. this will begin to gradually move in our direction as we head throughout the day.
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some of the numbers we can see the humidity 100%. the air saturated all that is translated into the fog that we are seeing this morning. temperature wise we are coming in at 45 degrees in westminster annapolis at 51 degrees right now. and 52 in chestertown. so, take the rain gear with you just in case and also, take a coat with you but it doesn't have to be biggest coat in the closet this morning. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. definitely take it slow this morning and turn on the low beams because fog is going to be an issue across the region and unfortunately we have a crash on hanover on eastbound lace of 100 and arundel mills boulevard. 695 is nice and clear all the way around. and if you are traveling on 83, here's a live look up in hunt valley at shawan road. everything is moving along no problems getting down to the beltway. megan and charley, over to you. >> 9 minutes after 5. he has been sidelined since a injury
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in october lieu fries getting around. >> we will tell you where he is headed tonight -- lewis from getting around. >> we will tell you where he is headed tonight. >> what's the probability of baltimore getting snow for christmas? we may want to hold off on putting out the snow boots. we get the scoop on this story ahead. >> she is haik shaking her -- shaking her head. ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ [ male announcer ] get breakfast made the way you say, like your very own steak, egg white & cheese tricked out any way you want. want jalapeños? red onions? done and done.
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no doubt about it it was a bad weekend on the field for the ravens but players are not letting that get in the way of spreading holiday cheer. today ray rice and others will host a 4th annual toys for tots. that party starts at 7 at jimmy's seafood restaurant. there will be food and a dj and raffle and family entertainment. admission is $20 minimum donation to one of the charities involved and at least one unwrapped unopened toy. >> ray lois is -- lewis is hosting his annual gift marketplace at wal-mart in port covington. this is from last year's event when more than 200 underserved youth are expected to attend today's event. there's an opportunity to shop for gifts for not only themselves but their family
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members, too. and in this inspires -- if this inspires you to do something good bright ann child's holiday. participate in the kendertime toy drive. we are proud to be partners -- kindertime toy drive. we are proud to be partners with this. your donations will go to area children. drop them off at many placesincluding wall marts and if you want to see a list of the location go to abc to drive. you dream of a white christmas? temperatures are expected to drop but you probably won't see snow when you wake up christmas morning. according to the weather service report, records show that we have seen snowfall on christmas just 12 times in baltimore. lynette echoes that i checked with her and she said that's absolutely true. so don't get too excited about a white christmas. >> we talked about that during the break and lynette was shaking her head night not going to happen. >> not going to happen. >> i know. and that's unfortunate i know. darn it's unfortunate. you want to get into the spirit
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and we wanted to see the white stuff falling. night going to happen this year but we will have temperatures falling -- it's not going to happen this year, but we will have temperatures falling heading towards the weekend. for this morning, temperatures are above average once again and we are dealing with some fog out there in a lot of spots. dense in some areas and we did have some rain push through earlier this morning. that started last night. we are in a break right now but you can see some showers back off towards the west here. this will rotate in as we go throughout the day. and then we will begin to clear things out as we go into time as well. so high pressure will begin to do it's thing. i will tell you when in a second. let's talk about the temps what do you need to take with you. you need a coat we can see temperatures in the upper 40s and they are well above average. we are in the 350s in -- 50s in upper marlboro. 50 in northeast galena at 51 and denton at cambridge both at 54 degrees right now. so we do have the warm front that moved through and the cold front will slice through this afternoon and behind that cold front, high pressure is going
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to do its thing so by wednesday, that's when we will see ample sunshine in the forecast and future trends picking up on just that. as we go through time, though, thursday we will have another system. this is a system that's bringing all that wintery weather back towards the west. that's going to be bringing it to the middle of the nation as we head into today, tomorrow and in the meantime, this is what we can expect today. no wentry weather. look at 58 degrees. that's the high for today. and temperatures will fall behind the cold front. and the 7-day forecast brings 40s into the picture for the weekend. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to another foggy start. so take it slow this morning and turn on the low beams. and there is a serious crash in anne arundel county that shut down the eastbound lanes of route 100 at arundel mills boulevard. stick with dorsey road as an alternate. traveling on 695 this morning, here's a live look at the west side of the beltway, at baltimore national pike, traffic is moving along and conditions will remain nice and
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clear as we head over to the fort mchenry tunnel checking in and looking live here. no problems to report on 95. 895 also going to be clear. that's a look at your traffic megan and charley over to you. many families in newtown connecticut are hurting and all over the country people are wondering what to do to offer comfort. >> the special group of friends brought in to help the children cope with their grief. you will meet them in a bit. >> and he was injured when the shooting happened in his community. he went to see a batman movie in aurora and now the newtown shoot something bringing back memories that's painful for him. we will hear from him after this. ♪
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there are no words to describe the des station and heart break people in newtown are feeling following the mass shooting. >> people are feeling it across the country and lending support to those grok and i not just people helping. 9 golden retrievers arrived in newtown connecticut yesterday after making a 9 hundred hub mile general -- 900 mile journey from illinois. they were there to comfort children who survive the attack at sandy hook elementary and other kids in town who are having trouble with this. now there are therapeutic
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canines sponsored and trained to help those hurting in times like this. >> some people, and we have seen it with children, it brings a sense of calmness in the time of confusion for them during the period. to some it helps them process the grief and they will start crying and hug the dog and to some children they will come up sad and they will walk away happy. >> the canines are called comfort dogs. they are specially trained to work with different age groups and types of people. those who saw the dogs at the rec center in newtown say amid the continuing sadness there were a lot of smiles thanks to the very special golden retrievers. friday's tragedy brought back painful memories for a man who lived through something very similar earlier this year. steven barton lives near newton and he stopped at a movie theater in aurora colorado during a cross country bike trip. he was one of the victims shot by james holmes at the premier
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of batman. most people can only imagine what it's like to be in that school as it was on friday morning, barton has memories fresh in his mind. >> especially in being able to really pull my -- put myself in the moment and imagining what it was like in the school. the last thing i thought would happen is this gun violence would strike so close to home. >> barton is working with a group fighting for more restrictions on gun laws in the u.s. all right. switching gears the new year is going to be a busy one for the guy that people named the sexiest man alive. >> he is a fan favorite in the studios and besides tack lingfour new movie roles we will have details on a special role channing tatum is looking forward to. >> and temperatures are above average this morning. we are at 55 degrees in timonium. more of the same into the afternoon but the cold air is on the way. i will tell you when it arrives coming up. >> reporter: we are off to a foggy start and a serious crash shut down a portion of route 41
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alive is about to get an even better title. chaning tatum is going to be a dad. tate emand his wife confirmed to people magazine they are expecting their first child next year. the couple costarred in the movie step up that was back in 2006 they married in 2009. tatum says he is ready for fatherhood. also good news for a former first family. former president george hw bush is on track to be out of the hospital in time for the holidays. president bush has been in the hospital since november 23rd. he's been battling a lingering effect from bronchitis. a hospital spokesman says the treatment is centered on physical therapy programs aimed at increasing his physical strength. she starved a teen girl to death and serving time in prison for the crime. >> a maryland woman asking a parole board to set her free. we have the latest involving her. >> reporter: good morning topping america's money a
5:27 am
milestone for drivers gas prices are down 9 cents a gallon in the past week. the national average for a gallon of self-serve regular is 3.25 a gallon the lowest price in a year. also down this morning, our shares and companies that make guns investors are worried about tougher restriction on sales in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. assault rifles have been a big growth area for the industry. easy bake ovens are not just for girls. makena pope pushed hasbro to make a version good for boys. it will include boys in the packaging and ads. and here's a cue about the new model names for infinity auto starting next year beginning with the left q. looksry automaker says the system will be easier to understand and -- luxury automaker says the system will be easier to understand and a long cue of happy buyers.
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grur's watching the station that works for-- you're watching the station that works for you now good morning maryland. >> the precious lives taken too soon. this morning, two more innocent children murdered in connecticut will be laid to rest. >> as the country mourns, a call for stricter gun laws. we will bring you latest on the ongoing debate over gun control in the united states. >> in the wake of a tragedy a nation provides a shoulder for newtown connecticut. this morning we will have more on the outpouring of support going to that small town. all those stories are straight ahead on this tuesday. and thanks for staying with us. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. let's get to weather because if you are headed out, you should know it's foggy again. here's lynette. >> we have patchy dense fog this morning. not the widespread against fog that we saw yesterday. but a lot of you will


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