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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 16, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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deadly events. we have more. >> reporter: president obama continues to receive briefings. today the president called the attack a cowardly act. >> it is an act of terror. >> reporter: they are an nal lyings the area -- analyzing the evidence. >> we are in the process of securing and processing the most complex crime scene. >> we have learned one possibility, the bombs may have been built by pressure cookers and loaded with ball bearings. >> i'm not convinced they were designed to do a maximum kill, but more to make a statement. >> reporter: another factor they
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may take into consideration is the date. mon day was tax date and also a state holiday in massachusetts called patriots day. this provide day will be the anniversary of two tragic days in our negs's history. on that day in 1993 a stand offin waco, texas ended with 80 people dead, including 25 children. the same date two years later the oklahoma city bombing left 168 dead. a leading expert said the bomb makers were likely experienced and it probably wasn't someone acting alone. preeti arla. and marks, transit -- land
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marks, transit, what is receiving attention. >> reporter: baltimore city police commissioner anthony batts, planed the precautions he was taking. >> i have deployed tactical teams ton sure the safety have our public transportation systems. >> reporter: according to police those heavily armed s.w.a.t. officers were in the metro, the inner harbor and train and light rail. baltimore city police are working in concert with other agencies including transit police who had a preens -- presence and extra equipment. at penn station amtrak, too had a k9. it's more than just places. it's events. the university slough baltimore law school is -- of baltimore
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law school is showing off its impressive new building. the governor, mayor and vice-president of the united states, joe biden are expected. secret service was on hand for a walk through. since yesterday there's even more attention being paid to security detail. >> we've been planning this event for a number of monltsd. we've always had security in mind but with the horrific incidence in boston, that's ratcheting it up a bit. >> reporter: there are upcoming events the department will watch, too. the iconic flag atop federal hill is at half-staff. below it, the soul of the city 10-k is planned to begin and end in that neighborhood. they are working with ems services to make sure the safety procedures are reviewed and additional resources in place,
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all of it as a precaution as the investigation tells authorities who, why and how those explosions happened. now commissioner anthony batts stresses there's no credible or specific threats. it's a precautionary one. baltimore sent a handful of officers to boston to help and to learn from it. fans are starting to arrive at camden yards for tonight's game. abc2's christian schaffer is live at the park with more on how the orioles are stepping up security. all right, christian, tell us. >> reporter: the gates opened at 5. fans started streaming in. but their bags were checked. they are opening up their series against the tampa bay rays. as you mentioned there is a
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heightened sense of security. i'm joined by the vice-president of communication for the baltimore orioles. you saw what happened yesterday. what's the reaction in the orioles organization. >> of course, our hearts are definitely with them and they're in our thoughts. based on what happened yesterday, we have, of course, increased security in many ways. it's important to note that major league baseball has a stringent set of polys-- policies. there isn't anything new other than a slight uptick in police presence. >> reporter: you obviously have procedures in's -- in place.
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>> in many cases it's behind the scenes things that we've stepped up, that fans never do see that keep the facility safe. >> reporter: talk about the tributes for jackie robinson and what else is going on at camden yards. >> yesterday, of course, was the anniversary of the first game jackie robinson played, first african-american player in baseball. the numbers will be done -- donning number 42. it's a nice tribute that we pay to the legacy of jackie robinson. we also, novel -- unfortunately, lost two long time fans, matthew hersl who was killed when a char struck him near city hall tommy cornelius, a long time fan who many fans would recognize. the two will be honored in addition to those affected by
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the tragedy in boston tonight with a moment of silence. >> reporter: vice-president of communications for the baltimore orioles. the game starts at 7:00. the gates are open. a little heightened security but it's not going to stop you from getting into camden yards. >> can you grab greg again and ask him, are they going to play sweet caroline? it's been sweeping around the major league ballparks. >> reporter: i've heard about that at other stadiums. you've heard about other stadiums playing sweet caroline. planning on doing that. i'm in the aware of the plans. the moment of tribute and silence is what we have planned. >> reporter: there we have this, jamie. back to you. >> we'll have more from camden
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out a line focused on fresh ingredients. chick-fil-a will also open up its restaurant tours for curious customers. the changes start april 29th. while everybody is talking about what's going on in boston, the show goes on for team baltimore. we'll break down the action when we come right back. stay with us.
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many first responders are being hailed hero from yesterday's attack at the boston marathon. we have their story tonight. >> reporter: amid the panic and fear seconds after two bombs exploded at the boston marathon
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hundreds ran from the chaos. first responders, medics and good samaritans ran toward the carnage. >> ran and started helping. >> reporter: carlos helped rescue a man who lost both of his legs. another man carried an injured woman to safety. doctors, exhausted from come meeting the 26-mile race kept running back and forth to help. >> if you want to know who we are. we respond to evil. >> reporter: he tried to save a woman clinging to life. >> we had a pulse up until we got her to the medical tent. then we lost her. >> reporter: many of the victims lost limbs, including two of her sons. >> they both lost a leg bloat
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knee. >> reporter: nicholas young nearly lost his wife as he rushed to make a tourniquet. >> shrapnel hit her leg. >> reporter: doctors have been working nonstop since the explosions saying it's these heroic efforts that made the biggest impact. >> because of the rapid response, life was able to be saved. >> reporter: marathoners without medical trainer didn't quit. they continued running to the hospital to know nate blood. well, they are known as bit are rivals but the boston marathon is uniting the red sox and the yankee stadium. the sign on the right says it all, you nighted we stand --
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united we stand. you can find more at abc2 marathon. >> the sunshine comes out, rain supreme and temperatures well into the 70s. here's the shot in towson today a blend of sunshine. at times it goes over to overcast. we have the sunshine yod in the harbor. 72 degrees at bwi. southeasterly wind at 10. the bay water temperature at 60 degrees. it's cooler along the bay front around annapolis and pasadena, temperatures that are well into the 60s. 72 here. 74 in hagerstown. down to the south into the 70s. the exception is ocean city made it only to 59 degrees. that's because of an easterly wind coming in off the ocean.
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67. annapolis at 67. 75 in the city in wood bine. there's the clouds from early on. there's a lean of clouds out to the west. there have been storms. that is of concern late tonight. could be a shower north and west of the city. you know what? we're going to stay into the 60s for tonight. this is an abnormally mild night. clouds will dom name of the 60 goes to 62. there could be a passing shower. we'll try to get up to 70. here's maryland's most powerful radar. we don't see thunderstorms right now but out to the with the we go, severe thunderstorm watches over western pennsylvania. you notice big storms firing up around columbus. these are testing limits. we have to see how intact they stay going over the mountains. that will dictate whether we'll see storms. there is a threat north and west
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of gusty thunderstorms. not real lit biggest threat but there could be showers. the cold front that's responsible for the storms, this is as it slowly inches its way to the south. 58 to 63 degrees. it may struggle to get out of the 60s for the city. a lot of clouds. here comes the front for the overnight hours. it will bring in a shower or storm. this is a northeasterly wind flow. clouds will be in play for your day tomorrow. limited sunshine. eventually, this will economic further offshore for thursday. we'll see more sunshine. more sunshine means we'll warm up. thursday and friday will be much warmer in comparison to wednesday. the call will be unseasonably mild, 60 degrees. a thunderstorm is possible northland west. tomorrow afternoon 72 degrees, but it's going to be a struggle to get. there most of the afternoon will be into the 60s and the shower threat. we go a pair of five's.
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so here's the seven-day forecast. it's all about sunshine. how much sunshine can we get? all right. 75 for thursday. now more sunshine means closer to 80. friday a pair of sevens. here's the deal on friday. that will be a potent cold front. there could be severe weather. we'll monitor it but you have to keep it locked. the deal is it's going to get milder thursday and friday. cooler by the weekend. >> stay with us. this is something. anything viral not normally a good idea, not when talking about maternity photos. a missouri couple is getting thousands of looks.
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look at the guy in the back. he's cradling his beer belly. >> to capture something like that, you're always going to remember this moment. >> the couple was surprised at how quick the pic went viral. the future mom said she had no idea what was going on behind her until the photographer started laughing historically -- hysterically. children has young last three -- as young as three may be asking you about the bombing in boston. >> plus a big jobs maker. those stories and more coming up all new at 6:00. we'll see you in a couple moments.
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it was a night where we see dancing so precise. they were thinking of a lot more than just dancing. george pennachio has more on the emotional night on the dance floor. >> our thoughts are with everyone in boston tonight. i have family members and many friends there. my hearts are with you. >> then on to week five. the side by side challenge included the stars and their partners. zendaya and val chmerkovskiy got two 10's and one 9 for their argentine tango. >> i want to dedicate this to all those in boston.
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i hope we're doing something special for everybody eye went through 911 -- >> i went through 9/11 being in new york. that helplessness makes you feel pretty uncomfortable. i don't know. felt like that was the right thing to do. >> i don't feel like tonight was about us. it was helping people escape what was going on. >> kellie pickler and derek hough. yeas yaps and mark ballas. -- aly raisman and mark ballas. sean lowe and peta murgatroyd and then victor ortiz. tied for last is d.l. hughley and andy dick. >> it's been an emotional heart
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felt evening. tomorrow a different type of emotion when a different couple goes home. >> our own kelly swoope was in the ballroom. she will have a live report coming up in a few minutes on abc2 news at 6:00. if you'd like to head out to l.a. for "dancing with the stars" we're giving away two tickets to the season finale, log on to facebook. securing baltimore city, talking to your kids about the tragedy in boston. all that and more coming up on abc2 news at 6, which starts right now. >> like a canon went off.
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>> we begin at six trying to make sense of what happened. we're a day removed from the blast. today we know the bombs were something experts call a pressure cooker, the kind of explosive al qaeda affiliates are known to make. the president warned about jumping to conclusion. homeland security secretary janet napolitano wants people to know this is not connected to a wider plot. tonight our team coverage begins in downtown baltimore. >> reporter: this is just a situation where the orioles have their first home game in awhile. the gates open at 5:00. the fans have begun to stream in but before they do, take a look leep hind me -- look behind me. you seat table where t


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