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tv   News  ABC  January 21, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EST

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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. a live look at the nation's capital and a big day on tap for dc. in a few hours president obama will take the second oath of office. >> if you are sick stay home. some cities are serious. the latest on the flu outbreak this morning. >> the superbowl and it's the har ball bowl. -- harbaugh bowl. this is is going to be a family affair as john takes on jim. what one said about the other on this monday january 21st. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. before we get to that excitement, we will start off with the weather this morning because today is going to be the warmest day of the week and it's not that warm. >> aid heat wave. >> you said it we are dealing with temperatures seasonable this mog and into the afternoon. we will get to that in a second. but let's start out with radar. we are looking at not a whole lot.
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we see snow showers back off towards the north and west right now. and some of those could get in here going through the rest of the afternoon. so, we do have the chance for a little snow some flurries driving around the area. but we are dealing with is temperatures. the temperatures the biggest story. look at the purposeels and magentas this is not good. you don't want to see this. this is act he can air moving into the area dash -- arctic air moving into the area going through tonight and tomorrow. closer to home temperatures at 25 in owings mills. 22 pylesville and sykesville at 24. the winds are calm but they will pick up throughout the day. cold temperatures and winds a wind chill advisory in western maryland in effect at 10 lingers into tomorrow evening around 6:00 and feeling like below zero in a lot of spots. we are looking at today, temperatures coming in at 42 but feeling like we are in the 30s. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's get into it.
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not much happening on this end. we are talking about moderate volume in parts of the area. i do suspect this congestion that's picking up before the fort mchenry tunnel that's probably people south for the inauguration and that's a big headline on southbound 95. also on ramp closure patapsco off 895 be aware of that. let's show you again roads looking pretty good. this is the well, that's the webcam and we will make it a full screen. look at 83 at shawan road, things look pretty good. the mdot cameras and things look good on 695. this is harford road and light volume for what it should be and some of the drive times look like this. not much happening. 695 outer loop from 795. 95 charley that takes you 11 minutes. >> all right mike thanks. this is a story everyone is talking about today. ravens are afc champions and head to new orleans and superbowl xlvii and they will take on the 49ers on february
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3rd. some people are calling this the har but a bowl. >> i don't know if we had a dream this big. we had a few dreams and fights you know we had a few arguments just like all brothers yeah i guess so. you try to stay out of that business. we will let the two teams duke it out but couldn't be more proud of jim. >> mom lock up the china cabinet, the boys are at it again. early line on the game, ravens 5 point underdogs. >> you want to grab a shirt for the big game this one festous maximum mouse is code for superbowl. fans only produced the 2. shirts during 2000-01 season and now they are celebrating the return and stared to make them at midnight and have ship out 15,000 going on sale at noon. news time is 6:34. a big day in washington, d.c. and the rest of the country as president obama is sworn into office for the second time.
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abc2 news sherrie johnson is live in the nation's capital with more on the inauguration. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. we are live here on the national mall in the nation's capital hours before the president takes the oath of office for second time. officially he was sworn in yesterday before noon because the contusion requires it and i have to tell you a number of people are starting to pack the nation's capital here. the mall is practically filled with people. they are starting to pour in. so it's a big day a lot of activity going to be going on. it's day filled with a lot of activity from the ceremonial oath of office to the inaugural parade and the inaugural ball. this morning, there's already a lot of activity with a setup for the activities and also security checks. many of the streets blocked off in and it is participation of the huge crowds not as many as the first inauguration four years ago but still a large crowd with hundreds of thousands of people. they are expecting about
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800,000 people. the vips will arrive around 9 this morning with former presidents and governors and members of the house of representatives and senators and cabinet des. >> he -- des knees. more than 13,000 military and law enforcement officers will be on duty with s.w.a.t. teams and biochemical response units in place. >> protecting an event this large and complex with this many different venous and number of people coming, requires a lot of coordination and a lot of organization. >> reporter: back out here live you can see people are starting to fill the mall area here. they are plays things on the loudspeakers starting to get ready for the moment. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. barbara walters is in the hospital after can be -- this happened saturday night on a the step of the dc home of
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british ambassador. the host of abc's "the view" cut her forehead and was taken to the hospital to be checked out. she is alert and remains hospitalized for observation. our state will be represented in the inaugural parade. university of maryland marching band will perform. they were selected from over 2,000 different bands who all applied to participatech this is video of the band performing in front of fellow university students. this is the fourth time the group has taken part in the inaugural celebrations. it's been a while. last time it was 1985. a hopeful tone. that's what president obama is going for in his inaugural address. the white house says the speech will lay out his vision for the second term. advisers say the address will sound similar to the one that the president made on election night. about moving the country forward. he won't talk about specifics plans for his next four years in office. he is going to save that for the state of the union address on february 12th. the first playedy got a new
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with him making their way around the boat. >> [audio not understandable] >> he laid out in front of the boat. >> aid once in a lifetime experience and it will never happen again. >> he had to be asked to leave. >> as she was he did the same on a fore last week and rode around for half an hour before deciding he had enough and jumped ship. 6:42. a hair style doesn't make many waves in the press unless you are of course the first lady michelle obama. last week we showed you a picture of her new do and it was complete with bangs and we are hearing from her husband about the now style. he spoke about it at a candlelight celebration. >> to address the most significant event of the weekend, i love her bangs.
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she looks good. >> all right. the first lady unveiled the hair style on her 49th birthday which was on thursday. she sent out a picture on twitter. it's all in the family. this year's superbowl is dubbed the har bowl. >> so we will hear from ravens coach john harbaugh about the amazing win and look at what's ahead and what's at stake in new orleans. >> and we are dealing with mostly cloudy skies this morning. but we do see snow showers back across the great lakes. i will tell you what that means for us coming up. >> and good morning. things look good at 695 and pulaski highway looks good. weather and traffic after break. after the break. after the break.
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good monday morning i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. on this monday let's get you out the door and head over to mike masco with timesaver traffic report. >> reporter: good morning. if you are wondering what he's going down in pasadena if you hear sirens last hour we have been dealing with a fire knocking out or closing off roadways mountain road one of the spots and also in to parts
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of katherine avenue. be aware of that in pasadena. it's a serious fire but the news confirmed they have put it out. we will go up toward the north of lane blockage. the right lane on liberty road off 695 being blocked. and we will go outside and show you some of the cameras and again looks pretty good 695 at old court road things look good and mdot659 out erin inner loops things look good. beautiful sunrise. we will talk more traffic coming up in a little bit. lynn jet says it will be a 20 below zero in the next couple days or it will feel like it. >> reporter: it will be cold because we have the arctic air so enjoy today and the 24 right where we should be for this time year 22 manchester and catonsville coming in at 27 degrees. and now maryland's most powerful radar is dry for the most part around maryland. but we can see snow back off to the north and west and we could get snow showers into the
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afternoon and evening and a few flurriesch this is the planner as temperatures will be right around 42 degrees but it won't feel that way because we will get breezy. let's go back over to meg and and charley. >> thanks. the past three weeks have been incredible for ravens fans. baltimore had taken out thecolts and broncos and last night punch the ticket to superbowl xlvii by beating the patriots 28-13. charley joins with us more on the win. >> the three games took care of business against indy and we got the mile highly hi miracle in denver and last night the ravens put to rest the ghost of last year's loss to the same patriots team ray's last ride rode into new lanked they were 9 points underdog and after trailing 13-7 at the beginning of the third looked like superbowl was not in the cards for baltimore but the defense held strong in the second half shutting out brady and the pats forcing 3 turnovers and leaving everything else to flacco and
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offense e hit pitta for one and boldin for two. racking up three scores in the third and fort quarters and lobbing up the 28-13 win for baltimore and sending the team back to the superbowl for the first time in a dozen years. coach john harbaugh tell us what you think about it. >> the lombardi trophy lying in the field of battle victorious is what it feels like jack and jackie harbaugh we love you so proud of you love you dad thanks mom. how about the baltimore fans? it's beautiful scene. baltimore we did it for you baltimore. >> a lot of love going around with the harbaugh camp towards the city of baltimore and san francisco. and for mom and dad because if title game not enough aid family affair for the first time in nfl history. brothers meet in the final game. ravens head coach jar har ball will be across the sideline from the younger brother jim. the younger brought the 49ers back from 17 down and this was
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in the matinee to beat the falcons on their way to new orleans. now, you want to lock it up mop because the kids are at it again. superbowl xlvii in new orleans february 3rd and that is familiar spot for the ravens. they come into the game as 5 point underdogs. the victory brought an outpouring emotion especially from the ravens lead here thought he wouldn't turn for a season or career after the torn triceps but he says this team and he have all stayed strong. >> god kept telling me no weapon formed against my team shahs shall prosper and the man can't tell you what you can't do. i just thank the -- love the game too much and i was hurt and saw a sign i could have my retire -- sign for my retirement to end tonight and man can't it can tate that. >> this is the second trip to for him to the superbowl.
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he was the mvp when they destroyed the giants 34-7. >> take a look at that. that's what it looks like outside in federal hill. hundreds of people chanting and the ravens and police were on hand in case there was too much celebration but a it was peaceful but very loud. coming up later this morning president obama will take the seth oath of office as us -- second oath of office as u.s. president. he officially took the oath yesterday as mandated by the u.s. constitution. saying the president must take office by january 2nd. that feed is what we were trying to get to you a live look at the nation's capital. we are having technical problems with that. that's not going to be at all unusual throughout the course of the day because a lot of activity is going on in dc as more than 800,000 people are expected to line the national mall getting ready for president obama's second big
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day. the ceremony will include a parade, and a walk and talk with many of the supporters and, of course, the ball coming up tonight. once again president obama being sworn in as president and making an address to the nation calling for unity by all sides even those who voted against him. megan. while preparing to address millions during the inauguration president obama rolled up the sleeves to do a little work. he held stained bookshelf at school in washington, d.c. over the weekend and it was all part of the national day of service which coincides with martin luther king junior day. >> this is really what america is about. this is what we celebrate. this inauguration we will be -- it's symbol of how our democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power. >> the vice president and his wife got to work at the national guard armory filling care kits for deployed troops. a celebration at national mall featured celebrity guests eva
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longoria and yolanda adams. you are told to stay home if you feel like you have a flu but for some that's not a option they don't get sick time off. the flu season has fueled the debate law makeers in new york are looking to make it mandatory for private sector jobs. three states and the digits trct require employees to give workers paid sick time off. for everything you need tostay healthy abc2 news is your destination. head to and we have everything you need including the food you can eat and where you can get the flu mist and injections. and now maryland's mostaccurate forecast. >> all right. let's talk about the cold temperatures that's been the big story this morning. they are cold but they are seasonable as of now. northville is coming in at 23 right now. edgewood at 28. centerville at 30 across the eastern shore and galena 27 and more of the upper 20s in easton
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this morning. dress accordingly as you step out the door because you are going to feel it. but you will feel it eat more going into tomorrow. i am talking about tomorrow afternoon as well. we do have the potential for light snow to work et cetera way in here this afternoon -- its way in here this afternoon and towards this evening as the arctic front makes the push in here. it's going to keep the temperatures below average all week long. now future trend not picking up on a whole lot going through time. high pressure will build back in and bring us plenty of sunshine. but then we have the potential for more snow as we go into friday. so we do have two cracks at it. today, though, that temperature nice and seasonable coming in around 42 degrees under most loy included yoi -- cloudy skies but we have the snow working et cetera way in here. temperatures at 20 degrees and it's going to be cold and breezy. wind chills in the teens and frigid over the next several days. 24 will be the high temperature by tomorrow. so you can see what i am
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talking about. the 7-day forecast looks like this as the arctic blast continues to stay in here on wednesday. only about 25 but look at the teens to start the days as we go into thursday and we will be dry. and then we work our way into friday. that's the next chance for snow showers in the forecast. and looking like we dry back out for the weekend. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: good morning. it's unreal. 13, 13. that's insane. let's bring you down to the fire. it's not an accident in pasadena, a lot of sirens going on over the last several hours. that's because a fire is ongoing and they have -- the newsroom confirmed that but it's tying things up in pasadena along 225. that's 225th street so be aware of that down on katherine avenue as well. we will slide it toward the north and lanes knocked out due to construction. this is off 695. let's bring you outside and this is 69 # at liberty road.
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volume is picking up but again not seeing any major accidents across-town. we will take you to another shot and show you 695. look how beautiful that sunrise is. 695 at harford road. things look good many holiday traffic so we are expecting things to stay quiet. guys now onto you. >> it's a child's dream come true. we are talking about a chocolate themed park. it opened up in shanghai china and there were 8 civilians featuring exhibits performances and interactive activities all about chocolate. lynette i know you like that there were dozens of sculptures and works of art all made from chocolate. not bad. 23450á all right we have got some -- all right. we have some memorabilia up here. >>. hold up the hat. >> i didn't want to put it on. >> we are showing the hat. now it's worth even more. you can have it lynette charles worn hat. >> i like it a lot. >> here mike. put the shirt on. >> i put the makeup on it. >> i like it. >> if you want my mug you can
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have it for a nickel. >> someone asked where to get it modell's everybody has it.
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