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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  April 14, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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we are waiting on police. we want toup at the you to breaking news. 16-year-old boy is in critical condition after being spot a couple hours ago. now to a developer story from ann arundel county. police are searching for a driver who hit two teenagers and kept going. it happened on busy mountain road and alvin drive. there is a narrow shoulder. 13 and 15-year-old were sent to the hospital. one with critical injuries. happened 9:30 friday night. victims were walking with the flow of traffic. witnesses saw a dark color ford expedition hit them. it should have damage to the passenger side. call police right away.
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two shootings five hours apart. an 18-year-old was shot in the back. he had to go to the hospital. 4:00 in the morning another man was shot on bel-air road. he went to the hospital on his own. no suspect yet. we know the name of the woman shot and killed where she lived. 42-year-old tonya raymond. police got a call to the shooting in the 2700 block of kick avenue. when they got there they found two shooting victims, raymond and another man. they went to the hospital. rumors are swirling about there is a teacher from old mill high school who is under investigation. alerted went home to parents on friday saying kate snider social study's teacher and
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assistant track coach has been reassigned and will be away from the school indefinitely. we are still waiting on the identity of a body found in the parking lot of an irish pub in davidsonville. witnesses noticed unresponsive woman in a car outside of the house on friday. police are saying it looks like the person overdosed. they are working to i.d. her. police say the body is not that of the 19-year-old pregnant baltimore county teen who went missing last week. a homeowner on back river neck road was clearing out his detached garage and found something unusual. skill skeletal remains. medical examiner's office is trying to figure out who this is. police do not believe this is a
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case of foul play. police in ann arundel county are convinced gangs are usualing social media. he noticed and line gang activity. prince george's county gangs use facebook and twitter to find out where students skipping school are hanging out and show up there to recruit them. in return prosecutors are relying on social media to find evidence to use against gang members who commit crimes. hopefully you got a chance to get down to the city dock in annapolis. great afternoon it will be there. city just got news of a federal grant worth $12.6 million. they'll finish rebuilding the dock. we are talking about the harbor office. you swing around to the alex memorial and end up at the fleet resort. it is a big chunk. this money will help in flooding issues and boat slip improvements. beautiful day to be at the
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dock. what are we looking at overnight and in the morning commute. here's our first look at the weather. >> good looking conditions downtown. mild stretch going into this week. temperatures this afternoon got into 60s. 65 bwi marshall. mostly cloudy skies tonight. that will take us into the overnight hours into tomorrow morning's commute. 60 degrees through the course of the evening. 52. in the 60s tomorrow. near 80 degrees in st. louis. some of that warmth will head in our direction. we'll let you know the details and spotty showers in the seven- day forecast coming up. when you have the united states and china telling you to get in line and behave you know it is bad.
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will north korea knock it off when it comes to scaring world? we are going to seoul where south koreans are going about their business. >> reporter: america's top tip low mat landed in japan as the standoff with north korea continues. the u.s. vowed to protect any allies against the attack. >> north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the united states will, if needed, depend our allies and defend ourselves. >> reporter: amid the talk of worse case military possibilities life continues in seoul with people who spent their whole lives being threatened and don't want to let fear control them. >> we want to act as if things will be as normal and nothing would happen.
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that's thousand it is supposed to be. >> reporter: it is a beautiful sunny day here. families are more likely to picnic than panic. conversations are more about concerts than north korea. the singer psy addressed the tense standoff saying with 50,000 south koreaians joined in song he hoped 30 miles away the north could hear us. what a thrill this was. we'll take you to the third annual president's cup which started out with 15 teams and ended with one champion. you have never seen a fish like this. 11th race will be the one you'll remember and you'll preview it next. we are clear overnight. now with powerful dry temperatures. there is a mess of weather in tampa. tornado watches in florida. does the moisture south make it to the north? seven-day forecast is coming up on the news.
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after the baseball team lost in the third annual cup in camden yards. curly won 11-8. gillman won the first championship in 2011. this tournament is the brain child of president jack young. it started without nine public schools and 7 private schools from baltimore city. this is the 11th race at pemco. watch the left side of the screen. that is spicer cup. the horse moves off the parkway. where did he go? hold on the watch the left. see the shadow. does they have enough?
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he does. at the wire one of the wildst races you'll see. spicer cub with the win. [ no audio ] keep going doing this and we could have a cure by next year. that would be great. i enjoyed following on twitter. jamie posted the pictures. it is a beautiful afternoon today. lots of sunshine. got in the 60s for a good
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portion of your afternoon. get ready it will stick around coming up this week. bel-air gorgeous. that was a day where you were in the low 60s. cooler tomorrow with wind off the bay. downtown looking good. have another half hour of sunlight. winds variable. still dry. pressure 30. that's indication of fair weather. next 24 hours look good. 66 eastern shore. 65 today. 66 easton. we should be around 64 this time of year. record in the books. record high 91 degrees set back in 1941. satellite shows clear skies early on. we'll be dealing with clouds.
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winds are relaxing and variable. for the next several hours we'll fall back to 60 degrees. there could be an isolated shower threat in the afternoon tomorrow. it is cloudy. temperatures not as mild as we dealt with today. 62 to 65 degrees. high pressure in control now. notice back down south and west there is a storm system. a weak storm in the upper levels. that is triggering showers and clouds. we'll watch the progress. i don't think it will rain tonight. will could be a spotty shower south of the city. mess of weather in atlanta and panhandle of florida. most exits south. it is too close. that's why we'll begin with clouds tomorrow afternoon. not bad in terms of temperatures. go 100-miles south. we find ourselves in the 70s. these are rain-cooled observations. look out near st. louis and back down into tulsa. it is 80 degrees.
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it is surpassing that in texas. mild air will be scooped up and pushed into maryland. not as hot as last week but mild with a southerly wind. there is a cold front out west over the ohio valley. this will sit there. it is called a stationary front. it could bring waves of showers and a thunderstorm over the next several days. we know it will be mild. we know it will be cloudy. each afternoon tuesday and wednesday, thursday and friday could feature a late day showers and thunderstorms. clouds tomorrow afternoon. not forecasting rain. isolated shower across the state. watch tuesday and wednesday. this could trigger a scattered shower or thunderstorm. it is the exception rather than the rule over the next several days. know unsettled this week compared to last week. 51 in town. maryland is head lining
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coverage. so comfortable with temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow we'll call it 65 with variable cloudiness. monday night 54 with a shower threat. seven-day forecast we are back up in the 70s on tuesday. late day shower or thunderstorm. wednesday 75. late did shower and thunderstorm. thursday is late day shower and thunderstorm. you can get the theme here. it will break down friday into saturday. a cold front will blow everything out. how about that horse race it was it was amazing. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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with yesterday's 5-3 win orioles look to win fourth straight series. chen going for home team tonight. game tonight is espn. first time they have been on since 2009. they come home against tampa, dodgers and toronto. instead of taking the kids to the ball games tomorrow jones will host more than 100 kids and coaches from the orioles at a spring game. rbi's program encourages kids
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to stay in school and play baseball. that's good. here's the deal. i think you'll like this week in term of temperatures. the problem is it is going to rain or thunderstorm late day every day tuesday on. that is not a guarantee. we'll head line the risk. 71 tuesday. 70s this week. update the forecast at 11:00. see you tonight. have a great rest of your night.
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welcome to maryland spotlight. 165,000 people across the united states die from lung cancer every year. joining me today is a survivor.
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michael osborn thank you for being here. tell me your story. >> i was diagnosed april 8, 2008 with a rare form of lung cancer. the name i have a hard time pronouncing. it was detected after an x-ray revealed a tumor in my right lung. x-ray was part of a routine physical for another surgery. i didn't know i had anything wrong. >> it shows you prescreening is very important. especially in your case. >> absolutely. after that diagnosis i went to radiation and chemotherapy. the upper lobe of my right lung was removed in surgery four months after the diagnosis i went through chemotherapy
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again. i underwent brain radiation. >> i'm not cancer-free. i'm five years out. i'm pleased. >> let's talk about longevity. >> it is the national organization providing research money to fund research for a cure for lung cancer. to put an end to lung cancer. >> you have a breathe deep 5-k coming up. >> it is a breathe deep 5-k walk. it is a challenging walk. >> there is all the information. saturday april 20th. we really want to direct people to do that. it is a great cause. i'm glad you are here today. i know you are too. >> i am very pleased to be here. >> good health to you. >> thank you for joining us today on maryland spotlight.
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welcome back to maryland spotlight. we are talking about lung cancer. we brought on a couple of doctors in the expertise. dr. john you are a oncology. thank you for being here. let's talk about statistics. a lot of people think lung cancer is a smocker's disease. that's not always the case. >> in this country millions of people are diagnosed with hung kearnes. 165,000 die. that comes to one in 14 people are at risk of lung cancer. it is seen in both males and females. it is number one cancer. >> you were talking about risk factors. do you want to address that?
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>> certainly the most common is exposure to tobacco smoke. other risk include exposure to carcinogens found in the industrial environment as well as radiation. >> screening is important. >> screening and lung cancer is recommended for people at high risk or smokers for a long time. the scan shows the degree of mortality. >> if you have risk factors it is important to get screened early. >> right. >> let's talk about longevity. >> michael osborn, lung cancer survivor who was a patient of mine who was taken care of by a colleague of ours who passed away last august. this walk is in his honor and memory. >> terrific. the importance of the walk and getting people out there is for awareness for risk factors and
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screening. did you want to add to that? >> when michael posted about becoming involved we were excited. we saw it as on and student to advance lung cancer awareness in the community. we are advancing education on lung health awareness. that's why we are excited about the longevity program. >> we want to invite everybody out to breathe deep columbia 5- k going to be going on in columbia. certainly a well worthwhile to benefit lung disease awareness getting out about the risk factors and screenings that are important. thank you for joining me today. thank you for joining us today on maryland spotlight.
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