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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  January 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> the suspect search the record -- for a suspect is on after a shooting at a light rail in baltimore county. >> and it may have taken you a while but you're finally home, had will you be slipping and sliding when you head out in the morning. >> i was fined $50 this year, next year that might be better -- more health care costs are going up and up. now doctors are charging annual fees just to be their fasht r patients. >> first blaeking news out of east baltimore after a police officer shoots and kills a suspect who police say shot fwirs at officers. police justcleared the scene. it happenedjust before 58 tonight. theysay the police approached three suspects on the street and one fled and when they officers chased him he
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confronted the police with a gun in his hand. >> he turned and fired several shots. one officer then gave shas, that chase takes place over about six blocks. thechase entded in an alley. alongthe chase t officer was fired on more times. ultimately theofficer fired his weapon and unfortunately the suspect was killed. the officer involved was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries to his shoulder. >> our other big story tonight, it felt like winter for days now. maryland finally lookeds the part. -- look it is part. the snow is off the streets but mike is here with an update. >> i'm going to give you a simple answer, we're not getting anymore snow. we'll show you some of the light show, about an inch, two inches. we advertisedthis yesterday and
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wednesday with. everything came to kind of fall into place. you can see the drum point. that has three inches but everybody else about an inch. we're kind of covered with clouds right now can subpoena that will be the deal going into the midnight hour. we'll have sunshine tomorrow. in fact, temperatures is the big headline, it's seven in manchester so it's a frigid night. be aware there could be black ice. here's your hour by hour forecast, 18 degrees wake up cold but from lunchtime 24 to close to the freezing point. we'll talk about the warming trend coming up. >> updating breaking news that we brought you at 5:00 and 6:00. the search is on for several suspects in connection with a shooting at the light rail
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shooting in luther vil. >> christian schaefer is live. >> roosevelt leftwich a frightening and long commute home. police do have some evidence and apparently some witnesses but at this point they have no suspects in custody. >> the light rail station close closed as a crime scene. investigators looking at several bags left behind here. policeare looking for suspects who shot a man multiple times in the body. >> we deployed our k-nine-unit to try to locate the man but have had no sgluk the shooting shut down the stop for hours and the snow did not help. >> the train stopped for about 10 or 15 minutes and then they told us that there was police activities and we were delayed. >> then they were told a bus was coming but it never came so
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the train took them to the next stop north. this woman just walked, the trich usually takes 45 minutes today it was about two and a half hours mta officials say there are security cameras on the platforms but right now the police only have vague descriptions of the suspects we haven't been able to determine any motive or why this person was targeted or if that person was a rider on the light rail or just coming through that area. >> the victim was taken to shock trauma with what are described as serious injuries. police hope he survives so they can talk to him about the shooting. they're also looking for people who may have seen something there. >> new tonight a former catholic schoolteacher convicted of raping a student will never get out of prison. john mersboker taught in the
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1970's and was sense r sentenced to four life terms for rape. in 2010, a supreme court said he should have been able to take a plea deal which would have given him just ten years in prison. theappeals court reversed it and now he will spend is rest of his life behind bars. >> police are battling a two alarm fire. most of the house was damaged. there have been a lot of fires dwurg this cold spell. it's a good time to remember to be careful heating your house. >> a surprise at the john leigh pold trial to-- lee leo pold trial. he is accused of using his security detail and secretary for personal and political jobs. the judgedismissed a theft
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charge of taking a political opponents sign. >> monday could be a very important day for the state in the barnes murder trial. they're painting her sister's ex-boyfriend michael johnson as a deviant killer. brooi #3wr50i brie #3wr50i brooi bryan kuebler is following the trooil. >> this has been a long time coming for mr. barnes. >> just stay focussed. >> meanwhile on the other side of this case, michael johnson crimes out of a transport van and into if courthouse. you cansee him dressed in a yellow jump suit and chains. but in court, johnson appears in a suit and listened to the state as it opened the case against him. listened to prosecutors inform the jury of a sex video
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involving barnes, johnson, her older sister and his younger brother. how on that day, the brother sister type relationship between barnes and johnson had changed. the state also told the jury they would hear from a convicted criminal and friend of johnson who said he saw the body of barnes in the apartment on the day she went missing and johnson was asking him what he should do. that friend, james mckra is a lyre and nothing lye yar and a jailhouse -- liar and a jailhouse snitch saying that they prosecutors are trying to make this a case of quote sex, lies and video tape. . >> and the ravens are heading down to the mouth of the mississippi for a little game they call the superbowl. theteam is heading out monday for that big game but today the
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coaches were talking about the season that got them there. they say they're going to keep doing what they've been doing this year. >> the way the team has responded to john and his coach's leadership, you know, how he's asked them to practice, the different things like that, how he wants them to prepare, i think that has been very similar as to the way it was in 2000. >> newsome also addressed ed reed announcement. he says when reed's playing days are over if he wants to stay in a coaching capacity, they'll try to find a place for him. >> we're hoping to see you in new orleans next week when we team up with the st. bernard project as we help rebuild homes for two families still affected by hurricane katrina. head for
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nola for nor information about the project and to register. . >> it's not very often that you get a chance to save a life but this weekend you could do just that. a drive to administer people to the bone marrow registry will be held tomorrow. now, the drive is organized to help give younger victims a chance for a cure. >> there are a lot of young people that have leukemia or other cancers and a bone marrow transplant could give them their life back. if people would register they could be saving a life and changing a life. >> the drive is at st. mary's
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seminary. it takes very little time to get on the registry and it's a swab of the ntsdz of your cheek. >> new video on a big crowd in washington dc in for the row versus wade anniversary. the obama administration kept one of its programses. todaythe president named four women to serl senior whitehouse post. this includes prosecutor lisa monaco who will be the whitehouse homeland security advisor. critics say he needs to do more. >> i think that the words that the president said in the inaugural were not empty words.
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we intend to fight for it. there's no reason for this to be held up. >> the presidential spokesman said the president's record has been pro women's issues. thereare issues that the president can push now. a second bill would require paid sick days and family medical leave to benefit working women. >> in one minute, your gatorade will no longer be fireproof. coming up, what the makers are taking out of the drink. >> it is 7 degrees in manchester. a big warm up on the wa . . >> and should you pay your doctor just to be a-their patient? we'll tell you about a trend in medicine that may get your own doctor to give you a doctor on call.
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. >> in health news tonight, work stress getting to you and your family, make -- maybe it's time to let it out with a good laugh. researchers at the university of maryland found that it loosens up our blood vessels which leads to a chain reaction that cleans out chemicals in our fwlans could lead to stroke or heart attack. some studies show laughing o' can improve your immune system. >> this tl may be an effect on the immune response so maybe better response to someone with the common cold the best way to get a good laugh, doctors say spending time with friends or a book or comedy on tv. >> here's the problem, your husband wants to go out for dinner tomorrow night but you're watching your weight, we're working with you to dine out without ruining your diet.
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avoid foods with crispy, creamy or bred i did, try to order first so you'll be less tempted by other people's choices, order steamed vegetables instead of fries, order your salad dressing on the side that way can you can split your meal. >> here at abc2 news we're tracking the flu outbreak and trying to keep you and your family healthy. the latest word is that there is still a lot of flu out there but cases are going down. 26 states have high levels of flu and that's down from 30 last week. in mary maur, rates seem to be dropping. . >> we have a complete resource guide to fighting the flew on our website. read up on how to keep children safe and which foods boost your immune system on westbound whereby the nations favorite
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sports drink will remove a chemical that is known as a flame retardant. >> the a a spokeswoman says the decision was not by a petition to remove the ingredient because it is ban in gentleman pap and the -- japan. >> doctors are dealing with more and more red tape and less money from insurance companies. the result, they're passing the cost to you. john matt ree . >> now comes a new health care fee for some. it's a fee to see your doctor. if you get hit with with thises, what can you do, what should you do. >> the new year often means a new commitment to getting
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healthy but for some, that will come with extra cost. >> i got this letter in the mail on monday. >> michael anderson has seen the same doctor for ten years now the doctor wants to charge him 50 dollars a year just to be his patient. >> the letter states that with this comes additional benefits one including same day appointments, e-mail access and maybe a web portal more practices have the same rule. some charge paper work fees. you can get hit with a fee for chatting on the phone with a nurse. >> i call ed and they said it's either you're in or you're out. so either pay at my next appointment or find an another doctor. >> anderson says he likes his doctor but he's concerned if he pace what's to stop them from raising the charge. >> what's to raise them to --
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stop them from raising this in subsequent years? . >> if you don't want to pay these fees, your best bet is to talk with your doctor in private. ask them if they can make an exception. if not, you can change doctors or just deal with it. whatever you choose, don't waste your money. . > . >> maryland's most accurate forecast. we'll take a look at some of the high definition weather bug cameras. today,well err got the snow -- belair got the snow going this is outside our studio doors. snowcoming down. just about an inch. here is the shot downtown. we're at 20 degrees. we've been in the teens all evening long. in terms of what we saw with accumulation, this is our snow
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vision, and it's generally again about an inch. we had a few spots coming in around an inch and a half. i dothink that's a little over done but up toward reistertown. samedeal toward cecil county, about an inch and belair just a shade under an inch. now we'reconcerned with black ice tonight with certainly some melting from the salts. brisk and breezy going into tomorrow and then a dramatic warm up with temperatures close to 106 next week. we're at -- 60. annapolis you're at 23. as theclouds disperse that will allow the temperatures to drop so i think we'll be in the teens going into tomorrow morning. itis sunny tomorrow and then we'll get up to say, 30, 32
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degrees. if we break 32 that will break our hundred hour stretch of below freezing. we're going to watch this scenario of low pressure because that will make its way into maryland. i dothink it's going to bring clouds and not pre-cip. so futuretrends showing clouds into tomorrow morning, a blend of sunshine and clouds tomorrow and sunday. we have a knight nice skyline but it will be a bit chilly. notice temperatures in the teens for most spots. around 30 for tomorrow and then tomorrow night we're down in the teens. i think this is a little too chilly. i think middle 30s will be the deal sxund then the 40s going into next week. we'llgo about 17 in town, but i
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showed you manchester could be the single digits. 32 is your two-degrooe garn fee going into tomorrow. that 32 will feel like to 20s tomorrow. here'sthe 7 dashgs 35, sunday, that's going to feel good, it's warmer, milder by monday but a few spotty showers and then we'll be on our way to the 50s and maybe 630 on tuesday. that's -- 60 on tuesday. that's kind of wild. by thursday into friday, another blast of cool air comes in. sowe'll get this window of mild air and then cold air comes back in. >> it's been that kind of winter. >> yeah. >> we've had beautiful temperatures out there. >> sure. we got lucky but i think it's going to change again. february say very snowy month around here. >> i don't like to hear that. >> need plans this weekend?
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head out to the state fair, see live demonstrations or see this. wouldn't you like o' your dog to do this. this starts at 10:00 on saturday and sunday. checkout the big owl they have. admission is ten bucks for adults and five for children over five and parking is free. >> coming up, meet some of the city's newest ravens fans when we come back.
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. >> purple pride.
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as our birds continue to fly high on the twie to superbowl, abc2 news and la mont williams takes us to the st. joseph medical center where these little fans can't say the phrase yet but they're showing sglit the baltimore ravens may be underdogs in everybody's minds but not in baltimore. >> i'm a huge ravens fan. >> and nurse practitioner nancy's purple fever has taken over her job i took the linens home and then i took the clothes home and died it purple. >> each quarterback has more than one jersey.
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>> for five week old chandler, training to be a raven fan is tough. he's moving up from his birth weight of 3 pounds 9 ounces. the ravens outfits help parents with the lodge days in the nicu. >> i really feel at home so it's very good. . >> it makes it fun to come to work and definitely brightens up the long 12 hour day. >> ravens fever even transforms our nemesis. i have i have twins that are steelers and he said that's okay one is flacco and one is ray lewis. >> everyone's a ravens fan now. >> don't hate, appreciate. besides these little ravens are too adorable to root for the
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steelers. . >> that's a great story. everynurse that i've ever met that worked in the nick your, they're just really special. >> everybody seemed sweet. ahey, a hundred hours since we've hit 232 so we've been below freezing for a hundred hours. we'll get to around 32 tomorrow. some of the models said a little cooler. 35 on sunday and then this blast of mild air and monday start it is warming trend, 55 by tuesday and wednesday. and then we're back to say more winter standards by thursday into friday. a littleunsettled next week but milder. we'll be right back. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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. >> that's all for us. i canalways get the latest on the weather, news sports and everything online at we'll see you.
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