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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 25, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in baltimore county a man was shot in cockeysville. police are searching for the suspect. the victim was rushed to shock trauma. the station is still closed.
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the mta has set up -- . jo michael johnson is charged with killing a girl from north carolina, johnson's friends told jurors he saw phylicia's body in the apartment. the defense attacked the credibility because of his long criminal record. the judge fired questions from the bench in the case of john leopold. he is accused of misconduct while in office. one charge was dropped. three misconduct charges and one count of fraud still stick. the judge said he tried to name down the question -- did leopold just have bad judgment or was this abusive power. and the baltimore ravens have one more practice before pack up and heading to new orleans. the team will leave monday but there will be a big sendoff
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rally. >> we want to take a look at the sky over mt. airy. it looks picturesque. >> let's head over to meteorologist mike masco to find out how many inches they end up falling. >> it looks like a solid inch, some light snow showers. this is the span going on toward the tidings bridge. just know all test freestanding water will refreeze with the conditions as temperatures that are still in the 18 to 19-degree range. it will start to freeze. notice on radar we're starting to dry out. light flurries in the city. go to the south and east and you find some bursts of snow. thermont, taneytown. you're producing some moderate snow. it's getting closer to the city. that's where we have light
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flurry activity. toward queenstown you're dealing with moderate snow. we'll show you snow vision. 18 along the beltway. 23 in town. 18 in manchester. this evening we'll stay around 18 to 19. the flurries through the course of the night. it's a cold wakeup. but mild air. we'll show you more coming up. the friday rush hour is usually pretty hectic but it's awful today. >> we're talking about a much bigger problem. we have lauren cook sorting it out. are things getting better or worse? >> we're dealing with accidents across the region. the roads are slick. if you're heading out, take it easy. leave yourself some extra time. we're dealing with a crash in howard county along the westbound lanes. that will be at normandy wood drive. there's a crash at 97 as we head
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up to old court road. you'll notice the delays. it will take you an extra 24 minutes to travel from 795 down to 70. it will be very jammed as you make the push up toward 83. watch out for a disabled car. here's a live look at baltimore national pike where you'll notice the congestion in this area as well. it's pretty much the scenario. this is 395. it will be a slow g leave yourself plenty of time tonight. that's a look at your abc2 time saver traffic. back over to you. it's a really unsettling case. a doctor killed in her philadelphia apartment. >> authorities say her body was bound handset on fire. an exterminator sent to her home is charged with her death. >> we have the latest as police
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try to piece together what drove the man who didn't know the victim to reshort to murder. >> reporter: in philadelphia an outpouring of emotion for the doctor, the popular pediatrician, now murder victim. >> if we could have a minute of silence. >> reporter: police said 36-year-old exterminator jason smith common tested to the killing after being called to her home to deal with a rodent problem. he killed her after trying to boss him around and maid fun of him. >> got into an argument. >> reporter: police believe smith struck and killed her handset her afire but only taking measured steps to make sure she wouldn't get away. >> during the course of it he tied her arms and feet. >> reporter: the owner of a nearby shop spotted him coming home after running errands, just steps behind her alleged murderer. >> we see the same guy walking
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past, looks more disheveled. >> reporter: smith is charged with murder, arson, abus of a corpse -- abuse of a course. friends said he was a problem child growing up and liked to set things on fire. >> people like mr. smith feel so inadequate and so insecure that any event will set them off. >> reporter: while smith may have thought he was covering up the crime by setting the fire, police say it's possible he left some evidence behind, his hooded sweatshirt. reporting for abc2 news, new york. now to a suburbing -- disturbing new trend where people are finding that pictures are online for the world to see. the women are joining together in a lawsuit. in addition to the pictures many of the women have their email
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address, phone number posted out of revenge. >> i can't imagine why someone would do this to anyone. >> reporter: dozens of women have filed a he fecial for damages. they hope to put together a class action lawsuit against the site and the company that hosts them, how much money they set aside for people who thought they were buying ultrafuel efficient cars. >> who doesn't want free money? i do. how many billions they're holding and how much could belong to you. >> i wouldn't mind a little of that. we got the snow, some moderate bands. notice out toward the west. a live shot 95. a tough commute. we'll check in with lauren and have more coming up after this. at honda,
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they made big claims about gas mileage but kia had to pay out. the korean company has set aside
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now to the latest on breaking news. >> christian schaffer is live in lutherville where a man was shot at the light rail station. >> that man was taken to shock straw a -- trauma. it happened on the platform of the light rail station. right now it's closed. we've seen a couple light rail
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trains go by. the next stop is the timonium business stop. police are investigating. baltimore county police are trying to find out what went on here when that one man was shot here at the lutherville light rail station. police said they do not have a person in custody. it's not clear whether the suspect was on the light rail getting ready to get on one of the trains or if it happened after getting off or if they were here. those details not clear. we're expecting an update from mta police. one man shot, seriously injured, taken to shock trauma. we'll have more when we get it. live in baltimore county,
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christian schaffer, abc2 news. notice, again, nothing going on but a lot of cold. watch how the snow comes in. nice dusting of snow in many locations. take you out toward the key bridge. notice a clip, reduced visibilities. check out your carrier, if you do have a fleet out at bwi. it take as gentle breeze. some birth arctic air. 95. a little dry air. then another burst along 70 into damascus. we are seeing another one coming into than you ni town --
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taneytown. there will be more snow on the way across northern carroll county. here's the shot right along 295, another burst of snow. the bay bridge toward queen anne's county, you're seeing a good clip of snow. this is our most accurate snow vision, showing us, again, just a light dusting in many locations. north and west, this is where we've seen some one to one and a half inches, along the taneytown pike. so we'll maintain the winter weather advisory, advising you that valve tonight will be treacherous, especially 83 toward bel air road. that's another spot that will get icy. keep that in the back of your mind. so one to two inches of snow. and to the west about two to four inches out toward allegany and garrett county. toward the highlands that's where they saw the most snow.
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20 in joppa, a bit of a breeze coming off the bay. that has been producing wind chill factors. 19 degrees through the course of this heaving in. we're' back on at 11. i think most of the moderate snow has tapered off. we'll go to flurries. look at the back edge starting to move through the state, so it's drying out but flurries in the offing as we go into tomorrow morning. clear skies back out to the west. 27 click. that's like a heat wave compared to where they've been comparison wise. it's been in the single digits. a bubble of milder hair moving out of texas. that's in here has we go into the next week time frame. 17 in town. the call for maryland's most accurate weather team will be snow showers. that 17 could make it feel like it's in the teens. we're out of the 20s back into the -- 18 for the overnight low. seven-day forecast gets us up to
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35 on sunday. more mild hair by monday going into tuesday. the tradeoff will be clouds and scattered showers. another cool blast by thursday and friday and knocks our temperatures back to our seasonal average. ice is making it very tough on firefighters who are trying to control a warehouse fire that started tuesday. >> 200 firefighters dolled the building. thanks to freezing temperatures covered the entire thing in ice. it's run by develop per calvin bender. you'll see sliding, jumping, running, playing fetch in timonium, and that's not just at my house. >> it's part of the pet expo. that's where we'll find charley crowson. he's having a good time with all
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those dogs. >> reporter: we're in the middle of one of these great shows. we're showing the exhibition to you right now. what's really great about this, you were telling me all 17 of these dogs are rescued. >> yes. >> reporter: the bassett hound is one of my personal favorites. he's got a low profile, low to the ground, loveable dog. how do you train these dogs to do this? >> i have no idea. he's a very talented trainer. he's worked with the dogs. they travel with him. >> reporter: he has been around with the show, muttville comic. they performed at disney, all over the world. he was once with ringling brothers & barnum and bailey but his love of dogs has brought him around. so it's going on tonight until
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8:00 at the state fairground. tomorrow from 10 to seven and sunday 10 to six. a great family event. bring the entire group and bring your pet as long has they're immunized. >> and well socialized. >> reporter: rosie, can you do that? >> not with four legs. >> tried to balance but i'm just too heavy. >> just doesn't work. now to a bizarre story ot of florida where a man who most certainly is not a millionaire is living in a $2.5 million home practically for free. >> unbelievable. karen travers has more on the real estate drama. >> reporter: so you want to live in a multimillion dollar mansion but don't have the means. take a page out of his playbook
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and move. no money, no problem. he's sitting pretty in this $2 1/2 million mansion in upscale boca raton, florida. he is squatting, living there without actually owning the place. for now nobody can legally force him out. he's been there since last september and moved in after the last owner moved out. the house has been owned by bank of america since last july. >> there's been so many foreclosures that there's a lost of property. >> reporter: he filed legal papers citing adverse possession, allowing them to claim it by occupying and paying property tax for seven years. he avenue posted this no trespassing notice. no surprise, his neighbors are not amused. >> nobody's happy. >> reporter: it could happen anywhere.
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adverse possession is legal in all 50 states. in his case bank of america told abc2 news we filed the appropriate and immediate legal action to have this trespass ser removed from the property. for now he's living the life of luxury for free. karen travers, abc2 news, washington. bad judgment or an abuse of power. that's the question the judge is asking in the john leopold misconduct trial. sometimes it's hard not to snack in the middle of the night, but before you dive into that bag of chips, we have some tips to help you curb that habit. those stories and more coming up at 6.
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ravens fans are gearing up for the super bowl and purple pride can be seen just about anywhere. >> the ravens super bowl march brightens the atmosphere for even the tiniest of fans. >> the baltimore ravens may be underdogs but not in baltimore and not at st. joe's medical center where the ravens fan base is thick. and her enthusiasm is overflowing. she has transformed the nicu into ravens haven. >> took it and died the outfits purple and gave each baby an identity with a player. >> reporter: each baby has a
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ravens hat and blanket. for this 5 week old, it's hard work training to be a ravens. with plenty of food, rest and loving care, he's moving up to his full playing weight. >> i have to be here with him and not at home. i really feel at home. so it's very good. i'm in the ravens spirit. >> it makes it fun to come to work and deaf if thely brightens up the long -- definitely brightens up the long 12-hour day. >> i have twins. that's okay. one's ray lewis. one's flacco. >> has hyped up our whole unit -- our babies, our


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