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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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rain. had a little snow near thurmont. most of us seeing the rain. the winds starting to peck up. it will be a wall. temperatures in the mid-40s. we're headed into the 30s and eventually the 20s. as we go overnight into early tomorrow morning we drop down to below freezing. we'll talk about the power house winds headed our way. >> power house winds make me want to do this. just heads to check out our mobile weather apps. you can take them with you on the g you can get everything from live radar to school closings. a plea deal in the case of the 15-year-old accused of opening fire at perry hall high school on the first day of school. >> the family is reacting.
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roosevelt leftwich joins us with the latest. >> robert gladden, jr. was facing 27 counts including nine counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors said he specifically planned to come to school to hurt people that day and one person's life was changed. the trial of robert gladden, jr. was supposed to start. he brought a shotgun to perry hall high school and opened fire on the first day of school. gladden's attorneys approached prosecutors. >> i think it's clear from the strength of the evidence. >> reporter: under the a-- arrangements, most of the charges were dropped. although it's up to the judge to decide they have recommended a sentence of life in prison.
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>> it's really clear, just the brazen nature of what he did. it's clear that he thought about this for a long time and he made the decision that he would cause misery on others before he took his own life. it's something that would factor in. >> reporter: after several weeks in the hospital daniel is back in school. his friends in the the -- in the entire school rallied around him. his positive spirit has inspired many. >> what does make me happy is the admission of guilt. quite honestly this does make me happy. a crime was committed, a grievous crime against a very innocent person but it shouldn't have been a crime against anybody. >> reporter: daniel's dad said he wants to see changes made in how schools deal with children whether problems. his dad said daniel is always
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going to be daniel. >> he's the best. he's the best. if every person out there could live like the way he does, which is say hi everybody, which is give everybody a fist pump, which is give everybody a thumb's up, that's danny. if danny doesn't bring a smile to you, then you need to check your heart. >> reporter: his dad would love to see how schools react to kids with problems. as a society we have an obligation to make sure all children are taken care of. in the meantime, gladden will be sentenced sometime next week. >> for the latest developments, just follow us on twitter right now on abc2 news. the murder trial of jason scott was delayed because the witness related to the victim tried to kill herself. the 29-year-old is accused of killing a mother and daughter in
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tween. the witness became so upset over testifying that she tried to take her own life by walking into traffic. the prosecution is asking for more time before it continues. and police have identified a 15 yerld boy who was shot to death near prince george's county in a home. charles walker, jr. was shot in hillcrest heights. the high school student later died at the hospital. the victim ames aunt said the teen may have been killed for his shoes. for the first time since that tragic shooting of a police recruit last week, the baltimore commissioner stepped in front of cameras. anthony batts talked about how all of his officers will use weapons. >> we had a major procedural breakdown in our system and we're working to fix those.
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what's what batts said. he held fire harm training off. the purpose is to give them a chance to determine what went wrong. the commissioner said he is using this tragedy to change not just police training but the culture in the baltimore city police department. >> this weapon that we carry on our hips, they are not toys. they're not here for games. they're not here for play time. we have a very serious job and we have tremendous responsibility. the constitution, the laws, give us trem machine dust responsibility and we're here to protect and teach our recruits properly. protocols are not for play. protocols are there to be followed. protocols there are to keep us safe. >> in addition to its internal investigation, the police department is the center of a criminal investigation by the
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maryland state police. the university of maryland police recruit had was shot in the head last week has been upgraded to serious condition. commissioner batts would not get into specifics about his condition but doctors said while he has a long road ahead of him, the recruit is doing much better. we have new information in the case of the olympic track star known as blade run are. oscar pistorius was in court for the murder of his girlfriend, who is being laid to rest. >> reporter: oscar pistorius in court as a judge ruled this is now considered a premeditated murder case. the 26-year-old double amputee olympian accused of killing his girlfriend in his south african home on valentine's day. he said he thought girlfriend girlfriend girlfriend was in bed
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when he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. thinking it was a burglar, he shot through the locked door. since he wasn't wearing his prosthetic legs, he said he felt vulnerable but neighbors reportedly heard arguing before the gun feemplet several news reports said a cricket bat covered with blood was recovered from pistorius's bedroom and that steroids were fond in his bloo.d -- blood. his girlfriend was cowering in the bathroom when she was shot three teams. she locked the door for a pumplet the 29-year-old-year-old cover model was laid to rest today.
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if convicted, pistorius face as maximum sentence of life in prison. the bail hearing continues tomorrow. reporting for abc news new york. new details in the case of that rogue police officer. a review of christopher dorner's firing is underway. dorn are claimed he was subjected to racism and was targeted for reporting misconduct. a shooting spree in orange county leaves four people dead. investigators don't note motive behind the shooting rampage. there were two carjackings and multiple shootings. the gunman shot himself in a stolen car has police closed in on him. >> he was killed when a drive drove over him. >> how old is too old to drive. >> a growing number of women are
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developing hearlt problems after having babies. >> as a kid, i was crazy trying to get into the right field bleachers. ever wondered about the people who sit in those seats at the oscars?
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it wasn't long ago that women with heart disease were told they shouldn't get pregnant. that's not the case anymore. more women with heart disease are having babies. as linda so tells us advances in medicine are making it possible. >> reporter: any new mother will tell you there are lots of trips to the doctor but this isn't for baby connor. it's for his mom. >> narrowed aore tra and my left
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atrium and left ventricle stuck together. >> reporter: nicki's heart got so bad that at the age of 34 she beyond went heart surgery while at six months pregnant. >> seeing a rise in the population, we're also seeing a rise in the complexity of women with heart disease. >> reporter: dr. curt daniels is a congenital heart disease. they are one of the few age groups having more babies. the birth rate is the highest it's been in over 50 years. improved monitoring during pregnancy and teams of specialists make it possible.
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the doctor said get checked out long before you try to get pregnant. >> we can sometime find an an nur rism, a hole inside the heart. >> reporter: problems that may not keep you from having a baby but will help doctors keep both of you safe. >> doctors say a woman's heart is under a lot of strain during pregnancy and during child birth many women have a heart rate that's 37% higher than the average marathon runner. also, while talking about moms to be, something to worry about, caffeine. it does not seem to contribute to miscarriage or early brgt. a new study shows women consuming moderate amounts of caffeine have higher odds of low birgts rate babies, that pregnant women should limit
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caffeine intake. rain showers on and off. that's a cold wintry rain. had a little snow earlier today in northern carroll county up along the thorpmont area. showers over the eastern shore continuing. we'll have one decent band to the west, a line of heavy downpours into frederick and gaithersburg. that will be crossing the area over the next hour, hour and a half. elkton extending south into centerville. still some action on the radar. temperatures safely above freezing but headed down, not just tonight but over the next several days. cold windy weather. that's going to be the story. the winds from the southwest turning west and northwest. that will allow temperatures to plumb met. wind chills feeling like the 30s. some of the gusts pretty powerful in central maryland,
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gifts at 26 miles an hour at the top of the hour. for more on conditions on the ground, rain, wind, you name it, we turn it over to mike masco. what are you seeing? >> the rain has stopped but that 44 feels like the 20s and 30s. that wind hits you. the winds will be gusty. it's in the about the temperatures, but the winds. winds really starting to pick up around cincinnati, detroit. that's setting the stage of gusty winds. the deal is a few clouds, showers. watch how the front slips offshore. that low is going to essentially intensify. that is going to create a pressure gradient, high pressure to the south and west. low pressure to the north and east. that will funnel in the cold winds out of canada. the winds will be a big story tomorrow. while our daytime highs will be in the 30s, not bad to around 40
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degrees, it will feel like in the 20s much of the night going into tomorrow. the question is can we get in snow out of this upcoming pattern? we'll talk about that at 5:30. it's getting late in the season but we'll explain maybe a couple tricks here and there. we'll send this back in to you. >> thank you, mike. stay dry. the hair looks okay, even in the wind. a wintry mix to the west but for us it's primarily a rain situation but the cold air will keep funneling in. you can see the boundary line. it's south of the really cold air. this will make a push in here has we go into the overnight hours, temperatures dropping into the 20s by daybreak and tomorrow struggling to get out of the 30s. a frigid night on the way tomorrow night. terms of new weather coming in in terms of precipitation, nothing tomorrow. we look clear for your wednesday, some decent sunshine mixing in, a bright day on thursday, but that, ahead of our next storm system which will be
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on the board as we go into thursday afternoon and this is the next storm that could end up sweeping into maryland bringing not just rain but a wintry mix potentially for part of the weekend as we kick off the weekend, that's something we'll have to watch carefully. in the meantime, all eyes on the storm to the north. this will be spinning in the cold windy conditions as we go into the day tomorrow. so tonight 28, cold. that's the deal tomorrow. sun and clouds. 38 at best tomorrow and 28 -- 22 tomorrow night, so really getting very, very cold. we'll have a breeze tomorrow evening. blustery the next several days. a wintry mix possible late friday. we think it starts off as rain. then as we look into the end of the week, you can see conditions will favor a bit of a warmup,
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mid to upper 40s and then into early next week this looks a little milder low 50s. this part of february, typically the average high would be mid to upper 40s. so we are below average right through friday. >> who are you calling below average? >> our outdoor air temperatures. you're above average. >> i knew this wasn't me. >> nothing going on sunday. >> that's a good night to stay in and watch the oscars. a man lashes out after being arrested, screaming and hurling curse words at police and even an officer. find out what the off duty cop was busted for right before he went crazy. >> all right. you make it out of a plane crash alive but there's no help in sight. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
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okay. we got a screamer. those screams are from an off duty police officer. his name is andrew peterson. he was arrested at a hotel in texas for being drunk. he didn't handle this well, lashing out at officers. his outburst was caught on police cam. >> get me out of here! >> you're a police officer, right? >> get me out of here dude. get me out of here, dude. >> he even apologized but got
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angry again. once peterson was taken to jail, guess what? >> lost his job. >> yes. a pilot sphiefs a plane crash. that's one thing. he had to walk 10-miles to get help. a pilot made it to a mississippi restaurant. they turn around and see this guy. >> we were making tea. he came running past us in the back of the kitchen. we all ended up front and everybody was asking if we knew him. >> the pilot was confused. he walked into the restaurant and sat down in the dish room. they pieced together what happened. the faa is investigating the crash. it's weird to see one person sink a great shot. what about nine at the same time. students in the golf management program at campbell took 28
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attempts to sink a hole in one at the same time. >> wonder how many times they practiced? >> 28 times. >> all right. there comes a point, sadly, when you might have to step in and have that tough conversation with your parents. >> telling them it's time to give up the keys. >> and towson university is expanding its campus. the new partnership between the schools that could save kids money on their education. >> the rain is finally clearing out, but here comes the cold and brutal wind. details coming up. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on!
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in a surprise morvetion the teen accused of opening fire on the first day of school of perry hall high school entered a guilty plea. jury trial was supposed to start in the trial of robert gladden,
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jr. he agreed to plead guilty. police commissioner anthony batts is talking changes. batts said he is working to correct a major procedural breakdown rand there will be changes in the way the department trains. >> patients of a former hopkins gynecologist accused of videotaping them during exams -- any information they get is confidential. here's the number. meanwhile, detectives are going through a large amount of evidence. weather wise, chilly. temperatures getting close to the 30s. 43 in chestertown. look at the wind gusts, 15 to 27
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miles an hour. we have picked up decent rain around a fifth or a more in spots. again, as we look at the overall setup, shower activity coming into maryland, large system spiraling out of the great lakes. it will be slow to move across new england. it will rotate it and a lot of cold windy conditions, in fact, feeding into it with that pressure gradient. 34 by midnight, upper 20s, much of maryland at 7 a.m. cold and windy weather. we have the details straight ahead. listen, when we hit the age of 16, we get that driver's permit and beg for the car keys. it's a tough sale. >> but not as difficult as begging the parents for the keys when they get older. >> turn right. >> a tragic death in 2011 brought susan cohen and her


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