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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  April 16, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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overnight. there was an apartment in massachusetts, suburb outside of boston, searched, investigators moved three bag of evidence. state police say it was related to the investigation in to the explosions but they wouldn't elaborate on what was going on, we will have team coverage throughout the course of the morning on this tuesday, april 16th. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. meagan is on assignment today, and this morning, boston is on heightened alert. less than 24 hours after a series of explosions in downtown at the marathon. thousands were celebrating patriots day and running in the marathon, when a few yard away from the finish line, we had the first explosion. 30 seconds later, another explosion, three people were killed including anel 8-year- old boy. >> i saw quite a few casualties coming back. one guy, his legs gone at the knees, ankles and feet missing, shrapnel and people on the side of the head and other things. >> first responders rushed to
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the scene. some transported by wheelchairs and stretchers. one official described the scene as a war zone. barack obama is promising action in this. law enforcement says bomb techs are combing over forensic evidence for clues as to a motive and how it was done, and possibly what is tamm or domestic terrorism. 27,000 people. sherrie johnson is live at bwi thurgood marshal with the local runners and a numb of people made it home yesterday. some will be coming home today. >> reporter: that's right. we are here at bwi, many did return yesterday, several will be coming in today, we caught up with runners like ryan, he crossed the finish line yesterday, 1:15, he spoke to abc 2 news over skype from his hotel in boston. he and several other runners
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gathered belongings and left the anybody hype area. he spent much of the area making -- left the finish line area, he spent much of the afternoon waiting for runs. >> we heard what sounded like a cannon. you would never think this would happen. >> reporter: he says he would return to the boston marathon next year as a runner, and coming up at 5:30, we are going to hear from the striders, a group also up there for the marathon. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. erica was rooting for her mom at the finish line when the bombings happened. the teacher at trinity episcopal is at icu. she is on the right of the picture. she hopefully will be taken off of a vent ventlator.
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her sister is in the hospital suffering from a broken leg. her brother-in-law is in the hospital treated for cuts and bruises, all the results of the explosions yesterday at the boston marathon. security will be beefed up here following the explosions. there are no credible threats in maryland of any possibility but police say they are stepping up patrols and not taking chances. our team coverage continues with linda so, she is live at camden yards. the o. s are starting a 9 game home stretch. what can fans expect? >> reporter: you can expect the baltimore orioles to be working with the stadium authority, major league baseball and police to tighten security around the ballpark. they areing with the organizations in wake of the bombings. police commissioner ordered officers at critical sites around the city including at
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the ball game, also expect to see more security at transportation locations around baltimore, including penn station and light rail. although there has been no specific credible threat here in the city tbs security awareness level for all of baltimore is elevated. >> in light of the fact we have a 9-game home stand with the orioles, we will be paying attention and delaval ploying resources. we are evaluating all special events taking place and adjusting as necessary. >> reporter: tonight's game starts at 7:05, the rays by the way were in boston playing the red sox hours before the bombing at the marathon. linda so, abc2 news. thank you. would you know what to do if you found yourself in a situation? we reached out to experts at signal 88. here is what they told abc 2 news. be prepared before a large event like a marathon or baseball game, coordinate with
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your family and friends for specific meeting locations should something go wrong. scout out a place to find cover d follow directions given to you by security personal. when you arrive at crowded place, go with the crowd and not against it. stay aware of everything around you and create a habit of scanning for an emergency exhibit once you arrive at your destination, leave the area. first responders need to properly care for those victims. we will continue following this. stay to update on the updates, breaking news by following us on twitter,@abc 2 alert and follow me@charlie from abc 2. you reached out and grieved through facebook. we asked if you could say anything to those injured or mourn those lost, the posts have been flooding in overnight. join the controversy by going to abc 2 slash
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facebook. >> this morning, stepping out, we are dry, we look at the most powerful radar, we have all the sweeps on, not a lot to scan, dry weather will continue for most of the day. there is a potential for a slight chance for a shower in the forecast. take the umbrella with you in case. this morning, we are dry, that's food news out there. 52 degrees now, union bridge, that's a silver lining. the tps above average, we have the winds south and east for today at 7 miles an hour, union bridge, picking up through time. 54 degrees, arnold, our last stop on the temperature tour this morning, clarksville , the temperatures coming in 53 degrees now. we are talking about 70s throughout the day. your high temperature, but let's get you there t>,vslowly surely. by lunchtime 68 degrees, under breezy conditions, out this as well. if you are going to be heading
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to the game, this is what you can expect around 7:05, temperature coming in 68 degrees, moshing mostly cloudy skies am slight chance for a shower in the forecast. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cookch. good morning. we are off to a great start on 695s here in pikesville , there is nothing to get in your way, nice and clear, whether headed to 83 or headed down all the way to route 40. as we check in and look at 83, north of 695, you won't have problems getting downtown right now. 11 minutes, normal drive time from the beltway to downtown. 95 great shape. through the fort mc henry. an 8 minute ride from the beltway to the toll plaza, and if you are traveling arundel, no delays on 97, 17 minutes to travel from route 50, all the way up to the 895 spur.
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that's a look at the commute, charlie, over to you. 8 minutes after à>=the hour family mourning the loss of a teen in a hit and run crash in pasadena. investigators look at one stretch of road and leyou decide for yourself. the humble back seat. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat
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a teen was hit and killed. the state highway administration, it says from 2008 to 2012, there have been 3 people hit, in a one.5 mile stretch of the road.
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state highway added signs and signals and markings so the roads appear narrow. they are not heeding the warnings. they are charging the crash that killed a city worker, matthew her shell and johnson faces a numb of charges including manslaughter by automobile and homicide by a vehicle. this while he was impaired by drugs and he was driving the speeding accra and it overturned and struck her shell. he was a dedicated employee. the orioles plan to honor his life. first pitch 7:05. 24-year-old father is under arrests accused of hurting his 9-month-old baby. smith is charged with child abuses assault and reckless endangerment. he was arguing with the moe when he grabbed the child and the child was injured in the process. the baby suffered cuts to the head but in good condition. now to an update, a dog
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found starving and abused in a dumpster. caretakers say a graft is going well, freckles came a long way v/an ear infection. he has been put on a powerful antibiotic. go to, for a link to noah's arc rescue. they didn't think he was going to survive. weather wise, what we are dealing with today is drier weather, much drier than yesterday. that's good news. we have the clouds covering. we will get a few peaks of shall be. your eye takes you toward the west. wither have a cold front draped across the area, this will work towards news to wednesday, not going to make it throughs it will go back on thursday as a wham front, we will keep the warm temperatures around but the unsettled weather around as well. we will have the potential for showers each and everyday this
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week. high pressure is off in the atlantics we have clockwise flow around high prurs that's going to keep an on shore flow throughout the day. winds south and east. we are above average, 10 degrees above. 53, in a lot íhhoof spots, annapolis, gwen oak, bell a, rockville 53 degrees as wells heading towards montgomery county. 52 northeast, centerville 51. 52 in federalsburg. the temperatures will bump up as we go throughout the day. it will stay that way. the most accurate trend goes in to motion, picking up on showers. what i need you to do is take the rain gear with you. keep it around, you could need it. heading to the game, take the poncho with you. possibility for maybe a stray shower, for today this is how we planks breezy by lunchtime. 68 degrees, the high temperature, coming in 72 degrees. we will take that, but the 76
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thursday, and possibly thunderstorms on friday. we have a crash to tell you about 95, blocking a southbound lane, now, at the harbor tunnel, not causing serious delays though as you make the push to downtown baltimore. if you are using 695, a live looks no problems getting across the bridge. remaining clear as you make the push from parkville up to towson. heading up to hunt valley, a live look at the harrisburg expressway. 21 minute ride, traveling from the maryland, pennsylvania state line down to the beltway. that's a look at your time saver traffic, charlie, over to you. the health alert, a supplement could cut your risk of death following a heart attack. research finds adding ll karen teen could help. it is found in red meat.
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it's widely sold as nutritional supplement, claimed to improve energy, weight loss and athletic performance. researchers say ikoel carotene an improvement for cardiac health in patients who have had a heart attack. chances are your children will feel dizzy if you do. it maybe ge net ig. researchers hope to pinpoint the gene. possible it could treat other health issues. >> it will help us understand the pathway for that. it plays out in alzheimers, parkinsons disease, 10 president of alzheimers and packsons is genetically based. knowing the genetics helps us understand the entire population some of the pathways involved. >> the goal of the study is to reduce the risk of faipting which can become a safety issue. morning, brian!
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dancing with the stars, we had our first of the season. the people involved were thinking about those more than dancing. here is george with the details. >> reporter: our thoughts are with everyone in boston tonight, i have family members and many friends there, my heart is with you. >> ten it was on to week 5, side-by-side challenge included stars and partners for a moment performing the same moves at the same time opposite two pros.
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>> i went through 9 eleven being in new york. anything like thats helplessness, makes you feel uncomfortable. i don't know. it felt like that was the right thing to do. >> i don't feel like tonight was about us. it was helping people escape what was going on. it is unfortunate. >> reporter: kelly and jerry fox trotted to second place. she is from boston. boston, i think is the greatest city in the world. they are amazing and i know they are come together and i know that even will get through it together. >> reporter: in 5th place, shawn and peter scored triple 8. tied for 6 with triple 7's. due to the tragedy in boston, it's been emotional heartfelt
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eving at dancing with the stars. tomorrow night a different kind of emotion when one more couple goes home. >> a chance to see the form form of dancing with the stars next month, a 3 day, two night hotel and round trip airfare. like our facebook fan page, the more people to like our page, the boater chances of you becoming a winner. she was planning on having fun, the next, her family was in a panic. what happened to the little girl that brought the fire department out and had them saving her life? we are following the latest from the explosion. we will hear from the runners there as the horrors unfolded.
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i'm charley crowson. we begin with a check of the forecast, meteorologist, lynette charles, back from vacation, i know you are a day early. welcome back now. you come back, and the weather could be changing. >> i can say welcome back to you as well, charlie. weather is changing.
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much warmer in to the afternoon. this morning, temperatures are above average once again, we are dry, so you don't need the umbrella as you step out and about. temperature now, harford 51 degrees. the winds will play a factor in the weather as well. we will have the winds south and east, as we go through time. they are on the light side. picking up 5- 15 miles an hour in to the afternoon. pasadena 53. same in ijamsville at the greens and the most powerful radar is dry. it should mainly stay dry in to the afternoon. a chance in the forecast, especially heading to the game this evening and through the innings we could be seeing a shower or two. things look good. temperature wise, throughout the day, by 10:00, 63, lunchtime, 68 degrees. new a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. good morning, we have a crash 95, blocking one southbound lane now, at the har pore tunnel, not causing
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serious delays as you head downtown. there is a crash in baltimore, frederick, south frank lynn town. if you are traveling 695, everything up the speed. the inner loop cleared down to 95. the outer loop, 11 minutes, up to 83. west sides remaining calm. here is a life look at liberty road. no delays on the inner loop up to 83. outer loop clear to route 40. that's a look at the time saver traffic. who did it and why? those remain the critical questions facing investigators following the boston marathon explosion. this is amateur video of the seconds plosion near the finish line, happened 30 seconds after the first. three people are dead including


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