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tv   News  ABC  January 21, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. we are superbowl bound and an emotional night as the ravens finish off the patriots and punch the ticket to new orleans. >> the streets of federal hill locks like new orleans and mardi gras. we will go to some of the celebrations all around town. >> and time for the official beginning of president obama who will take the public oath of office this monday and we will preview that on had monday. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. a lot of you will be a little tired. >> how much sleep did you get. >> not a lot. >> not much at all. lynette you were up late you were celebrating and dancing all of that. >> i noose you were probably
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down in -- >> i was. >> you were probably down in federal hill. >> i wasn't but that clock came early. i am running off adrenaline and a lot of people will do that this morning and the cold air will wake you up. look at this 23 in manchester. 27 in baltimore aberdeen at 26 degrees and bowie is at 30 this morning. we are also going to be dealing with the wind that will pick up as we go throughout the day. right now, we see 5 in baltimore and 9 in dc but we will begin to have a wind chill advisory go into effect as we go later into the evening. basically, western maryland, points to the north south of that if you are traveling that way, be prepared for that and keep both hands on the steering wheel because the winds will be kicking up going throughout the day. this is what we have on maryland's most powerful radar, dry here at home. but we have snow showers back off towards the west. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here we go. not much happening on the road. considering the holiday we have
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again light volume and most of our area roadways. the on-ramp is closed at mulberry street. eastbound a at 83 and 695 you have issues right alock this is -- right along this is at washington avenue right after this 795 entrance ramp and days south of up to construction related delays as you go along frederick avenue along 695. outside we go for a live shot. we will show you things looking pretty good right now. this is 95 at 395. things look good but going south on 59 you will pick up volume -- 95 you will pick up volume closer to the dc area. most of the road looking pretty good in terms of no drive times. we will do drive times later on megan. >> all right. >> thanks lot. ravens are headed back to the superbowl for the first time in dozen years. but to get there this time, they had to avenge a loss from last season in foxboro and take out tom brady and the patriots. rematch of last season's title
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game. new england got on the scoreboard first and with field goal they wept into the lead 13- 7 but in the second half, it was all baltimore. the defients shut out the pay the -- defense shut out the patriots and on offense joe flacco threw three touchdownsincluding two to boldin. and flacco outplayed brady who threw two interception. ravens win and after the game everyone as emotional but none more so than ray lewis. >> i respect the game too much and i was hurt when i saw a sign that actually said my retirement will end tonight. man can't dictate that. god deck tate that and -- deck tate that is. >> the cool -- dictates that. >> the cool thing about ray is he is excited to win another one for himself but more excited because he felt it and wants us to feel that and knows what it feels like and i think he is more excited for to us feel that. >> now to the big easy for
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superbowl xlvii. some people are calling this the har ball bowl. john is take on the younger brother jim and the early line on the game megan ravens come in at 5 point underdogs. >> all right. for the next two weeks there will be plenty of predigss for -- predicts but rain fans are -- predictions, but ravens fans are confident they will make it all the way. linda so is live at the towson diner with excited fans. what are they saying this morning. >> reporter: excited and it's like a dream. can't believe we are going to the superbowl. one of the fans you have a early wakeup call and you stayed awake for the game and it was exciting. >> it was amazing. absolutely amazing. >> reporter: so you watched it with your husband and father-in- law. was it pretty crazy in the house. >> we are jumping up and down and screaming. it was so exciting. >> reporter: what were you feeling before the game? >> i was nervous, excited
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because i knew how bad they wanted it. and it it was just a ball of emotions. it was crazy. >> reporter: and the first half kind of took sometime a a get it going. but when it did could you believe it was happening? >> i knew they could do it. so, it was not a shock and i knew they would do it and they did. >> reporter: this year's team is the team of destiny and people are saying they are not going to win they are the underdogs can you believe it? >> i can't. it's amazing fored team and ray and john harbaugh amazing. >> reporter: you are nervous for them and we are all going to be watching and waiting two weeks for the count down. >> yeah. >> reporter: you will be watching. >> my we are having a huge superbowl party and we are excited. >>reporter: that's the feeling for the fans. everyone is super excited and feels like we are living a
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dream but it's going to happen. back to you guys. >> all right. teak take a look at this crowd incredible picture. federal hill outside mother's they posted it last night. people filled the streets when the game ended to celebrate. incredible looking crowd and this is what it looked like in the crowd. hundreds of people chanting screaming and yelling and crying and look at the fans. police were on hand in case there was too much celebrating. but it was also pretty peaceful just very loud. >> a similar scene in the streets of san francisco. fans celebrating the 49ers victory over the falcons there's much more dramatic. they rallied from a huge deficit to win the game 28-24 atlanta had a chance to score before the game's end but san francisco came up big on defense so now it's brother against brother in superbowl 47 and jim harbaugh's49ers against john harbaugh's ravens. we are hours away from president obama taking the oath of office outside the capitol.
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we have more on the historic day. >> reporter: on the west line outside the u.s. capitol the stage is set. officially inauguration day in washington. and they are expecting a turnout of 800,000 people. the president obama took the oath of office on sunday. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: vice president joe biden did the same. >> congratulationses. >> thank you. >> reporter: the constitution man dates the commander in chief start his term on january 10th. but long-standing tradition when that day is a sunday, a public inauguration is held the next day. the president capped off day one of the two-day inauguration by attending a reception in washington where he addressed supporters. >> you understood it was not just about a candidate. it was not just about joe biden or barack obama. this was about us who we are as a nation. >> reporter: this morning before the public goes, obama
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will attend a church service across the street from the white house. but one of the most highly anticipated and most watched moments will be the inaugural address. for the 44th president it will be the second. >> i think he is going to lay out a broader vision for where we head over the next four years but how in the long-term we reclaim economic security for the middle class. >> reporter: after the official business the parade gets underway. the president and first lady could get out and walk somewhere on pennsylvania avenue. then it's time for tuck cedeos and -- tuxedos and gowns at the inaugural gown. in washington i am tory dunnan. >> we have a special section on our website dedicated to the inauguration. e-mail your photos at subline inauguration. if you can't make it there, watch it live on the abc2 app. the marching band was
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chosen from more than 2800 bands that applied. this is the 4th time they performed at the inaugural parade. the last was 1958 for ronald reagan. some of us are wishing for a little snow but in europe they have said they have had enough. >> enough is enough. it continues to cause a mess on the road and creating a bigger mess for air travelers trying to get home. >> and a political conference turns violent in bulgaria. how this could have been much worse.
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well it's another day of flight cancellation at lundon's heath row airport. hundreds of passengers sleeping in terminals for the third consecutive day. icy runways and poor visibility are grounding planes. it's similar situation in paris. bad weather canceled dozens of flights out of the airport. the snow and ice triggered deadly traffic accidents in that city. time 5:42. let's check our weather. that makes you say no thanks to the snow. a lot of people want it but you see that and think i don't know. >> i don't know. it's paris and london. i might have to make an exception. look a -- look what we have
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here in the states. snow showers in michigan and pa and also new york we are gettinglake effect snow but we will see some arctic weather work its way in here. these temperatures are really going to drop off. in the meantime, we are dealing with clouds this morning from the cloud, though, we could see a few snow showers of our own as we go into the afternoon evening time frame. we are going to be dealing with the winds picking up out of the north and east going throughout date making it feel colder so right now this morning, dress for the temperatures in the 20s every where. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. pretty easy ride out there this morning. starting out in the patapsco at 695 we have a ramp knocked out due to construction. be aware of that this morning. sliding up towards the north and west of town and as we head off 95 at liberty road also seeing a delay due to some construction. outside we go. we will confirm things are looking pretty good. smooth sailing on most area roadways. 95 at 43. things looking pretty good. drive times in check and we
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will look at traffic coming up in a little bit. guys. guns rights activists making their voices heard. >> and they turned out to rally for the first gun appreciation day. one demonstration that saw a pretty big crowd. >> the bang seen around the world what the president has to say about his wife's new hairdo when good morning maryland continues. ♪
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thanks for joining us. lawmakers on capitol a hill debate what should be done on theish you've gun control. gun rights supporters rallied across the country for the first ever gun appreciates day. the protest in nevada coincide with closed-door meetings with nra lobbyist and state lawmakers. they showed up to support the right to bear and keep arms. this comes as others have protested the sale of semiautomatic rifles following a year of deadly mass shootings. >> they have the right to say whatever they would like unfirst amendment and i respect that. he don't have an issue of getting into a conversation with somebody but if they will argue with me don't argue with idiots. >> both side of the gun issue are keying a close eye on what law makers are going to decide to do about the legal sale of certain guns. another gun control group
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is now happening in new york city. the million moms march will take place on the brooklyn bridge and end at city hall. there's march for dth dc chapter of 1 million moms. they are calling on law makers to take action in gun control legislation. new video out of bulgaria. a man rushes on a stage during a national conference in bulgaria and points a gun at the leader of the country's ethnic turkic party he eud a gas pistol used for target practice most often. tried to shoot the party leader but the gun misfired. security guards wrestled him to the ground and police arrested him later. a commuter plane skids off the runway at newark liberty airport and several of the rear tires blew out on impact. the plane eventually came to a stop on the taxiway without hitting anybody. 13 people were on board and none were hurt. soda sales are on decline. consumption of sugary beverages
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has dropped off. companies are changing direction offering more sports drinks, fruit juices and localry drinks. cities across the country are holding care mobies to -- ceremonies to honor dr. martin luther king junior. an mlk march is in new orleans and baltimore had the parade on saturday. a poll shows americans remained divided on how things are going. 49% say things are going very fairly well. that's double when people were asked the same question during president obama's first inauguration. however 51% say things are going pretty badly. all right. how does a big juicy purple burger sound ten mantes way afrom -- minutes away from 6 it sounds good. the burger is giving out free purple burgers from 11 to 2 today. but you have to use the secret password it's not so secret because we will give it to you. tough say superbowl to get -- a you will you have to say is soup he will -- superbowl to
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get one. we showed you a picture of the first lady michelle obama's new haircut and the president is weighing in and spoke last night at a candlelight celebration at the national building, museum be a it sounds like he digs the new do. >> to address the most significant event of the weekend, i love her bangs. she looks good. >> she unveil the look last thursday on the 49th birthday. all right time for a check on the weather. people heading down to the inauguration. goikd chilly but you -- it's going to be chilly but you said you haven't seen anything. >> exactly. tonight, tomorrow, the temperatures in the 20s this morning those are going to be the highs for tomorrow. so look at the 23 degrees right now in manchester. ellicott city 26 and these are seasonal temperatures. it's cold and going into the
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afternoon we will stay seasonable an though we will have the winds out of the northeast at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. right now in centerville we are coming in at 30. 28 in easton and bucktown at 29. here's the current winds. pretty much light but they will pick up as we go throughout the day. and we will start to get a little on the gusty side as we head towards tomorrow. but this is the big story. yes, we have the potential for light snow as this cold front makes its way across the area. the more significant snow or the more measurable snow will stay into new england but we have the potential for a light dusting and this cold front this is the reinforcing cold front that's going to bring the arctic blast to the area. future trend not picking up on a whole lot through the area. and then we will begin to have high pressure build back in across time. but we will have another chance for some more snow in the forecast. but for today, look at theforecast. 41 in westminster.
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at about 42 degrees in oweddenton and same in cockeysville. and across the eastern shore temperatures around 42 degreesin rock hall. now a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: i want an issue to bring to your attention and you are thinking i have to hit the bay bridge. there's police activity. we don't have information about that but police activity that is affecting the eastern span crossing into eastern out towards the eastern shore. be aware of that this morning. going closer to town outside catonsville there's construction delays and 695 at frederick road and we will slide that up towards the no we will not slide it over anywhere. let's go outside and look live and show you and again most of the area roadways look like this. 695 at harford road. things looking pretty good right now. we will take you to some of the drive times and speeds are looking pretty good. this is keeping in mind around 65-mile-per-hour speed so 83 southbound from maryland pennsylvania line to 695 that's
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a 22 minute ride. from 95 to 83. just about 11 minutes and same deal for the 695 outer loop from 795 to 95. we will look at traffic again in less than 10. now onto you. a day on a boat takes an exciting turn for one family. >> a visitor jumped on board and this is not the first time this has gone boat hopping.
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young seal finds a fun way to get around the waters of australia hitching a ride on passing boats. >> they call the encounter with him on camera. at first they said they were scared when he jumped on the boat which is understandable but they learned he was playing and they saw him and videotaped this and walk on the side of the boat lounging in the sun and let the family pet him. >> he looks like this little dog that went out the side of the boat and laid out in front of the boat. and it's amazing. >> it was so cute sitting there. >> i said to dad, we have to get a seal. >> now we all want pet seals. this is not his first time boat
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hopping. marine experts believe he is the same seal who leapt on a ferryboat last week and afterwards he said i am just playing you know. with online accounts we have to manage it can be difficult remembering every password you have. i am guilty of this. >> i am too. i think a lot of you are. but when you make it simple it's easy for crooks to steal your information. we will go through tips to make sure criminals can't crack your code. >> peanut butter, pasta and cheese foods you expect to eliminate while dieting. we will explain how you don't have to ditch the foods to remain healthy. good morning maryland at 6 begins in minutes.
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