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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  January 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you're watching the station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 11. and at 11 we have a weather alert to bring to your attention. ice for your morning commute. we'll detail forecast coming up. big fire and smoke going up in the air. >> the young friends of a 10- year-old girl see her house burn while she was inside. we'll hear from them and get the latest on the investigation of the fire that caused her death. and a beloved teacher's life that was taken too soon. friend remember her as her murder remains unsolved. you could be slipping and sliding on the roads as you head out to work in the morning. we're going to look at icy conditions for the morning commute with mike masco. it sounds like we should take monday off and stay in bed tomorrow morning. >> not a bad idea. tomorrow morning is just going to be ugly.
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let's bring you right to the radar, the leading edge of this system is pushing into hagueerstown and we're getting reports of sleet falling. we have time before this moves in. there's a whole lot of moisture to work with. as this rain interacts with the cold air on top of us right now, it will fall in the form of sleet and how long will it fall in the form of sleet is what we are concerned with. we think it's a long duration of sleet. in terms of what we're seeing in the history of the storm, this is the ice vision product, showing a half an inch in parking lots of the ohio valley. that gives an idea of what's to come by tomorrow morning. for that reason, a weather advisory in effect out toward cecil county, you'll be dealing with ice. we're going to break down the time line, let you know when it's in here and out of here! despite the potential for icy conditions, the state highway says it will not be treating the roads tonight. the conditions will be too cold
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to pretreat but the sha crews will be out and working to make the road safe in the morning. the state highway administration is warning drivers to prepare for winter weather, fill up your gas tank, have an ice scraper on hand and don't forget your cell phone for tomorrow's commute. for the latest weather updates, log onto and don't forget tune into good morning maryland starting at 4:30. lynette charles will have the very latest on the weather conditions and lauren cook will be tracking the roads for the all important morning commute. 7 people escaped from a house fire in dundalk, one doesn't make it out alive, a 10- year-old girl who will not be in class tomorrow. cheryl conner joins us with more from the girls friend. >> reporter: are friends tell us her name is is raven and seven family members made it out, but the o 10-year-old was found dead inside the burned out home. daylight brings the reality
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check, just how bad the fire was on hartwait street in dundalk on saturday night. windows are grown out. -- blown out, the siding is black. look at the comparison to the neighbor's house. there is a notice to condemn. >> the whole house was in flames. the fire come up the basement windows, the whole house just is in flames. >> but the flowers on the fence get to the heart of a story, a young life is gone, young friends in pain. >> i was nap front of the house yesterday when this was happening and everybody was just sitting there but i was hope b -- hoping she would be okay because they said she was asleep, and she died. >> reporter: she has her stories straight. fair investigators say the girl who friends knew as raven was inside with her mother, grandfather and five other children. they were taken to johns hopkins hospital but are expected to survive. on sunday, people came by in
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disbelief. >> that's so terrible. >> reporter: the flames were so intense, the commander had firefighters leave the home. they went back in to search for the girl and found her body on the first floor. investigators say she died from smoke inhalation and burned. >> my friend was a nice girl, and i miss her. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the cause of the long faces needs no words. >> i'm scared. i still want her here. >> reporter: and it's also not known if there were working smoke detectors in the home. next week firefighters will be in the neighborhood installing the alarms for free. cheryl conner abc 2 news. thanks a lot. fire claimed the lives of hundreds of people in brazil. we know at least 230 people are dead and that number could climb higher. the club was jammed with college students have a good time and a fire broke out started by a stage effect that was part of the entertainment.
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>> reporter: a saturday night party turned into a national tragedy at this club in southern brazil. young men swung axes and sledge hammers trying to hack out escape routes for hundreds fighting for their lives behind the walls. the club named kiss was packed with college party goers when members of the band on stage lit flaired that set the ceiling on fire. flames and smoke out raced the crowds which jammed the exits in a mad dash to escape. it became a death trip. there was so much smoke and fire said one survivor, it was complete panic. hundreds were killed. most reportedly from asphyxiation. firefighters and ambulance crews did what they could treating some of the more than 200 injured at the scene. others were taken to the hospital. by daylight, grief stricken crowds gathered outside the building and a local gymnasium
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became a makeshift morgue as bodies were gathered for the heart wrenching process of identifying the dead. brazil's president tried to console her stricken nation, in these times of sadness, we are together, and out of necessity we will hear and do so remembering our sadness. this is the deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. it bears an eerie resemblance to this one in rhode island in 2003. there were stage effects with fire, a performance by the band great white started a blaze and a panic in a nightclub. when it was over a hundred people were dead. in brazil, the national morning has just gun. mark greenblack abc, new york. friends and family still haunts over the death of myracason. people gathered just steps away
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from where she was killed to remember the 63-year-old retired teacher. no one knows why anyone would are want to hurt myr a. she was found shot multiple times in her car. police believe she may have been a victim of f a robbery, they're not sure. to so far no one has been arrested in her death. and he's apparently the gift that keeps on giving. michael bloomberg is giving john hon kins university $350 million. f he has given more than a billion dollars to the school since the mid-60s. he's designated a hundred million be used for students in need. according to hopkins, the alum is believed to be the first person ever to give one billion to a single u.s. institution of higher education. and looking at news around the nation tonight, a man is now in jail tonight after police say he threatened to
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blow up the liberty bell. a arizona man started making the threats as we walked up to the bell. a little while later, police found two backpacks, the bomb squad investigated and said there were no explosives inside. the man is charged with making a terrorist tick threat, a bomb threat and several other defenses. and a brazen robbery in a funeral home. the crooks got away with a tv and a hearse and left a lot of damage behind. what's worse, the owners say they took off with the vehicle, and had the nerve to bring it back. >> they moved another hearse, i don't know whether it left the premises or not, but it's not parked where we had left it. and of course they took this here, the dodge van, and they took it off site and brought it back. >> police are trying to track down the culprits tonight.
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the west coast is getting heat tonight for not enough heat. some customers got raw chickens and jenna lane ate some of the chicken sandwich and realized something wasn't quite right. our sister station contacted the store manager who admitted they had a new employee working the fryer tonight. >> we had a new hire person last night, and i guess that's what he did. >> so he was serving the chicken for the first time on his own. >> yes. >> the sandwiches are supposed to be cooked for four minutes, but the new fry guy was taking them out early. jenna lane says she was so sick and traumatized by the ordeal that she's holding onto the sandwich for evidence. planning a wedding can be stressful, more people are planning to exchange vows as the new same sex marriage law
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came into effect. they had a chance to pick out flowers and decorations from companies who want their business. >> reporter: the tremont hotel hosted a unique event told sponsored by the rainbow wedding network celebrating marriage equality in maryland. >> having these events legitimizes for the couples, congratulation when's your daylight, and how can i help you. >> reporter: they recently passed the law allowing same sex marriage. she attended the first ceremony held by mayor stephany blake on new year's eve. >> i started a project called shoot for equality and i'm photographing the same sex couples to marry in maryland. >> reporter: the gay wedding expo provided gay friendly
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businesses to reach this specific audience. >> i'm overjoyed. it's fantastic. same love, same ceremony, same joy. i believe the gay community absolutely has been waiting for this day and deserves this day. >> reporter: it's events like this one that provide a resource for same sex couples planning their weddings as well as others who support same sex marriage for all. super market started that loyalty card trend and in the gas station, convenience stores and other businesses quickly followed. find out how the loyalty cards are making it tougher to get a discountso you don't waste your money. look at that, not new year's eve or the 4th of july, so why are there fireworks, explain why the sky was lit out tonight.
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downtown, it's below freezing and there's messy precip coming in. we'll talk about that coming up in less than 60 seconds.
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at this time next week, it will all be over, the ravens could be crowned the world champions next sunday. the team held their final practice in baltimore yesterday at the performance center and it was another last for ray lewis, his last practice at the ravens facility. ravens felt good about the past week of practice and hope to keep it going once they hit the big easy. >> you have to practice well to play well. and you really pretty much play the way you practice. that's something we've learned since we were kids. that's not going to change. we need to build on these practices and improve every day. >> they will leave for new orleans tomorrow morning and they'll practice leading up to the big game. >> and is the opponents landed in new orleans, they took off this morning and landed at
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louis armstrong, this evening. this is their 6th trip to the super bowl, and they're 5 and 0 going into sunday's matchup, and of course the ravens also undefeated in the super bowl. you know what, tomorrow we're going to send our ravens off in style. fans cheer on the ravens as they leave for new orleans. the city is throwing a super bowl send off rally, a big pep rally, starts at 10:30 at the baltimore amplify theater, you have to get there early. john harbaugh and future hall of famer, ray lewis will be there for the big send off. you know are, abc2, we're heading to new orleans, too, and we're going to be there for more than just the big game. we're going to be trying to do good while we're there. we're teaming up with the st. bernard project to rebuild homes for two families who are still struggling to recover from katrina. we need your help to make that happen. to assist in the efforts, all you have to do is log onto
11:15 pm for nola. you can find information about the project and register to join. and you don't need any special home building skills to help out. we need a little bit of your time. remember when that only loyalty card you needed was for your favorite grocery store, now gas stations, convenience stores and drug stores want you to sign up for the rewards car too. but john matarese shows why it could be tougher to get a sales price so you waste your money. >> reporter: remember when you could walk into a drugstore and find a sale for tylenol even if you weren't a regular customer, not anymore, now in most cases you need to be a member of their rewards program and even that doesn't guarantee an instant mark down. chain drug stores are now like super markets, in many cases you have to join the rewards program to get a dysodonta. the -- to get a discount.
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and the web site mousnd you nee carry the another card in your wallet, if not you'll pay high prices. but from the file, why some drugstore discounts are still hard to get even if you have a loyalty card. mouse print says the newest trend is to give you a discount on your next purchase, not this transaction. you'll get a discount on m and ms for instance, the next time you buy m and ms, not now. they're unhappy because it's easy to forget you have the coupon and you have to make a second trip to the store to save money. a couple ways around this, buy the second item a minute after you buy the first one in another transaction so you get the discount. if you don't like the idea of another loyalty card, shop target or wal-mart. they don't have rewards cards and that way you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. there's another way to save
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money, choose debit the next time you use plastic. it's part of a settlement between visa and mastercard, it allows companies to pass fees onto the customer and could be as much as 3%. the fee does not apply to debit transactions. mastercard does not expect most companies to pass along the charge because they won't want to drive away their business. and the price of postage going up again. first class stamp will cost you 46-cents for snail mail. the cost of a postcard in international shipping is going up. forever stamps will cover the cost of a letter but more expensive the next time you need to stock up. we'll take you outside, nothing going on downtown right now, but it is really cool. 29 degrees at bwi. 20s toward the outlying areas and. humidity coming up.
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anything falls from the sky will get down there. notice how cold it is outside the beltway. eldersburg at 26. and manchester, this is concerning, 19 degrees. that's an indication, anything that falls after midnight will fall in the form of snow and sleet for a long duration, too. the clouds are coming in right now. we're partly cloudy skies at the present moment and notice the hour by hour. alternate 2:00 i think -- at 2:00, i think some of the ice will make it into suburbs, i think the ice are l start to be a factor around baltimore city and will turn into a rain event by the lunchtime hour going into the 4:00 hour. beyond that damp chilly conditions with temperatures holding off into the 30s. it's a winter weather advisory for the entire area from cecil county toward howell county until noontime. ed the roads could become
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treacherous in the morning commute. light snow and rain develop toward the 4:00 hour tomorrow morning. that's going to be a little bit earlier to the west of us and then a quick change over to rain to the south and east. it's going to be a different story toward the north of town. notice some of the leading edge of precip moving to hagerstown, and then the systems right in here in the ohio valley. that's been producing a swap of a quarter inch to a half inch of ice in ohio. and this is our ice vision showing that. that's an indication that we are going to see some ice out of this system as it pushes into our area. you notice it's a warm front separating the system. cooler air to the north, milder air to the south, that's going to be in here tuesday. this is running into frigid air at the present moment and there's a period of ice that falls and a brief burst of snow before we get outreign -- get
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to the north, and everybody seeing the rain, the sleet, the snow, everything along the 95 corridor and as middler air pushes into the system, we'll change over to rain before the system pushes to the north and east, maybe clipped with a spotty showers in the evening hours tomorrow and clouds into tuesday. much milder temperatures approaching the 50 mark. this is our ice cast model and it's shifted more toward cecil county. i think it's from the city and into the north and east near the delaware bridge. that could be a tenth to 1500 1500ths of an inch of ice. it doesn't sound like much but that's a lot on the roadways. it's a sleet/rain mix. maybe an hour, hour and a half of sleet before it turns to rain. p and the western edge of the beltway, where this could be a two to three hour event of ice on the roadways, just be aware
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of that. if you're traveling 7, 795 up toward tawny lake. this could be a dangerous ride. tough check in with good morning maryland tomorrow morning. we'll two to 47 tonight, eventually getting up to 38, may be a struggle to get to the freezing mark and 35 a tomorrow night with slow clearings. 50s by tuned and 63 by wednesday. and a thunderstorm before we return back to the 30s. mother nature is throwing everything all at once the next couple days. a dangerous commute north and west tomorrow. >> you're going to be joining for team coverage. >> i'll be here bright in the morning. >> get a nap. >> what happened tonight, that woke you up. >> that was crazy. residents in towson surprised by loud noise and it was coming by fireworks,
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listen. got to love fire works, to kick a off catholic school work, they set off fireworks, the school was also celebrating the 150th 150th anniversary, if you live in the area you may have gotten an invite. >> we sent out postcards to our parish family and our school community and the neighborhood at large, we have a mailing list. we sent 10,000 postcards because we thought it was important to share not only the great things that happened but invite the community at large to share with us in this wonderful celebration celebration. >> catholic schools week is a national week celebrating catholic education. it runs through february 2nd. there's much more of abc 2 news. stick with us. we'll be right back after a short break. so... [ gasps ]
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this is my favorite story of the night, a man hits a half court shot, kind of off the hook like this and then he gets tackled by lebron james. he took a half court shot to win $75,000. lebron was so excited, he comes running out, hugs the guy, knocks him to the ground. the guy who hit the jackpot spoke to a local news station in miami about how he prepared for that shot. >> i had a week and a half to practice. that's how much time i did. >> how many times did you make it while you were practicing. it's not easy. >> maybe once. >> how do you prepare for getting tackled. >> i'm thinking he did the granny shot. >> no, i think lebron was impressed, too. >> him tackling it alone, i'd
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never take a shower after that. are you kidding me. let's talk about this weather, i mean, it's, you know,. >> taking it sloe. >> this is a mess tomorrow morning. delays at schools, maybe push that delay because we're going to start off with icy nastiness, and get over to rain on the 95 corridor, north and west of town, northern car roll county, that extreme north i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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