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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 10, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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morning. we will talk act the wild swings in temperatures through early next week coming up. >> thank you. the family of the late star junior seau may have answers finally about what happened. we spoke to the family about finding out that his brain was damaged. that's what possibly led to his death. >> reporter: the suicide last year of junior seau shocked sports fans and sent his family rushing for answers. >> we just wanted the truth. >> reporter: he was a legend on the gridiron. a 12 time probowler known for crushing hits like this over a 20 year career. it's those bruising blows that made them question what made him is shoot himself in the chest. >> head to head contact.
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the collisions are just -- out of control. >> reporter: the family donated his brain to the national institutes of health. we learned that tests showed visible signs of damage. it's a concussion related injury that shrinks and hardens brain tissue. hard knocks a major part of the nfl. >> if you add up all the days of practice, training camp and games, that's a lot of hits. >> reporter: recently the league has come under fire. more than 4,000 former players and sued the league in a landmark class action lawsuit. they claim the nfl misled them for decades on the risks of brain injury. this is just no focus on the most important part of your body, which is your brain. >> reporter: the league insists it's made players safety a top priority. the family said they understand that violence is part of football and while the hits
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make the highlight reels. it's not worth it to not have a dad. >> reporter: the nfl said that the findings on the brain under score the need for more research on concussion related injuries. abc news washington. >> much more of the interview with the family just keep it right here for world news at 6:30. we are working for you with all of the information that you need about brain injury specifically concussions. just head to abc we have everything from the warning signs, a child could have a concussion to a list of some of the safest helmet that are out there on the market. for the second day in a row the vice president held talks about gun control at the white house and today he met with the nra. the nra said to many people were more interested in demonizing the second amendment
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than keeping shouldn'ts safe. they had proposed armed security guards previously. the bp was talking guns the president was taking changes to his cabinet. he would replace the current secretary. he is the chief of staff right now but is getting a lot of attention for his loopy signature that will soon be on all newly printed money. >> working on his signature? >> not that i'm aware of. >> the selection is drawing criticism for the first time in years, all of the premiere cabinet positions be held by men. and now more information on the flu outbreak spreading hard and fast across the country including right here. lisa sylvester has the latest on flu germs and how quickly they can spread. . >> reporter: we touched so many things without realizing it. take a simple trip on the
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subway. buying a metro card, going down the escalator. that's only the beginning. the flu virus can spread in a closed space like a subway station. the virus can spread to others up to six feet away according to the cdc and prevention and flu germs can stay suspended in the air. you can get infected by being near someone, drinking the same cup and touching a germy surface and then touching your eyes or mouth and you can pass it to someone before you even know you are sick. >> somebody can be contagious up to a day prior to developing symptoms, symptoms like sneezing and coughing and up to seven days post developing symptoms. so, the flu virus is contagious over a long period of time. >> reporter: we tried out this
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test with something called glow germ. look at what this black light picked up. if it was cold germs i would be leaving a trail for someone to catch. using cleaning products to keep surfaces germ free can minimize the chances of spreading the flu and it's important to wash hands. jessica benton is with a company that gives outglow germ as a way to teach. >> some sing the abc's, happy birthday two times but at least 20 seconds of washing. i know when people do wash their hands they may not go in between the fingers, get underneath them. there is a lot of germs that get stuck behind when you don't wash properly. >> reporter: so the question, how long can germs live on surfaces in doctors say normally between to eight hours but there have been reports of up to 48 hours. soap and water always the best
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or hand sanitizer. no secret that many hospitals require all their employees to get the flu vaccine to help prevent them from getting sick and also to help them to not spread the virus. what happen itself they refuse? in one nurse's case she was fired. karla objected to getting the shot and was given a waiver from hospital officials but then she objected to wearing a mask. something the hospital require from anyone who didn't get the vaccine. >> the idea that the people with vaccines are safe which flawed that doesn't make sense that we were being isolated and singed out. >> the hospital stands by the decision saying she violated the policy and that they have had no other employees complain. we are working for you here at abc2. we have you covered as far as this flu outbreak lasts.
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head to the website and you will find everything you need. also some of the most common mists about the flu. >> safety alert for people who fly and like to have coffee while in flight. why they are now a big concern for the faa and what changes are being made. and smart phone users often have the same complaint. something new on the consumer electronics show that may get rid of some of that complaining. >> and no complaints about the weather. around 50 degrees. we are looking for rain and then much warmer weather. wait until you see this.
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snoot dow up 76, the nasdaq up almost 15. the s&p500 up almost ten and a quarter. the faa issued a safety alert for prepackaged coffee filters. several times crew members and passengers are getting burned by them. now the filter isn't put in the
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pot just in the right position pressure can build up in the container and cause its contents to erupt. the agency is encouraging carriers to add the danger training to all of their manuals. and at the consumer electronics show in las vegas a new device for anyone looking for an effective way to charge your tablet while you travel. the charge doctor promises to boost the power output of both laptops, usb ports, wall adaptors and car chargers. the results, tablets can charge up to four times faster and phones up to two times faster. great deals starting tomorrow at several baltimore county restaurants as part of the restaurant week. today county leaders kicked it off. they got 43 restaurant this is year. they will offer one to three course meals at a fixed rate. lunch and dinner menus are available.
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always very, very popular. coming up baltimore fans go to great lengths to support their team. where you can join in on the fun with a nice ravens spray paint on your head. and we will recap the big movies and stars who have a chance to take home oscars. look, if you have copd like me,
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. now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right. sun down now, temperatures falling but still at 50 in baltimore and the air still very dry, not much wind to talk about. days getting longer now and weather in motion across the state today was beautiful. beautiful by january standards. belaire blue sky, talking about this on and off for days, the mild weather pattern, sun, realize it'll be a lot mildler
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than today by saturday and sunday. also realize that we will not see this kind of blue sky tomorrow. we are looking for rain as we go into tomorrow afternoon. clouds rolling in to townsend late on this thursday evening. clouds in to the low to mid50s. some spots stuck closer to the upper 40s, most of us closer to the low 50s. tomorrow we won't be as warm. the current temperatures 50, even the 40s. probably where we end up with highs, that works to cool it down. cloud wills be able to get thicker for most of the day tomorrow. not -- if you hang on you will notice things get way mildler. little cooler friday than a lot warmer saturday into sunday. here is part of the reason we will be cooler tomorrow. rain showers in out of the west. thick cloud cover, weak boundary passing through the area and that will bring in the chance for showers. also warm frontal pass will mean mild air can go up the
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east coast into maryland and only builds through the weekend. temperatures near 70-degree area in charlotte. watch tomorrow, cold pocket holds with the showers around through the day. but, we do see that warm air e otherring into places like the carolina's and then it moves up the coast into saturday afternoon. we will just add to that on sunday. maybe the mid to upper 60's. there is that system to the west generating the rain. we will watch that, track it through the weekend. the core of the low pressure will move due north but there will be a warm front. then that thing moves through the area on saturday that is where the warm air settles in and we will be in the warm sector or the dry slot as well with the system. we will be in the warm sector for about 36 hours through saturday and into sunday as well before we get the cool front and the rain from that early next week. right now denver looking partly cloudy with snow showers in the
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western rockies n the southwest parts, toward durango, 20 for the kickoff. mike will have much more on the game time weather in just a few minutes. tonight 33, chilly, dry, tomorrow 48, we will bring in the late day showers, not quite as warm but still tough to complain with the upper 40 ha in january. tomorrow night showers but the fog developing late in the evening. could be foggy if you are headed out early saturday morning. realize that. as we look ahead to the tailgate forecast, about as good as it gets, saturday afternoon as we kick off here in baltimore, watching the game. 60-degree weather and then sunday only push that up. upper of 60s. if you want to get outside, go for a run, do biking, play around with golf, whatever you like to do the one thing i wouldn't do is work in the garden because we will go betting way below freezing again but this is a little mini spring fever break here. how is that? >> it's a nice tease.
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>> it is. a little teaser there. little spring preview. mid-january. >> right. the players still practicing at home before they head off to denver tomorrow. the ravens staff had first planned to head out west earlier in the week to give players the time to adjust to the altitude but now they will fly out a day in advance. the good news according to the team's injury report every player practiced today with just one exception. ravens fans are considered among the best supporters in the league. now a local barbershop wants fans to show their support right here in their haira. we have that story. >> reporter: if you are going to the butcher hills section of canton you will see floyd's barbershop. they have a barber pole, lots of mirrors and chairs but one glance around and you will notice. >> we are a rock and roll barbershop.
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>> reporter: you don't say. you can't help but notice the theme that runs every day during football season. every day but for one. >> but for sunday. sunday is ravens day. we play the game every sunday. on all five t very a. >> reporter: that's right. ravens fever takes the place of rock and roll. come saturday they will be stepping it up. >> and this saturday we are going to do ravens logo spray in the hair or if you want a purple spray or a ravens tattoo we have it covered. >> reporter: they are temporary and will come off on washing. it'll be the topping for that fresh cut that sets you apart. >> who has a purple raven on their head? >> reporter: though it's temporary matt said he is keeping in until the end. >> keep it in until after we win the super bowl. . >> reporter: really? wash your hair before then and then get another one. just saying. in canton. lamont williams. >> and you know you don't just
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have to go to canton. you can get the color or stone sills at any floyd's rock and roll barbershop. we will talk to jamie in a couple of minutes. the ravens going egg going tomorrow and tomorrow night starting at seven we want you to join us for the special destination denver. i will be live with the team coverage from the ravens zone and jamie will be live from denver. all starts at seven tomorrow night right here on abc2. we all have to admit that technology makes our lives easier but how about making you healthier? karen is at the consumer electronics show in las vegas where there is a new wave in the fast growing space where tech and health intersect. >> reporter: technology and health have long connected, pus develop new ways for doctors to treat patients. exhibits at this year's consumer electronics show show
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more ways than ever to take health into their own hands. >> they are really finds devices valuable. they are motivating people to live healthier lives. you can tell that last year i believe that space was about a third the size it is today. so it's growing really quickly. >> reporter: it was one of the early entries in 2007. this year it's line for personal fitness monitors has expanded and it's got more company. some are aimed at specific health problems like this i- phone tool for people with diabetes monitoring blood sugar. >> now anyone when a smart phone can measure their blood sugar. >> reporter: others are aimed at a healthier lifestyle overall. >> blood pressure monitoring, wireless body analyze scale that looks at bmi, body fat percent age.
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>> reporter: putting together the traditional tools for measuring key metrics, with a new gadget available to most consumers today. for consumer watch. >> lot more coming up on the news at six. sniffing, sneezing you aren't alone. how the flu is spreading. and ten students from one area high school have died in the past 21 months. how the school is remembers them. those and a lot more coming up at six. first here is a preview of world news at 6:30. >> coming up, covering the flu all week. tonight a double threat of illnesses now out there across the country and why some people might be better off staying away from the er if they get sick. we will tell you tonight.
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. it's oscar time. we know which movies and actors have been nominated for academy awards. did your favorites make it? brandy has more. >> reporter: the best picture nominees for 2012 are lincoln, lincoln leads the pack at 12 award nominations including best picture. the drama has been a favorite this award season and is competing against eight other films for the top honor including amour, argo, beast of the southern wild, djanjo, life of pi, silver linings play book and zero dark 30, seth mcfarland announced it alongside emma stone. >> if you don't know when i am just pretend i'm danny osmond.
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>> reporter: he also was nominated. it'll say academy award no, ma'am nye. >> ia academy. >> at 85, she is the oldest best actress nominee in oscar history. we also have the youngest nominee at nine. >> reporter: best actor nod went to bradley cooper, denzel washington, and hugh jackman. for musical to war dramas, comedy and fantasy it's a diverse group this year up for oscar gold. and many were surprised ben affleck wasn't nominated for best director for argo and zero dark 30. we will learn month takes home the oscars sunday february 24th on abc. brandy hitt. >> now from the oscars to the
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razzies. the best of the worst on the big screen. breaking dawn 2 leads the field with 11 nominations, among those worst picture, worst actor, worst actresses and worst ensemble. it's the 33ered year for the nominations, their mission celebrating bad movies we love. i didn't think it was that bad. oh well. coming up at six, a star football player and a student volunteer all rolled into one. that is our student athlete of the week on abc 2news at six which starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2news at six. >> game time less than 48 hours away. the ravens making preparations to depart for the mile high city. police say their actions injured three officers, new details on the woman suspected of leading police on a


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