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tv   News  ABC  February 5, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the parade. temperatures coming in at 31 degrees, catonsville, goldsboro and emmitsburg, 27 degrees, the winds not a huge issue today. out of the north, west at 5- 6 miles an hour, other than that, things will be pretty uneventful. throughout the day, check what is happening on the planner, cold to start the day. through lunchtime, the temperature coming in 39 degrees, i'm going to call it chilly with a high around 32. now a check of time saver traffic with loren cook. >> the ravens victory parade could effect your commute in downtown baltimore. roads will be shutdown. the roads will close right at 10:30, lit affect traffic on commerce, the parade route will travel to howard and pratt, ending m and t, light street experiencing closures and baltimore, fayette, a list of all of the roads that will be shutdown can be found on if you are traveling on 83 this morning, no problems what solve rs you are looking north of
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695, eleven minutes southbound from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. as we look at the other time saver traffic drive time, the beltway is in great shape this morning, no problems now on the east side, it's going to take you eleven minutes up to 83, on the west side, 11 minute rides as well. fans have a chance to welcome the super bowl champions home for a big celebration. this morning, sherrie johnson is life at city hall with more on the preparations for this. i guess we are bringing the flaser of new orleans home with -- flavor of new orleans home with us. [foreign speaking] >> reporter: exactly. we are live in front of city halls there is a purple glow, getting ready for the celebratory parade coming up this morning. even is so excited to celebrate the ravens and the
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championship. they will be parading through baltimore. this place is packed. there is national and local media that have descended on the place. the place is packed with people, lots of activity taking place them. today's parade route runs from city hall, through the streets, m and t bank stadium. yesterday crews began setting up for this event. it kicks off at 10:45 this morning with an introduction from stephanie rawlings blake, fans can attend a celebration featuring the team and live inte tanment at m and t -- entertainment at m and t bank stadium. the team can celebrate. the team will take to the streets like they did after their super bowl 35 win. ray lewis was a 25 year old star with his 50s and the team. he is going out on top at 37 years old. after 17 season as a future
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hall of famer. the win could bring visitors to our city. people think i should come to baltimore, i haven't visited and maybe i can, when you look at the attractions and beyond that, neighborhoods, there are so many good things going on in baltimore. >> reporter: this will be a huge celebration, this event is free to public b hit will held rain or shine. bundle up and come out. a huge celebration, the electricity is already in the air. folks are excited. average of 108.4 million people, watched this. makes this is third most watched program in history. plenty of people using social media throughout. more than 30 million tweets and
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facebook posts compared to 17 million during the 2012 super bowl and hottest topics didn't have anything to do with the game. they rounded off the top two. welcoming the ravens home, do so with abc 2, the live coverage is at 10:30. we will be live covering it getting you ready for the parades and showing you tv and on line. watch the live stream at the latest on the story we brought you as breaking news, a massive fire at a lumberyard in west baltimore is under control linda so has more on the firefighters taken to the hospital. >> they are doing okay. injuries weren't too serious. things could have been worse, had it not been for the firefighter in charge who made a decision to evacuate the crew from inside the burning building moments before it collapsed. the fire was intense. this video captured by ronnie shows flames shooting through all sides in west baltimore.
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the fire that broke out yesterday, required a massive response, 100 firefighters. crews entered the building to try to bring it under control and called out in time before part of the building collapsed. they had a ladder leaning, it knocked backwards and fell against the fire truck. there were firefighters on the truck. one was knocked off and fell to the ground. the downtown deli which sets next door was damaged in the fire. several apartment buildings in the area were spared. jury deciding may call johnson's fate will be back at work. the defense presented its case calling a witness, he killed north carolina teenager barns, while she was visiting her relatives in 20102010. the state says johnson killed
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barnes, put her body in to a container and container and dumped it in to the susquehanna river. >> lawmakers are being urnalled urged to pass legislation on pit bulls. the law would reverse as a ruling and a neutral standard helping ensure everyone will get their day in court. news around the nation, a young boy held captive in an under grounds bunker for 7 days, is finally safe. he is celebrating his 6th birthday tomorrow. he was taken the the hospital for treatment and was said to not be hurt. >> he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, the things that you would expect a normal five to six year old young man to do.
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>> the suspect, jimmy lee dikes is dead after agents stormed the bunker where the boy was being held. they inserted a camera and were able to monitor the movements. they went using an ex an explosives after becoming concerned he might act out. he boarded a school bus killing the bus driver and taking the child. boston a construction worker fell 30 feet and was safe from serious injury thanks to plastic wrap. he fell in to a blasting sheathing wrapped around the site. the man got tangled up in the plastic and needed to be cut free. despite the padded landings he had to go to the hospital for treatment for nonlife threatening injuries. a 6 year old wanted to see her dad and hopped in to he mother's bmw and tried to drive to see her father. she hit a numb of cars before coming to a stop. no one was injured. she drove a mile.
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okay. 6 year old went a mile. her father came to pick her up and brought her to her mom. good chance there was a talking to between mom and dad regarding where they keep the keys. fat cat is going to extremes to drop ton wanted weight. >> finds out how this kitty resorted to uncat like routine to get in shape.
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nch. for this cat in virginia, swimming laps around the pool is part of her weekly routine. holly weighs about 20 pounds, she is a cat. that's a lot for a cat. he opener puts her in a life jacket and let's her swim around the pool. he goal is to get her to 14 pounds. holly has lost a pounds. she doesn't seem too miserable for being in a pool. >> i was about to say, she kind
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of does. i inform had him in the pool before. today is not the best day to do swimming. it is cold out. there we are going to be feeling it. there a moderating trend. you are going to like the seven- day forecast, i will show you that later. we can see the clouds across the area this morning. we are dealing with temperatures that are 36 degrees in baltimore city, 30 timonium, more of the same manchester and bel air, frederick 32, the kids heading to school. a cold start to the day. it will be a chilly afternoon. it will be seasonable outside. dress them in layers as they head out and about. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> heading downtown cts leave your self plenty of time this morning, we have the ravens victory parade shuttingdown roads surrounding city hall and mt bank stadium. this affects traffic on commerce and howard and pratt,
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395 north closed at conway. parking will be free at m and t, the lots will open at 9:00, no tailgating permitted. no delays through the tunnel. beltway, here in towson, delaney, knotsing to get in you way traveling to inner loop to 95 and outer loop clear up to 83. it's a game of musical chairs for president barack obama. >> learn how the president is going to take on the issue of immigration reform. this cold season, nasal congestion won't slow me down.
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a father has to tell their sons that their mother is dead. he is headed back from turkey. she was found beat on the death near a highway. authorities say it appears she suffered a blow to the head and 21 people have been questioned.
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nine arrested. pakistan plans to build a $30 million amusement park on the edge of a town where seals killed osama bin laden in 2011. it will have a zoo, water sports and mini golf course. the actual compound where he was hiding out was deel mollished in february. immigration reform is on the tp of president obama's agenda today's. the house will hold a committee hearing today on immigration, the first one for this new congress. five things to know on this tuesday morning, attorneys in the murder case against george zimmerman are back in court to argue motions before the trial. zimmerman claims he shot 17- year-old trayvon martin in self defense. joe biden travels to
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london, going to attends a meeting on national security. today might be a good opportunity to talk to kids about using the web safely. the safer internet day started by the tech company promotes responsible use of on line technology and mobile phones, especially among children. caught up in the super bowl hoop? apple is releasing the ipad four today. 128 gigs of memory runs on the ios6.1 software. the ipad costs between 800, $940. this might be the most important news of the day, free pancakes. not just for breakfast, all day long, ihop is celebrating national pancake day. all they are asking is that you make the donation to the leukemia and lymphoma society in exchange for the free flap
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jacks. >> between baltimore and dc, surrounding areas, the destination can be a real headache. now a study warns drivers to be prepared and add more time for the commutes, dc drivers who set aside 2 hours a day, of arriving time is 80 minutes, san diego, an hour, the study looks at traffic to help drives gauge how long it can take them to get around. two hours. video, fans celebrations following the ravens super bowl win, this has you wondering what was this guy thinking? see the guy standing on the roof of a bar in federal hill. he jumps on to a tree which happens to have another guy hanging on it. the fan tries to make his way down when the branch breaks, quickly sending him to the ground. i hate to laugh but it's funny. after the raven pass raid this morning, head on over to the
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national aquarium. the aquarium is giving baltimoreians a reason to celebrate the win. >> speaking of the prayed. if you can't go in person, you can always watch it live, two different ways, team coverage all along the parade route at 10:30 this morning, just keep lñ it here at abc 2. we will be streaming the festivities live on abc 2 we are cold right now. as we go throughout the day, we are begin to warm things up. seasonable and by the end of the week, next week, talking about 50s. seven-day forecast is coming up in a second. let's get you out the doors you need a wham coat, you need to dress warmly if you are heading to the parade. i will show you the forecast in a second. 33 annapolis. 30 sparrows point. up towards pennsylvania, around glep rock, 30 degreess
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goldsboro 31s federalsburg 39. we will see the p thes in the 40s in to the afternoon. the satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot. a clipper tried to move through overnight, fizzled out as it hit the mountains. we are dry this morning. we are talking about mostly cloudy skies, a few peeks of shall be here and. there through the evening time frame, another clipper will move in, we could be seeing a few flurries, maybe a dusting. checking out the most accurate future trend, this is in motion, see the clouds hovering throughout the day, light snow, those are the flurries overnight. high pressure will move in as we head in to tomorrow and thursday. the victory parade. the temperature coming this 37 degrees. i'm saying dress in layers, bundle up, lots of heat from the excitement. the winds will be north at 5
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miles an hour. by tonight's, the temperature at 28 degrees, and tomorrow, 43, partly cloudy, it will be breezy, seven-day forecast, brings rain showers in on friday. 52 degrees by monday. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning, dealing with a crab on route 295, along the southbound lanes at 195, traffic is jammed back to west nursery road. more problems west baltimores another accident, north avenue at mount royal, expect delays as well. 95 will be nice and clear as we check in, in downtown baltimore at 395, no delays through the fort mc henry. it will take you the normal 8 minutes to travel northbound from the beltway to the toll plaza. as we look at the other time saver traffic drive times, no problems whatsoever on the east side of the beltway. west side also going to be in great shape. looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, down
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to 95, inner loop clear as you make pub up towards 83. a look at you morning commute. over to you. aber dean is closed today. they had a power outage. aber dean closed stew to a power outage. -- closed due the a power outage.
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them you love them. i don't think you need a $30,000 bear. >> the bay is cute. we are talking about a 6-carat diamond. >> they are going to be available after valentines day. buy them separately. the bear 29 bucks. >> bombs quick thinking may have saved the lives of her family. a car was carrying her husband and son, it burst in to flames. what she used to put the fie out.
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