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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight there is a plea from people who live and work off mountain road. >> it is a narrow shoulder, barely wide enough to sit two feet. two teens weren't lucky. joe saw the aftermath. >> the one was unconscious, the girl was complaining of her neck. >> two days later, the boy is in extremely critical condition , a 13 year old girl is recovering. >> witnesses describe a dark colored ford expedition with front end damage to the front driver's side including the headlight and hood. it happenedaround alvin drive and mountain road. >> mountain road is probably
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the most dangerous road. . >> police say three teens were walking with the flow of traffic when the car hit two of them. >> they were shook up and the girl said she didn't really know what hit them wvenss and police --. >> witnesses and police are convinced the driver knew what he hit before leaving the scene. >> and again, police are looking for a dark colored ford expedition that is at least ten years old. the 13 year old girl is out of the hospital but family members surround the 15 year old boy who remaybes in critical condition -- remains in critical condition. >> for updates follow cheryl at from cheryl at abc2 news. >> big fire in rosedale at the
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can at the bury apartments. atfirst, firefighters had to make sure everyone was out and they were. 19 adults and 3 children are sleeping somewhere else tonight. this dmreks sits in the middle of philadelphia drive. . >> we have an update on the breaking news we brought to you earlier. a 16 year old boy is in critical condition after being shot this afternoon. theboy was taken to the hospital where he is in critical condition at this hour. policeare working to find a suspect and a motive. >> police have guyed the woman who was shot and killed on the street where she lived. on thei can't raymond is -- ton i ya raymond is the name.
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nosuspects, no motive at this hour and we are waiting for the identity of a body found in the parking lot of an irish pub in davidsonville. police say it is not the 19 year old baltimore county teeven who went missing last sgleek a homeowner clearing out his detached garage when he found something unusual, skeletal remains. the medicalexaminers office is trying to find out who this is we don't know why but we do know an anne arundal county teacher has been moved. a letter says that kate snyder has been reassigned and will be a-away from the school indebt
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nit -- indefinitely. old mill was in the news when a man was charged with trespassing for carrying nooif sfwoos the school. >> tomorrow is tax day, april 15th. here we goshgs experts say if -- go, experts say if you're rushing at the last minute it's better to ask for an extension and if you owe money but aren't ready to file, you'll need to pay at least # 0% of the amount due when you file that extension. you -- 90%. >> should you bring an umbrella when you head to mail your taxes tomorrow. >> it will be a nice day to do your taxes. 63 in town, pretty mild out
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there. it's still mild out there, to the north we're into the 40s and falling into the 40s in darling ton. thecloud wills act as an insulator. the cloud coverage will keep the temperatures pretty mild. idon't think we'll get out on the 50s. it's clear -- of the 50s. ooets clear over head -- it's clear over head had. we willhave clouds build in tomorrow by lunchtime. the warmth is starting to build near the south and the west. some of that mild air is on the move. >> and caufman county has seen it's daeshgs his wife along with the assistant district attorney all murder ed and now the former justice of the peace
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is under arrest. eric williams is under arrest. he is charged with making a terroristic threat, not the murders. police also search way storage unit that could be connect odd the case. a-. >> a port canaveral police officer is under arrest today charged with bringing targets resembling trayvon martin to a gun range. trayvon martin was shot and killed last year. sergeant ron king was leading a target practice with two office irs and a civilian when he pulled out the targets asks and asked if they wanted to use them, they said no. >> washgers helping compleen up the park from superstorm sandy say they're not going to do it anymore unless they get paid.
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they say they haven't been paid in weeks. rodney says he was promised good pay when he came to help and now r now he's close to losing his home. >> it's been tough. >> the original contract for the clean up was sub contracted out to several companies but the latest disappeared. theoriginal contractor is stepping up and offering to pay. >> we have a hero story for you, his name ransom dual. ransome is -- ransom is seven years old when flooes the lunchroom with his friend. sully startsto choke and ransom read it is ingrooed yents, his friend is alerj toik tree nuts and just ate a bunch of hazel
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nuts so he runs to get the teacher. >> knowing that a seven-year old is the one who caught on is emotional, not scary, just phenomenal that this kid did this. >> i just did the right thing. i didn't think oh i'm going to be a hero. >> we decide who's going to be a hero and ransom, you are a hero. ransom, other meet alex smith. he's also a hero. hisfamily just hiked when they heard a woman screaming per help as her nine-year old boy was floating down the rapids and aleck jumped over the railing to grab the boy. >> he looked up to me like just please help me. i held out my hand and he grabbed my hand and it was just, he didn't really say anything, i just grabbed his
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hand and pulled him out. >> three people died last year after being swept away by the rivers and rapids, al scomplek ransom, we will remember both of you tonight. >> remember when a car repair used to cost 350 or 60 bucks, probably not -- 50 or 60 bucks? probably not. john matareseexplains why even the light bulbs are expensive. >> in the old days, you could replace a light bulb for a couple of dollars but in many of today's high-tech carcinoma, a highlight problem -- headlight problem can cost hundreds of problems to sgliks valerie rovs her dodge cal beshgs except for one big problem, her headlights keep failing. i went to buy a bulb hope lg that was the problem and it
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wasn't. >> frus tralted they went online and couldn't believe what they found there. dozens anddozens of complaints posted ant headlight failures in dodge calibers we found a lot of people complaining that the left headlight is a common issue according to mechanics, the caliber and many dodgers use a power module instead of a typical fuse box to control the headlights. one dealer wanted more than 900 dloors replace her box. . >> this dealer was able to reset the computer and the headlight did come back on. >> we contacted chrysler but the automaker says there is no recall or free repair so if this happens to you, get a second opinion.
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>> the thousand dollar headlight. >>. >> chrysler is not obligated to recall these headlights as recalls are issued only for safety problems. at this point the government doesn't consider this enough of a safety issue. my opinion is that you should get a second opinion before having repairs do. >> when i say f cancer, what do you think of? you're wrong, an oklahoma man has a license plate that reads f cancer. and this is the city catch, today. >> jamie it's 11:00 and it's still in the sixties downtown. we have a mild surge but it
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could come as a cost.
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. >> this is a great story. youknow lacrosse is the official team sport of maryland. if youwant to be in the right state of mind, go with us to this city field. >> can you hear that? that's what spring sounds like. that's what lacrosse sounds sgliek work hard at whatever you do. >> that's what hope sounds like. >> i want to play for johns hopkins. >> the league teamed up with the baltimore city police for a sports clinic i think when kids can see us in a different role where we're not in our uniform but we're officer bill or bob, it goes a long way. >> this is a win/win for so many of sglus the city's top --
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us, the city's top prosecutor. >> i'm used to a baseball bat. >> same amount of points though. >> one of the city's best coaches . >> one with of the game's best of all times, all here to help. . >> today was a chance to focus on the moment but keep an eye on the future. >> you guys, should have a dream, there is nothing short in your mind, of going to college. you should have that chance. >> while every child here has that chance, only one had a chance to stop a legend from scoring. >> . >> a great story. f cancer,you've said it, you have every right to call it names. thisoklahoma man by the name of
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nick williams is getting a bunch of you know what over his custom license plate that raetds f cancer. nick is 32 with brain cancer, this license plate on his car is one of his inspiration. >> f stands for fight, some people look at it as a different word but i'm fighting brain cancer. i've had it for about two and a half years now. >> after riding around if w the f cancer car for two years, people are thinking the other f so he got a letter from the tax commissioner who want him to change it. i think we'll all back him on this one. >> a dog that was neglected for years is finding a new purpose in life. zero helps to motivate his new own herb as the boy undergoes cancer treatment. zero was taken from a home
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where he and 40 other animals were abused. he was covered in flees and ticks -- fleas and ticks and his teeth were poor because he had only rocks to eat. >> why are we so cruel to our animals. 0 has become a perfect companion to a boy who lost his leg to cancer. he even goes to the hospital with him. >> all right, children in this city don't get a lot of opportunities to play nier streams but this last weekend, many had the chance to get hooked. . > . >> going fishing, what is the first thing you need to do get some sglat can i eat in th. >> have you to squeeze it on
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here so it doesn't fall off. >> thank you. at this park, ms. norma is teaching these girls to fish. >> city kids don't have the opportunity to have rerationree united recreation around creeks. >> this girl and her friends get to learn about fishing and how important our streams are. >> it's a nice day for you to do something like this. >> ms. norma gets to have fun for a day. >> it's a memory they'll carry their whole life. this is part of the fun of fishing. >> and even if they don't catch anything today, they'll have forever to try again. >> hopefully these children are going to fish all their
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lives . >> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. it's going to be beautiful for fishing this week. right now, we're overcast downtown at 58. easterly windat three. humidity is startingto moisten up and there could be a threat of a shower overnight tonight. 54 in towson. northand west of the belt way we're falling into the 40s. mild downto the south and east of the city. temperatures in pass dean that around -- 57. it was 66 in easton today today, that's above average. and did record for tomorrow is 88. here are the clouds right now, predominantly cloudy for the entire state t. planner does
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show clouds for the overnight hours. torjs we'llcall it limited sunshine temperature around a#5 four at wake up and 65 by lunchtime. . pretty close to what we dealt with this afternoon. we'reclear orr head but down to the south with and west notice a couple of those showers bubbling up around the virginia border. i think most of this will dry up. look at this storm toward minnesota. severe weather over partovers kansas city. thisstorm is going lift toward our north and that will bring mild weather from the south. so highpressure today will drift offshore. we'll see how far north that
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gets and i do think further south of the city you could run into a spot shower. look at the temperatures, close to 70 in st. louis and that is the mild air that will be in here for most of this week. then there's a cold front the west and this is going to sit here. it's going to throw clouds in our direction and at times, it could bring in a spot shower, maybe even an afternoon thunderstorm. so every day tuesday through friday could feature an afternoon thunderstorm. turn p in terms of what to expect, tomorrow morning, upper 40s to 51 when you wake up, we'll make it to the low, middle 60s and then look at the forecast as we get into the day tuesday, back up into the 70s but there could be a late day shower or thunderstorm developing. sotonight, chance of a spot
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shower, tomorrow, 65, limited sun shooirn and then temperatures into the #350s. unsettled is a good tword describe this week. wednesday,75 degrees, late day somehower and thunderstorm, on thursday, late day afternoon thunderstorm. >> there you go but i did. >> -- buddy. >> unsettled is the word. >> hey, first the good news, the yankee game in less than three hours. >> and the bad news, the orioles couldn't do anything tonight. why am i showing a rad. the orioles lost this one.
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day a-you have tomorrow and then a long home stance starts tuesday with way stance. we'llbe right back.
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justin bieber taking heat after something he wrote in the tour book of the ann frank book.
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hewrote he homed she would have been a belieber. people weresupset by the comments and called him self- serving and an idio . a spokesperson says she thinks he meant well. >> you can't make this up. . >> we can't make the weather up. let get you out the door tomorrow because the weather will be mild, tomorrow afternoon a lot more in terms of clouds. unsettled is the word this week, 71 on tuesday, late day shower and thunderstorm and 70s both wednesday and thursday. lateday afternoon showers and thunderstorms is the word. we'll be right back after this. ñ[=
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i think we're going to have a good week. >> i think we're going to have/great week. >> listen, we will see you here tomorrow, please have a good week. all right, you promise, all right, we'll see you tomorrow.
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