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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we'll talk about how frigid by dawn and how cold it will be for the next two to three days. that's coming up. one of the largest charity organizations in our state is having fund-raising problems. komen maryland, which provides breast cancer services for men and women is running short of its fund razing -- fund-raising goals. >> reporter: the race for the cure was 30% smaller and donations have been down. the next few months are crucial to continue the fight against breast cancer in maryland. it's one of the biggest fund-raising events of its kind. it's about winning the battle against breast cancer. most events are as big as the new york city marathon but it's the triumphs that make people willing to give eye was
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diagnosed in 2006. it was actually a couple days before my daughter's wedding, which was kind of rough. i'm still here, which is great, and i'm doing well. >> reporter: but the story for cope men in 2012 was told in a different light. february, the national organization cut off funding for breast cancer screening at planned parenthood. although it reverted it self-a week later, many were angered. >> people are a little bit confused about how this affects us locally and it does. we don't have a planned parenthood grant. they never applied for funding from us. that's in the to say they wouldn't be eligible for it. it would be based upon our grant review and how we do that, but it didn't impact us. >> reporter: this couple, with the slow economy, has left komen maryland a million dollar short of their fund-raising goal for the year. dozens of programs ranging from raise screening to child care to
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support groups are in jeopardy. >> it's a lot of money. 75% stayed in the state. the other 25% goes over to national for research programs that help find a cure. the 75% does everything from screening, treatment, eldcation and support services. >> reporter: coman maryland will start putting together the funding package that it helps in the next six weeks or so. they have until their fiscal year starts to make up that shortfall. if not, some of the organizations will either lose some or all of their funding. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. marijuana users in denver are celebrating the new year and the opening of a new pot smoking club. the private establishment called club 64 officially opened this
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year but there are questions about whether that club is legal. >> reporter: it's a ribbon cutting for a whole new kind of club. this is what folks are doing at club 64, the first private pot smoking club in denver. >> celebrating the new year without alcohol and we want top celebrate with cannabis. >> reporter: adults over 21 can possess a small amount of pot. >> you can sue marijuana -- use marijuana all you want, but not in public. >> reporter: we're told no marijuana will be sold here. >> you can bring your own. >> reporter: denver police said they are waiting for guidance from the city attorney and district attorney to see if the
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club is in violation of any law, but they're not expect challenges. >> i'm not. what we're doing is legal and constitutionally protected. >> you can come and hang out and smoke instead of drink. >> reporter: some plan to celebrate with gold fish and cheetos. if you're planning to pack up the family for a trip, make sure the brakes are okay. we have the warning signs that your car may have bad brakes. >> reporter: many of us will be traveling over the holidays but we want to make sure our cars will make it to our destinations. the last thing you want is the -- is to break down. have your car taken to a
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mechanic for a once over. >> while modern cars are more reliable than he verks they still need regular maintenance and your brakes are one place you don't want to cut corners. >> you'll hear a screeching noise that will only occur when you apply the brakes. >> reporter: we don't want to ignore them because they could be a very big issue. if you start hearing noises with your brakes, have it checked out right away. that's not repair you want to put off. in fact, you should have them looked over once every six months. >> grinding noise means you've gone too long. that usually requires replacement of the protores. >> feeling vibrations. >> brake pads from different companies start off anywhere from $100 up to $200, $300. the newer cars are more expensive than the older cars.
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the pads are more expensive. >> reporter: find a mechanic with expertise so they have the right equipment to run the diagnostics necessary. find that mechanic before you have a big issue. use them for oil changes. that way you know you have a rapport and they know your car. >> charley crowson, abc2 news. 2012 was a year of dance tunes, celebrity breakups and more. >> there are a few things about 2012 we might want to avid looking back at. we'll tell you why this past year was the worst ever at the pump. >> gas is expensive out there. dundalk today, gray cloudy skies. as we look toward the key bridge, will we see sunshine?
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2012 was the worst year at the pump. according to aaa, the national average for regular unleaded hit $3.60. hurricanes, refinery outages and tensions in the middle east were being blamed. aaa predicts gas prices will be lower this year thanks to rising
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domestic oil production and increased demand. 2012 was another good year for ford. the automakers focus model -- new registrations total 338,000 and ford is on track to sell more than 2 million vehicles overall. the second year in a row ford has topped that numb about. it's the only brand to pass 2 million sales since twef. 2012 was a record year for movies with nearly $11 billion in ticket sales. analysts say that's pretty good numbers. one expert thinks 2013 might be better because a number of high profile sequels are set to hit the movies. if you're still suffering from the after effects of
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yesterday's festivities, we'll tell you where you can find a huge hamburger. it might cure your hamburger but cause other problems. we'll review the biggest songs, breakups and other entertainment stories. >> hopefully they will win the superbowl. i believe in them because the ravens are number one in my book. >> be nice to people. >> have fun and have a good year. irene, drop the itch.
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we dropped the itch, you can too. with maximum strength scalpicin®. it's not a shampoo so you can stop intense itch fast, wherever you are. i dropped the itch. free yourself from embarrassing scalp itch. drop the itch with maximum strength scalpicin®. also available scalpicin® 2 in 1, itch relief plus dandruff control. off we go to canada. folks in montreal are still digging out after a big snowstorm. is it news when this snows in
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montreal. some crews haven't touched areas of the city. despite having troubling getting out. volunteers are making deliveries. the city hopes to have the snow cleared off the streets by sunday. slick roads and icy conditions are making it tough for drivers. cars are sliding whoever the road. light snow and flurries are expected to continue with temperatures falling into the teens. drivers should stick to treated main roads to may void icy conditions. staying on the treated services is always a good idea. weather is clear. 3d view. you can see the storm which could have sparked a few flurries, stayed generally south of us. all this has stayed through basically areas in virginia, back through north carolina and extending all the way down to the louisiana coast.
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maryland's most powerful radar. you see the prespin toward norfolk and virginia beach. for now we look nice andou some2 weather bug cameras. you only see them here. gray sky was the rule. a few brighter spots but no sunshine. bel air today in you some of ou2 weather bug cameras. you only see them here. gray sky was the rule. a few brighter spots but no sunshine. bel air today in the heart of hartford county another cold gray day. havre de grace along the susquehanna river. light breezes. you can see the numbers are colder. there will be some change on the way. take a look at baltimore county into the mid-30s.
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that's going to be it. hunt valley through's senches the upper 30s. as we take a look at points further to the south here, take you down through anne arundel, you can see the numbers may push to 40. a colder day with that cold air mass setting in. you can see the clouds holding tough with some precipitation toward the carolina line but none of that for us. looks like all of that precip will be staying further south. what is down there will not creep north. we'll stay dry but also colder. you can see the setup to the north and west. 15 in des moines. 22 chicagoland. detroit, the motor city at 22 as well. that's about a 20-degree cooldown. so that colder shot will come in tomorrow. it will make this tough for us to get out of the 30s. as we go into the overnight
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period tomorrow night, some spots in the northern western suburbs, say toward westminster could flirt with the teens overnight, 18, 19 degrees. it will be very cold, let the faucets drip, protect that plumbing. high pressure, but it's a cold air mass. it will keep us dry, some sunshine but also colder air building in through at least the end of the workweek. tonight getting colder. tomorrow 37, your two-degree guarantee. take a look at the next three days, struggling to get out of the 30s, some potential teens overnight in the northern and western suburbs. into the weekend by look for some improvement as we move toward game day sunday, bringing in the colts who never beaten in baltimore. high time we do that eye can't say what they did to get luck --
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the phrase they used last year. this year, this will be the last game of the season. >> it will be interesting. this is a new year but before you started making those new year's resolutions, sit back anden joy a glimpse at this year's entertainment. >> reporter: catchy dance tunes, celebrity breakups and the tragic death of a singing icon, just a few of the topics that had people talking in the look of show business. here's a look at the top 10 news stories from 2012. the song was almost inches scapable. carly rae jepsen's viral sensation, "call me maybe." had earned her two grammys and countless reenactments, including this one by the u.s. olympic swim team. the force is strong with disney. in a move that caught many by
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sur prierks the star wars franchise george lucas sold to the empire empire for more than $4 billion. what's more, disney announced plans for three more star wars films. it's the superstar relationship asking people are they or aren't they. chris brown, who beat his then girlfriend in 2009 said he renewed his friendship, but is it more than just friends? >> they want to keep everyone guessing and they don't want to explain what's going on with their relationship to anyone in the world. >> reporter: more turmoil for the jackson family last summer as michael jackson's teenage daughter paris announced that
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her grandmother and guardian katherine was missing. >> katherine jackson is back home. she said she wasn't kidnapped. >> reporter: a judge later restored katherine pass guardian of michael's children. >> whether it was a pleasure or guilty pleasure, audiences couldn't turn away from "here comes honey boo boo" about a child beauty contestant and her family. rap are psy, after his catchy dance style gangnam style caught the web. it shattered records online becoming the number one watched video on youtube with more than 970 million views. the new found fame wasn't
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without controversy. remarks he made in 2004 resurfaced online. he apologized saying his feelings were emotionally charged. new sexual misconduct acts. >> elmo puppeteer kevin clash was forced to resign from sesame street after being accused in sexual relationships with mean nurse. his lawyers said the case is without merit but clash opted to leave after 28 years. twilight's stars kristen stewart and robert pattinson had been highly published until it rocked hollywood. >> kristen stewart moved out of the home they shared together. she released a public statement
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asking robert for forgiveness. >> reporter: pattinson did forgive, just in time for the premiere of the breaking dawn part two. after nearly six years of marriage, katie holmes filed for divorce from tom cruise in june. >> what is incredible is how katie holmes had everything so well prepared. >> reporter: while holmes asked for full custody, the couple settled amicably ending one of the most high profiled celebrity marriages. it was a tragic end to an iconic's successful but troubled career. whitney houston died february 11th in a hotel bathtub the
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night before the grammys awards. houston's drowning was accidental with drug and alcohol use as contributing factors. coming up at 6:00, losing weight and getting in shape is the most popular new year's resolution. and same-sex marriages are now legal in the state of maryland. how several couples are exercising their new rights. those stories and more coming up at six. now a preview of what's ahead at 6:30. >> losing weight is tough enough, especially after the holidays, but this diet warning may help you drop those stubborn pounds. what to look north next time -- for the next time.
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okay. i'm an advocate for greasy food for a hangover, but this a huge bur gemplet an australian man created this hangover burger. but he includes fried eggs, bacon and it tipped the scales at 220-pounds and served as a new year's day stack for more than a dozen australians. yikes. we saw dozens of copycat performances of it but the reign
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of gangnam style will be coming to an end. he performed during dick clark's rockin' new year's eve. he wants to work on getting another hit. we're hitting a local gym to see how people are working on their resolutions to get fit. that's on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. same-sex marriage is officially legal in maryland. we'll hear what some of the couples say. >> the senate passed a del to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff, but now this lies in the house. >> komen maryland is struggling to raise money. why it's nearly a million dollars short. maryland passed the seam -- same-sex marriage but today is the first day the


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