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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  December 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> time is running out law makers are finger pointing about the lack of progress on averting tax hikes and deep spending cuts set to begin next month. a baltimore county officer is on administrative leave. we will tell you what police say happened behind a gas station that ended with a one man dead. and crisis averted. we made it beyond the end of the world predictions and now we learned we skirted another potential disaster. we will tell you about it ahead on this monday morning. christmas eve. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley has the delay off -- day off but lynn yitette is here and it's a chilly start but no white christmas anyway. just cold. >> it's cold but we have a system he that's going to
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workits way in here. i am going to talk about that in a second budget talk yo talked about the cold temperatures and that's what we are seeing this morning. 26 degrees in perry hall and elkton at 25. 31 in bel air. really bundle up as you head out and about doing the last minute christmas shopping. do that dress in layers because when you get into the mall you will want to take it off. maryland's most powerful radar is dry but we will see showers in the forecast. and as we head into the evening time frame we could be seeing a little wintery mix. all that information is coming up later. but this is how you plan your day. lunchtime temperatures at 39. let's check abc 2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning merry christmas eve. if you are getting an early head start no problems enterstate 70. nice and clear from columbia pike all the way over to 695. and the beltway no delays all the way around. it will be nice and clear on the west side normal 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795
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down to 95. and if you are using 83 this morning, as we check in and look live just north of the beltway, you will notice traffic is moving along no problems getting downtown. and here's what 95 looks like at 395. no delays right now getting to the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel will be nice and clear. megan over to you. the blame game getting more intense -- intense as we get closer to the deadline fortifies cal cliff. congress took a break without signs of a deal being close to being reached. lawmakers took to the sunday talk shows to blame one another. here's the latest on the showdown. >> reporter: some republican lawmakers say president obama want country to fall off physical cas cliff. >> we -- physical cas cliff. >> we are going to go over -- fiscal cliff. >> we are going over because that's what the president want. >> reporter: john boehner failed to get enough votes for the plan b on thursday raising taxes on people earning more than a million dollars a year.
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on friday, speaker boehner and the president left town with no deal making a parting pitch. >> i asked leaders of congress to work towards a package that prevents a tax hike on middle class americans protects unemployment insurance for 20 million americans and lays the groundwork for further work on both growth and deficit reduction. >> the president's solution of raises tax rates would be red ink for as far as the eye can see. and it would hurt jobs. >> reporter: the partisan bickering put the country on the brink of a potential economic crisis. long time lawmakers dismayed. >> it's the first too many i feel it's more likely we will go over the cliff than not and that if we allow that to happen, it will be the most colossal consequential africa congressional irresponsibility in a long time. >> reporter: president obama is in hawaii for christmas and says he will cut vacation short to try to hammer out a deal
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with congress. the deadline is now a week away. andrew spencer reporting. as we gather with our loved ones on christmas eve we are reminded the holidays for familiesin newtown connecticut will be somber. people came together to make snowflake decorations for the survivors of the sandy hook shooting. they say they wanted to do something to help make the town beautiful again and turn it into a winter wonderland instead of a place filled with so much pain. we heard from the nra and now we are hearing from local politician who is are pushing for tighter gun control. the nra broke their silence on friday a week after 26 people died at sandy hook elementary school by a man with 3 high powered guns. senator lisa gladden who represents baltimore city is making it her mission to outlaw extended mag zoos allowing a gunman to kill more ammunition
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and says her colleague says there's no use for high powered weapons. >> it's stupid. i -- stupid. it doesn't make sense to add more guns to schools. when you add more guns to reduce violence you are increasing violence. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police in our -- and armed security in the school to protect our children then call me crazy. >> when it comes to gun stores the accepttor from montgomery county is pushing to give state police the same authority as the atf to audit how many guns were used in a crime in a place sanctioned on the owners. a three people were rushed to the hospital following a crash along the bwi parkway -- bw parkway. the injuries are nonlife- threatening. it caused a huge backup on northbound 295 near route 32 yesterday afternoon. the road is back opened this morning. there's no word right now on what caused the crash. >> a man is dead after being shot by baltimore county police
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officer early yesterday morning outside a shell gas station along edmonton near north bend road. police say that the officer saw the man behind the building when the officer asked him to step forward things quickly escalated. >> that man refutesed, produced a knife -- refused, produced a knife and pointed it at the officerch the officer attempted to use his taser which was ineffective. he ordered the man to drop the knife and he refused and the officer fear for his life fired his service weapon. >> the man has been identified as 36-year-old gregory steggall who was shot once and teakent to hospital where he later died. the officer involved has been placed on routine adstraight. straightive leave. it's 4:36. we are wait -- administrative leave. it's 4:36 we are waiting to hear from police about what caused the death of a man floating in the water. the medical examiner's office is working to determine the cause of death. the person has not been
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identified yet. travel headaches continue for people out west. those trying to get in and out of san francisco's airport are getting greeted with long lines and delays and cancellations and this is the reason why. heavy rains there causing all sorts of problems. all over northern california. this video is from sonoma wine region. intersections were flooded making driving around the area nearly impossible. the storm knocked out power and toppled trees on to homes. we see it every time there's flooding video. people driving through. lynette i know it max you shake your head. people here waking up to cold weather. >> -- makes you shake your head. people are waking up to cold weather here. >> you want to bundle up as you step out the door. let's start with a look at the satellite and radar. we see a few clouds streaming in this morning. and this is ahead of wet weather that's going to be moving our direction as we head throughout the day. so i widened out the view and you can see what i am talking about. showers towards the south here and this area the gulf states
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are going to look at severe weather going throughout the day. we won't see severe weather but we will get showers mixing in and as we go towards the evening that's when we have a chance for a little wentry mix across the area. right now, though, temperatures in manchester at 31. and emmettsburg 26. bundle up as you head out and become now back to megan. the good news is whoa survive the predicted end of the world on friday and we are here. and there's even better news. nasa says there's an asteroid once feared to be on a collision course with the earth no longer poses a threat. there was a 1% chance it would hit us february 2040 but after observing the future course,astronomers says the risk has been completely eliminated. so we can breath a sigh of relief this morning. a staple in annapolis for more than half a century. stephen's hardware will close their doors for good. we will tell you why they say
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now is the time to say good- bye. >> reporter: and have you waited this long to get your shopping done? you are not alone. i am linda so live at the mall in columbia. the special store hours to kateer to the last-minute shoppers. >> reporter: everything is up to speed at 97. i will let you know what traffic looks like on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. and check out the holiday light display sent in by bernard from santa to snoopy the family is decked out for christmas. you can see this and other photos on stay with us. there's much more coming up next.
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news time 4:41. because it's christmas eve tonight mean everybody is done with holiday shopping. in fact -- doesn't mean everybody is done with holiday shopping. in fact 17 million americans
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are expected to be out and about crossing off the shopping list. linda so is live at the mall in columbia this morning. don't lie, i know you are there because as soon as the doors open you are heading inside right? >> reporter: listen i told everybody i know i got my shopping done on black friday. but there are going to be plenty of people walking through these doors and because of that, because they know that, that people wait until the last-minute, the mall in columbia some of the major anchor stores will be opening at 7 this morning. that includes macy's and j.c. penney's nordstrom opens at 8. so for all of you who waited to get your holiday shopping done. share the parking lots in stores with plenty others procrastinators. you can tell by what happened this weekend it was a bessy weekend at malls and -- busy weaning at malls and stores. there are long -- weekend, at malls and stores. there were long lines. the busiest shopping day of the year happens to be the saturday before christmas. not black friday. so that was this -- just two
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days ago. that's when stores tend to be packed with those last-minute shoppers. 17 million people say they planned to shop today on christmas eve. and get this, a good bulk of the shoppers have not starteded the shopping yet. and while -- started the shopping yet. while they are grabbing the gifts the average shopper will spent $107 on themselves. most popular present is clothing and then gift card and some say they would and out iou and i know you like that. but anchor stores will close at 6 tonight and they won't be opened until late in the night. the major anchor stores at the mall closing at 6 tonight. and the mall closes at 7. we have learned that target is staying open a little later and plan to close at 10 tonight. but again going back to the ious what would you do if you got one of those. >> i pitty the fool who wraps
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up an iou and puts it under the tree at my house. that's so sorry. don't even try it. something's got to be opened right. >> sending you my love. >> yeah. iou too we will check in withyou later i bet that's going to be a full parking lot. if you still need the perfect gift for the person on your list who has everything, try checking out the neiman marcus christmas book if you haven't yet. there are things you will find for example a 50,000 dollar personal blimp who doesn't need that. or they have his and her robots and maybe your special someone might enjoy a jet levy and they can propel 30 feet into the air or 30 miles an hour. and that's going to cost about 100,000 dollars or for the animal lover like lynette, 100,000 dollar hen house. why not? maybe two. >> what a deal. >> or somebody can have a
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chandelier with artwork a living room complete with a chandelier and artwork why not. >> exactly. >> what are they thinking? >> i don't know. >> every year i look and i am like are you kidding me? 2,000 for that. >> i can think of so many other things for 50,000 dollars to spend money. i guess there's something for ever whyone. >> out there today, we are -- everyone. >> out there today we are cold. i've been excited that it's cold. for today, go through time there could be a little bit of a wintery mix in the forecast. and if we don't get it today, there's another round coming in on wednesday. so, let's talk temperatures this morning. you can see what's going on in manchester. coming in at 31. bel air is at 30. and baltimore coming in at 37 degrees. and annapolis is at 36 degrees this morning. more of the same in denton. as we slide over to middletown, temperatures at 30 degrees. and ha -- so be prepared to
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bendel up as you head out -- bundle up as you head out and stay that way throughout the day. the cold temperatures are on tap and are not going anywhere any time soon. let's look at the big picture because it's show snowing to the north and we have some rain back towards the south. this is going to be sliding off toward the north and east. so we will see light precipitation as we head throughout the day. so severe weather down in the south. tornadoes blustery wind and we won't get in on that. we will see the wet weather possibly mixing in a little bit of sleet as we go throughout the day. you can see what's going on as we look at your future trend. by 2, most of the snow the within theory weather will stay off to the north and -- wintery weather will stay off to the north and west. and as we go through time, we will dry things out on wednesday and have another shot at it as we head into your wednesday and possibly saturday. this is what we have for today. temperatures coming in at 40 degrees. mostly cloudy and a afternoon evening wintery mix. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it would be great to see
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flurries. >> it would. >> reporter: make it seem like christmas. mer x to get downtown normal conditions 11 minutes to travel southbound from the beltway all the way to fayette street and heading to the tunnels, here's what 95 at 359 looks like -- 395 looks like. the harbor tubal is nice and clear. using -- tunnels is nice and clear. here's what it look like at baltimore national pike. no problems getting up to 795 this morning. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. 4:47. five things to know on this monday morning. the united states senator -- a united states senator has been arrested for driving under the influence. michael crapo was pulled over on sunday morning. he ran a red light and failed field sobriety test. he has been released a thousand dollars bond. >> good news for you this morning when you pull up to the pump. gas prices have fallen nearly
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12cents over the last two weeks. drivers are paying on average about 3.26 per gallon. and here in baltimore we are paying about $2.28 a gallon -- 3.28 a gallon. stephen's hardware is going out of business. the iconic annapolis store is expected to close their doors for good this this afternoon. they have been -- this afternoon. they have been opened since 1960. strong winds and slow swept through western maryland causing power outage. potomac edison restored power to more than a thousand customers. everyone should have their power back on by the end of the morning. it's christmas eve and around the world people are celebrating. pope benedict xvi will hold a mass at the vatican. thousands of people are expected to come out to get a pope's blessing. >> traveling during the holidays can be stressful but
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who wouldn't enjoy that? that's why the idaho state viola camp are having carolers and entertaining people in and out of napa airport. it's made up of musicians from the state and they perform at the airport every single christmas. a nice tradition. shopping cart with a baby inside -- a shopping cart with a baby inside rolls down a held heading towards traffic. we will tell you what stopped this cart from being a tragedy. we have details straight ahead and the video to show you. plus, amazing what you can make out of trash. stay with us this morning. holiday display a burger king man-made and the stuff he found inside the dumpster is amazing. we will show you after the break.
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thanks for joining ounce this monday morning. it's 4:51. news around the nation, a moment of sheer terror for a mother seeing her baby in a
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shopping cart rolling out of control down a hill right toward a highway. look at this because the whole thing was caught on camera. a wisconsin police officer happened to be driving by when he saw the cart rolling by with a child inside. he sped up to stop traffic on highway and saved the baby. >> i believe i did the same thing any citizen or police officer would do if they saw a child in need of help. i reacted like any citizen and had the aid of emergency lights and was in the right place. >> thank god he was. police say the mother had been putting one child in the car when the shopping cart with the baby inside rolled away. the baby is doing just fine this morning. it's amazing what holiday deck craigss can be made -- decorations can be made out of a shift manager at burger king did this in cape coral florida and made figures representing characters from the charges dickens classic a christmas carol. the figures are made from odds
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and ends including garbage from burger king itself. >> i used basically stuff we throw away here. like i said i. used pickle buckets and yogurt containers that we get for the smoothies and the 40 ounce cups. i used salad bases. >> crafty. he's thinking about next year's display and isn't worried about finding all the materials he needs. clearly it can be -- it can all be found in the dumpster. >> puts my christmas decorations to shape. >> i know. >> environmentally friendly. >> it is. and you know speaking of the environment, it's cold this morning. >> it is. but it's like that crazep feeling -- crisp feeling. it's nice. >> i agree. and for you snow lovers, there's a little bit in the forecast. >> you say wintery mix. i think that means slush. >> people do. they are like yeah bring on the snow. well, i am going leave it as a wentry mix. but traveling you are traveling, check out this
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forecast. christmas eve traveling people will be traveling throughout today and tomorrow. this is what you can expect. it's going to be seeing blowing snow toward the west coast. that's exactly what is going to be there for a while. and as you slide a little further to the east, there'ssnow across the ohio valley that could dip across our area and meeting up with rain. that's where we are talking about the wintery mix. in the southeast tore tados across the area -- tornadoes across the area, possibly. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. murray christmas eve. >> back to you. >> reporter: if you are -- merry chris mag eve. >> reporter: back to -- >> back to you. >> reporter: no problems from shawan to the beltway. heading downtown, this is what 95 looks like at 395. there are no problems right now. if you are traveling from the white marsh area it's going take you 50 minutes to travel from 695 all the way to downtown. and if you are traveling on 695, this morning, everything will be nice and clear. no delays on the east side just
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11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and 11 minutes on the west side as well. traveling the outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan over to you. all right. thanks. former rg steelworkers are trying to make the most of the holidays despite being out of a be job. former workers gathered for their annual holiday party and the kid had breakfast with santa and received a few gifts from the big guy. but despite the atmosphere it was an emotional day for the workers who know it's not going to happen again. >> this is our last year. our plant went down. we were sold. and this is the last event for us to get together and there are children -- and show our children that we love them. >> tough for the workers after filing for bankruptcy they sold to hill co who is selling the
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plant for parts and will tear it down when everything is sold off what's left. it's an exciting time no doubt about it for ravens fans. yesterday's game gave them what we have been waiting for, coming up on good morning maryland at 5, highlights from the big win and details on what this means for the ravens: plus we are tracking santa and we know he is on his way to our area pretty soon. what will the weather hold for him and how is it going to make it possible for him to get all the gifts on time around the world? we will take a look. speaking of taking a look. look at this holiday photo that was sent to us. not bad. this girl knows how to do it and she found the tree she wanted like mom and dad putting it on the car to take it home. stay with us, we will see what other pictures you sent and you can always find them at we will be right back.
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it's couple minutes away from five. what's christmas without
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cookies, cakes and pies? it's certainly nice to indulge in dessert or two or three or four or five. but maybe not at the expense of throwing out your diet in and all the hard work so one way to keep calories in check is to introduce healthier dessert options like maybe a fruit plate or dark chocolate for dipping. and you can always try to make those favorite treats a little bit healthier for example you can use greek yogurt for recipes that call for sour creek and plenty of great sugar substitutes out there. >> reducing the fat content by using apple sauce or cutting out 25% of the added sugar is not going to affect the final baked good so you can lessen the sugar or finding a substitute that you are comfortable with that you would like to work with. >> dietitians say if all else fails practice portion control. from e-mails to banking to buying tickets, you can do everything you want with your smart


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